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New Music: “Dream Catcher”

I love interviewing artists that have a passion for their music. I had the pleasure of interviewing this young man that goes by the name J-Bone a.k.a. JusBizness a while ago and decided to follow up with him and listened to his new cd “Dream Catcher” of which can be purchased at, and to see what he has been doing since we last spoke. He is a veteran hip hop artist and founder of the “Grip Hop” Movement. He has penned a single to reinforce a positive image of black women. J-Bone grew up in a single parent household with a bevy of strong black females. It was the stark contrast to the way black females were portrayed in the hip hop industry that inspired him to release the Black Girl’s Anthem. “I wrote this song because I thought hip hop needed it. Some black women are always called every name but their own. Many of them even find that acceptable. I was raised by a strong black woman and I’m married to one, so yeah, this song is more than just selling records.” J-Bone made a name for himself when he was signed to 212 Records in 2000 and featured in the Source Magazine December 2000 issue. He worked with other esteemed artists such as Kool Kim from the UMCs and producer Nasty Nova. J-Bone also founded the group F.U. (Forever United) and his single, “Same to Me”, was in stores worldwide. Since the early 2000s, J-Bone’s music has headed in a different directions which unknowingly gave birth to his “Grip Hop” Movement. The Grip Hop Movement is exactly what it sounds like; it grips you. In other words, it grabs your attention because it’s not supposed to be like everything else. J-Bone added. J-Bone a.k.a. JusBizness founded the” Grip Hop” Movement in 2004 with the late producer and musician Eugene Singleton. The Grip Hop Movement has included community mentoring, political involvement and community performances.

SM: I listened to the album “Dream Catcher”. Great job by the way! What has happened since our last interview?

JB: Since our last interview I’ve been very busy at my job and working on completing this album, while supporting my wife with her new commercial cleaning business. I’ve been trying to dedicate more time to my real estate business as well, so I can really build more capital which will help me invest in doing the things I love.SM: What is the premise for the entire album?

JB: The premise for this entire album was to put quality hip-hop music that’s profanity free, but still real enough for everyone to relate to no matter where you’re from. Basically, I wanted to create an album that had a variety of songs that possessed lyrical content from the club tracks to the deep political conscious songs. An all around hip-hop album that was 100% profanity free so that all ages could enjoy the music.

SM:  If you could describe the feeling that you were having while writing and during recording of each song, what would it be?

JB: If I had to describe the way I was feeling while I was writing and recording this album; I would say determined and motivated.

SM: What would be your favorite song thus far?

JB: I have more than one favorite song on the album, but if I had to choose one I would say ‘MY COUNTRY’ because it really touches on the injustices going on in America. I think it’s important for us to know the history of systemic racism and how much it impacts people of color.

SM: Are you currently working on any other projects? Any collaborations?

JB: I took a little break from the studio, due to my busy work schedule and managing our side businesses, but I have recorded a few new tracks which will be on an upcoming EP Hip-hop and R&B album I’m putting together with a producer/ musician I’ve been collaborating with.

SM: Contact info?

JB: You can find my new Cd “Dream Catcher” on

Contact Info:

Social media:
twitter @jusbizness
Instagram @griphop
Facebook: Jason Jbone Williams
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Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, Hair Artist and Makeup Artist with Glam Elite Enterprise, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here PhotoGrid_1441594406723


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Tina Hobson

Artist Spotlight: Tina Hobson

Screenshot_2015-09-13-18-25-36_1Tina Dobson; author of “Oh How He Loves  Me,” is a 31 daily devotion reflecting on the love of God toward us. She is also a radio personality. Please feel free to check out her shows and all of her social media sites.

