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Barber Shop Rehab (“Chop Up” Continued )

When you think of a Barber, you think of person just waiting to cut hair. But with Calvin Walker he is more than just a Barber. He’s from Leesburg, Florida and at a young age he decided to start cutting and perfecting his craft. He pays close attention to details and is a dependable barber with great new styles, experience in temporary color and is a Platform artist for Black Solutions. He is now the owner and creator of Celebrity Black. Celebrity Black is an enhancement product that barbers use to bring out the details in their designs. He uses the best equipment, sterilizes his clippers very well an always keeping you with an up to date style. Enticing Resultz took an interest him because of his unique style and dedication to his art. Enticing Resultz Mag sat down with Calvin Walker to learn more about him and his craft. The following interview is the results of the sit down.

( Q ) What made you decide to become a barber and how did you get started? How many years have you been a barber?

( A )* I decided to be a barber when my cousin messed my head up. I was around 12 years old when this happened. I was a fast learner because at the age of 14 I used the skills God gave me to help my family out. I tried going to college and realized that college was not for me. That’s when I decided to become a barber and I have been cutting hair for 27 years now.

( Q ) Provide an effective method you have used to stay informed of the latest styles and hair care techniques

( A ).Social media and going to different hair shows around the world helps keeps me informed of all the latest styles and techniques that’s out here.

(Q) Share an experience in which personal connections with coworkers or others helped you to be successful in your work.

(A) By working at Black Solutions and being their head barber exposed me to more than just being a local barber. The experience made me the barber I am today.

(Q) Share an experience in which your ability to lead or offer an opinion helped your company.

(A). When creating a new product a lot the input comes from me. My team and I go back and forth when we are developing a new product to make sure we put out the best.

(Q) Tell me about a time when you developed your own way of doing things or were self-motivated to finish an important task.

(A).* I developed my own way of doing things when I decided to open up my own shop. I had a lot of locals who didn’t believe in me. So I had to prove them wrong and look at me now.

(Q) Provide a time when you dealt calmly and effectively with a high-stress situation.

(A).*A time when I dealt with a high-stress situation is when I had to fire an employee. Even though we were cool business comes first and I feel if I had to fire a person then enough was enough. I’m very calm in those types of situations.

(Q) Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person (coworker or client) and how you handled it.

(A).*A time when I had to deal with a difficult client had to do with hair color. That’s why it pays to keep records of all transactions because this person swore that we put the wrong color in her hair. She was being rude about it so I had to show her in writing that she had picked this particular color and she realize that she was wrong.

(Q) Describe your experience cutting hair according to the clients’ instructions and/or current hairstyles.

(A). My experience in cutting clients hair according to their instructions is very simple. Clients think they know what they want and I love it when they say take and inch off when they only have an inch. I always listen to their suggestions but I’m the expert and they are the clients. The end result is always good.

(Q) How much does attention to detail and thoroughness impact your business?

(A).*Attention to detail is very important to my business. This determines if you will make $10 per cut or $30 per cut.

(Q) Share your thoughts on using razors to shave a beard or to contour a neck and temples versus using clippers.

(A).There is no comparison between razors and clippers. Hands down razor always has the cleanest look period.

(Q) Give me an example of when you thought outside of the box. How did it help your business?

(A).* I thought outside the box when I started using enhancements in 2005. This gave me the idea to create my own product called Celebrity Black.

(Q) How do you balance cooperation with others and independent thinking? (A) I balance my cooperation with others based on their knowledge along with my knowledge and we come to a common ground.

(Q) Has there ever been a time when you effectively identified a hair or skin problem?

(A) Yes I have identified dandruff and certain other skin diseases.

(Q) Share a time in which a treatment you recommended to a client alleviated a difficult hair problem.

(A) I had a client who had serious dandruff problem. I went an purchased some medicated shampoo and some oils for him. This seems to help him very well.

(Q) Tell me about a time you successfully coordinated with others. How about a coordination effort that was not as successful?

(A) The time I coordinated with other barbers was doing a hair show. I had good and bad experience with this … lol.

(Q) What advice or tips do you have for time management when dealing with multiple clients while still giving quality service?

