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Do You Too Need A Total Life Change – What’s Your Plan?

Part I

1 Corinthians 6:19 [NIV]

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;



It has long been stated in numerous ways that man in his essence is a “spirit” who has a “soul” and lives in a “body.” This much we also know, according to John 4:24, God is a Spirit and like Father, like children! This is to say, in agreement with the teaching of Genesis 1:27, that God created man in his own image and likeness. So then, since we are spirit, what do we do with these bodies? These ‘earth suits?’ These ‘earthen vessels?’ These ‘clay containers?’


In the ‘body’ of Christ today we see a lot of emphasis placed on the spiritual realm and so we should. After all and again, spirit is who we are in the very core of our beings. Yes, we are undoubtedly spiritual beings and in this fact, we have an undeniable likeness with the God of creation who scooped up the earth’s dust and blew his breath into his created master piece to make us living souls.

So then, our God consciousness, an awareness of the fact that both God our creator and we his creation are spirit is something that should always be critically important. Next to that priority however, is the understanding of our consciousness with ourselves and the world around us. This is what takes place in the realm of our souls. PASTER MEL-1Our soul gives us our mental reasoning and our emotional powers. If the soul of a man was his glory then his spirit would be his crown. Lastly, as is commonly known, it is our bodies though, that gives us the ability of our five known senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. It is our physical bodies then [our outer shell, the temporary home we live in] that we are able to connect with the physical world around us to enjoy the everyday lives we live. Like it or not; this is the biblical order and arrangement of things concerning man in his place on earth.

Yet most Christians today, as critical as it is to place a significance on the lives we live in the spirit and even in the realm of the soul; we often do so at the exclusion or the expense of our bodies. In other words, it is far too common place for those who follow Christ, as I do, to treat our spirits or even souls as holy and sacred to God but then to still treat our bodies in ‘any kind of way!’

Tragically though, God’s word reminds us that our bodies are His temple and are to be treated as such; we literally exercise very little restraint if any in how we treat our bodies! Shout ‘

amen if you know I’m telling the truth c’mon now you don’t have to be a pastor, preacher or bible scholar to see that there is a great gap between how God tells us to take care of our bodies and how we really do. In fact, I’m sure that many of the same folk in ministry leadership that you know have even developed a habit of trashing their bodies with the idea that this is spiritually acceptable to God. I tell you “The devil is a lie!”

C’mon now! To do ministry, you need a body! It doesn’t matter how well you preach, teach or anything else; once you destroy your body; you can’t be there to help anyone else; game over! The problem is that we are not nearly as wholistic in our lifestyles as we ought to be. We tend to compartmentalize certain areas and master them while neglecting the others! Here is where the question must be raised; isn’t God concerned about your Total Life? Is he only concerned about a portion of it or all of it? Surely prayer is important and even essential but is prayer really the “total answer” if you are still going to trash your body with all kinds of drugs, poisons, toxins and unhealthy foods that do everything from increase the likelihood of you getting high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or a stroke? Aren’t we putting the cart before the horse in merely pretending to be spiritual about something we need to be a bit more self controlled and practical about according to the knowledge that God has told us to live by?

I don’t know about you but my eyes are now wide open to living with a respect not only for spiritual things or things that effect the deep places of my soul but I can also now see and respect the need for me to take the care of my body! Yes … I know I won’t live in this body forever but while I’m here; I need this thing to work right! I want it to get up when I say get up! I want it to go when I say go! I want my energy to last through the day without me feeling like I have crashed and burned out by 4 o’clock and truth be told, all of these desires will require some changes in my life. So, I’ve decided to be intentional about the changes I needed to make because no good thing will happen by accident.

Keep in mind, like some of you, I was already on track with my spiritual foundation in Christ. I have also learned through habit to be extremely passionate about implementing the soul care I need in my life. This is why I invest time with my mentors, coaches, family and close friends that help me to stay rooted and grounded.   In addition to that, I was so incredibly blessed just a few weeks ago implementing some more of my soul care strategy; spending a few days of quiet, solitude at Galveston beach again to help restore my soul from my often demanding schedule. It always does wonders for your soul; unplugging from my normal flow of life and sitting still and quiet for a few days is an exercise a few times each year! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it to you.


Finally however, I have just one other recommendation. I’ve also started to make some a physical changes to allow for the Total Life Change that I had been taking for granted and missing out on for decades.

