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Point of Light

The light is set forth before the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. One is not given wisdom to hold in the mind, let it be known one to another and hide not your light in darkness. And if you have life to give, harbor not that blessing less it be taken from you. It is the word of God that is the light onto the path of righteousness and so unto the world. Truth is in the light, the light is in the word, the word is in the heart and mind of all who dare to bear witness of the true light. It is not that one be held in darkness by ignorance of the spirit, but be given a point of light by which they to may live life. The world is filled with those who are wanting, waiting, praying, asking, begging, and hoping for a point of light. Understand what it is to lift another to a higher level, and help one to laughter and light. To have the power to uplift the cross and bring one forward out of darkness. Those who are lost in a dark place, desire another’s guidance and wisdom to bring them into the light. Holding on through a dark night, joy comes in the morning and brings about a change. For it is joy in the heart of a light giver to do and teach and give one to another. Blessings come with blessings given, but beware of that which claims to be light and is filled with only darkness and destruction. Compare it to truth and if it does not shine true, bear no witness to it. All who are true and live by the word of God are a point of light unto the world and give light unto all who are in it. Let it shine that all see your good works and give glory unto the Father.


K.L. Presha’

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Book Review: Free To Be Me

Free To Be Me: I Am Not My Issues By Dante Worth, is an inspirational  testimony that will  lift your spirit at every page, leaving you feeling encouraged to be not only better but MORE.  Worth’s vulnerability throughout this book draws the reader in from beginning to end. Each chapter giving an insider’s view of how he overcame his shortcomings, obstacles, and hidden frustrations to arise a VICTOR instead of remaining a VICTIM to his issues.

Free To Be Me- I Am Not My Issues (Book Cover) 3
“There are millions of identity thefts each year that go unreported because no one will file a report on themselves.” -an excerpt from Chapter 4, Esteem Issues:  The Struggle to Fit.  Worth goes on to explain that, us not knowing our true  identity causes us to be distracted from living our purpose. Stating that society’s pressures on us to become someone we are not  brings many of us to a place of depression, further disregarding our purpose. At the ending of  each  chapter, Worth gives examples and teachings of how to become greater than your issues. In the closing of this chapter, Worth says, “It was Jesus who said ‘I  come that you might have life, and that more abundantly.’ Even he wants you to live, so be who you are and live. You are a SOMEBODY!”
This writer believes that the extrinsic value in this inspirational testimony can  move a nation or a soul that has been lost to self-victimization to say the very least. Personally, this testimonial has changed my life for the better. While reading Free To Be Me: I Am Not My Issues, I began to check myself; finding that I too am not my issues.
I recommend this book to any & everyone who is in need of a shift in their spiritual walk with the God of their understanding.

To purchase this book or for speaking engagements please direct all questions to Dante Worth at

Also available on Amazon as an e-book.
Review by Christopher “The Ramblr” Wilson © 2014

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine






A mind not filled with unsound judgement can absorb the wonders of a filled life. God breathes new life into the innermost being enabling one to respond to life and come away from death. So that one is aware, God does bring forth his word placing upon the heart and mind it’s truth. Blessed is one who is open to receive such a gift of life, even so also walk in newness of life. Let us cleanse the flesh and spirit of filthiness, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. For no one knows the day, hour or minute when death shall come to call, but let it be not in darkness of spirit. Rebirth of the spirit makes one a child of God that he should turn away from our transgressions and make us whole, creating a different principle of life. It is a first chance to look at life anew, life eternal as it was in the beginning. For it is that one be brought out of darkness and the shadow of death, through God’s cleansing of the soul and mind bringing one to recognize the existence of the Holy Spirit in truth and authority, conducting a rebirth of the true spirit by knowledge of the word of God. It is salvation of spiritual proportion from which the spiritually dead are revived. Surrender all who are heavy laden, lay down your burdens and walk with the Father in newness of spirit. And when it is brought, charge it not to your iniquities, not knowing that the goodness of God leads one to repentance. God’s will is that all should come to repentance and turn away all transgression. To all be the glory and the rebirth, and the blessings from on high, who’s iniquities are forgiven and sins are covered. Life and truth be with you till the time be derived.