(A)*I believe in online appointments to keep my clients straight. I also use style seats. (Q) What does it mean to you to be a successful barber and business owner?

(A) *To be a successful barber and business owner you have to have great clientele. Be respectful and be about business all the time. With this your business should thrive.

(Q) How do you apply new technology and information to expand your brand and company?

(A)* The way to apply new technology is through social media.

(Q) What is one of the biggest goals you established and accomplished? How was it personally challenging? What helped you to succeed?

(A)* One of my biggest goals was to open my own shop and I accomplished that. It was personally challenging because I had to find good barbers which was a task but it all work out in the end. My will and push is what allowed me to succeed. L

(Q) What is an effective method you have developed to recommend and sell cosmetic supplies?

(A)*An effective method that I have developed was 20 before I sell it I just educate them on the product.

(Q) In closing, what are three steps or advice you would give to someone wanting to become a barber?

(A).* My advice to young barbers would be 1) be on time and set appointments 2) be clean and sterilize all your equipment. 3) Be as much as a professional as u can….co-gggG5 G2_0294












Barber Shop Rehab (“Chop Up” Continued)

ER Magazine Interview

ER Magazine Interview

ER Magazine Interview

2nd Letter
The Barbers in Detroit all have the common Factor; they have all started right at home and the ‘Hood’ respects their skill. I realized that sometimes your environment can trigger greatness, drive and a hunger for exceeding. If you’ve lived in Detroit at any time in your life you have pretty much seen it all when it comes to the Hair trade. Working in Detroit in this industry you will find the competition is stupendous. Most Barbers not only gain the experience they need first hand from their hood, they also tailor a craft that is unremarkably clever and challenging to replicate.
“Dicky V”
Conversing with another talented Barber fresh out of the Henderson, Indiana I had the opportunity to see art at its finest. Dicky V has a customary talent of design and art and is responsible for the my awesome hair cut that my boys absolutely loved when I returned home to Detroit. Dickey V’s barbershop is well known in Indiana for designer exotic cuts. Dicky V is out of a many that focus on design techniques, by far first-rate in my book. He has an eye that is truly a gift.
“Kevin McIntosh”
The vast Majority of barbers have that one learning experience that boosts their confidence and makes them comfortable within their career. Chicago’s own Kevin has unadulterated faith in his career as a barber. Kevin has a desire to widen his territory. He is a man of faith and believes in the uncharted. Quitting is no option and this interview actually motivated me,and may do the same for anyone who has the gratification of watching.

“Jayson ‘Jay’”
Detroit has an immense coherence with the hair trade. You can drive through the 35 sq mile city and the magnitude of salons are monumental. Jay is from Highland Park, Michigan, a 2.97 sq mile city which main streams Detroit.
Jay is a Cultivator and enjoys enlightening observers in Trichology (the science of Hair) Jay is also an entrepreneur who is ambitious about his career. He realized that the sky is the limit for him and his determination being on level ten motivated him to expand to Hotlanta (Atlanta, GA). He is indeed another faithful vigorous Man with an array of approaches at becoming and continually staying Successful. #HP100yrs.
Driven by his own craft; Boone, out of Toledo, Ohio mastered the skill of listening to his clients. And found this to a powerful tool to enhance his skill. Boone has not constituted his own establishment and really has no interest in doing so. Although, he is yet empowered by his own success. Valuing the client’s needs and wants are a valuable tool that keeps him in business and motivated. I think everyone loves a great listener. In my opinion this is a magnificent approach to success.




Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine

Alicia thaHighlander

Born Alicia Dinera` Williams, a name that her only Biological Paternal Aunt had given her, Alicia was born and raised in the city of Highland Park, Michigan in 1978 by both her parental units. In Highland Park, Michigan is where she began a career in mental health in which she became certified by the State of Michigan Department of community health as a Social Worker Technician. Through much hardship, but still determined, Alicia had always had a loyal heart for trichology (the science of Hair). Through multiple career changes, she not only went to Cosmetology School, she had also become a school bus driver and tax preparer for Liberty Tax out of River Rouge, Michigan; and later a Paralegal. She realized that even with her Children’s ages ranging from 19, 10, and 6 it was not too late for her to spread her wings and soar. As a columnist for Enticing Resultz Magazine, Alicia has had the opportunity to collaborate with many faces much like her journey in life.