Now thank God, after making these simple changes, my energy is back up like it was more than 10 years ago! Not only that but by extra weight is steadily declining. I’m especially enjoying the detox that takes place every time I sip my cup of tea. Yes, praise God, I now have everything it takes to enjoy a Total Life Change. The truth is that we all need a Total Life Change in one way or another.

So, what are you doing for your spiritual growth and development? Is your foundation built on Christ? Surely, he is my chief corner stone. What strategies and plans do you have in place to impact the deep places in your soul? What is that you are doing regularly that restores your soul? Finally, are you taking good care of your temple or are you taking your body for granted; pushing it way past its set boundaries?

Remember, man is a spirit that has a soul but he lives in a body. It’s time to take care of ALL of YOU; not just a part. You need a TOTAL LIFE CHANGE.


Mel Keyes, native Brooklynite is the pastor of  The Joshua House of Worship, a multi-cultural and multigenerational congregation located on the west side of San Antonio, Texas. He’s been married to the lovely Kendra Keyes for twenty five years, with three children and two grandchildren. He is a graduate of The Baptist University of the Americas and Dallas Baptist University. He is the author of Hell To The Know, How To Get From The Hell You’re Living In To The Life You Were Meant To Live.” Mel is also the founder of Joshua Generation as well as his life coaching practice “ Master Keyes Coaching & Consulting.” Determined to build his life on vision, Mel lives his life around three core principles of his personal vision for Ministry, Entrepreneurship & Leadership:

To passionately serve God, my family, friends and others around me through strong, loving, disciple making MINISTRY.

To empower army’s of disciples through life transforming ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

To change the world around me through learning and practicing Christ centered, servant LEADERSHIP.

(877) KEY-2382




I had the privilege of speaking with Jill Stolt who is the President of Wellventions. She initially contacted me about doing hair for a commercial/photoshoot that she was doing with Future Pointe Dance Team. I was unable to attend, but sent in two of my stylists from my salon, Touch of Class Phase III Salon located at 442 North Street in Rochester, NY. Wendy and Monet did very well, and staff were pleased. I have appended some information about Wellventions program and what happened behind the scenes, as well as an upcoming show.

ShootDayCostumesStylingSmall IMG_2516



Wellventions Youth Celebrate Healthy Eating & A Healthy Economy At

Join Us to Support Innovation in Healthy Food & Entrepreneurial Training


“If you are looking for a healthy alternative to the massive intake of candy for Halloween, urban teens are hosting WellVentions’ first fundraising event focused on healthy eating – complete with food costumes, food & beverage sampling, innovative installations, live performances, and amazing prizes for all ages. These local teens are celebrating their entrepreneurial success under a Max & Marian Farash Charitable Foundation grant as they launch their new healthy specialty food brands and share what they learned about healthy eating. They have invited some of our region’s finest local chefs to create inspiring recipes using the ingredients from their products. Featured at Edible Expo are samplings of those recipes, “edutainment” media, and a nutrition themed art exhibit. A recipe book will be published.

Edible Expo is a fun event for adults and youth of all ages and is open to the public. A $10 donation in advance or $15 at the door, supports programming, and the event is free to children under 10. Tickets are available at Your contribution supports entrepreneurial training and youth development for local teens who deserve access to a better future. Edible Expo will be held from 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. on October 26, 2014 in the Artisan Direct Art Space located at 565 Blossom Road, Rochester N.Y. 14610. Park free across Blossom Road in the “Red and Yellow Elephants” lot.


Highlights of the event include:

    • Official Introduction of Youth Driven Specialty Foods developed by the teen entrepreneurs – SauceAtude & Gawalli Pasta.
    • Local Chef Sample New Recipes using ingredients from the teen’s specialty foods.
    • Recipe Book containing these recipes that the teens can pair for sale with their products.
    • The First Nutrition Themed Young People’s Art Exhibit where youth ages 7-18 are invited to draw stories about nutrition topics to enter.   The winning images will be printed in the recipe book with the top winner on exhibit at a national art show. Magic Dragon children’s magazine will publish selected pieces from the show in a coming issue. For more information, please visit the Edible Expo website at
    • A Live Performance That Promotes Healthy Eating by contrasting the energy from fresh food vs. junk food, starring urban teens and FuturPointe Dance.
    • A Kids Café & Juice Bar offering innovative smoothies and healthy drink recipes that contain local fruits and spice blends, with drink names created by the youth.
    • Food Costumes by Each 1 Stitch 1 Fabric & Design Studio and Feltro Fashion.
    • Debut of youth driven media that will help the teens sell their specialty food products. This includes: a public service announcement celebrating fresh foods, the SauceAtude group’s entrepreneurial training video, the Gawalli Pasta group’s promotional video, and “My Entrepreneurial Journey” video with adventures from all 4 groups.
  • Students from Clara Barton School 2 are growing fresh produce for the event on their Mobile Edible Wall Unit, under the Green Living Technologies vertical farm program. 
  • Stilt Walking Tomato Plant James Ryan – from The Anything Project – hosts the Tomato Sauce Production Theater where kids can experience the imaginary world of sauce production.
  • The Friends of the Rochester Public Market will showcase volume 2 of their cookbook to share the recipes, the stories, and the love of our Market!



