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Tina Hobson

Artist Spotlight: Tina Hobson

Screenshot_2015-09-13-18-25-36_1Tina Dobson; author of “Oh How He Loves  Me,” is a 31 daily devotion reflecting on the love of God toward us. She is also a radio personality. Please feel free to check out her shows and all of her social media sites.

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Skype: Iamasuperwoman2



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Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, Hair Artist and Makeup Artist with Glam Elite Enterprise, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here PhotoGrid_1441594406723


Shanell Monique

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Book Reader’s Spotlight: Angie Christine

Angie Christine was born in Brooklyn New York to the Late Johnny Hitt Jr. and the late Betty Hitt. As a youngster Angie would gather her friends at her house and tell them stories she would make up on her own. She appeared in a commercial for a local record store in Manhattan called Disco Mat back in the late 70’s. As she got older and went to high school she was performing, and writing for her dramatic arts class at Sheepshead Bay highschool in Brooklyn Ny. After college she joined the NYPD police force in Brooklyn and decided to leave New York after 9-11 . Divorced and raising a daughter, Angie moved to Newport News Virginia to start a new life. Angie Chirstine decided to write her first book after the closing of her employment at Circuit City. In 2009, “The Fireman” was released and everyone loved the story. She decided to release another book titled Opposites Attract. In April 2010, she and a friend headed south to Atlanta Georgia to the Monique Show where she presented the actress and talk show host with copies of her books. Monique gave Angie the biggest hug and shedded a tear because of the fact that Angie added her to her dedication page in her second book. Her 3rd book titled “Tantalizing Pleasures” is also a big hit.
“Tantalizing Pleasures” is an erotic story of 2 people who fell in love for the right reasons. Are you ready to be tantalized?  Rebecca was raised in the midwest and decided to move to the Big Apple…..New York City after she graduated from college. Rebecca is a stock broker working at the famous Wall Street stock exchange building. One morning a tall Marine who had come back from Iraq came there to ring the morning bell. He was a hero that saved some of his squad from death. That morning was the best thing that happened to Rebecca and from that day on the rest was nothing but the greatest love affair anyone would die for.  

Angie Christine is currently working on her 4th book titled “The Fireman’s Revenge”, which is the sequel to the first book “The Fireman”

SM: Hello, how are you? Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share with our audience.

AC: Thank you so much for having me as a guest.

SM: How would you describe your experience as a writer? You left your career as a Nypd officer to pursue a writing career, how do they compare?

AC: I love every aspect of being an author. Sometimes it can be challenging to convince people to purchase your book when you’re not out there in the social media like Terry McMillan or Steve Harvey or even Steven King. No one would have any 2nd thoughts to purchasing their books because of who they are…….people are starting to get to know Angie Christine little by little now. Once someone let’s me know how great my book was i would tell them to go spread the word. Word of mouth travels faster than mail.

SM: Which book to date would you say is your favorite, and why?

AC: Well first and foremost the Bible is my first love. In fact i still carry the Bible my parents recieved from the church that married them 54 years ago, but my favorite book of what I wrote is Tantalizing Pleasures. This book is my 3rd. The reason why I picked this book is because I see alot of myself in the character name Rebecca in the book.

SM: Have you shared any of your revelations in any of your book? Have any of them been based on a true story?

AC: Well in Tantalizing Pleasures the main character Rebecca fell madly in love with a Sgt. who was a Marine. I once dated a military guy but he was in the Army. I changed the branch because I love Marines….lol.   The story had bits and pieces of the military guy that I dated but I won’t reveal which ones. Tantalizing Pleasures wasn’t based on a true story though.

SM: What was your experience like on the Monique Show?  Is she as down to earth in person as she is on the big screen?

AC: Seeing Monique was a dream come true. I am such a big fan of hers and I think they need to put her show back on television. Alot of people can relate to her. She didn’t grow up rich and she battled a weight problem. The media always thinks skinny is better, but she flipped the script to show the world that she is just as talented as someone who is skinny.

SM: Tell me about your 4th book The Firemans Revenge.

