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220,000 Woman Inmates

Greetings Ladies!

Due to the many injustices in the American justice system the rate of woman Inmates have increased by more than 65% over the past 40 years. That’s close to 220,000 since the late 70s.
Woman inmates are Wives, Mothers, and Sisters- delicate beings by nature. Is it fair that these Women are processed in the same mannerism as a Male Inmate? Should they not be dealt with differently during their menstrual cycle? Although, still following the program policy. Children are being abandoned at alarming rates due to Women being incarcerated for longer periods than normal.
It is not unheard of for a Woman to go to prison for attempting to protect herself, her children or feed their belly’s due to some sort of hardship. Not making any excuses but should these woman who may even be carrying a child be physically restrained or handcuffed? What happens during giving birth to a child while incarceration? Are they still restrained during such a traumatic episode?
There are many Women inmate victims inside the prisons today and many being victimized on a daily basis. Have you been physically or sexually assaulted? Where are the resources to help the Woman that may not speak up?
Enticing Resultz Magazine would love to hear from you. Your message will be heard loud and clear by the masses. Now’s the time, your moment is here. Write something for the people. We understand that incarceration can be a dark area in an individual’s life, so let’s turn this around and allow your situation to be a beacon of light to the community and other women facing these many challenges. Your thoughts and opinions matter still. Clear your mind with the pen!
Start today! Allow ERMAG to be the platform for your voice to be heard. We have many categories for you to choose from. Let’s see what fits you. We strongly feel that if you become part of this family it will help you and someone else.


My Heart Is Broken

My heart is broken
I thought our love was unconditional
I see it has conditions.

When things don’t go your way
then its the highway.

Why want you fight for me.
As long as things is going good for you then
you love me. When I’m writing a paper then you love me.

When I’m looking over documents or just listening to
your dreams then you love me.
But as soon I say something after you hurt me.
then the love is gone.

My heart aches cause I’m not a light switch.
My feelings for you don’t turn off and on. Like yours for me.
Like father like daughter. I see where she gets it from.
I’m good always has been and always will be. nobody ever done anything for me.
I always take care me and everybody else.  I just can’t deal anymore.
I can’t take the pain anymore. Either you going to be true leave the fake shit
for them other groupies.

End the end it’s only me and the love I have for myself.

So many Questions

So Many Questions III

                                              So Many Questions III

How in the world is Donald Trump President? That’s how we do it now. There are so many mixed emotions about this.

How can a person with no political experience become President? That means that anybody can run for any office as long as the people vote for you. I think it’s all about the money.

Where were they when the voting was going on? I say sit down and be quiet. It’s a little to late for all this BS that’s going on. If you didn’t want him to become president then you should have voted. People have a lot to say when they didn’t even vote for anybody.

Do you think that the new President is going to build a wall? In my opinion I do not think he’s going to build a wall. The President Elect is going to have a lot of people upset with him. He made a promise to his people that he can not keep. I’m just going to sit back and watch it a crumble down around those crazy Republicians.

Why do women stay in abrasive relationships? In my opinion they have low self-esteem and feel that this person actually loves them.

Why are children so disrespectful to their elders? Growing up we was taught to respect our elders.

Where did we go wrong as parents? What happen to it takes a village to raise a child? Now of days if you say something a child that is not yours the parent is ready to fight you. In my opinion things went wrong because children were not allowed enjoy their childhood. Having babies at young age has made young grandparents. There is not big mama anymore.

Why are the police taking our young brothers from us?

Do Black Lives really matters? Or do all lives matters? I feel that all lives matter. No one should be treated wrong because of the color of the skin or where they live. An people of authority have no right to abuse their powers.


You decide, Fact or Fiction

Enticing Resultz Magazine is proud to present

You decide, Fact or Fiction….clips of short stories for our readers

There will be a series of clips from short stories that will be printed over a period of time. Some are fact, some are fiction, and the fun is reading each one to determine which is true and which is not. Whether fact or fiction, the clips will entertain and intrigue. Go ahead; take a moment to see if you can decide if this month’s submission is Fact or Fiction…


I know you have heard this saying at least once in your life.” Never judge a book by it cover”. This story called life has many turns and twist that can either make or break you. I can say truthfully, I began this journey early, and learning the meaning of “If a task has once begun never leave it until it’s done, be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all” as stated by my grandmother.