For booking:




Skype: Iamasuperwoman2



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Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, Hair Artist and Makeup Artist with Glam Elite Enterprise, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here PhotoGrid_1441594406723


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Book Reader’s Spotlight: Angie Christine

Angie Christine was born in Brooklyn New York to the Late Johnny Hitt Jr. and the late Betty Hitt. As a youngster Angie would gather her friends at her house and tell them stories she would make up on her own. She appeared in a commercial for a local record store in Manhattan called Disco Mat back in the late 70’s. As she got older and went to high school she was performing, and writing for her dramatic arts class at Sheepshead Bay highschool in Brooklyn Ny. After college she joined the NYPD police force in Brooklyn and decided to leave New York after 9-11 . Divorced and raising a daughter, Angie moved to Newport News Virginia to start a new life. Angie Chirstine decided to write her first book after the closing of her employment at Circuit City. In 2009, “The Fireman” was released and everyone loved the story. She decided to release another book titled Opposites Attract. In April 2010, she and a friend headed south to Atlanta Georgia to the Monique Show where she presented the actress and talk show host with copies of her books. Monique gave Angie the biggest hug and shedded a tear because of the fact that Angie added her to her dedication page in her second book. Her 3rd book titled “Tantalizing Pleasures” is also a big hit.
“Tantalizing Pleasures” is an erotic story of 2 people who fell in love for the right reasons. Are you ready to be tantalized?  Rebecca was raised in the midwest and decided to move to the Big Apple…..New York City after she graduated from college. Rebecca is a stock broker working at the famous Wall Street stock exchange building. One morning a tall Marine who had come back from Iraq came there to ring the morning bell. He was a hero that saved some of his squad from death. That morning was the best thing that happened to Rebecca and from that day on the rest was nothing but the greatest love affair anyone would die for.  

Angie Christine is currently working on her 4th book titled “The Fireman’s Revenge”, which is the sequel to the first book “The Fireman”

SM: Hello, how are you? Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share with our audience.

AC: Thank you so much for having me as a guest.

SM: How would you describe your experience as a writer? You left your career as a Nypd officer to pursue a writing career, how do they compare?

AC: I love every aspect of being an author. Sometimes it can be challenging to convince people to purchase your book when you’re not out there in the social media like Terry McMillan or Steve Harvey or even Steven King. No one would have any 2nd thoughts to purchasing their books because of who they are…….people are starting to get to know Angie Christine little by little now. Once someone let’s me know how great my book was i would tell them to go spread the word. Word of mouth travels faster than mail.

SM: Which book to date would you say is your favorite, and why?

AC: Well first and foremost the Bible is my first love. In fact i still carry the Bible my parents recieved from the church that married them 54 years ago, but my favorite book of what I wrote is Tantalizing Pleasures. This book is my 3rd. The reason why I picked this book is because I see alot of myself in the character name Rebecca in the book.

SM: Have you shared any of your revelations in any of your book? Have any of them been based on a true story?

AC: Well in Tantalizing Pleasures the main character Rebecca fell madly in love with a Sgt. who was a Marine. I once dated a military guy but he was in the Army. I changed the branch because I love Marines….lol.   The story had bits and pieces of the military guy that I dated but I won’t reveal which ones. Tantalizing Pleasures wasn’t based on a true story though.

SM: What was your experience like on the Monique Show?  Is she as down to earth in person as she is on the big screen?

AC: Seeing Monique was a dream come true. I am such a big fan of hers and I think they need to put her show back on television. Alot of people can relate to her. She didn’t grow up rich and she battled a weight problem. The media always thinks skinny is better, but she flipped the script to show the world that she is just as talented as someone who is skinny.

SM: Tell me about your 4th book The Firemans Revenge.

AC: It’s about a guy who is a seeking revenge of his brother’s death. This book is part 2 to the first book I wrote back in 2009 titled; “The Fireman”. Everyone told me that I needed to follow up and do a sequel, so began writing and it was released in June 2015.

SM: Any last remarks?

AC: Yes! To everyone that’s reading this interview right now please follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone discourage you from anything you feel is right. Achieve all you can and don’t settle for less. The most important thing is……ALWAYS KEEP GOD FIRST IN YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL GO ALL THE WAY.

SM: Contact info?

AC: Facebook:  Author Angie Christine

Gmail at

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Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, Hair Artist and Makeup Artist with Glam Elite Enterprise, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here PhotoGrid_1441594406723


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Why Do We Have To Go Through These Changes?