AC: It’s about a guy who is a seeking revenge of his brother’s death. This book is part 2 to the first book I wrote back in 2009 titled; “The Fireman”. Everyone told me that I needed to follow up and do a sequel, so began writing and it was released in June 2015.

SM: Any last remarks?

AC: Yes! To everyone that’s reading this interview right now please follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone discourage you from anything you feel is right. Achieve all you can and don’t settle for less. The most important thing is……ALWAYS KEEP GOD FIRST IN YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL GO ALL THE WAY.

SM: Contact info?

AC: Facebook:  Author Angie Christine

Gmail at

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Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, Hair Artist and Makeup Artist with Glam Elite Enterprise, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here PhotoGrid_1441594406723


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Taking Care Of Self II

On August 18, 2014, I posted, “I chose to begin taking Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP as another way to take back control of my life.  As a man of color who is also same-gender-loving the odds are against me in quite a few ways.  Instead of allowing the world to get me, I’m taking a stand with my health.”  Well it is almost a year later and I am still taking PReP but my reasons have changed slightly.

 In late March 2015, I attended the YBGLI (Young Black Gay Men’s Leadership Initiative) Policy & Advocacy Summit in Baltimore, Maryland.  As I tell people this was my first “big boy” conference where my limits were pushed, emotions discussed, and where I had the opportunity to create bonds with some of the most brilliant young minds of my generation.  My greatest take away from this experience was that I too am BRILLIANT.  For many years, I battled with the internal struggle of accepting that I am not what I have been led to believe and more over that I do not have to feed into what society’s ideals of what a professional young black same-gender-loving man is or looks like.  Three days of challenging myself from early morning to late into the evening brought me a rejuvenated sense of self-love and respect for others experiences. Featured image

(SideBar: Room 1217 was all I could ever ask for!  Thank you to everyone who graced that room with their presence.)

The experiences that moved me most were the stories of the gentle-persons who were Living with HIV.  Working in the HIV/AIDS field for almost a decade did not prepare me for the amount of HIV status disclosure I went through during those three days.  I am forever grateful for the eye-opening personal experiences that were shared.  There was one young man’s testimony of his diagnosis that had me in tears when he said, “I wish things like PReP were available to me before I was diagnosed.”  In that emotional moment I had to reflect on my own sh#%. Yes, I was taking PReP, but my own adherence to a drug that was not –and is not- always available to everyone was at the time rocky at best.

Over the next few weeks, I took a hard look at myself thinking over the choices that led me to deciding to begin PReP; my circumstances had changed.  I had been consciously practicing abstinence and saw no risk factor that attributed to me needing to continue with PReP.  I stopped cold turkey…remembering that while not instantly unprotected, if I chose to have unprotected sex my extra helper would not be there anymore to aid me in my hour of need.  As life would have it a situation occurred where unprotected sex did happen and all I could think about was that little blue pill.

Thankfully still negative, the realization that I had come to was that in this life we can’t do everything alone.  While wise enough to not use protection, I hadn’t.  I began PReP again and this time I saw it as not only my aid; No instead PReP is now my wake up call to a reality that I need to protect myself for myself and stop putting my life in others hands.  No longer do I have the mindset that if I desire to stay negative I am doing my part by popping a pill, leaving myself open for STDs including HIV, and putting trust in my partner to be ‘condom ready’.

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” –William Ernest Henley

Be Well and Prosperous,

Christiawn “The_Ramblr” Emmanuel
“Professional Expressionist and Lover” 

Why Do We Have To Go Through These Changes?