Going up from birth to 5 years old I really couldn’t tell you to much about my life. Never seen any type of pictures even as a little baby around the house. I don’t remember much about my childhood life at all. It’s so sad I can’t even tell you what schools I attended either. My life really began when I turned 12 years old. Just to be honest there are little things I can remember. Such as my mother having another baby when I was around 6 years old. See I’ve been the baby for years and she decided to have another baby with another man. They looked so beautiful sitting around holding and playing with him. I wasn’t feeling this new baby thing at all.

I remember one Christmas night my brother and I was made to go to bed. Mom allowed the new baby which was about 3 now stay up. It was so loud and he was playing his new drum set he had got for Christmas. As I was lying in bed I was thinking how I wish he wasn’t here. I asked my mother if I could use the bathroom because I had a plan. She yelled and said “YES” and get back in that bed. I walked around looking at the adults in the kitchen drinking having a good time. I stopped and took my baby brother drum stick and put in down his throat. I then ran back to the bed I had to share with my other two brothers. I had no idea the baby mouth was bleeding until my mother started screaming for us to come to her. Well my brothers told her it was me that caused him to bleed out his mouth. She beat me until she closed my left eye and I had to miss school for a couple of days.

I then remember around the age of 12 years old. I was ironing clothes and he came pulling on me and wouldn’t stop. I took the iron while it was very hot and stuck it on the side of his leg. Well you already know mom coming again this time with a nice thick paddle. She beat me again this time on my ass which felt like two asses when I sit down. My mother had 8 children 4 boys and 4 girls and I was number 6 as well as the baby girl. I never understood why we had no pictures of us growing up not one. My mother didn’t spend that much time with us due to her working all the time.

I hated the little blue house we were raised in. This house was so damn ruggedly and I was ashamed to have my friends come over. The cabinets falling apart and couldn’t hold anything in them. Roaches was everywhere in the house where you couldn’t never put nothing down on the tables or dressers. We didn’t have hot water to take a bath. We had to put big ass pots on the stove to heat the water. Rust was in the water and to wash something white was out of the question. It would turn yellow even when you use bleach it wouldn’t help. I had just turned 12 years old when I started my cycle. I cried asking my mother why she started my cycle at that time using the word period. I told my mother I wasn’t ready to start bleeding yet as I stood in front of her crying. She looked at me and said to me girl I didn’t put you on your period! She told me to go in the room to talk with my older sisters. She went on to tell me they will tell me what to do and use. It was never explained to me what a menstruation, period or a cycle was by my mother.

At the age of 12 my sister taught me how to use a tampon. Well at this age using tampons was a bad idea because it got stuck. I had to take a trip to the emergency room so that they could pull it out. Because of that hurtful experience I started using the pads instead. Well Pads wasn’t brought in our house because my sisters used tampons. I remember at times not having the pads so I used toilet paper anything except tampons. That was the wrong idea because the tissue started falling from under my clothes. Some days I can remember using white socks, cutting up white shirts anything not to use tampons. My mother didn’t have money like that and I couldn’t keep asking for it. My mother always made it clear she wasn’t made of money. To keep her from yelling and cussing I did what I had to do for myself. I started going to church from Sunday School, Evening service and Night service. I fell in love going to church until I was at church every time the door was opened. Church was my safe heaven I found peace of mind I enjoyed begin there. I hated when church was over because I had to go home.