I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and I stumbled across a stat about relationships. The question was “Why do beautiful women put up with the wackest dudes…?” I thought to my self..then I replied..”This is true…I wonder why too…but my take on it is that some of the most BEAUTIFUL women have low self esteem. And when these men approach them it’s because they are showing their ‘representative’. Some men are real slick with it…especially if the women are baring their soul to them initially.. Most women are craving love so badly that they don’t set standards or even have them for that matter and are looking through rose colored glasses…so when these men come along they sound like a dream..and they do everything to hook the women so when that initial phase is over…the real person comes that time feelings are involved and the woman may look at him as an investment and women most often don’t want to lose investments….there’s more but that is a summation of what I see and hear..  I try to school these young ladies..I have been through it…so I know what it is…my generation barely made it..but I feel sooo sorry for these generations that are coming up…no real solid foundations to hold onto…they are just out to get what they can get..” This also brings me to a video of half of the gospel duo, Mary Mary; that has gone viral over the last couple of weeks, See Here. It shows her being caught up in a moment of rage over her husband’s cheating affairs. At first I was judgemental because I couldn’t understand how could someone of that stature air out her dirty laundry on reality tv..after all it’s a little different than some of the other reality shows that I have seen (we’ll save that for another day). The truth is I’m glad that she did because it erases some of the stereotypes that women in the gospel world face in their own personal lives. Most people forget that yet they speak in tongues, and sing you to life; they also deal with some of the same issues that we normal folk deal with. I think the problem of putting them on a pedestal alienates them from having real feelings, real issues, etc. The problem is not having the issue, but the reaction that you have to the issue. Yes we know in church the we are taught to forgive, love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek…but when issues arise do we really seek the face of God? Or do our natural carnal selves kick in? The Bible speaks of having on the full armor of God…but in times of hurt and pain do we really? I think part of the problem is that we as humans are constantly evolving…each generation has its own coping mechanism to the changing systems that preceded them…and setting their own individualism at the same time….it’s the survival of the fittest….All in all in the process of evolution..what happens externally happens internally as well… Perhaps there is a change in “role” dynamics? Are there undercurrents of feminism displayed in the raising of fatherless men? Hence the term “b%$#&a!#ness” ? Or…or is it the Freudian theory that references that men are attracted to women that resemble (features, mannerisms) their mothers, and women are attracted to men that resemble (features, mannerisms) their fathers?  Are men and women upholding the standards of their parents? Well what happens if there is lacking on either side of the equation? Is there a missing quotient? Do we just add in the factor that’s missing? Or do we look for examples and mimic them from our “community”

Watching this video, I can actually say that I’ve been there. I’ve been broken down to a level this extreme. Maybe even more extreme. I don’t care how strong you are. If you love a person (think you are in love), then you will go through hell and hell some more. Most women are programmed from a young age to stick by their man, the more you stick by him, he will change.That’s not true unless he wants to change. I can actually say that I don’t have that baggage anymore. I left that type of relationship a long time ago. So any man that I date or have a relationship with in this present day, I will not allow him to break me down to that level. It’s a mutual thing. If you love me and adore me then it is reciprocated wholeheartedly. No games, no half-assed attempts, and no side pieces.

What are your thoughts?

Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, Hair Artist with Glam elite Enterprise, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here 

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Life is a Beautiful Struggle….

“Life is a beautiful struggle..People search through the rubble for a suitable hustle..”

Talib Kweli
“I Try”

I remember my guidance counselor in Jr. High school asking me to write a speech. Well I couldn’t think of anything to write. Not one thing. She told me something that cured my writers block. “Just start can choose a title and edit later.” I didn’t totally understand, but I did start writing the first thing that came to my mind. I built a storyline around it..and it was easier to choose a title. Because I had the subject matter I could choose any title that I wanted, the hard part was done. She loved it. It was used for an important ceremony. I’ve applied so much of this to my life..I guess my guidance counselor and Nike was onto something “Just Do It”

Your gift will make room for you..there is a market for that..get into an unfamiliar place within yourself and do the work the results..

