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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Heir Apparent: Bernie Sanders

These times are new to us. The early days of 2016 hold for us a guarantee of a future that will set us apart from any other time in history before us. Technology at a point it’s never been before on this planet. Sci-fi movies’ ideas that only a generation ahead of us watched as children are now a thing of last year. Rebellions, up risings, and revolutions are more common place as masses of people grow tired of redundant political strategies. We become increasingly more nostalgic in our musical and fashion taste from lack of assurances for what the future may hold for us in the 21st century. We often look back to see what times were like in the past and the people of the past to guide us today. Lack of true leadership and fearlessness has made the youth lose faith in our systems and the elders grow tired of it all together. The fight is held in the spirit of the people. The war is now a war of ideas and beliefs. We look for those that came before us as we prepare our lives for the unknown of what ahead of us. Times don’t seem to have changed as dramatically as we would hope in this current century. Tech has advanced, but society remains stagnant in key issues; issues that were the discussion of the time in the 50s and 60s also.

As we view this abysmal cycle repeat itself yet again, we must stop finally and ask the question “How do we finish this once and for all?” The world has had uprisings and protest ever more increasingly in volume, why is this? People are fed up and tired , lied to and robbed. Being broke is now understood by more and more as not the situation brought on by a single solitary family or individual, but instead understood as a reflection of the worsening times. The world now understands in this age of information that they are receiving the shortest end of the stick that they paid to build. Things are not looking hopeful for the average working class family these days and they know it more then ever before.

We’ve seen days that felt like this before. Days were hope was low and faith had to be restored in mass quantities. Power had to be taken back by the people, but first the people had to reminded they were the ones who controlled it all. Someone had to bring that message of resistance and strength to the people, that individual then was Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He then was the great bringer of the news. The news that people fighting for the right thing , for a righteous goal had an obligation to never quit. That true power was in numbers and love. Martin sparked a revolution then that galvanized a generation of this great nation to stand and face itself. The country was forced to take a stand for its own protection and the protection of the future. Those crossroads stand before us once more, paths familiar and worn. Somehow yet again our compass has lead us in another circle – back to this place of confusion and mistrust. Same question for a new people. Will they be stronger and more through than its predecessors? Will these newer generations have wisdom and learn from the mistakes of others? Will they learn from other countries or continue this cycle yet again and again?

A leader is needed again. Someone to remind the people of their true power. A man to bring us the message and the news that we hold the true power and that we are the ones who decide the control. A country begs to be galvanized into something more , more then generations past had accomplished. The nation stand still awaiting someone to fill shoes made so large that the imprints strike fear in the hearts of men who know they are lesser. The people call for someone genuine, authentic, and true. We have been searching for someone – anyone to take up the left over fight that Martin Luther King Jr. was unable to finish for us.

These times are filled with people attempting to lead, but who is fit? Who can unity the underdogs, overlooked, the discouraged, marginalized, hopeless, and downtrodden. The Great Recession has given the people many reasons to become disenfranchised. The established order has failed us all once again. We all stand on the edge of change, but what change? On the edge of victory or the abyss of defeat. We are becoming more poor and more underprivileged, but where is our great leader? Who will save us from unsure decision making and fear now that practically every political and social leader has back peddled, sold out, flip-flopped, ran away, or been taken away (most by our own government) before permanent change could be made.