“We are proud of the progress our teen entrepreneurs have made in two years” says Jill Stolt, President of WellVentions. Our teams have branded innovative specialty food products that can compete effectively with national brands. By promoting their products through health related “edutainment”, the teens have become strong advocates for healthy eating with other young people in the Rochester community.”


The youth service organizations participating are: 1) Community Place of Greater Rochester – who is out now selling their “SauceAtude” product – a salsa/sauce “With An Attitude”, and 2) Youth For Change (The Divas & The GoodFellas) – who are producing a whole grain, “One-Pot” spiced pasta product with cartoon characters that appeal to their younger peers.



About WellVentions:

WellVentions is a not-for-profit, social enterprise organization dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial training, product innovation, and wellness education. The organization supports the creation of innovative products, promotions, and edutainment that helps build community wealth, jobs, and inspiration for a healthy, youthful community.  WellVentions is in the second year of a Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation Grant under Foodlink as Fiduciary. To learn more visit or call us at 585-461-0633. “




Youth play vegetable instruments for their public service announcement.  These instruments are replicas of actual instruments they crafted from real food and recorded as their music for the commercial.

Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 3.58.39 AM (1) Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 3.57.19 AM Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 3.56.34 AM Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 3.59.16 AM


Behind the scenes of commercial shoot and props.

Gawalli Commercial Shoot ProductCombo copy[1]

I’m sending this to ask if you would join us in supporting local teens who deserve access to a better future!
Help us celebrate healthy eating & a healthy economy
at Edible Expo on Sunday, October 26, 2014.  
Hope to see you there !

Square Invite Combo (1)

Tickets available at
For more information check us out online at

Jill L. Stolt
WellVentions, Inc.
31 Edmonds Street
Rochester, NY 14607
Office: 585-461-0633
Cell:  585-455-5494
Shanell Monique Enticing Resultz Magazine
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Food As Energy

My body uses food as energy? Say what?

The trick in maintaining your weight is turning your body’s metabolism into a fat burning machine. Meaning no matter what you eat, your body will have the ability to burn it off quickly. Our body runs off 3 energy sources from food: Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats

Proteins are made up of amino acids in polypeptide polymer chains (this is the short version), these are found in meats like chicken, beef, pork, fish, and in legumes, nuts, some vegetation and grains. Carbohydrates are compounds made up of many Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules, polyhydroxy aldehydes (sugar alcohol) and ketones. We know them as simple sugars (fruit, jams, candy, soda pop, desserts) and complex sugars (breads, pasta, cereals…etc) Lastly, Fats are compounds that are made up of lipids that can be both solid and liquid. Triglycerides, triesters, and glcerol are fatty acids and not all fatty acids are bad. Some in fact will help promote weight loss. Like Carbohydrates, you have two main categories of fats and they are Saturated and Unsaturated (trans fats are unsaturated fats. Your saturated fat foods are animal fat products like fatty meats, cheese, milk, cream, butter, others are cooking oil and my favorite chocolate (Dark Chocolate contains good fat and antioxidants.) Unsaturated fat foods are lean meats, nuts, vegetable oils, olive oils…etc.


So now that we got that out of the way, how do you use the 3 sources of food energy to your advantage? I will explain that to you next time. I encourage you all to read, educate yourselves. Don’t just take my word for it. The only way you will succeed any anything is if you take control and learn it yourself as I help you along the way.



Brandi Anderson

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine






Et Tu Parasite?