Less is more…we get so caught up in the details and specifics sometimes and miss the point of why something was supposed to be done…FB_IMG_1435196439151

The difference between yesterday and today is the amount of information we can grasp at a rate/second and the amount of cameras that can open you up to criticism…this network is more dangerous than guns themselves…there is nothing new under the sun unless it’s man made..

People take life too seriously…we are supposed to but the reality is we were put here for a serve the purpose..and affect the a good way..unfortunately the balance of religion, doctrine, philosophy, etc. We will not have light without dark. The problem is where ever the scales tip…too much of anything can be chaos…share your gift…you don’t know what or who you are stated in the butterfly effect a.k.a. chaos theory…in short..what you do today..does affect your tomorrow..

Someone said….”I know how to swim….”.. my reply…”But what if you get a cramp?”, moral of the story…do what you do..but always prepare for the worst…

Confidence is sexy…no matter what the world is doing around you…OWN IT! “Those who can, do..those who can’t, teach.” Then there are those that do both. I know what I just said..don’t read too far into it..Live..Love..Prosper!

Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, Hair Artist with Glam elite Enterprise, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here.

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As I sat watching children play at the park, I could see all of the different ranges of colors, ethnicities and ages. What I couldn’t see was the participation of the parents. I know we have talked about how with the increased interaction of social media, the less interaction of personal space that we encounter. Yeah, yeah, yeah…’s convenient, everybody does it, and…… it’s everywhere you go. Wi-Fi and free mobile hot spots are all over the place. Pretty soon technology will be so advanced that it will be doing more for us than just entertainment. For instance, I have witnessed via a very popular social media site (we all know what it is), people posting videos of robots. The rising interest in Avatar’s. I mean these are humanoid robots. What I mean by humanoid is how very much they appear as humans. Their hair, facial features, even body shape and voice are very comparable to humans. Pretty soon they will be babysitting, cooking, cleaning, doing our hair… Wait..doing our hair?!?! Just like in the movies (oh is it already happening? I’m so late… lol)
Now this is what brings me to the topic, “blurred.”

Full Definition of BLUR

transitive verb
:  to obscure or blemish by smearing
:  sully
:  to make dim, indistinct, or vague in outline or character
:  to make cloudy or confused
intransitive verb
:  to make blurs
:  to become vague or indistinct…

I gave the definition above, so to make it even more interesting, think of how the word is used. Most times when you hear the word blur, you think of a smear, you may think in terms of physicality. But what if, just what if we thought more in terms of responsibility? We are responsible for ourselves, or we should be. We are responsible for our appearance, or we should be. Many times those lines are crossed when we give that responsibility to someone else. Take hairstylists for instance. Clients come into the salon and place their care in the hands of the coiffeur (hairdresser/hairstylist in French). Now here is where the lines get blurred. We are such a busy society that we have to have everything done quickly and instantly. I mean, quickweaves are on the rise, as well as the increased sales of human hair and synthetic wigs. We are also seeing an increase in people wearing their natural hair (some people are not combing though). But these processes are taking out our hair just as quickly. The growing trends have pulled out edges, causing most commonly, traction alopecia, and other scalp disorders. So why is this a blurred line? Because while many people do it out of leisure or convenience, eventually it becomes necessity. When we don’t educate ourselves, better yet, consult a qualified licensed professional, then we have issues sometimes beyond repair. What do we need to do then? Seek professional help before it is necessary, attend regularly scheduled hair appointments. Don’t do anything that will cause you to shame if you can’t wear any hair adornments such as wigs and weaves. I know the last one sounds harsh, but it is true. Some people develop allergic reactions later in life. It can be triggered by many things, from hypersensitivities of the immune system, food, medications, etc. Some people can be allergic to the chemicals in which certain extensions are processed, even applied. So that brings me to my next topic. Quality vs. quantity.