I’ve never been to Vermont and never had much reason to think about it either, always grouped into those states like Oregon, Rhode Island, and Wyoming. Until a few months ago most Americans were like me also, that is until Senator Bernie Sanders decided to run for President of the United States of America. In the months since his announcement the nations youth has awoken, the poor have begun to speak again, and the disenfranchised have someone to believe that is not of the established franchised process of politics. Rebels have been handed a cause and accepted whole heartedly. Hope is connecting people once again, faith and love are making people stand. Senator Sanders has stepped into shoes not too big to fill since he walked along side the man that first wore them. Sanders is speaking to tens of thousands that also go on YouTube and listen to the speeches of Dr.King that don’t include the phrase “I have a dream.” routinely. People are remembering and becoming more wise. Wise because they get to learn about the challenges, downfalls, and short comings of those that came before them because Bernie Sanders was personally there to witness. Social injustice is now met with revolution all around the world, this is the dialogue of the day. In America we have been presented with a new detour as we stand in front of the age old crossroads. Our one time only opportunity to take a road less traveled, political revolution the likes of has been unseen since the election of Nelson Mandela in Africa those decades ago. We have a true chance now to fight back without guns, without Molotov cocktails, bricks, bombs, and rocks. We have a chance to be nonviolent and more loud then ever before. We have a chance for the second American Revolution to be louder than the first.

Bernie’s ideas are directly that of Martin Luther King Jr’s placed in the new millennium. Civil,as in civilian, rights for all. The civil right to health care, education, mandatory living wage, just judicial systems, freedom of privacy, gender equality, and the pursuit of happiness. The civil right to a truly democratic society not bought by thieves and thugs. The civil right to fair banking practices and fees. As Dr. King was planning a Poor People’s March in the months before his assassination, Sanders is pulling the working class and poor together finish that march. Marching to the polls to tell the elite and establishment principalities that we will now long stand still, let you run us over, let you rob us, or kill us. We the people demand that our government works in our best interest first before the best interest of itself. We the people demand that this year be the last year we see this cycle and face the question of “How do we finish this once and for all?” Enough is enough and we have decided to give diplomacy one last great chance. In the face of history and in the face of mistrust, in the face of fear and in the face of contempt we have decided to hear Senator Sanders out and truly come together to accomplish a dream had so long ago. We the people have chosen a road less traveled in hopes it will finally guide us home. The last great push to once again lead the world and show it that uprisings, rebellions, and revolution take many forms but the best form is a democratic one. For 51 years we have been asking “Who will be the successor to a king?”
Half a century of asking and then in Burlington, Vermont with its small population of 42,417 a man stood up with a wrinkled suit and uncombed hair waving his hand has he spoke out. He has a few ideas that we haven’t heard in a long time. The people recognize the Senator from Vermont, he may now take the stage.

Enticing Resultz Magazine Staff

Enticing Resultz Magazine



A Million Ain’t Enough

A Million Ain’t Enough

The 20th anniversary of The Million Man March was just a few weeks ago. I was in attendance at the event, blessed to be in the first row of the audience. Watching it personally grow from ten strangers to over a million kin. What seemed to be such a wondrous and amazing event in person was dim lit in the halls of social and mainstream media. Mainstream media lacking coverage, even Black Entertainment Television wouldn’t cover the March.

I was forced to ask myself

“In 2015, was a million enough?”b3

What does it take for something to be caught and held in the eyes of the media, tweeps, and participators?

#Justiceorelse , check got the hashtag. The hashtag was trending world wide for a week straight, but the event itself didn’t get as much coverage as the hashtag did. A weird and complex dichotomy that social media has perfected ..

– Being interested in only a certain specific part of something in order to appear supportive.

That is as “social” as social media gets lately.

Then there’s location, location, location .. Well the National Mall is the best location you can have. The best place to stage something as big as The Million Man March 20th anniversary. You would think like in ‘95 that it alone would be good enough to stir the masses, civilian and news corporation a like.

The fact that African-American, Hispanic-American, and Native American leaders all who spoke that day should bring news cameras from around the country, if not the world. No news cameras, lackluster coverage, zero correspondent presence the entire weekend.
The program that day reached millions of people in 400 cities around the world, but our own country wouldn’t showcase such an event in our national capitol.