I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and I stumbled across a stat about relationships. The question was “Why do beautiful women put up with the wackest dudes…?” I thought to my self..then I replied..”This is true…I wonder why too…but my take on it is that some of the most BEAUTIFUL women have low self esteem. And when these men approach them it’s because they are showing their ‘representative’. Some men are real slick with it…especially if the women are baring their soul to them initially.. Most women are craving love so badly that they don’t set standards or even have them for that matter and are looking through rose colored glasses…so when these men come along they sound like a dream..and they do everything to hook the women so when that initial phase is over…the real person comes that time feelings are involved and the woman may look at him as an investment and women most often don’t want to lose investments….there’s more but that is a summation of what I see and hear..  I try to school these young ladies..I have been through it…so I know what it is…my generation barely made it..but I feel sooo sorry for these generations that are coming up…no real solid foundations to hold onto…they are just out to get what they can get..” This also brings me to a video of half of the gospel duo, Mary Mary; that has gone viral over the last couple of weeks, See Here. It shows her being caught up in a moment of rage over her husband’s cheating affairs. At first I was judgemental because I couldn’t understand how could someone of that stature air out her dirty laundry on reality tv..after all it’s a little different than some of the other reality shows that I have seen (we’ll save that for another day). The truth is I’m glad that she did because it erases some of the stereotypes that women in the gospel world face in their own personal lives. Most people forget that yet they speak in tongues, and sing you to life; they also deal with some of the same issues that we normal folk deal with. I think the problem of putting them on a pedestal alienates them from having real feelings, real issues, etc. The problem is not having the issue, but the reaction that you have to the issue. Yes we know in church the we are taught to forgive, love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek…but when issues arise do we really seek the face of God? Or do our natural carnal selves kick in? The Bible speaks of having on the full armor of God…but in times of hurt and pain do we really? I think part of the problem is that we as humans are constantly evolving…each generation has its own coping mechanism to the changing systems that preceded them…and setting their own individualism at the same time….it’s the survival of the fittest….All in all in the process of evolution..what happens externally happens internally as well… Perhaps there is a change in “role” dynamics? Are there undercurrents of feminism displayed in the raising of fatherless men? Hence the term “b%$#&a!#ness” ? Or…or is it the Freudian theory that references that men are attracted to women that resemble (features, mannerisms) their mothers, and women are attracted to men that resemble (features, mannerisms) their fathers?  Are men and women upholding the standards of their parents? Well what happens if there is lacking on either side of the equation? Is there a missing quotient? Do we just add in the factor that’s missing? Or do we look for examples and mimic them from our “community”

Watching this video, I can actually say that I’ve been there. I’ve been broken down to a level this extreme. Maybe even more extreme. I don’t care how strong you are. If you love a person (think you are in love), then you will go through hell and hell some more. Most women are programmed from a young age to stick by their man, the more you stick by him, he will change.That’s not true unless he wants to change. I can actually say that I don’t have that baggage anymore. I left that type of relationship a long time ago. So any man that I date or have a relationship with in this present day, I will not allow him to break me down to that level. It’s a mutual thing. If you love me and adore me then it is reciprocated wholeheartedly. No games, no half-assed attempts, and no side pieces.

What are your thoughts?

Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, Hair Artist with Glam elite Enterprise, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here 

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What’s Trending with Women With Gifts: Pray With Us

Pray with us.. A lot of times when things get hard we tend to ask other people to pray for us which is perfectly fine, but it’s time that we stand up to our issues and pray over them. We, as believers have become too relaxed in asking and telling others to pray over our situations and we forget about the power that God has given us. Here’s two scriptures that proves that not only does God hear us when we pray he gives us the desires of our heart.

Psalm 37:4 Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. 

Proverbs 15:29 The Lord is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the  righteous. 

In April 2014, myself and Women With Gifts started hosting our Monday Morning Conference Call prayer in order to reach other people, other women that needed prayer and was really going through something-like turmoil, trials, and tribulations. We pray EVERY SINGLE MONDAY rain, sleet or snow and even on holidays and we’ve done so for over a year.

We want to thank everyone in advance for joining us every Monday on our prayer conference call. This prayer is hosted by Women With Gifts and lead by our founder LaNette Kincaid but our prayer is NOT just for women. Our goal with this prayer is to heal our nation, build and encourage God people with emphasis on our women, and also take back the MONDAY that people have deemed to be the worst day of the week. Join our conference call prayer every Monday at 6am cst|7am est by calling 712-775-7400 access code 513886# ATTENTION: International callers are welcome to this call use this timezone converter in order to join our prayer at 6am cst.presenting (1)

Women With Gifts is an organization of that promotes women to use the gifts and talents that GOD has given them for survival.Our organization believes in leadership development, teaching and motivating others.Essentially, we are the products of the seeds we’ve sown. Growing Roses from a Briefcase is an inspirational motto we use that means we are believers and we have the ability to do anything that we put our minds to. Growing roses from a briefcase sounds difficult but “WE can do all things through Christ who strengthens US.” Philippians 4:13

Meet LaNette!