Quality human hair extensions are best. Yes some people would rather buy cheaply because they are just cheap, or don’t want to intrude on the rest of their budget purchases. The downside to that is, you are compromised by the quality as well as integrity of the hair. What I’m finding is that in some packaged brands, there are pseudo types or hybrids of synthetic and yaki with human hair mixtures, but they are passed off as 100% human hair with very minimal human hair strands. The other difference is the cost. You can purchase cheap hair every two weeks or you can purchase high quality extensions and use them over and over again after washing. Most Virgin hair or Raw hair that is unprocessed, without chemicals can last up to a year or longer. For quality hair extensions click Here. You will love the difference!
Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here.
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Say What You Want to…..I’m Beautiful


Say what you want to, but I’m a girl with class, a little pizzazz. I’m a bounty of beauty, never once settling for less. I’m a woman with edge…….

Beauty was once something that I thought could only be attained with some rouge, eye shadow, and lipstick. What I can tell you is that beauty is more than skin deep. More than hair. Life can be difficult, but only when the cards that you are dealt are not played with stealth and delight. Enjoy the process, ride the wave.

I love the boldness of the young women, the fire and passion. Daring to be different, the colors, the styles. If there is one thing that I would like to see, balance. Balance is something that requires a connection. Alignment, an evenness, proportion. Not the balancing of beauty and brains. Balance of responsibility and power. Power of worth. The power of a beautiful intelligent woman. The strength of a woman that knows her worth without overbearing cynicism of independence. The beauty in knowing that interdependence is something that is needed, yearned for, a must. It’s the silent cry that men want, our children need, and the world is missing. It’s ok to be “every woman”, just don’t forget your purpose. The mental anguish and inner demons, the threshold that harbors the thoughts of the past, may be responsible for most lacking the intimacy and compassion for oneself, let alone anyone else. Say what you want to, but, it is the underlying current of hatred that is leading our nations. The desire to be perfect has become synonymous with power. The desire to be the best has been confused with being the best “you” that you can be. It’s the driving force that causes many to work endlessly to provide a materialistic future for generations, but forfeit the ability to nurture your own children. “That has what to do with beauty?”, you might ask. It has everything to do with it. In my opinion Too much of anything, excess, abundance is not always good. Too much of a good thing can cause a disconcerting effect, such as an overabundance of bad can cause disaster. Hence the term “too good to be true,”

Beauty by definition:

1: the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit :  loveliness……..


Beauty by definition:

Beauty is a thing seldom seen. It is held by all within the soul it lies, waiting to come out to the surface, but it can only be found if someone is sharing your soul with you. Beauty is suppressed by the evils of the world. Only love can bring beauty out. Once seen, beauty never hides again. Not even hatred can deny beauty of it’s true design. Beauty, although possessed by all by few and fewer yet will ever see one of the most beautiful sights – the beauty held by you.

-Urban Dictionary

Say what you want to….I’m beautiful…..


Shanell Monique

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Hot Shots and Press

Photo Credits:

Photogtaphy: Chris Johnson, Hair: Shanell Monique, Makeup: Shoranda Iyez, Jewelry: House of Roderick, Inc (NYC), Model: Kelli


Do you know that you are special? Hairstylists are special people, because we have the ability to heal and nourish every soul that we encounter! I Think that more people would certify themselves as a counselor if they knew how special their job was. I can say that I have earned my share of rewards from clients as well as potential clients, when they walk into my salon. The joys of laughter as well as that heartfelt moment of realization that “I am having a moment, but I have my support system.” Most people that don’t confide in family or friends, will undoubtedly confide in their hairstylist or barber. We have a lot of experience. Life itself teaches us, but we deal with many different personalities daily. We also become the “plug” of resources that people will need to get them through. Referrals and other business owners, customers, etc. are made through the very same alliance. When you think about why you are special, this alone will or should remind you. You are a “Hot Shot” and you do get “Press” even if it is not on a celebrity level. But to somebody, you are a celebrity!