Photo Credits: Enticing Resultz Magazine


Barber Shop “Chop up”


11222698_492171877625604_4489880442864566862_nNothing stands out in any community than the famous Red and White Striped pole. Recurrently associated with a blue stripe at times. This could be found twisting next to a small storefront or other places of operation; signifying a place where one could appropriate a haircut, a shave, possibly a manicure and a bit of masculine bonhomie. A wonderful contribution to any neighborhood and even around the world. Barbers are true comrades. One will marvel at their good-naturedness which sends friendliness amongst the world.

I was curious to know if other barbers in different parts of the country were indistinguishable. Excited about the thought; I disembarked the city of Chicago for a class with Dudley’s school of Cosmetology.FB_IMG_1438308786051FB_IMG_1438308798528 This trip was an Honor for me because Dudley’s Products are like the Mercedes Benz of hair products for African American Hair. This class possessed some of Americas Top Barbers from “Hotlanta” to my Hometown in Highland Park, MI. 11209560_492171967625595_302049933858343301_n 11755147_492171934292265_4101304602645663095_n

Meeting many a barber’s in my day and watching them come and go; there is something about a barber that entices me (no pun intended). These men are all driven by something. Me being me, of course I am going to satisfy my curiosity. In the “CHI” I had the Liberty of conversing with some well re-knowned Young Men that “cut up”. You can watch the video here, just click on the link. Enticing Resultz Magazine Live in Chicago

Sitting face to face with them and straight grilling them, I had questions and they had answers. So those of you that visit the barber shop or are even in thought of becoming a Barber, take notes. Because this stuff you simply won’t find in a text book.

FB_IMG_1438308169324 FB_IMG_1438308162588 FB_IMG_1438308156032 FB_IMG_1438308149395

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine

Alicia thaHighlander

Born Alicia Dinera` Williams, a name that her only Biological Paternal Aunt had given her, Alicia was born and raised in the city of Highland Park, Michigan in 1978 by both her parental units. In Highland Park, Michigan is where she began a career in mental health in which she became certified by the State of Michigan Department of community health as a Social Worker Technician. Through much hardship, but still determined, Alicia had always had a loyal heart for trichology (the science of Hair). Through multiple career changes, she not only went to Cosmetology School, she had also become a school bus driver and tax preparer for Liberty Tax out of River Rouge, Michigan; and later a Paralegal. She realized that even with her Children’s ages ranging from 19, 10, and 6 it was not too late for her to spread her wings and soar. As a columnist for Enticing Resultz Magazine, Alicia has had the opportunity to collaborate with many faces much like her journey in life.

Photo Credits: Enticing Resultz Magazine

Triple pic_1 (1)

Ten most common mistakes we make on Facebook

Since becoming an entrepreneur I must admit there is one thing that I’ve grown to love and that’s social media. For business owners, social media is like magic but only if used properly. Some of you may have heard negative things about social media, but to its defense I must say social media and networking tools are solely what you make of it. If you only use it to vent and post negative comments then nine chances out of ten you will start to see mostly negative comments and realize that you are surrounded by negative people. Sad but true! Recently during a radio interview about media and social media I gave my two cents on how using social networks could empower someone who is an entrepreneur or an independent artist. With any magic potion there are do’s and don’ts.

 Here’s 10 common mistakes people make on Facebook:


First Mistake
Using a personal page and passing both business and personal information. Remember with a business your goal is to create a brand and as an artist you’re creating or protecting your image. So sometimes mixing both personal and business information can be lethal to your brand or your image.


Second Mistake
Over posting the same information.
As an entrepreneur or a flourishing music artist, we all have agendas and deadlines however over posting on social media is the worst mistake you can make. Here’s why..When you over post on social media it’s takes you out of a professional role and projects you as a kid laying on the floor crying, kicking and screaming because you can’t get your way. Need a better example? Imagine someone standing on a box on the side of the street yelling out tons of information, but everyone is walking right passed them and no one’s listening. This what happens when you over post the same information over and over again.