Picture this:

There’s a knock on your front door one late flu season consumed night.  You ask, “Who is it,” but get no response. The knocking continues getting louder with each pound more aggressive than the one before it, until suddenly the door flies open and a slew of parasites swarmed the house. You begin coughing and your nose begins to run. Damn…they’ve got you.

While this visualization is many things, let us pull out the truths in the statement about Parasites. A parasite is an organism that benefits at the expense of another.  (For the purpose of this article humans will be the other organism that the parasite is benefiting from.)  While reading this article I implore you to begin to open your mind to understanding that there are good parasites and bad parasites around us and living within us looking to harm and to help us.  I say this not to instill fear but instead bring an awareness to a topic that is often times not discussed outside the realm of healthcare professionals.

There are 3 types of parasites: protozoa, helminths, and ectoparasites.

3 types of parasitesB

Protozoa are one-celled organisms that can live freely or be parasitic in nature with the ability to multiply in humans.  Protozoa are typically transmitted from fecal-to-oral including but not limited to oral sex, food, and contaminated water.  Analigus (rimming) and putting fingers or hands in your mouth after they have had contact with the anus are high risk behaviors that attributes to Intestinal Parasites.

Symptoms of Intestinal Parasites are:


Gas or bloating

Nausea or vomiting

Stomach pain or tenderness

Fatigue or weakness

Weight loss

Passing a worm in your stool

Oral-anal and oral-genital sexual practices predispose Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) to infection with many enteric pathogens, including parasitic protozoans and helminths.  With this information in mind, it is critical that we all -no matter your sexual preference- use dental dams or latex gloves during contact with the anus; to clean the anus before engaging in rimming; to clean or use condoms on shared sex toys; and to use condoms or dental dams during oral sex in effort to protect ourselves.)

Helminths are large, multicellular organism that can generally be seen by the naked eye and are classified into three groups: Flatworms (i.e. Tapeworms), Thorny-headed worms (found in your gastrointestinal tract), and Roundworms (also found in your gastrointestinal tract and blood tissue).  Ectoparasites are organisms that attach and burrow under the skin often times laying eggs leaving mosquito-like marks indicative of their current presence or past inhabitants (i.e. lice, mites, scabies).  Historically, Malaria is one of the leading parasitic killers. Taking the lives of approximately 660,000 people each year -most deaths occurring in children of sub-Saharan Africa.

Similar to that of sexually transmitted infections, a person who is infected with a parasite can be “Asymptomatic”. If a person is asymptomatic he/she does not show symptoms of infection or of being ill.  For those that have symptoms of infection they can range from ones similar to that of a common cold -coughing, sneezing, lite diarrhea- to chronic pain.  For the more severe cases treatment includes medications (including antipsychotic drugs); all the while not knowing that the cause of the prolonged illness is related to a parasitic infection.  If you believe you are infected with a parasite contact your doctor immediately.  To provide a diagnosis & potential treatment your doctor will run lab tests on a stool sample.

Outside of the American adapted culture of popping a pill, there have been studies and experiments resulting in natural and herbal methods of prevention and treatment of parasites. *Before beginning a natural or herbal regimen to get rid of parasites, speak with your doctor or physician first to be sure there will be no potential health risk* Your greatest defense system against parasites is first and always your immune system.  If your immune system is already in a compromised state due to pre-existing conditions (including but not limited to Cancer, HIV/AIDS, or other illnesses) when a parasite enters into your body it immediately goes in search of the perfect nesting ground to reproduce.

According to an article, Natural Remedies for Intestinal Parasites: 8 ways to Get Rid of Parasites Naturally, everyday foods and additives may be included in a natural treatment plan to rid your body of parasitic infections.  A few remedies mentioned were Garlic, Pumpkin seeds, and maintaining a healthy Diet. Garlic has been found to have activity against Ascaris (Roundworm), Giardia lamblia, Trypanosoma, Plasmodium, and Leishmania.  Traditionally, Pumpkin seeds (Curcubita pepo) have been used as a remedy for tapeworms and roundworms.  The doctor’s favorite, maintaining a healthy Diet, has many benefits to your health in regards to the treatment and prevention of parasitic infections.  Did you know that adding pineapples to your diet may aid getting rid of parasites such as tapeworms?  Or that a healthy intake of carrots and sweet potatoes is a natural way of increasing Vitamin A in your system, increasing resistance to penetration by larvae?  Well if you did, I didn’t.  May I inquire as to why you are holding back the good stuff.  After reading through this article it brought me to a place of reflection.  I remember when my hair artist, who will remain nameless (Shanell Monique, who in addition to wearing many entrepreneurial hats is a Nurse of 14 years), would yell at me about not eating more vegetables.  I do apologize.  *Chuckles*  I now know better & will do better.