Around the ages between 13 and 15 years old. I always was at church singing and leading service I so loved it. I didn’t have the clothes to go to church, however I went and have the same clothes on every Sunday. A lady at the church folks called her sister Johnson. She saw I loved doing things at church but didn’t have the clothes. She took me by the hand and took me shopping along with her only daughter. Not only did she buy things for me she also took me to the hair salon to get my hair done. In my minded she was doing things that my mother should be doing for me. Just know I never told anyone how I felt about anything my mother was or wasn’t doing for me. I was learning so much about the Bible and who God was at an early age. Going to school wasn’t easy either growing up with 8 of us in a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house. I went to school every morning smelling like kerosene and mildew from the smell in our house. We only had one kerosene heater that was burning only at night. During the night if you had to go to the bathroom it was so damn cold. Just know we didn’t have a toilet in our bathroom. We had to use a 10pound bucket and my mother didn’t care who used it. Just know it had to be cleaned at all time or she would start beating everybody ass.

I remember my 7th grade year in school attending Eugene J Bulter middle school. It seems as if my world became much harder than I thought. I was so angry with the world and fought all the time. I can remember how I struggled so hard in math feeling so dumb sitting in class. It had gotten to the point I just started skipping that class every day. See my mother never taught me how to count numbers nor add them together. She felt it was the teachers job to teach me what I needed to know when I got there. I wasn’t taught how to read or write from home I learned a lot on my own. When I heard the word “GOALS” I had no clue what people were talking about. See when I saw people eating shrimps and steak I thought they were RICH. See by the time I had gotten to middle school it gotten harder the work I mean. When I look at life now the word “DRESS CODE’ or ‘NAME BRAND’ items. I knew we really didn’t have much, however what we did have. I can say my mother made sure we were cleaned and looked healthy going to school.

Growing up I can’t remember going to a doctor or to the dentist. If I even had my eyes checked it was done only at school. After a while it left 2 sisters and 2 brothers in the house. You would have thought things would have gotten better with money. Nope things were about the same as if all us still lived in the same house. Then I remember my oldest brother moving out to live with his godparents. He could stand the way we were living in the house and he felt living with them would be better. So now it’s down to 3 girls including me and 1 brother living in the house. We were made to mop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday plus we had to wash clothes outside. We had to hang the clothes outside on a line and just know if a bird shit on them or they hit the ground. We would have to rewash them the same day it happened. When it was time for us to take our baths we would have to put pots on the stove for hot water. Every eye on the stove wasn’t working so we had to keep putting them on until we had enough for the tub to get a bath. The inside of the tub was rusty and the water turned as soon as we put it in the tub.

Even when we washed our white clothes they would turn yellow from the water and rust. The kitchen cabinets were so raggedy we didn’t have doors on them yet we always had a house full of cousins. Because of the stove with only two burners working at the time. It took so long for us to eat dinner at night yet mom always made a meal. Just know if you didn’t want what she was cooking. You either ate it or went to bed hungry so of course I went to bed without eating. Breakfast was cereal with can milk that she added water and we had chickens but I hate eating the eggs. I can go on and on about the food in the house just thank God we had a choice.

*Thank you for taking a moment to read this writer’s submission. Have you decided if this is fact or fiction? Comment below and let us know your thoughts. After all the comments are collected the writer will disclose all the information needed to prove fact or fiction.