K.L. Presha’

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine




Try Me And You’ll Now See

Didn’t realize it then, but I do now. Didn’t see the similarities in your instructions, until you went sideways on me somehow. Dont take my past and use it against me. I’ve walked that path before. Placing me in a corner, won’t work. Showing me that area I need to restore, attempting to mold me in your way? Ain’t happening. Controlling who I could be, should be, and wanting what’s best for you, not me? Ain’t happening. Move along. Let me free. I’m not holding onto you, so stop trying to hold onto me.

I don’t mean to be bold, but there’s no other way to be.

Someone tried to alter the perspective on my destiny, and it didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to be. Eventually, God removed that part of my life freely letting my spirit flow naturally. Listen to me when I speak honestly and say , “Change is how you were even blessed to meet me.”


Lena Holliday

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine


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Modern Soliloquies


“How powerful the touch; that therapeutic and emotional love. It is the underestimated smile, a tentative ear or caring in the smallest since that changes a life. But touch one another carefully; every point of contact is important. Touch has memory and is like unto a language of an intuitive nature creating compassion; transcending the limits of feeling and thought, incredibly emotional and physical. In these moments, the most intimate of details are shared embracing the spirit. The wonder of touch is beyond the imagination as a light consuming the soul body and mind. For that which is brought forth of the spirit, having good conscience, let it shine. A moment of touching is like unto a fine line between despair and the ability to carry on. Let us touch all who is heavy laden, lonely and full of despair according to the graces of God which he gives to the humble. God has shown this through everything he did, every touch, every care, every physical pleasure he has bestowed upon us. With every touch there is an effect for The Lord does see each one.” – K.L. Presha’



“An affectionate state of mind by which, in the conscious, one is acutely aware, concerned about and sensitive to another or something other than one’s own self. It is a lack of selfishness in all aspects of life during which sensations and thoughts have the mental faculties fully active. Still, most choose to embrace a deficient characteristic and are extremely passive when it comes to caring about the welfare of others becoming emotionally disconnected. This is not in the nature of The Father nor can it enter into the gates of Paradise. Caring shows a sense of virtue, goodness and righteous conformity of one’s life, moral excellence and uprightness. Those who generally love God will love one another through good works, casting all thy cares upon The Lord for he cares for you, always.” – K.L. Presha’



“One should take a look at self before reflecting a malign view upon others. Contrary to letting false pride and conceit overwhelm one’s character from emotional elaboration or far-fetched notion. Some have a self centered nature displayed as an excessive opinion of one’s own abilities. The outermost appearance is first and foremost in bringing together an overall informal character view. The proper allusion brings about a fare opinion towards first impression and how others perceive the outside embodiment. Internal perception is brought about by establishing earnest and intelligent discourse. Self acknowledgement helps one to recognize their own validity keeping focused on the profile projected outwardly. Being created in the image of the Creator, appearance is most appealing when the center shows through, it is important. Before expecting the acceptance from others, one has to be acceptable to one’s own appearance. Take a step back and behold a mental mindset that is you.” – K.L. Presha’

Kevin Presha




She Wants Me and You Too

Yeah he’s known me for years, but he’s cut into mine now I’ll handle his. She wants me, I feel it. Is it me you crave or is it just my body thats caused you to graze? Knowing my Boys sitting alone at home; clock posted, just fussing “she better get here and fix my plate!” Well, like I truly care.  Your home routine is none of my affairs. I’m completely glad I was intertwined in this moment. Don’t get me wrong, this is what it is..just a moment. I’ve wanted this as badly as you. Don’t turn away I won’t bite. Just get this going I don’t have all night. Think about it while enjoying me, me giving you all of who I can be in just this moment is easy. Not giving you anymore than what you desire. Don’t dare think it’s a permanent moment that we’ll revisit. I just wanted my turn to digest the effectiveness of being this vindictive.


Lena Holliday

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Purpose is found in doing; doing the most with living what you were given, being. A true conviction given unto life and a willingness to surrender fulfilling a meaningful existence. Each and every entity has a purpose to live life like a lesson and learn. Allowing God’s love to flow through, becoming the like by which we were created. The right act or process for which we live life in full, enduring as sinless as possible with the least, if any amount of evil at heart. But live righteous and by the laws of the Father, letting your light shine throughout the world. Ones purpose is not to judge but look within and discern one from another and conform not to the world but to the word of God. Boasting not for the things you do but to continue in succession implementing God’s plan and gather from life, knowledge and wisdom to obtain understanding.