As stated previously there are good parasites and bad parasites around us and living within us looking to harm us and to help us.  Leeches for example, while not the most attractive creatures, do serve their purpose in this thing called the circle of life.  In the medical field, modern day leeches live and grow in science laboratories.  Their purpose is to eat unwanted blood, numb pain or reduce swelling and keep blood flowing in wounded limbs.  This keeps the limbs alive and allows doctors to fix or reattach them.  Like leeches the parasite, Maggot, has become quite the namesake in modern medicine. Maggots are used to clean up wounds that are infected or that are not healing well.  Maggots only eat dead skin and tissue so they get rid of the diseased part, leaving the healthy part behind.  Although I can not stand the sight of these slimy individuals both can save my life any day.  After all my thigh has never done anything wrong to me and my foot keeps me balanced.  Chomp on little guys.

In conclusion let’s hear it for the little guys who could quite naturally save your life one day.  You’ve been presented with the material and now what will you do with it?  I, for one will now begin to take better care of my health.  I would rather not have to be in the middle of church and because of an unknown parasite have to make a mad dash to the restroom before I become known as the modern day Picasso or Devinci, if you catch my drift.  “Ain’t I a stinker?” to quote Bugs Bunny.


I am a blogger and only give my opinions on the facts.


Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine


Weight Training and Belly Fat

Aerobic Cardio Exercises alone will not give you the results you are looking for in the belly region. Sticking to those type of exercises without lifting weights can result in muscle loss as well as the shape I like to call “skinny fat.” Skinny Fat people are those who are really thin but flabby. There is no definition to their body at all. Belly Fat responds better to exercise circuits that are High Intensity (fast paced) and include heavy weights. The reason being is that Visceral Fat is that fat that lines the abdominal cavity. So if you are using your abdominal muscles to lift or push weights, to run, to walk, and to perform abdominal exercises, you will burn more calories. In all actuality, you should be contracting your abdominal muscles in all of your exercises. Proper form requires that your core is engaged, which will give you proper posture. Thus you will have proper form when performing your various exercises. Remember to stretch before and after exercising.


Don’t be afraid to lift heavy weight. The chances of you becoming bulky is very low but the chances of you looking fit are very high. What do I mean by heavy weight? When you are using dumbbells to do squats, arm curls, chest press, shoulder press and tricep extensions you should be using dumbbells that are 10lbs and higher (increasing weight gradually). I would encourage you to challenge yourself by changing the weight of your dumbbell every two weeks until you get to a dumbbell weight of 40 lbs. The heavier you lift the more your muscles have to repair themselves while you are at rest which can burn an additional 50 – 100 calories while you are sleep.


Create a High Intensity Circuit (25 – 40 mins) of 8 – 9 different exercises that include weight training.Try not to rest too much in between each exercise and drink water as needed while you’re exercising. Your diet is important when trying to get in shape. After all, your belly fat is 70% of what you eat! Eat the majority of your carbs while you are most active. Carbs are an energy source and excess amounts of carbs in your body will be stored in your body as fat. If you are really serious about improving your belly fat then you must learn when and how to eat your carbs. Weight training will require that you eat carbs. You can’t get explosive energy from too little carbs. Yes, muscle needs protein but they also need carbs. Both protein and carbohydrates will work together to help your body metabolize fat.

So don’t be afraid to lift those heavy weights and make It Hurt So Good…

Brandi Anderson

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



10 Healthy Meal Tips To live By

1.Eat more fruit and vegetables that have high water content such as tomatoes, watermelons, kiwi and grapes. These foods contain about 90 to 95% water, so you can eat a lot of these and they will fill you up without adding on the pounds.

2. Increase your fiber intake as much as you can. You can get more fiber from eating more fruits and veggies or try adding a sprinkling of oat bran to your cereal in the morning.

3. Fill up on vegetables. Try different ones that you haven’t had for a while to avoid getting bored.

4.Be careful of the calories you add to your food such as garnishes and condiments. These are usually high in fat so try to avoid them wherever possible.