Sincerely yours, Unloved

Hello Diary:
The day started off gloomy with gray skies. It looked to me like it was going to rain. Little did I know that a storm was coming? Not in the form of thunder and lightning, but in the form of mouth bashing. I never thought in a millions years that I would be faced with such destruction from a mouth. What do you do when someone you raise decide to do harm to you? Even though you gave the person the world and would go without just so they could have everything needed and want. A mother and daughter suppose to have a bond that could never be broken. No matter the situation, you always suppose to respect your mother. She gave you life and nine times out ten she raised you by herself without help for the father. So as a daughter or son you know what struggles this women endured so that you could have food on the table and clothes on your back.
When it comes to the point where your child talks down about you to everyone they know and everyone believes this child even though he/she is lying about what her mother does. Well with me I just couldn’t take the talking to me like I’m one of the kids on the street anymore. So I took it upon myself to go put him/her in their place. Now it becomes something totally different when something that came of out you puts their hands on you. That is the most hurting feeling that a mother can endure. Especially hurts when no one’s take my side but everyones on the childs side and praises her like she did a good thing. Knowing this hurt so bad that I decided to end my life. What is the point of living when you can not even get respect from your own child. Then the next thing I know that person with whom I thought was on my side turns around and let’s me know that even they are on her side. I’m giving up all hope and decided that it time to go be with my mommy and granny. I feel that will solve my problem and everyone else’s. I feel that I wouldn’t be missed. Then one a day an angel came and set beside me and told me that life has it ups and downs and that giving up would not be a choice for me. That I was needed in this world to help others in my situation over come the feeling of wanting to die. So I decided to take it one day at time and maybe just maybe I wouldn’t feel so down and unwanted. The only way to heal from this is pray and read my bible. It’s been almost a year now and I haven’t spoken to my child since. I tried to kill myself on numerous occasions. I’m still numb to the whole situation. I don’t think I will never be the same. So I decided to live by myself and write this book about how I can never leave the house. To afraid to leave the house because I feel that I wouldn’t be accepted by anyone because of all the lies that were spreaded about me.
Sincerely yours,


Your Health Is Your Wealth!

Your Health Is Your Wealth!
By Pastor Mel Keyes

Too many times we take our health for granted not knowing that in more ways than one “Our health is one of the greatest assets of our wealth.” Just think about it, what good would having a fortune be if your health and capacity to enjoy it is destroyed?
Mr. Armand Puyolt, outstanding business man and one of my personal inspirations knows this first hand. Living the divine life, in fact, wasn’t always his story. Well acquainted with financial struggles at a young age, his God given gift of sales and leadership began to make room for him at the age of fifteen. By his early twenties, Armand saying farewell to poverty, had already become a millionaire and many times over by his mid twenties.

Over a decade later, however, with many accomplishments, it was devastatingly apparent that, although he had amassed great wealth in one area; he had totally violated the wealth that was most important; his health. He, like so many, had almost completely forgotten how our bodies are best treated as the temples for God to live in. At that dreadful time of his life, he weighed in at over 425 pounds and was fatally diagnosed with gastric cancer & a malignant tumor in his right lung with less than six months to live!

It was by God’s grace and his loving wife, Dr. Esther Ramos, that this wounded champion entered the fight of his life. Though discouraged he was determined by faith to win and to live his life for a higher purpose other than just obtaining more material possessions and personal business accomplishments.
After experiencing his own miracle from God, Armand began living his life to create other miracles in the lives of other people. He found a mission worth living for in helping other people get their own health and wealth together in a more powerful position.

Within that process he became the highest paid income earner in one of the fastest growing marketing companies on the planet where he was blessed to create the compensation plan and bring in a number of powerful health and wellness products that were used in his own healing process. He went on to become the highest paid Hispanic within the networking marketing industry; ranked as high as #6 in the entire world rankings for everyone.

Little did he know however, that it was never God’s plan for him to settle at the top of that chart as the end of his journey. God made it uncomfortably clear to him that it was time to chart out another course not as the highest paid distributor or president of a company but into the brand new territory as the CEO of something else!
With Armand’s greatest tests have come his testimony. His mind is made up, his heart is set. His vision is clear. Since we are made in the image and likeness of God; it only made sense to him that more people would answer the call to start living lives that are truly divine. His named his company, “Vida Divina,” which is Spanish for “Divine Life” and his motto is “Lead with love.” What a perfect match!
The experience has been unbelievably life changing for him and countless others. Although he saw and believed God for BIG things, little did he know that his seed of faith to launch out into the deep would take off in such a record breaking fashion that it would shake up the entire industry in ways that have never quite happened this way before.
In less than two months there have been over 110,000 distributors that have lined up for the Vida Divina prelaunch. There are already 10 nations lined up and ready to do business. Furthermore and what is extremely rare is that from day one, Armand’s wise business acumen has allowed Vida Divina the unique experience of being not only the distributor of our life changing products but also the manufacturer!