LaNette Kincaid is a Marine wife and mother of two, that took on the challenge of owning a business shortly after graduating college. Most of her tips and advice that you will read in our magazine will come from her personal experiences of trial and error. To see more of LaNette’s business and inspirational tips be sure to follow her on Twitter @LaNetteKincaid

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Married Young

Have you ever sat back and asked yourself; Why me? Why do I have to go through this? But why not you, whatever situation you going through, you are not the only one. We all have been through a test and have to be strong and pass that test so we can turn it into a testimony. The Lord will use his people so they can be a witness to others but it’s up to us to accept that challenge. Yes, I know it can be hard to tell people what you went/going through but you might actually be helping that person as well as yourself. As a young black married woman with children I have been through many situations in my life.

I got married at the age of 18 years old, straight out of high school and into a marriage. When I tell people I got married at that age they sometimes look at me a little funny because that’s a young age to be married. But honestly, I actually enjoy being married to my husband. Not all days are bad days. We have had some good days as well. “Wow, you didn’t have any time to explore with others or do what you wanted to do”, as some would say to me. I know I got married young and I love him and he loves me. It has been plenty of times I wanted to get a divorce and go my own way but then I realized, it’s not worth losing a good man that loves me and treats me with respect. Yes, we have had our battles and our marriage was not all peaches and cream. “It’s cheaper to keep them” LOL, but we got through every moment by the grace of God. See my friend, it’s good to have the Lord on your side to help you through all your problems.

The Lord should be in every situation in your life, but to have him in your marriage is a blessing because it takes three to make a marriage work: the LORD, you and your spouse.  You see, without God and lots of prayers I wouldn’t be with my husband today. Of course everyone makes a few mistakes in their relationship, whether it’s big or small and if you love that person then you will try to work out whatever the situation may be. You have to remember it’s you two against the world.

I have been married for a long time to the same man and we still find each other attractive. Many times couples don’t find their mate attractive anymore because that person gained a few pounds, lost some hair, or someone at their job showed them a little attention, etc. That saying that goes “whatever you did to get her, you have to keep doing to keep her”, well me I don’t really care for that because I’m the type that enjoy different things to spice up my marriage/relationship. Now how can you and your husband enjoy yourselves with children? Good question, just because a couple have children does not mean they have to stop being a couple. Yes, children can put a hold on many things in life but there are ways to get quality time with your mate you have to set a date. My husband and I still enjoy life with and without our two children. Being a mother and a wife is a tough job and at times I feel like throwing in the towel but to look at their beautiful faces I wouldn’t trade them for nothing in this world. I have to make sure both parties are happy and taken care of. Not only do I have to have time for them I have to have time for me as well. Which can be difficult because “a woman’s job is never done”, but we as women have to take care of ourselves and have some alone time.

So if you are married or in a relationship and you feel like you are the only couple having problems, no worries because EVERY relationship has its ups and downs. It takes both to get through those problems and of course God. I always say “A relationship is 100/100 not 50/50 because 50 is only half and you can’t have a half relationship.” Even if you’re not in a relationship you will have issues that you will go through in life and the Lord will help you out in that situation if you just trust and believe that he will. So keep your head up and stay strong. God will always take care of his people.




Mrs. Married young

Guest Columnist/ Enticing Resultz Magazine



Touchy Feely: The Early Stages of Physical Development

Have you ever looked at a child when he/she touches something for the first time? The way their little faces scrunch up in confusion. Or if the feeling is something that tickles or bring them joy the way a huge Colgate smile appears on their faces out of nowhere. These are only a few signs that the child you are observing has yet again hit a milestone in the process of Physical Development.   Physical Development (PD) provides children with the abilities needed to explore and interact with the world around them (Sean Brotherson 2010). PD has three major domains: balance/coordination skills, fine ­motor skills, and gross ­motor skills.