5.Try to set a meal pattern to help you to control what you eat and when you eat it. It is also better to have 5 small meals a day rather than just one or two huge meals. Having a small snack in the morning and afternoon stops you getting over hungry and then wolfing down an extra large portion at dinner time.

6.If you do snack between meals, make sure they are healthy and not junk food like crisps. Try fruit and nuts for energy.

7.Raw vegetables also make great snacks. Sliced carrots, peppers and mushrooms are great because they satisfy hunger and they are packed with nutrients.

8.If you have over indulged, work off those extra calories. Go for an extra session at the gym or go for a longer walk..facebook_1405929665033

9.Cut out the fried food and switch to baked. Fried foods are immersed in fat and oil which gets absorbed into the food itself and is retained even after it has been drained.

10.Don’t skip meals. You should have, at the very least, three meals a day, but preferably five small meals. This will keep you from getting hungry during the day and overeating out of starvation.


Samose Mays, B.S. M.S.
Athletic Director
South Bryan County Recreation
(912) 237-9529



Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell

Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell in action on ESPN ‘FNF’-Fight Network (click on link)

Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell Boxing Stats (click on link)

Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell (click on link)

Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell Video (click on link)

Dorset “The Bullet” Barnwell Sparring Video “Make Hard Work Easy” (click on link)

Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell Pre- Cooking Video (Instruction how to dress when cooking) (click on link)


“I’ve been a fighter for as long as I can remember…only difference now, is that I’m getting paid to do it and not locked up lol…I started boxing at the age of 13 and I’ve been blessed to be able to travel the world doing something I luv…state to state,country to country…I’m not a millionaire yet but, I am already living my dream…

-Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell


1795574_531742953623056_1851994110727952040_n“Dorsett “the bullet” Barnwell and heavyweight world champ (Wladimir Klitschko). After a day at the gym in Austria”



“The American and UK sparring partners in ‘Camp Klitschko’…so much power in 1 pic”



“Headed to the gym in the mountains on Austria is hard work but, easy on the eyes”


10492481_533175513479800_6305968684731065962_n (2)

“It wasn’t until I did something with my life (travel the world boxing), I realized expectations were set so low for me. Austria pic



SM: What was life like in Harlem, NY growing up? What prompted you to get into boxing? How did you get the name “The Bullet”?

DB: Life in Harlem isn’t as bad as people make it. Either your a follower or a leader. You set and make a way for yourself. I started boxing by accident, walked in the wrong building for the restroom and never left. Bullet just describes the type of fighter I am (fast and strong).

SM: How hard or easy was it to keep your title as “Heavyweight” with the record of wins. Who was your most difficult opponent?

DB: My favorite saying is “make hard work easy”…I’d say “I’m my most difficult opponent”.

SM: How would you describe boxing in the U.S.A compared to European circuit? Training in Munich, Germany proves to be more beneficial? Would you see yourself as a Champion Boxer in Germany?

DB: Either your the champ of the world or your not the champ. Others say “your doing good” but, I say “I’m doing bad” because I don’t want to get content. There are pros and cons to training anywhere, if there’s a boxing gym there I’m fine.

SM: Have you ever turned down a fight? Why or why not?

DB: Yes…money, bad contact, etc.

SM: What has been your best or most desired fight thus far?

DB: My primary goal is, financial stability for me and my family. So whatever fight that does that, is the fight I’m looking for.

SM: Would you say your career is just beginning or do you see yourself retiring soon?

DB: My career hasn’t even started, I’m nowhere near where I want to be.

SM:  A question for the ladies. Is Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell single? I see that you have some videos of you cooking for the ladies. What is that all about?

 DB: I am single but, cooking is my second love10596100_10204052549089577_37191099_n

SM: How would someone book you for a fight?

DB: First you’d have to have the money and then a License.

SM: Any closing remarks?

DB: Stay tuned for more Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell and follow my IG @dorsettbarnwell

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Shanell Monique
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Healthy Living Tips


1. Aim to have a brisk 20 minute walk three or four times a week. Brisk walking will help tone legs, hips and buttocks and reduce cellulite. By increasing the heart rate with a brisk walk fat reduction will be helped also. If you are short on time after work, go for the walk in your lunch hour.

2. At times, you will not feel like exercising. If you’re just feeling a little tired or low on energy, go ahead and try to complete your routine. The workout will likely boost your energy level and your mood.

3. Park the car a little further away than you would normally. Whether this is when you are going to work or doing the shopping, just park that little bit further away and make yourself walk a little bit more. Tiny things like this can make a big difference over time.