Then too, whether it is Armand’s heart of gold toward people in general or the golden compensation plan that has literally topped the charts as the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry; people are dreaming again. They are ready to take another chance; to step out on faith and to believe God for something greater than “network marketing” as usual or the regular “9 – 5!”
One thing that is certain, it’s different at Vida Divina. We see great things happening for average people that are simply willing to plug into to the culture and ethic of what Vida Divina was created to do. We see thousands upon thousands of ordinary people stepping into some extraordinary life styles within the next 12 – 24 months.
The only question is “will you be one of them?” Are you ready for something new? Are you ready to become “the head and not the tail” and to take back what the “enemy had stolen from you?”
Whether it is your health, your wealth or both; we are not ashamed to say that’s what Vida Divina is all about; the Divine Life.
Congratulations Armand!
We salute you fearless one.

Isn’t It Time That You Lived Your Life More Abundantly? Are You Ready To Convert Your Tears & The Pains Of Your Past Into The Dreams You’ve Always Had In Your Heart?

Vida Divina creates all natural, organic products that people need to live a better life. Natural blends and unique formulas that enhance our body’s abilities to cope with the stresses of a modern world and the lack of nutrients in today’s mass produced food chains.
Every product we offer is infused with antioxidants and extracts from 25 super-foods.
We have a full line of health products, cosmetics, energy drinks, weight loss enhancers, chemical free baby foods and even healthy treats for dogs and cats.
Start living healthy with Vida Divina.

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So many Questions

So many Questions II

Within in this article I’m going to ask a lot of questions. These are questions that seem to be on everyone’s mind. I’m going to give my opinion on some of the questions.
Why are our children dying so young? Wake of people, we are losing our children to some violent crimes. We need to stop this violence.
Why is the cost of living so high, but minimum wage is so low? You have to almost have two jobs just to make ends meet.
Why is the governor of Michigan still in office? I feel he should step down.

Why was a 13 year old boy adducted and killed over $75? Shaking my head, this is a terrible crime, was it really worth his life.

How is that gas prices can go up and down as they please? One month we at $2.00 then the next thing you know we’re up to $2.50. Can we just get one set price and let it be.

Do you think Hilary Clinton can beat Donald Trump for President? Even with all the negativity, I feel that she can beat him. He has no good issues and talks about nothing to help the US. Listen people we have to get out an vote.

Why is so much Black on Black crime? I thought black lives matter? So much killing of our youth is such a shame. Where is the love? Where is the unity?

Why are our babies being targeted for adult crimes? Babies young as 6 months have been killed because of an adult beef.

What is this world coming to? People please wrap your arms around your children. Give them that hard love.


Debate: Can a single parent raise the opposite sex?

Enticing Resultz Magazine did a debate to see how many different opinions there are of being a single parent. Could a single man raise a daughter to be a woman? Could a single mother raise a son to be a man?

Enticing Resultz Magazine felt the need to talk about this subject because there are so many negative opinions when it comes to single parents. Society feels that single parents can not a raise a child probably because it takes two parents. This may be true but we have to give props to our single parents because they have it much harder because of the fact it’s only one. According the American Psychological Association, over the past 20 year single parents have become common from single mother, single fathers and grandparents raising children. Being a single parents brings stress on the parent as well as the child. The single parent may feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of juggling caring for the children, maintaining a job and keeping up with the bills and household chores. And typically, the family’s finances and resources are drastically reduced following the parents’ breakup.

The debate was done with different opinions of all races and ages. The results of the debate included 100% of the people agreed that being a single parent in this day an age is hard. And 80% percent agree that yes a man can raise a daughter to be a woman and yes a mother can raise a son to be a man. But when it comes to certain things like puberty then you need the help of a woman when it comes to girls and the help of male when it comes to boys.