Through balance/coordination skills children develop a sense of balance and the ability to coordinate movements with progression into more complex physical experiences (North Dakota State University (NDSU) 2006). While balance and coordination work together for the common good of the child, the two elements can come into play at different times both developing from birth. Balance in infants and toddlers is the skill needed for them to properly sit ­up or stand on their own. Coordination skills plays a role in children’s ability to focus eyes on and reach for an object. As coordination progresses children are better able to play, eat, and left-­to-­right track with their eyes and head; ­a skill needed for reading. An important component to effectively develop balance/coordination skills is repetition. As with adults, repeating the same experience will engrain it into a child’s synapses during pruning.

Another form of Physical Development is Fine motor skills (FMS). Fine motor skills involve the use of smaller muscles in the hands, feet, and other parts of the body. Through FMS a child develops the ability to grasp, cut, throw, and draw. With FMS developing at a slower rate than Gross motor skills (GMS) cutting may not be a strong point for the child. However, to train the small muscles of the fingers, pre-­cutting skills can be crumbling paper and then tearing the paper. “Parents and other adults should provide materials that children can shape, move, and manipulate; allow children to make a mess; and assist them if they need help.” says NDSU’s article “Supporting Physical Growth and Development in Young Children.

Contrary to FMS, Gross motor skills (GMS) emphasize the importance of the development of children’s larger muscles and the ability to move from place to place or do physical activities using large muscles of the body, arms and legs (NDSU 2006). Without proper development of GMS children will battle with crawling, walking, running, and other physical experiences. As children evolve into pre­schoolers, lack of development can result in childhood obesity, feelings of lack of support, and for the parent, guilt. We as the adults and caregivers must be attentive with our little ones, paying special attention to those who are not participating in activities or struggling where others are excelling.

The importance within each individual domain of Physical Development add value to a child’s life in their respective ways as well as overall. Balance/coordination skills give the child the ability to maneuver through life’s daily tasks. Fine motor skills are in many ways the stepping stones to developing the muscles that aid children in becoming well versed human beings. Gross motor skills help in the development of the larger muscles needed to embark in the more extensive physical experiences.

Physical development in my opinion is one the top ways in which children and adult alike can build bonds with others. Allowing messy play, giving children free reign over their creativity, and keeping your child physically active are ways of preparing them for society’s structured standard of living.


Christiawn Emmanuel

Columnist/ Enticing Resultz Magazine


adrine jason

January’s Extraordinary Woman With Gifts

Quarterly Women With Gifts search the world to find an extraordinary Woman With Gifts. For the month of December/January we have selected Minister Adrine Hudson Jason..Take a moment to read our article about Adrine Jason and why she was selected as our EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN WITH GIFTS.

Tell us more about who you are and what you do for your community

Minister Adrine Hudson Jason: I have been in varies ministries all of my life, but was called to be a prayer Intercessor and teacher two years ago. Throughout my life I have known that I was called to do something great. I have been faced with adversities such as being molested by my grandfather, brother, and cousin. I suffered with low- self-esteem and being a people pleaser. Most would look at those as tragedies, but, I look at them as character builders. If it were not for those situations I would never have learned to pray. My ministry came from a place of darkness, anger, malice, hurt, unforgiveness, frustration and differently, revenge. Romans 12:19 KJV says, “dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” With that in my heart I began to rise above my circumstances birthing my ministry; For if I would have given into revenge it would have shown my lack of faith. I began to notice that more and more women were coming to me just to talk about their situations. Having experienced what they were going through I was able to pray for them and with them, giving scriptures for them to read and then teaching them the skills that were given to me by God to overcome all adversity.

What has been your biggest challenge in life?

Minister Adrine Hudson Jason: The biggest challenge of being a mother is to spread my love equally. I have learned each one of my children individually and with interacting with their siblings. As we all know growing up with siblings can sometimes be trying as one sibling will always feel that they are slighted and receives less love and attention than the others. With this in mind I raised my children to know that what God placed on the inside of me he placed in them. No matter how they feel they lacked from their earthly parents, everything they needed would always be inside of them. 2 Timothy 1:5 (KJV) When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois and thy mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, is in thee also.