A million peaceful people standing together in the most racially tense era since the 60s, but even that isn’t worthy of headlines. What does it take to make people care or pay attention? Is a Nation of Islam sex tape necessary, or a fight between Farrakhan and Al Sharpton online with “WorldStar!” being screamed in the background a few dozen times? Black women not scantly clad or twerking to Miley Cyrus & Juicy J. Black men dressed unlike the imagery of “thugs” we’re shown in the news everyday and even worse in suits & ties.
In a atmosphere were walls and banning entire populations is a reasonable or rational step in our country, can we even expect to be heard? When rhetoric of hatred and arguing provides you with 250 minutes of coverage on the top three news networks, peace just doesn’t sell.
With a year riddled in protest, uprisings, political contest, division, and tribalism. A million people standing together in any aspect is an accomplish even more vital than 20 years ago. Apartheid has come to America and no one is interested in derailing the process – just filming the whole thing.

What do you have to do so that you’re taken seriously?

Is there anything left? Or has the ADD/ADHD generation bought into the myth that we can’t concentrate on one thing for too long without losing our minds… has the revolution been lost? In the age of sharing information and conversation the word can spread about something, but the hope that word has of actually being held on to or given the chance to be appreciated before the next news story pushes it to the shoulder of the Internet is near zilch. Being 23 years old, I find myself brushing off matters of importance awaiting the next “thing” , but exactly how large does a “thing” have to be to win someone’s undivided attention? We can retweet and share violence, sex, & drugs all day, which I have a tendency to do a lot, myself. We can share memes, quotes, and inspirational videos all day, which again I do a lot myself. Even take time to tune in for an entire hour of Empire, which I have recorded on my DVR right now. We won’t take time though to speak to each other about news, thoughts, society unless it’s an argumentative stance.

“Peace has no place in the marketplace.”b7 Protest and revolts are the headliners. Hatred and anger garner attention, not only the predominant attention, but all of it is dedicated only to the drama and spectacle of life in America. This is what is seen as the mentality of the country. This is the embodiment of why there are protest and why there are new organizations in the country. This is why protestors feel they have to interrupt presidential candidates to be heard. This is why economic protest are being so heavily preached, because the power of words is being ignored unless those words used are meant to be harmful. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is used as a pillar and light of guidance for our country because he used words instead of violence and his ideas were to include those people that we usually forget. Words are respected today, words aren’t acknowledged as life changing as they once were. Dr. King spoke on “redistribution of the pain” in regards to economic protest, because he knew that other tactics would be needed. He saw them what is so evident now – People choose more times than not to disregard than hear out.b2That’s why we didn’t see the gangs that made peace to came together and vow to change their neighborhoods. That’s why news wouldn’t show “Violence Interrupters” who were part of the “street gangs” in New York. BET didn’t show the faces that were displayed on the Jumbotrons of the nameless that have died by police hands or in police custody or in racially stemmed incidents around the country. There were no mainstream media cameras to speak to Rodney Mitchell’s mother. There were no angry words, or calls for killing police, or burning down a CVS … so there was no airtime for such an event.
It seems for America at large if it doesn’t come from mainstream media or outlets they own; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.. then we don’t have the time for it.
And for American Media in 2015, a million just ain’t enough.

All of this doesn’t mean to stop. Never stop thinking, trying, organizing, pushing, fighting, rising, and loving. After 500 years of being overlooked and dismissed the people at the March, those that watched and supported, and those that related to the sentiments expressed that day are used to being underground. We are use to raising up from the bottom and toppling the powers that reign high. Protests are growing more wide spread and more detailed in execution. The ground is opening up and Frankenstein is beginning to awake.
As-Salamu  alaikum

Jornalism- Brandon Alexander


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Barber Shop Rehab (“Chop Up” Continued )

When you think of a Barber, you think of person just waiting to cut hair. But with Calvin Walker he is more than just a Barber. He’s from Leesburg, Florida and at a young age he decided to start cutting and perfecting his craft. He pays close attention to details and is a dependable barber with great new styles, experience in temporary color and is a Platform artist for Black Solutions. He is now the owner and creator of Celebrity Black. Celebrity Black is an enhancement product that barbers use to bring out the details in their designs. He uses the best equipment, sterilizes his clippers very well an always keeping you with an up to date style. Enticing Resultz took an interest him because of his unique style and dedication to his art. Enticing Resultz Mag sat down with Calvin Walker to learn more about him and his craft. The following interview is the results of the sit down.