Being a single parent in this economy seems to be difficult because they are so many obstacle and loops to jump through just to make sure that your child is safe. By the economy being down makes it even worst, because they are no jobs and you have to work two or more jobs just to make ends meet. This like stated before brings stress on the parent which in turns brings stress to the child. Children learn from what they see and hear, so that’s why we have good apples and bad ones. So children do not know how to handle the stress of life or do not understand why things are the way they are, when all the responsibility is all on one person. Being a parent period is hard, whether you have two parents or one. But there is great debate that kids are the way they are because of the single parent situation.

Don’t get me wrong you have single parents who children turns out to be good kids and then you have parents who kids just went down the wrong path. But that also goes both ways. The results of the debate indicate that being a parent period is a hard job and that it takes all to help raise a child.

Growing up as child you always wondered why your parents was so hard you and why they pushed education as being very important in order to survive. How they were wrong for not letting you do this and that. Why you had to clean your room and wash dishes after dinner. This was all to instill responsibility in you. Now that you look back after having your own kids and see that they weren’t hard on you all.

Single parents are look down upon because it is written that it takes two parents to raise a child. But in reality a single parents is probably better than having two parents. Because this instill in the child how strong their mother or father are. A single parent has to work twice as hard to make sure that they child get everything they need. Society can not predict how to raise a child because each child is individual with their own personalities.

When a man is raising a daughter he can instill in her all the morals of how a woman should be treated and when it comes to personal things that only female can handle he can call on his mother, aunts and sisters. In my opinion it would be harder for a man to raise a child as single parents because woman are made to stronger than the man when it comes to things like raising children. I give great props to a man that is raising a child on his own whether it is a daughter or a son. Just like it takes a strong woman the same goes for a man. But it is very rarely that you see a single man raising child.

When it comes to single mothers raising a son the same goes for her as it would for the man raising a son. She would have to rely on her father, brothers and uncles to help with things that she could not explain to him. Women are naturally built to take on things like this. If we go back in history the woman stayed home and raised the kids while the man worked to bring home the bacon. But in this day age times has changed and the woman is taking on the responsibility of taking care of the whole house. That’s why it is natural for a woman to raise a child on her own.

In conclusion, it really takes a village to raise a child because there are so many distractions, that wasn’t there when we were growing up. It also takes a strong minded child to survive the entire obstacle that they are going to face once there adults. We learn from our environment and it takes the whole family to help with raising our children. They are our futures and we have to band together to make sure things are right for them.

As a parent I learned that no matter how you raise your children they are going to turn out to be whatever they heart desire. We just have to pray that they follow the right path and not go down the wrong one. Don’t blame yourself if your child turns out to be the opposite of what you want them to be. You did your job and it’s up to them to take what they learn and make a future for themselves. My grandma always told me whatever you’re going to be, be the best at it not matter what it is.

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine





Black Lives Do Not Matter




Black Lives Do Not Matter


When is enough really enough? Sometimes pain is necessary. Sometimes you have to break the bone then reset it to ensure proper healing. A reminder is at times needed to shake off contentment. More often than not kindness is usually regarded as weakness. Passiveness is used against the non-violent. These are things we already know. We know times are bad or even worse, they’re crazy.



Lately there’s been more noise than usual about police brutality in our nation. More noise than heard in almost 50 years, but is the noise enough. How effective are the old tactics nowadays – if ever they were. Changes are made in paperwork being legislation and laws. These changes are the talk of the day, but what progress is being made concerning police brutality?



Dogs, batons, water hoses, guns … These were used in 1963 against people not yet even twenty years of age. Over half a century later and recorded killings of blacks due to police hands are higher than ever. Fifty-three years later and the Voter’s Rights Act that those teens were marching for has been gutted and repealed. Bloody Sunday in Selma, where people were beaten by police and hospitalized in 1965 not even fifty years passed before what they were persecuted for is nearly abolished. What “progress” has really been made?




Now , 2016 …. We face a situation that must be dealt with , it’s been ignored long enough. Last year a study by The Washington Post tallied almost 2 officer involved shootings per day. That’s more than twice the rate the government had recorded over the past decade. At the same time over the last two decades police fatalities, injuries, and assaults are dropping steadily. It’s becoming more safe for officers and more dangerous for citizens at the hands of officers.