When you read your Bible, what scripture(s) keep you inspired?

Minister Adrine Hudson Jason: My go to Scriptures when I am in need of strength is. John 4:23-24, “but the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship him. God is Spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” Another one is Psalm 23:1-6, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want; he makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters; he restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Thou prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; thou anointest my head with oil, my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

What is a scripture that you would recommend for other women that may have struggles?

Minister Adrine Hudson Jason: The one Scripture that I would recommend would be from the Song of Solomon. I have chosen this particular book, because it’s the blue print about marriage. The Song of Solomon is a wedding song honoring marriage. The most explicit statements on sex in the bible can be found in this book. It has often been criticized down through the centuries because of its sensuous language. The purity and sacredness of love represented here, however, are greatly needed in our day in which distorted attitudes about love and marriage are common place. God created sex and intimacy, and they are holy and good when enjoyed within marriage. A husband and wife honor God when they love and enjoy each other. Song of Solomon 7: 9-13 (KJV), 9 “And the roof of thy mouth like the best wine for my beloved, that goeth down sweetly, causing the lips of those that are asleep to speak. 10 I am my beloveds, and his desire is toward me. 11 Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the field; let us lodge in the villages. 12 Let us get up early to the vineyards; let us see if the vine flourish, whether the tender grape appear, and the pomegranates bud forth: there will I give thee my loves. 13 The mandrakes give a smell, and at our gates are all manner of pleasant fruits, new and old, which I have laid up for thee, O my beloved.” In my free time my favorite things to do as a hobby when I’m not doing ministry work, I love watching movies, especially on movie nights, when the family come together and come over to my home and we usually have food, drinks, and laughter. I also like singing, and dancing and reading. Being a mother has really blessed me in more ways than one.

What are some of the joys you’ve had being a mother?

Minister Adrine Hudson Jason: Being able to guide and teach my children were and still is today one of the most important things to me. Knowing that my children know that everything I did was for them, from teaching to scolding when needed. I could not imagine not having any of my children; I mean there were days I wanted to give up, because my best I felt wasn’t good enough. There were days where I question myself and still do, but when I hear the words of my thirty year old son, then I couldn’t imagine not having them in my life or changing anything about what I did with each of them. These are the words that my son gave to me on my birthday; “Happy Birthday to my heart beat, my rock, teacher, friend, first love a love like no other. Mom no words can express the joy you bring in my life. Since birth to 30 years of age you’ve supported, encouraged, uplifted, and even scolded when needed. I’m blessed and thankful that you gave the three most important things a mother can give her child; Life, Unconditional Love, and time. You’re the Strongest Person I know With a Heart Of gold…Love you momma. Thanks for making so many sacrifices, enjoy your day! # Mommas Boy # not afraid to say it # not a woman alive could take my momma’s place # sorry babe she was my first love lol # My Angel” these words will forever play in my head and therefore is the greatest joy of being a mother.

What advice would you give other women striving to be successful?

Minister Adrine Hudson Jason: The best advice I would give to any women would be to study women that are in a professional setting, do your homework, take notes on how they dress, listen to how they speak, because verbiage is everything. I even believe that studying the Geographic’s about an individual can be useful, confidence is a big one. With confidence in yourself and your abilities you can go anywhere; people’s opinion about you will come from how you view yourself. You would not want anyone to think of you as being weak and emotional, although we being women are emotional creatures, show some assertiveness. Learn how to handle criticism learn to take it at face value and not as a put down, be organized at all times, I would tell any women striving for success is to be steadfast and unmovable. Pray without ceasing and keep your eyes on Jesus. Do not focus on anyone around you because they can distract you and always remember faith without works is dead and lastly always carry yourself in a manner that when they see you, they see the God in you to and keep God first in all you do that right there is a sure thing to succeed in anything.

What are some of the challenges you’ve had as a mother?