Here’s a tip: If you have the same message that you want to get out to a broader audience, consider asking your audience to share your information to their audience.


Third Mistake
Not reading other’s posts
Because social media is such a huge outlet we tend to overlook what everyone else is posting in order to post our thoughts and agendas. When you only post without reading sometimes you miss simple opportunities like someone posting a great review or referral about your business or music.


Fourth Mistake
Being Anti-social on social media or
not following up with what you previously posted.
Remember the whole purpose of social media is to communicate and to create and build an audience. In order to create a great network, communication is the key. Simple tip: when you post something take a moment to reply to others who have commented on your post or at least acknowledge it by liking their comment. I normally tag the person who replied to my post to keep the line of communication open and going.


Fifth Mistake
Using the thumbs up feature on Facebook. Use the thumbs up feature wisely. Some people tend to use this feature way to often. Ask them a question and their reply is a thumbs up. Invite them to an event and their reply is a thumbs up. Again use the thumbs up feature wisely so noone will feel that you’re anti-social.


Sixth Mistake
Not using social media to connect to people who will benefit your business. It’s natural for entrepreneurs and indie artists to attempt to connect with people similar to them because everyone always look for people who can relate to their career goals. However for the sake of business, it’s better to use social media to connect with people who can help boost your business. For example, a model may want to use social media to connect with photographers, fashion designers and event coordinators. Get the picture? Awesome! Let’s look at the next common mistake.


Seventh Mistake
Using slang, spelling and grammatical errors.
First off, no one should ever need
Urban Dictionary just to understand your post or message via social media. On a personal level slang may be fine. However on a business level you want people to take you, your business or your ministry serious. Most people aren’t perfect in spelling or grammar, but somehow everyone becomes an English guru when they see these mistakes on Facebook.


Eighth Mistake
When starting out in business taking professional pictures seems like an unnecessary investment. However over half of the people on social media are visual so kick it up a notch with the great professional pictures. If taking pictures at home, attempt to refrain from bathroom selfies and make sure the background of your pictures are neat and tidy. Believe me when I say pictures count and they build both your brand and image.


Ninth Mistake
Not sharing post from others.
Remember social media is not all about you. Social media is to build a genuine audience, make connections and to communicate. With this concept in mind, if you only share information on you…well you can figure this mistake out. No elaboration needed.


Tenth Mistake
As a Marine wife, trust me when I say I understand the all caps methodology, but with the recent changes on Facebook and other social networks all caps are viewed as spam and sometimes these posts may not be seen by a lot of your friends.


Here’s a tip consider using symbols to get your audience attention or alternate between lower case and all caps.


Now that we’ve covered the 10 most common mistakes on seen on Facebook, here’s two freebies:

Eleventh Mistake
Your potential audience can’t support your business page if they don’t know about it. Take a moment to link your business fanpage as your latest career so new friends can click on your page directly from your profile.

Lastly, check the spam or other box on Facebook. When you’re not friends with someone, by default Facebook sends those messages go to spam or your “other” box.

LaNette Kincaid is a Marine wife and mother of two, that took on the challenge of owning a business shortly after graduating college. Most of her tips and advice that you will read in our magazine will come from her personal experiences of trial and error. To see more of LaNette’s tips be sure to following her on Twitter @LaNetteKincaid

LaNette Kincaid

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Interview: “Premiere Barber” That Has The “Magic Touch”


8227000_orig“This life story began in a small desolate town of Indianapolis, Indiana and involves a boy who was born into a bloodline of artistic visionaries. Sternly mannered mother served as a waitress in various venues to provide a financial consistency to accommodate her family’s well being stirred a disturbed state of tenacity within Johnn. He dreamt of a world bigger than his grim and bleak environmental circumstances. So by the age of 10 he was overthrown by his entrepreneur spirit and began hustling by any means necessary from cutting grass to shoveling snow and even starting a paper route on his bicycle.