An American citizen is eight times more likely to be killed by police than a terrorist, including Isis. Currently there’s a murder at the hands of police every eight hours.

When did this become ok? How is our justice system this corrupt, yet unmeasurably unopposed. The fact is we have been holding the truth in our hands for years. Blacks have been speaking on police issues over 60 years yet they were ignored, because it was happening to “them” and not “us”. The biggest evidence that black lives don’t matter is the fact that after televised abuse and dogs feeding on the skin of black teenagers we had to wait six decades to even be able and say “Black Lives Matter” then be heard. African-Americans are three times more likely to be killed than whites or any other minority. African-Americans are twice as likely to be killed by police while unarmed.


This is not new. This is not a phenomenon. This has been happening since 1704 when the first slave patrols were instituted to recapture runaway slaves. Lots of slave patrols actually became police departments in America. From their beginning police in the United States were established to control blacks and recapture runaway slaves. This explains the psychological effects the badge can have on someone, power drunkenness and loss of moral compass. Misconduct complaints are filed on average against 205,200 police officers a year. The court cases to defend these officers are an expense of taxpayers, 1.8 billion dollar annual cost.

The money aside for a second , there is a systemic issue that helps understand why we have the highest amount of civilian deaths at the hands of police officers and also the highest incarceration rate, 2.3 million with 1 million being black according to NAACP.


These numbers represent one of the few areas still left that America leads the world in. It’s unacceptable, but yet we accept it everyday. We accept the fact that it takes 1,000 citizens to be killed by police before one indictment is handed down. We now must indict the system. We the people must look at the rate of prosecution for police and demand more. This atmosphere of “kill and get away with it” has to finally be put to an end. The same thing that was on signs over 50 years ago remains on them today, these tactics are not working – never really have. Why ? They don’t really care about us. A recent Princeton study of 1,800 public policies over the last twenty years shows that the wants of the average American only have a minuscule insignificant effect of policies that are enacted. Government is owned by big business, so our demands fall on ears stuffed with hundred dollar bills. We the people have to indict the system that allows this perversion to rot away our trust in a government we pay taxes to. We are not truly represented in any of the 3 branches of government.





We the people indict the system for murder in the first degree.

We the people indict the system for miscarriage of justice.

We the people indict the system for perjury.

We the people indict the system for prejudice and discrimination.

We the people indict the system for cruel and unusual punishment.


1.2 million law enforcement officials occupy the United States of America.

In 2015, 1,202 people were killed by them. In 2014, 1,110 killed also. We have a case to be heard. Evidence to be presented;


Exhibit A: for the people: In a recent survey of police officers in America 43% stated “always following the rules is not compatible with getting the job done.” This speaks to how duties are conducted when the shift begins. A man heading out in the squad car with this outlook on his job is more prone to cutting corners and bending any rule.


Exhibit B: The same study found 588,000 officers feel for a criminal to be punished they must take the law into their own hands.

Vigilante mentality occupies nearly half of our entire police force. No thoughts on justice or fair trial first. A mind set like this is what leads a traffic stop to a crime scene.


Exhibit C: 52% agree it is not unusual for officers to turn a blind eye to improper conduct of officers, 300,000 have actually witnessed other officers profiling and didn’t report it.

Those vigilante officers are enabled by comrades whose silence is their muted form of participation. Accessories to the crimes committed, oath breakers themselves as they watch their brothers become corrupt in front of them.


Exhibit D: The fact the United States government has been found guilty in court for the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on December 8, 1999.

The conspiracy was proven in court and unanimously found guilty by 12 jurors. One of the greatest examples of a Christian, of an American, and of a man that we have in modern times was systematically conspired against and taken away from us by our very own government. The evidence shows that our case holds and that an indictment is past due.