– K.L. Presha’



Asleep in a Tomb

Slept on a mattress that laid on the floor

within a room that didn’t have a door

slept there with no contempt for days in store

“will find a way”,  is what I was waiting for

awoke on the brightest day, to face a face that held the deepest pain

I hadn’t caught that strain

rubbed my eyes that morning like all was the same

told her I’d be ready for school

her reply was “Baby, listen please.”

with those words a twitch jerked her knees

my curious mind wanted to know

what it was that made her sink so low

ears enhanced as she slowly spoke

kept attention as kept back her chokes

told me she just received a call

concerning beloved Papa,

said the night before that he had died.

When it echoed she began to cry

in mind vacant sleepy is all I felt

to understand the statement I’d need some help

those lyrical knives sunk deep into understanding

in my heart and soul is where they finally landed

the crash it made hurt so deep

tears stacked and rolled down in a sickening stream

down my cheeks

she shook her head, said “please don’t cry..”

eyes tried but found no reply

vocals that had gone so quiet, now pronounced a sound so violent

a single sob that held my teary eyes , cascaded to shaking hands

as they looked at memories of that sweet man

she wrapped around me to ease my thoughts

to late to try and stop all these so hurtful thoughts

only movement that we did was rock

as she looked up ceilings sky, pleading with every whispered “why”

my constant tormenting moans wouldn’t allow me to scream goodbye

you see – I used to sleep on a mattress that laid on the floor

within a room that didn’t have a door

now I slept in my Papa’s coffin

with the same suit I wore that he had bought me

and I stayed now within a room

with a door that wouldn’t open for any sun or moon

I stayed with my papa, inside his marble tomb.

by: Panthr


To Whom This May Concern


Actions speak volumes, this is said

but what is spoken holds emotional weight

I never could express my feelings

even the deep recesses that I cherish in moments

of solitude

I could never project the sensations of love,

devotion, and belief in another

it was always so much deeper than the

constrictions of vocabulary

years past, days faded into history

pictures tarnished so that we could only

lean on memories

apologies – for not giving you more

more to look back on with joyous tears in your eyes

that it was known without a doubt

the passion that burned in another’s soul for you

the fire that raged from your unquenchable trust

and true devotion

Too many absent moments when “I love you”

could have been explained

examined for you to honestly

openly, and fully receive and understand

Understand how your smile was the catalyst for mine

And how when I wept –

I trusted you most in those sorrowful times

My expressions should have expressed better

the amount of reliance that I placed in your hands

each day, each and every day.

Relying on you to show the blind their way

to be my guide

my companion

To be honest enough and admit that without your hand,

within my hand

I was physically,

no mentally- no emotionally- yes literally stranded

a lost child abandoned

Afraid to put all chips on one hand, to bet my sanity

that you would hear – listen – embrace

then understand I’m sorry for my fears, but

they’re all I had before you

wasn’t prepared for someone with as much


through the consistent

non-flinching waves of frustration –

betrayal and confusion

you, like the strongest levies, remain unbroken

protecting everything you can

Even me

Guarding a man from his own demons

Becoming the new found reason to live

and cherish and love and enjoy,

each new experience and then to not be afraid

to go searching, with you by my side

to search for more.

– Panthr

[whohit]To Whom[/whohit]



Brandi N Anderson

My Essence


I am distinctly beautiful.

Each layer of me unfolds the mystery that is me.

Not that I have many layers but I am woman and as a woman

I change metaphysically.

You can’t place me in a box or in a set of circumstances that I can’t

Get out of.

My Essence won’t allow that.

See my power derives from the divine and I will shine for as long

As He allows me to and in that…I don’t mind.

My Essence in essence is a substance with new ingredients being added

With every stripe I receive.

My growing confidence is a direct result of the woman I am to be.

My blueprint is encoded in several different languages.

No I am not trying to be difficult but I am a woman who will reach nations

So my design had to be more complex if I am to do this without hesitation.

My Essence spills over into your cup as you take a sip of my genetic make-up.

Can you taste my characteristics, can you smell my attributes, do you know

What My true Essence is?

If not get to know me and you will see My Essence revealed

Brandi N Anderson