At the vulnerable age of 18 Belt branched out from under a bitter sweet partnership and opened Magic Touch, his first barber shop. From its ground breaking moment, Magic Touch Barber Shop has been a thriving monument in its community since 1996. Despite the odds it was no coincidence he would evolve into his destiny as a master of sought after enterprising styles and precision. Belt also proclaims the undisputed title of “The World’s Fastest Fade” in the hair industry. With over a decade of artistic cutting techniques and a host of celebrity clients to proclaim like Jagged Edge, Otis Nixon, Sir Charles, Mario Winans and Ray Bucannon to name a few; it was only a matter of time before Belt would cast his spell upon the world of beauty and enter the beauty and health realm with his own hair and skin care product line rightfully branded Magic Touch and emerge as the first African American male to brand The Premiere® Clipper Company.

Belt had a vision of creating a line that would be designed and formulated for barbers and stylists who wanted to provide a product of elegance to their clients without the bother of lofty cost. With a strapping professional background and a heart of passion for his expertise, he began to set out on his branding journey in 2008 and has grown to immense heights ever since. Though it hasn’t been easy, a combination of unadulterated genius and indescribable talents has brought Belt to the vanguard of history itself.

Although Johnn has had his own struggles, he has never forgotten those whom are less fortunate than himself. He deals with an extensive array of charities such as Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry, Second Blessings, his personal philanthropy endeavors Barbers and Stylist World Series and The Touch Foundation, and simply taking time out of his demanding schedule to mentor to our youth about positive options and life choices. Johnn’s shining star shows no signs of deeming as he continues to reach for infinite elevations in the beauty, health and mainstream media industry………..”

Johnn Belt is a man of many talents. Besides being CEO and Founder of his Premiere Clipper Company and Magic Touch Hair Group; as well as affiliate of many different charities and organizations,  Johnn is an innovator. Being a man of many talents has allowed him to target and tackle most issues coming out of Hair and Barber Industry. His aim was to be the best man that he could possibly be. Johnn’s initiative and go- getter attitude makes him unstoppable. Where most people would feel overwhelmed, his tenacity challenges him to new heights.

When focusing on one entity, “Magic Touch” Hair Care, of which a product line does stem from. Magic Touch product Line was developed to put professional barbering and styling products on the market, especially petroleum and water based products to help lubricate and hydrate the skin and scalp. These products were much needed for barbers and stylists as well as clients. Mainly targeting the African American Community. The versatility in these products speak for themselves. Barbers love the H2O Cream because of its conditioning, and luxurious shine such as the liquid finish conditioning sprays for the hairline and beard. The shaving products like the shaving gel with aloe and the aftershave lotion are also a hit. Stylists love the shampoos and conditioners, followed by the finishing spritz to complete that luscious look. Average retail price of products range from $6-$8 for barbers, and $8-$10 for stylists to those retailing to clients. If you are a barber or stylist seeking to wholesale or become a distributor, there is a $500 minimum and it’s based on a tier system.8448414_orig 2750283_orig 8612050_orig

A product line is great, but when there is hardware to back it up to complete a system of productivity, the resilience is even greater. “Premiere Clipper” Line is a company founded by Johnn Belt due to the fact that there was no African American clipper company to date. Premiere Clippers deal with problems faced by other clipper lines, such as issues with heat, speed and weight. Most of these issues you will feel with prolonged or extensive use of a clipper, and Premiere Clipper Company eases those problems for the user. For now these clippers are retailed either through the app/website, Wholesale will soon be available to barber schools, stores, etc. Premiere Clipper Company experiences more sales in clippers from the Spanish and African American Barbers because they are the ones that are barbering primarily in the demographic regions that Premiere Clippers are marketed. Right now the southeast and some Midwest regions are familiar with this product brand, soon it will be sweeping the nation and overseas as well as Canadian markets. Strategic planning and marketing is what Johnn Belt has been working on to extend both Magic Touch Hair Care Line and Premiere Clipper Line. He uses all means to promote and advertise his products, such as multimedia and regular platforms during educational forums, of which both lines are used interchangeably..facebook_1412749125892

We know that Johnn Belt is multi-talented as a barber and business mogul, but nothing brings him joy like knowing he had the power to transform someone’s look, by helping clients achieve their optimal look. In addition to the other charities named above, Johnn contributes to “Toys for Tots”, but in the next couple of years Premiere Clippers will be sponsoring their own community events for the public. Johnn also feels that the most important aspect of being a barber or entrepreneur for that matter, is to simply give back. There is no greater accomplishment like being abled to provide a space for others to give back as well. Johnn prides himself on having integrity, with his experience he has acquired wisdom. Having humility and changing lives and being abled to give back to those less fortunate is what makes a true entrepreneur.