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Queen Vision Promo Card2 (1)

Minister Sabriena Williams

Queen Vision Promo CardSabriena Williams developed the gift of creative writing at the early age of 12, when she inscribed her daily thoughts in a diary. Today her passion for writing has led to the publication of five powerful books with five others awaiting debut. Sabriena is a native of Gainesville, FL. She is the Founder Queen Vision Ministries, which she rebranded in 2014. She received her A.A. Degree in general studies from Edwards Waters College in Jacksonville, FL, then proceeded to Bethune Cookman University, In Daytona Beach, FL, it was there that she obtained her B.S. degree in Psychology. She later pursued her M.S. in Mental Health counseling from Nova Southeastern University in Davie, FL.

Sabriena is the proud mother of two wonderful young adults: Ja’kya Romea, 23, and Je’rod Harvey 20. She is an astounding author of five power packed books: An Inspirational Touch: Embracing the Touch from God, which was released in (2006) Christian fiction “Wait on the Lord, I say Wait (spring 2010) The Chocolate Drip (2012) “ Living the Word, Straight With NO Chaser : The 30 day Challenge (2013) and Royal words of Encouragement (2014) . She will be releasing her 6th book in 2015 titled . Are You a D.I.V.A. ? ( A Devoted, Inspired, Vessel , Anointed to Serve God )

Sabriena was the Founder and Visionary Of Total Vision Ministries which was founded in 2004. She has since rebranded her ministry to Queen Vision Ministries in 2014 . Queen Vision Ministries is a ministry designed to help women , young girls and royal women of wisdom; strengthen their relationship with God and pursue their ordained purpose.

The Ministries Motto is : A visionary who knows her King is . A Ministry that serves with Royalty and Excellence . 1 Peter 2:9-10.

She hopes to use her God given talents and gifts to spread the word of God through ministry, via outreach projects book writings/signings,  speaking engagements and personal interaction to help heal a wounded world one soul at a time. Sabriena is known as a Preacher, Teacher , Prophetess, Spiritual Life Coach and Author, but the one title she holds dear is “servant.”