( Q ) What made you decide to become a barber and how did you get started? How many years have you been a barber?

( A )* I decided to be a barber when my cousin messed my head up. I was around 12 years old when this happened. I was a fast learner because at the age of 14 I used the skills God gave me to help my family out. I tried going to college and realized that college was not for me. That’s when I decided to become a barber and I have been cutting hair for 27 years now.

( Q ) Provide an effective method you have used to stay informed of the latest styles and hair care techniques

( A ).Social media and going to different hair shows around the world helps keeps me informed of all the latest styles and techniques that’s out here.

(Q) Share an experience in which personal connections with coworkers or others helped you to be successful in your work.

(A) By working at Black Solutions and being their head barber exposed me to more than just being a local barber. The experience made me the barber I am today.

(Q) Share an experience in which your ability to lead or offer an opinion helped your company.

(A). When creating a new product a lot the input comes from me. My team and I go back and forth when we are developing a new product to make sure we put out the best.

(Q) Tell me about a time when you developed your own way of doing things or were self-motivated to finish an important task.

(A).* I developed my own way of doing things when I decided to open up my own shop. I had a lot of locals who didn’t believe in me. So I had to prove them wrong and look at me now.

(Q) Provide a time when you dealt calmly and effectively with a high-stress situation.

(A).*A time when I dealt with a high-stress situation is when I had to fire an employee. Even though we were cool business comes first and I feel if I had to fire a person then enough was enough. I’m very calm in those types of situations.

(Q) Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person (coworker or client) and how you handled it.

(A).*A time when I had to deal with a difficult client had to do with hair color. That’s why it pays to keep records of all transactions because this person swore that we put the wrong color in her hair. She was being rude about it so I had to show her in writing that she had picked this particular color and she realize that she was wrong.

(Q) Describe your experience cutting hair according to the clients’ instructions and/or current hairstyles.

(A). My experience in cutting clients hair according to their instructions is very simple. Clients think they know what they want and I love it when they say take and inch off when they only have an inch. I always listen to their suggestions but I’m the expert and they are the clients. The end result is always good.

(Q) How much does attention to detail and thoroughness impact your business?

(A).*Attention to detail is very important to my business. This determines if you will make $10 per cut or $30 per cut.

(Q) Share your thoughts on using razors to shave a beard or to contour a neck and temples versus using clippers.

(A).There is no comparison between razors and clippers. Hands down razor always has the cleanest look period.

(Q) Give me an example of when you thought outside of the box. How did it help your business?

(A).* I thought outside the box when I started using enhancements in 2005. This gave me the idea to create my own product called Celebrity Black.

(Q) How do you balance cooperation with others and independent thinking? (A) I balance my cooperation with others based on their knowledge along with my knowledge and we come to a common ground.

(Q) Has there ever been a time when you effectively identified a hair or skin problem?

(A) Yes I have identified dandruff and certain other skin diseases.

(Q) Share a time in which a treatment you recommended to a client alleviated a difficult hair problem.

(A) I had a client who had serious dandruff problem. I went an purchased some medicated shampoo and some oils for him. This seems to help him very well.

(Q) Tell me about a time you successfully coordinated with others. How about a coordination effort that was not as successful?

(A) The time I coordinated with other barbers was doing a hair show. I had good and bad experience with this … lol.

(Q) What advice or tips do you have for time management when dealing with multiple clients while still giving quality service?

(A)*I believe in online appointments to keep my clients straight. I also use style seats. (Q) What does it mean to you to be a successful barber and business owner?

(A) *To be a successful barber and business owner you have to have great clientele. Be respectful and be about business all the time. With this your business should thrive.

(Q) How do you apply new technology and information to expand your brand and company?

(A)* The way to apply new technology is through social media.

(Q) What is one of the biggest goals you established and accomplished? How was it personally challenging? What helped you to succeed?