For product purchases and contact information, you can go to, FaceBook fan page “Premiere Clippers”, Twitter @jbmagictouch, Instagram @Premiereclippers and direct (770) 638-3890.

Shanell Monique Logo

Shanell Monique Enticing Resultz Magazine


“The Cut Creator”

“……The Cut Creators and the new genesis of the way barbers perceive thier culture! They are the brainchild of veteran barbers & shop owners who’s only true focus is to help barbers look, feel, do & be better, by promoting positivity, efficiency, professionalism and education into the dynamics of their barber world……” The

SM: Tell me a little about yourself. Humble beginnings.

JC: My name is Jason Scott Clinton and I’m 1/16th of the Clinton Clan. I’m a very proud third generation barber that hails from Highland Park, MI. I’ve been a professional barber for 26 years but I’ve had clippers in my hand since the adventurous age of 7!

SM: I see that you are a man of many talents and like myself, has hit the industry from every angle. What would you say has been the most significant?

JC: Easily my most significant angle has been through continued education. The angle of being able to share what I know had always appealed to me and to be honest, I’m FAR from where I’d like to be.

SM: What publications have you been in? What has been a most profound or negative experience with the process?

JC: I’ve been featured in “Solid Gold” Barber Magazine, “Hair Design” Magazine, “Against The Grain” Magazine, “Heatt” Hair Magazine, “The Comb” Beauty Magazine…and now…”Enticing Resultz” Magazine and Blog Site! There were no negative experiences involved with any of the publications. Everyone I’ve dealt with was very professional and humble.1168

SM: What prompted you to start your own magazine? Do you think yours will change the direction or add to the evolution of publications? What makes yours stand out?

JC: Ebony magazine was the catalyst for my Heatt Magazine. I thought  it was wonderful to see “US” in a positive and powerful light and I wanted to emulate that glamour, but more in depth with our industry. We’ll definitely add to the evolution of beauty industry magazines because we stand out as true” insiders” meaning our writers, editors and publishers are ALL beauty industry professionals. Their experience will shine through in their work.

SM: If you could look back. What negative experiences could you have done without? Have you had any industry beefs?

JC: Negativity doesn’t reside with me…everything that’s so called “bad” is strictly a learning experience, so I never label it as negative. Industry beefs are for people who don’t live their craft…therefore…I’ve had no industry beefs, I quickly separate myself from people who radiate foolishness!

SM: Who has been your mentors? Who are your mentees?

JC: My Grandfather was my silent mentor. He had no idea that as a young boy I idolized the way the community respected his business savvy and humane way of handling almost any situation his clients brought to his chair. Billy Cason was my first official mentor. He’s the owner of “Hair Design” Magazine in Detroit, MI. He was the first person to sort of take me in and share some industry secrets and give me some “know how” on bettering myself, my business and building a magazine. Not sure if I have “mentees”, but I have had quite a few people who’ve attended my classes at Bronner Bros. Hair Show reach out to me and say they truly appreciated the honesty and “realness” of the class.

SM: Where do you see the industry as a whole, going in the next 5-10 years? What do you think needs to change?

JC: Our industry is headed for greatness in the next 5-10 years. I meet wonderful & talented students almost daily and if they’re any indication of where we’re headed, then our future is bright. I would like to see the differential between the so called “big names” and ‘lil guys’ grow smaller. I’d like to see more mentoring programs, and more education.

SM: Have you been forced to deny stylists entry into your magazine? What is the ultimate no? What do you look for? What has to be the top quality?