SM: What was your inspiration for starting your ministry?
SW: The inspiration of me starting my ministry came about in a season in my life when I was broken, lost and confused  after a divorce and really needed direction in where I would go as a single mother of two. I had been with my husband since the age of 13, and now I was 31 and feeling like I had lost my best friend, my lover and the father of my children. Through my struggle with depression, I was seeking God on a whole new level. I needed to understand WHOSE I was in God, aside from being who I was in my marriage. As a result of my brokenness, hurt and loneliness,  I was able to gain enough strength to be healed by God. I realized that if God could heal me out of my destitute state that he could also heal other women. So I asked him to give me a platform to share my testimony and he birthed a ministry right there in my living room. It started out with monthly Bible studies with other women and we began to share our experiences and differences and as a result Total Vision Ministries was birthed in 2004. In 2014 God allowed me to Rebrand the Ministry and it is now known as Queen Vision Ministries.
SM: Who has inspired you throughout your path? How did you know you were called to the ministry?
SW: I have had many influential women throughout my journey to encourage me. Dr. Marie Herring of Daysprings M.B.Church in Gainesville, Florida was my strength. As I went through my divorce she encouraged me that I could make it and showed me what true sisterhood was about . There was also my God Mother Clinnie Price who was a great pioneer for Christ. She taught me about faith the hard way. She would never give me any earthly advice but always told me to lean and depend on Jesus no matter how the situation looked in the natural. My Grandmother Eula Belle Ford was my silent rock. Although she never said much I know she loved me and supported every endeavor I encountered.  
I know I was called into the ministry because ministering to others came really easy to me . People would always seek me out for prayer, counsel and enjoyed the way I delivered a sermon or Bible study. It wasn’t until November 2009 that I truly understood my calling. It was Apostle Sheldon McCray of New Birth Sounds of Thunder Ministries in Greensboro, NC that woke up the Pastoral and Prophetic calling I had over my life. He ordained me and I have been going forth ever since.
SM: Who were some of your inspirations, looking back on when you began? How profound were your visions when you first started? Have you deviated or expanded on your visions? In terms of progression, have you exceeded in expectations?
 SW:Some of the people that inspired me where many of the women in my prayer and Bible study groups. These women came from all religious and ethnic backgorunds and we supported each other. We gained strength and support from one another knowing that regardless of what our situation was at the time that we all had a Father that was concerned about us.
When I first started the ministry my primary focus was to give women an outlet to talk and share about the things that they couldn’t share in a traditional church setting. The focus has changed greatly. The focus is now to help women grasp and maintain a meaningful relationship with God while walking in their ordained purpose. I am very keen on supporting women by way of conferences, workshops, book talks, speaking engagements, spiritual life coaching and much much more. My ministry  has expanded to a radio show that I host each week and monthly events in my community and surrounding areas.
SM: Were some of your books based on any of your life experiences? How well can you identify with any of the characters in you novels?
SW: My book An Inspirational Touch is about some of the things I experienced in life from childhood up until early adulthood. I shared some of the pitfalls I went through and how God delivered me from them. The one Christian fiction novel I wrote “Wait on the Lord”, I say Wait is about a young woman name Shavon Washington. She was waiting for her ordained husband in the midst of other things going on around her and all she could hear is God saying, wait. Shavon had the PERFECT job, family, house, car, friendship and etc, but all she felt she was missing was her Boaz. Shavon took matters into her own hands and logged onto a Christian website………… I will not tell too much. You too must Wait!
This book was personal for me because out of loneliness, 5 years after my divorce I decided to remarry and God had not said for me to do so. The marriage only lasted 6 months and it was a real eye opener to me because it made me face the fact that I was filling a void out of not feeling complete in HIM.  This book was birthed out of God teaching me obedience and showing me how waiting can pay off if it is done his way . I know this book can and will help others.
SM: What are some other goals that you would like to accomplish, with your ministry? Who exactly are you trying to reach?
SW: I would like to see my ministry reach international territories. I would like to take my Kingdom Assignment Tour all across the United States and Abroad teaching women and young girls about their Royal inheritance in HIM. Teaching them that they are Royalty in the eyesight of God. Teaching them that they do NOT have to settle for Peasant living . Teaching them that they are valuable and jewels in the eyesight of Christ. My ultimate goal is to work in the ministry fulltime and work for Christ 24/7 outside the secular.
SM: Have you collaborated on any other projects?
SW: I have worked with several different churches and other ministries in the Gainesville and surrounding areas. Quarterly I provide empowerment workshop for Pace Center of Girls in Alachua county. Each November my ministry sponsor’s homeless women and children at the Arbor House. A house for homeless women and children. Each September we sponsor a “Back To School”, school supply drive for at risk girls.
SM: Any current or projects in the near future?
SW: January 10th, 2015 I will be hosting a Tea, Tasting and Tiara’s social event where Miss 2015, newly crowned Florida Gator Ms.  Kierra Janay will be our surprise guest. On Feb 7th, 2015 we will have our annual Women in Unity night out event and in March 20th and 21st we will celebrate our 3rd Annual Queen in You Conference here in Gainesville, Fl.
SM: Any last remarks?
SW: I would like to share with all my Queen Sisters that they should always Act like a Christian, and Think like a Queen! There is a Queen on the inside of you so let her Reign in your mind, body and soul.
SM: Contact info?
QueenVision Sabriena Williams – Facebook
 sabriena williams
Titles of all 5 books
An Inspirational Touch 2006
Wait on the Lord, I say Wait 2008
The Chocolate Drip 2012
Living the word, Straight NO chaser: The 30 Day Challenge2013
A Royal Word of Encouragement 2014
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Tiffany Boyle

Tiffany Boyle is the Chief Executive Officer of Emerge the Magazine, and an avid expert in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship. Emerge Magazine is a company that focuses on promoting entrepreneurs and cultural events. She is also the Executive Director of the non-profit association “Access Virginia”; an organization that is focused on providing access to live theatre and the arts for the disabled by providing open captioning and audio description services.

Tiffany founded Emerge the Magazine in 2011, (although officially established in 2009), to provide numerous avenues of exposure for small businesses and the people that run them. She has traveled extensively throughout the world networking, creating memories, making friends, and helping others.