Minister Adrine Hudson Jason: I was blessed to give birth to three children. I had my eldest child when I was 17 years of age. Back in that era you had to get married and so we were. Being that young I wasn’t ready for marriage and that union ended. When my second husband came along I was a lot more mature and in that union a girl and boy were born. My children are the most important people in my life. They have grown with me over the years always propelling me to a higher level. I am grateful for all that God has given me and blessed that he entrusted me with the duty of raising 3 of his sheep. Each one of my children has travelled their own paths of life and they now have their own families but have never forgotten their roots. All that I have instilled in them has pushed them to venture out and experience life and the authenticity of God’s love through faith. My prayer is that as my ministry rises up and branches out that my children would each take on a role of leadership.


Minister Adrine Hudson Jason

Contributing Columnist/ Enticing Resultz Magazine




You Must Grow, Then Move On

I hear you…just faintly.  Indirectly speaking, hoping that you are speaking  loudly enough so your tone can resonate directly towards me. Nope….I won’t….I’m not turning toward you. Can’t cater to anything for you. You must finish, fix, or pray your way out of that current situation.

If  I’m hearing this correctly,  you married into a situation thats left you homeless? When you speak of homeless, you speak of not having the place of solitude due to her boldly taking over your sense of solace. Smothered into years of distress and you think I wanna hear that mess? Find your way and progress.

Please dont try and run game on me with that, “It aint like that no more, she gots to go”…mess. Holla at me when you’ve let go, moved on, renewed your mental state, and learned who you are…the you, you’ve become after learning from, “what you claim to have been”, such a terrible experience.


Lena Holliday

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine





When it comes to relationships, everyone has a preference, a checklist, or a set of standards that they feel that their significant other should possess. However, I wonder if men sometimes set womens’ standards too high, are they settling, does the person who set these standards possess the same values that they want in a mate, or are they shallow in their expectations of a mate, that the one you are looking for may have been right up under your nose all along but value what she look like more than her personality? I have asked 30 men ranging from blue collar workers, white collar professionals, professional athletes, clinical professionals, entrepreneurs, authors, entertainers and religious leaders, etc. 12 basic questions on their views of women and relationships. Some of the answers I received were very interesting and stood out more than others which I felt were pertinent. However, all responses were recorded and viewed just as valuable as the others. Although I have mentioned some of the background of the careers these men are in, I vowed not to reveal the names due to confidentiality. I often run a circle of various people and sometimes I have the opportunity to join in a platform of dialogue about relationships with especially with men, along with read material, and multiple media feedback on relationships as well. So I did this survey for a few reasons, 1) I often hear women being bashed and/or blamed for relationship failures 2) I want to take a peek inside of men and see what they really feel and think of women, to give women more clarity and understanding and 3) to give women the opportunity to respond to how they may feel concerning the responses these men have given. I also talk to my ladies and we often complain about not finding the right man or there are not enough good men and most of the good men are already taken, maybe this can shed some light on that stigma.


These are the questions I asked:


1. Name 3 things that you feel are great characteristics in a good woman?


Honesty, intelligent, good cook, keep home clean, good personality, good communicator, open minded, confident, good energy, have direction in life, wholesome, organized, not promiscuous, patient, unselfish, compassionate, gentle, happy/pleasant, loving, warm, trusting spirit, genuine, loyal, compromising, cooperative, inspirational, nurturing, God-fearing, independent, great character


2. Name 3 things you dislike most about a woman?


Loud, smoker, follower, nasty attitude, talk too much, lack of effort in appearance, weight gain, still talking after I’m angry, use profanity, negative/pessimistic attitude and actions, not spontaneous, lazy sex, liar, violent, compare self to men, act like she don’t need a man, no ambition (lack of goals), don’t value relationships, living in the past, dishonest, vulgar, disloyal, controlling, uncompromising, socially and economically independent, carelessness, unsupportive, too opinionated, no sense of humor, very dependent


3. What qualifies a woman as a lifetime partner “wife”?

Not being able to live without her, have a plan for kids and the future and ready for that, good character and easy to get along with, take care of business, thoughtful and unselfish, if she can cook, clean, and smart, loyalty, good communicator, have my back, good mother, outgoing, respectable, friendship, dependable, have class, good chemistry, similar ideals concerning family and socialization, strong family unit, and blended family unit, same beliefs and value system, equally yoked biblically, compassionate, supportive through trials and tribulations, submissive, not argumentative, talk things out, peacemaker, compromise, good sex, basic domestic abilities, genuine personality, cooperative, respectful, give all mentally and physically, someone that will go through trials and tribulations with, nonjudgmental, God fearing, honest, confident, passionate, funny, commitment, strong, outgoing, funny, intelligent and independent.