JC: I’ve never denied stylists/barbers entry into my magazine. All are welcomed. MY ultimate NO is the slandering of others and their work. I won’t tolerate it. My top quality can come from a veteran or a rookie. We’re more into good PEOPLE in the industry. Your work will speak for itself.

SM: What movies have you worked on? Celebrities that you have worked with?

JC: I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Chris Rock on “Good Hair”, Jamie Foxx on “Jarhead”, Terrance Howard on “Sabotage”, Bryce Wilson on ” Belly 2″, I’ve also worked with T.I., Young Dro, Jazzy Pha, 8ball, MJG, Derek J, Michael Baisden, CeeLo Green and many others.j4

SM: What has been your best experience behind the scenes? Worst? What would you do over or not at all?

JC: My best experience behind the scenes was meeting those guys and sort of getting the chance to pick their brains in real conversations. My worst experience was working 36 hours straight on the set, that was a KILLER! As far as my barber life, there’s nothing I’d do over. Everything I’m NOT, makes me everything I AM!

SM: In closing, what would you tell your future self?

JC: I would tell my future self…remain humble, keep the focus, and love your craft…I promise it’ll love you back!

Shanell Monique Logo
Shanell Monique Enticing Resultz Magazine


1. Something, especially a building, that has undergone rehabilitation…Transform YOUR BarberShop into a well respected, professional and profitable establishment

Give this profession and it’s establishments a much needed makeover to help restore the pride of yesteryear!

Who we are:
We are an instructive entity that helps beauty establishments become well known, professional, profitable brands.

What we do:

Give the profession and it’s establishments a much needed makeover to help restore the pride of yesteryear. We offer public relations and other helpful techniques to transform your business into a well respected, professional and profitable establishment. We also offer management assistance consisting of planning, organizing, staff leadership and networking.

How we do it:

1. Building and maintenance of staff
2. Building and maintenance of clients
3. Advertising
4. Professionalism
5. Ethics



CREST (color) jason

Brain of a Barber/ Increase your income

Learning how to cut the high fade – bald fade- skin fade can increase your income. This is currently one of the most popular and common haircuts in barbering. This is a great haircut for any age and all walks of life. Step By Step Guide For The High Fade – Bald Fade – Skin Fade
1.Cut the top down with the 2 (¼”) blade on the detachable blade clipper. Start in the front and cut against the grain (into the curl/wave) toward the crown.
2.Cut the round of the head section. Use the 1 ½ (1/8”) blade on the detachable blade clipper and cut around the round of the head and crown areas against the grain.
3.Blend the sides and back section into the round of the head. Use the 1 ½ (1/8”) blade on the detachable blade clipper and cut up towards the round of the head.
4.Continue the fade with the 1/16” attachment on the adjustable clipper in the open position followed by the halfway open position and then the closed position.
5.Repeat step 4 with the adjustable clipper in the open position without an attachment. Follow this with the halfway open position and then the closed position.
6.Repeat step 5 with your trimmer. Make sure not to go to high and cut into the fade. Use an upward clipper motion in the semi-finish area only.
7.Outline the haircut. Face the client toward you and make the center cut on the forehead. Do not go too far off the hairline. Gently press the clipper into the hairline creating the center guide. Make a straight line to each temple area off of the center guide.
8.Line off the temple area. Make sure to leave a distinct corner connecting the front to the temple area. Create an arc from the corner of the temple area down to the side burn area.
9.Optional: Shave the outline with the straight razor. Stand behind the client and wipe off the shaving cream from the front hairline. Lightly shave into the hairline to create a sharp line.
10.Shave toward the temple area lightly touching the line. Follow the arc from the temple to the side burn area
Magic Touch Hair Group

Magic Touch Hair Group

Johnn Belt had a vision of creating a line that would be designed and formulated for barbers and stylists who wanted to provide a product of elegance to their clients without the bother of lofty cost. With a strapping professional background and a heart of passion for his expertise, he began to set out on his branding journey in 2008 and has grown to immense heights ever since. Though it hasn’t been easy, a combination of unadulterated genius and indescribable talents has brought Belt to the vanguard of history itself.