Tiffany, also a Florida native, currently residing in Virginia, is a graduate in Business Management from Virginia Wesleyan College and attends the University of Maryland University College for her Masters in Management.

Tiffany’s objective and daily activities include, but are certainly not limited in maintaining the day-to-day operations of the business along with staff. She creates and maintains professional business relationships with reputable companies that can further the career of the featured talent in her publication. Another key factor is interviewing individuals in the entertainment industry, as well as promoting featured people in the publication through social media to offer exposure. “The concept of marketing talented individuals began with a realization that there was an abundance of undiscovered talents lacking the ability to directly contact reputable companies in their desired industry. We wanted to offer an affordable option for our applicants to pursue possible representation for their desired field. We do this through our monthly newsletters and annual magazine.”

SM: What prompted you to start Emerge Magazine? Where did the name come from?

TB: I started Emerge to fill voids in the business industry; networking, promotion, and mentorship. The name took a long time to come up with. I wanted a title that embodied the whole company and not just the magazine. Emerge means to move out of or away from something and come into view or to become apparent, important, or prominent.


SM: What is your ultimate goal, with magazine company? What talents are you interested in promoting?

TB: My ultimate goal is for Emerge to be more than a magazine. I want it to be the place where people who are starting in the business industry come to for advice, for exposure, and for loans. I want Emerge to be the company that business owners that have been in their industry for years to come to for advice, for exposure, to mentor the novice, and to add credibility. Emerge is interested in promoting all talents. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur contact us to be featured either in our magazine or online blog.


SM: Who is your most notable influence?

TB: The most notable influence, and there are many, I would have to say is Oprah. She came from very little and has built her empire and helped so many people along the way.


SM: When you started Emerge Magazine, did you have people that started with you, then quit? How hard/easy would you say it is with starting your own publication? Why or why not?

TB: YES! When I first started Emerge I had a group of people made up of friends and acquaintances that said they would help and overtime their drive was not the same as mine. It is very hard to find people to work hard for something that is not their dream, especially when they are not getting paid for it. So I had to let some people go, some people quit, and some people just faded away. That is why I will work with a small hard working dedicated team before I just let anybody in on my dream. I am very happy with the group I have by my side now. DaShana Kemp, my C.O.O., is my right hand woman. My editor, Alexandria Gryder, started off as an intern and stayed to help me because she believed in Emerge. My graphic designer, Jeremy Banks, turned the whole idea of the magazine into reality. My human resource personnel, Lawrence DeJean, also started as an intern and stayed with me. I am truly grateful for these people and couldn’t do this without them.


SM: How many companies/publications have you managed prior to starting your own magazine?

TB: Zero. Emerge is my first publication. My first of many, I hope.


SM: What are qualifications for someone to be in your publication? What are some topics that people would expect to read in your magazine?

TB: People have to be a business owner or an entrepreneur to be in the publication. Our readers can expect to read about personal life stories about real people who started their own business. They will read about their trials and tribulations, their successes, their mentors, and their advice.


SM: What is your process of hiring staff? What qualifications must each staff member have?

TB: I accept resumes. Lawrence, the human resource personnel, sifts through them and chooses those he believes would fit into the culture of Emerge. I conduct phone interviews. A lot of the hiring is based off of how the interview went. Our culture demands hard work and reaching deadlines. Our staff is everywhere in the U.S. so communication is key. I am looking for international staff. Qualifications depends on what you are trying to do. To be a writer, you have to love to write. To be an editor, I would prefer either in college for journalism or have graduated. And so on…


SM: Where can potential customers find or subscribe to your magazine?

TB: Everyone can go to to purchase the magazine or to find a location where they are being sold. Emerge will not have subscriptions. We have a membership program called Emerge Elite. Once you are a member you have a free subscription. Members can only be business owners and entrepreneurs.


SM: Any last remarks?

TB: I hope everyone goes out and buys Emerge Magazine when it comes out in January 2015. I hope everyone loves the content and will gain some good contacts from it.


SM: Contact info?

TB: or emergemag2

Instagram: emergethemagazine



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