(A)* One of my biggest goals was to open my own shop and I accomplished that. It was personally challenging because I had to find good barbers which was a task but it all work out in the end. My will and push is what allowed me to succeed. L

(Q) What is an effective method you have developed to recommend and sell cosmetic supplies?

(A)*An effective method that I have developed was 20 before I sell it I just educate them on the product.

(Q) In closing, what are three steps or advice you would give to someone wanting to become a barber?

(A).* My advice to young barbers would be 1) be on time and set appointments 2) be clean and sterilize all your equipment. 3) Be as much as a professional as u can….co-gggG5 G2_0294













1. Something, especially a building, that has undergone rehabilitation…Transform YOUR BarberShop into a well respected, professional and profitable establishment

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Who we are:
We are an instructive entity that helps beauty establishments become well known, professional, profitable brands.

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Give the profession and it’s establishments a much needed makeover to help restore the pride of yesteryear. We offer public relations and other helpful techniques to transform your business into a well respected, professional and profitable establishment. We also offer management assistance consisting of planning, organizing, staff leadership and networking.

How we do it:

1. Building and maintenance of staff
2. Building and maintenance of clients
3. Advertising
4. Professionalism
5. Ethics



CREST (color) jason

Brain of a Barber/ Increase your income

Learning how to cut the high fade – bald fade- skin fade can increase your income. This is currently one of the most popular and common haircuts in barbering. This is a great haircut for any age and all walks of life. Step By Step Guide For The High Fade – Bald Fade – Skin Fade
1.Cut the top down with the 2 (¼”) blade on the detachable blade clipper. Start in the front and cut against the grain (into the curl/wave) toward the crown.
2.Cut the round of the head section. Use the 1 ½ (1/8”) blade on the detachable blade clipper and cut around the round of the head and crown areas against the grain.
3.Blend the sides and back section into the round of the head. Use the 1 ½ (1/8”) blade on the detachable blade clipper and cut up towards the round of the head.
4.Continue the fade with the 1/16” attachment on the adjustable clipper in the open position followed by the halfway open position and then the closed position.
5.Repeat step 4 with the adjustable clipper in the open position without an attachment. Follow this with the halfway open position and then the closed position.
6.Repeat step 5 with your trimmer. Make sure not to go to high and cut into the fade. Use an upward clipper motion in the semi-finish area only.
7.Outline the haircut. Face the client toward you and make the center cut on the forehead. Do not go too far off the hairline. Gently press the clipper into the hairline creating the center guide. Make a straight line to each temple area off of the center guide.
8.Line off the temple area. Make sure to leave a distinct corner connecting the front to the temple area. Create an arc from the corner of the temple area down to the side burn area.
9.Optional: Shave the outline with the straight razor. Stand behind the client and wipe off the shaving cream from the front hairline. Lightly shave into the hairline to create a sharp line.
10.Shave toward the temple area lightly touching the line. Follow the arc from the temple to the side burn area

Asleep in a Tomb

Slept on a mattress that laid on the floor

within a room that didn’t have a door

slept there with no contempt for days in store

“will find a way”,  is what I was waiting for

awoke on the brightest day, to face a face that held the deepest pain

I hadn’t caught that strain

rubbed my eyes that morning like all was the same

told her I’d be ready for school

her reply was “Baby, listen please.”

with those words a twitch jerked her knees

my curious mind wanted to know

what it was that made her sink so low

ears enhanced as she slowly spoke

kept attention as kept back her chokes

told me she just received a call

concerning beloved Papa,

said the night before that he had died.

When it echoed she began to cry

in mind vacant sleepy is all I felt

to understand the statement I’d need some help

those lyrical knives sunk deep into understanding

in my heart and soul is where they finally landed

the crash it made hurt so deep

tears stacked and rolled down in a sickening stream

down my cheeks

she shook her head, said “please don’t cry..”

eyes tried but found no reply

vocals that had gone so quiet, now pronounced a sound so violent

a single sob that held my teary eyes , cascaded to shaking hands

as they looked at memories of that sweet man

she wrapped around me to ease my thoughts

to late to try and stop all these so hurtful thoughts

only movement that we did was rock

as she looked up ceilings sky, pleading with every whispered “why”

my constant tormenting moans wouldn’t allow me to scream goodbye

you see – I used to sleep on a mattress that laid on the floor

within a room that didn’t have a door

now I slept in my Papa’s coffin

with the same suit I wore that he had bought me

and I stayed now within a room

with a door that wouldn’t open for any sun or moon

I stayed with my papa, inside his marble tomb.

by: Panthr


To Whom This May Concern


Actions speak volumes, this is said

but what is spoken holds emotional weight

I never could express my feelings

even the deep recesses that I cherish in moments

of solitude

I could never project the sensations of love,

devotion, and belief in another

it was always so much deeper than the

constrictions of vocabulary

years past, days faded into history

pictures tarnished so that we could only

lean on memories

apologies – for not giving you more

more to look back on with joyous tears in your eyes

that it was known without a doubt

the passion that burned in another’s soul for you

the fire that raged from your unquenchable trust

and true devotion

Too many absent moments when “I love you”

could have been explained

examined for you to honestly

openly, and fully receive and understand

Understand how your smile was the catalyst for mine

And how when I wept –

I trusted you most in those sorrowful times

My expressions should have expressed better

the amount of reliance that I placed in your hands

each day, each and every day.

Relying on you to show the blind their way

to be my guide

my companion

To be honest enough and admit that without your hand,

within my hand

I was physically,

no mentally- no emotionally- yes literally stranded

a lost child abandoned

Afraid to put all chips on one hand, to bet my sanity

that you would hear – listen – embrace

then understand I’m sorry for my fears, but

they’re all I had before you

wasn’t prepared for someone with as much


through the consistent

non-flinching waves of frustration –

betrayal and confusion

you, like the strongest levies, remain unbroken

protecting everything you can

Even me

Guarding a man from his own demons

Becoming the new found reason to live

and cherish and love and enjoy,

each new experience and then to not be afraid

to go searching, with you by my side

to search for more.

– Panthr

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Bridezilla or Not?

     I used to laugh at all the brides on these bridal shows and call them crazy. That is until I stared planning my own wedding. People are so quick to call the bride a Bridezilla when she gets upset but doesn’t consider the circumstances surrounding her anger. How about I’ve been planning my wedding for almost a year, and you knew up front what was required and needed. Better yet, what about the fact that it is 78 days before my wedding and my bridesmaids still haven’t ordered their dresses. Why? Well, I’ve given a number of reasons from money is tight to I had something else to take care of. Didn’t you know 9 ½ months ago how much the dress was? Did I not pick a dress that was not only economical, but reusable and liked by all bridesmaid? You can go out and party every night, or shop till you drop but not sacrifice for wedding. Hmmm. All I keep thinking is I would do it for them. I haven’t yelled, cursed, or broken anything but………….the time has come. Bridezilla, I think not. How about I’m a friend with friends who didn’t consider my feelings enough to do what they promised to do. I’m just a woman that wants things to be right on the biggest day of her life.



Bruised. Never Broken!

     There will be moments in life where you’re knocked off your feet by adverse circumstances and you feel like your world has stopped turning.  You’ve fallen into this dark hole and you can’t seem to find a way out of the situation.  The people who are supposed to be there for you kick you while you’re down.  Nothing you do works the way you intended.  Although it may feel like things aren’t turning around, remember that weeping only endures for a night and joy will come in the morning!  Morning isn’t when the sun comes out and you get out of bed…morning is when you realize that sooner or later, things will begin to turn in your favor and God’s got you covered!  No matter how many blows you take and scars you get while in the valley, know that you have just been bruised and you are never broken!  Scars will heal, bruises will go away, but you can continue to move forward because nothing is broken.  Whatever you may be facing right now, I want you to know that Joy is here, WAKE UP!