No laws enacted, no legislation passed, no changes made. Our tactics no longer have even the smallest effect on how politics plays out today. Presidential candidates can speak on it and entertainment can exploit it, but we need more then conversation now. Actions speak louder always – now they’re the only thing that speak at all. Federal investigations into Ferguson and Chicago show us enough proof that there are clear and present racial motivations behind over half of the police stops conducted. Blacks and minorities are intentionally targeted to secure funds and make quotas for officers. We the people of this great nation can not stand for this. This can not be tolerated or allowed to persist. La’Quan McDonald, a boy killed in Chicago by police after being shot 16 times. His family had to wait over a year for charges to be filed against the police because audio on the dash cams had been intentionally tampered with. The minor changes made to better protect the 99% aren’t given a chance to be effective.


We the people are dying.

We the people are not being heard.

We are not being seen.



This is now at a point where it’s our fault. We have yet to update our tactics, we have yet to try new matters to garner attention. Misconduct continues to grow in more areas than just brutality. Sexual assault is the second highest form and growing. Whether it be the raping of 13 black women or forcing prostitues to have sex while all while on duty like in Oklahoma and Nashville respectively. These cases are becoming more frequent, yet and still no changes made. How many deaths must we literally see, last words heard, gasps for breath denied. At what point is it the fault of the people because of our own fear? When is it our responsibility more than the department’s? When is it on is to do more .. More than marches, sit-ins, die-ins, and signs. Are these just our way to act like we have a say so – to act like we care? These redundancies; are they from lack of leadership or courage? Have we lost our heart, has our spirit been quieted forever? Resigning ourselves to a life lived in the shadows, where we have to tell our children to be careful because of their color then not having an answer when they ask is why it is the way it is. Have we accepted this second rate way of life – the tiny 99%


There are only tyrants when people enjoy tyranny at some level of society. There is only justice when people no longer seek justice to be absolute. Sometimes the pain is necessary to remind people of their power. Sometimes the pain is required to awaken sleeping Giants. We the people have a case to indict those that are meant to serve the public. Public servants are there to ensure we are respected, protected, and informed. If there is failure in this then reform and change is needed immediately.


When the people that built a nation are the target of that nation what does that say about the morals and principles of said nation? When the people that contributed inventions, labor, blood, tears, and countless babies on a countries behalf are not respected and acknowledged for such sacrifices made then those people must ensure by their own means that those sacrifices are remembered and paid the appropriate appreciation. We the people have failed. Failed our ancestors, our children, and ourselves. We have failed to be all we can be. We, the children of God, have failed for the last time. An indictment is to be handed down – from the citizens of the United States of America to the government. We demand acknowledgment, change, and reform. Due process to a speed trial is demanded. It’s been long enough – from Fredrick Douglas , Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Marcus Garvey, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Hutton, all the way to Sandra Bland. Enough has been enough. When will black lives finally matter? More importantly, why haven’t


black lives mattered from the beginning … Why are black lives hated so much?


Journalist- Brandon Alexander
Dedicated to the parents of the forgotten , may they live forever





The preoccupied


Why is life the way it is?
Why would the world want to be preoccupied instead of adventurous? Meaning enslaved in work.
So busy one can’t even recognize the obvious in front of their eyes. Unaware that they can’t find the explanation of life.
Life is such a beautiful creation.
So what if the formation changed everything one did day to day?
Would it scared them?
Or make them want to learn more? Dig so deep in finding the meaning, it changed every one in existence. Preoccupied.
Taking one out of there content habitat.
Taking the lies they’ve been told and turning them into truth.
Would they ask themselves  questions and demand all the answers.
Help found the problem and solve the solutions.
Or would it terrify them to the extreme then make one commit suicide.
Knowing the knowledge one can’t unknow.
Or maybe everyone has too much understanding of this animation.
Is it that horrifying?
One must be subjugated in fantasies to keep them from the veracity. Preoccupied.
One rather just die obliviously.
Insensible is for the ignorant.
Put it in a book and they won’t read it. Preoccupied.
Put it in a book and they’ll stay unmindful.
Got you right where I want you.
Blind and distracted.
Life is this way now.
So get back to work and stay preoccupied.

By: Queen of Europe