4. Start each day with a glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning. Water helps rehydrate the body of fluids lost during the night.

5. Drink a glass of water 10 minutes before you sit down to eat. Water will naturally make you feel fuller so you don’t have to eat as much food. Quite often we confuse our feelings of hunger with that of first so have a glass of water first and see how you feel.7907_10151671414834312_326455883_n

6. Cut down on carbonated soft drinks as these are sweetened with lots of sugar. Even though diet drinks do not contain as much sugar, they do contain other chemicals and components that are not good for your body either.

7. Fruit juice contains a lot of natural sugar and so isn’t as healthy as most people think. If you are craving a glass of juice, make sure it is fresh and dilute it with water.

8. Try to get used to drinking tea and coffee black. Counteract the caffeine effects by following with a glass of water.

9. Start to drink green tea. This has been used as a medicine in China for over 4,000 years and aids the digestive system. It can help ease an overly full stomach and it has been linked to a reduction in cancer risk.

10. Cut down on alcohol. If that is too much to ask, there is evidence to suggest that a glass of red wine does have heart benefits. Avoid beer which is especially fattening. Cocktails can be very fattening depending on what they are made of. The other problem with drinking alcohol is that after a few drinks most people get the munchies and when you’re feeling a little inebriated and hungry you won’t be able to make rational decisions regarding your diet.


Samose Mays, B.S. M.S.
Athletic Director
South Bryan County Recreation
(912) 237-9529



3 Life Changing Drinks

Beauty isn’t always about the ways to apply a new makeup technique, sometimes it’s about treatment. Taking care of the body, hair , and skin is vital to everyone’s beauty. There are three drinks that many people may not be aware of that helps to yield  more radiant skin.

Green Tea, Coffee, and Red wine, these three drinks are life altering. All three are simple liquids that will help improve ones skin. And having or maintaining  healthy skin is beneficial to both male and females. There nothing like smooth healthy skin to improve ones confidence. Sometimes it’s nice for girls to just wash her face and go without feeling the urge or the need to brush on  a little makeup just to face the world. And guys, well, not too many men are keen on wearing makeup; so it’s probably a given that the more natural ways to go about achieving healthier skin the better.

Green tea although used for dietary purposes also helps to absorb and defend the skin from UV rays from the sun. Green tea abundance of antioxidants also helps keep skin’s elasticity which helps to keep ones skin younger and glowing.

Coffee, on the other hand is a popular drink all on its own, offering the good ol’ kick from caffeine to jumpstart countless peoples’ mornings. But what some may not realize is coffee also (in regards to the dangers from sun damage) helps to relieve the possibilities of nonmelanoma skin cancers. So, if one wasn’t a coffee drinker before perhaps picking up the habit now wouldn’t be such a hardship.

Lastly, Red Wine useful in more ways than one. The number one plus of drinking red wine (other than it complimenting red meat), is that it’s an added benefit to protect against the risks of artery damage and heart disease. Within the human body everyones concern has to be their heart. Anything that will tip against the scales to fight heart defects is a welcomed advantage. Of course when done in moderation a small glass a day for women and two for men.

There you have it, alter your life in a good way by fitting in the time to drink green tea, coffee, and red wine.




Samantha Pope

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Weight Loss Tips 101


1. Check your weight when you start exercising, but don’t use it as a guide to how much you are losing. Muscle weighs heavier than fat so the pounds on the scales may not drop as quickly as you would like. Your weight will also fluctuate throughout the day depending on your level of activity and what foods you have been eating.

2. The best way to know if you’re losing weight is by how your clothes fit. If your waistband starts to feel looser and your muffin top disappears, then you know that your eating and exercising is doing you some good.

3. Treat yourself as you start to lose weight. Rewards are great for keeping you motivated whether you treat yourself to a new pair of running shoes, a new pair of jeans or a massage at the local spa..facebook_1405929182013

4.Make sure you have at least one rest day per week when you start exercising. Your body needs a chance to rest and repair and re-charge itself.

5.Three days of 30 minute exercise each week will help you to maintain your weight. If you want to lose weight you need to increase this to at least 4 days of 30 minute exercise each week, but 5 days a week is even better.


Samose Mays, B.S. M.S.
Athletic DirectorTRAIN HARD LOGO Guru Enticing Resultz Magazine