4. What do you find that most women lack personally and/or professionally?


            Compassion and understanding, lack of values, professionalism doesn’t matter, listening skills, self-confidence both personally and professionally, patience, self-composed hold to the “Angry Black Woman”, and proper etiquette professionally, patience, lack the knowledge of what “Real Help” means outside a monetary value, become too independent due to life situations, give up dreams and goals for a man, lack independence, it depends/varies from woman to woman, lack professionalism, humility.


5. What do you feel most women lack in a relationship?


            Letting go of past hurt/baggage, understanding, thoughtfulness, consistency, trust, compromise, patience, listening skills, emotional displacement, ownership, not knowing self-worth, loyalty, unsure, financially Supportive of a Man.


6. What are some turnoffs of a woman?


            Don’t take care of self, smoking, obese, not educated, lazy and abuse body, extreme ignorance, disagreeable, physical qualities, lazy in bed, loud mouth, nag, know it all, unmotivated, bad hygiene, lack of self-respect, selfish, unclean, acting like a man, nasty mouth, dressing provocatively, manipulator, no ambition, competitive and envy others, don’t value relationships, negative attitude, controlling, dishonest, no domestic abilities, close minded, loud, bad sex, poor listening skills, sexual easiness (promiscuous), not physically fit, unwilling to learn and be educated in different views, doesn’t like heritage, doesn’t like self, materialistic, argumentative, lack of communication, expect handouts, drama, give up and accept circumstances, lack of intelligence, and varies from woman to woman


7. Do you believe in specified gender roles? If so, what role do you believe a woman should play?


            Most stated NO, some stated Yes, and a few stated it depends.


8. Does physical characteristics matter vs her personality?

            In this portion, majority says that physical characteristics are very important with personality not falling too far behind. Very few stated that personality was more important than the physical, but all would like for a woman to equally to have both attributes. One person in particular stated he would take a little less personality and attitude if she look good.


9. Is there a time frame that you date a woman before you decide that you want to be in a committed relationship with her? If so what is the estimated time frame?


            For this question all of the men stated that there was no specified time frame. However some went on to say that getting know the person and having mutuality in the direction of the relationship is very important. One also stated that discernment is important.


10. What ethical values must a woman possess?


            To ride for one own kind first, family oriented, goals, good morals and integrity, Christian morals and values, non-judgmental, respect, honesty, responsibility, self-discipline, compassion, considerate, optimistic, reliable, spirituality, health and fitness, value family, unselfish, respectful, nurturing, education, and being a lady at all times, believe in a supreme being, not flirtatious, cleanliness, Integrity, wisdom, knowing and value the 10 commandments, basics, depends on the culture.


11. The qualities that you feel a woman should have do you have them as well.


            Majority of the men responded YES to this question. A few stated SOMETIMES. There was one response that made me interpret his answer to be that being raised by a single woman and what women do, that men should possess those qualities, but unsure if men meet the standards and qualities that women have in that aspect. (As a mother)


12. Do you feel that women are the root cause of relationship failures? Do you think men contribute in any way? If so how?


            Complete answer of NO across the board and says it’s both women and men



These were the responses from 30 men I asked these same questions. A lot of it was repetitive, but I compiled each response. In Actuality, these men had a lot to say explaining the nature of their answers, but due to timing constraints, man power, and the extensive feedback I received, I had to drastically get straight to the answers for the article. I think that some are looking for the perfect person, but we all come with flaws. That perfect person doesn’t exist, just the perfect one for you.


Please women and men please give me your feedback on the questions and answers to this survey.




**Upcoming articles: Sexual Assault Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Dating someone with children with multiple partners**………….Stay tuned, it’s going to get real interesting. ………


Marquetta Turner

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine