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Bruised. Never Broken!

     There will be moments in life where you’re knocked off your feet by adverse circumstances and you feel like your world has stopped turning.  You’ve fallen into this dark hole and you can’t seem to find a way out of the situation.  The people who are supposed to be there for you kick you while you’re down.  Nothing you do works the way you intended.  Although it may feel like things aren’t turning around, remember that weeping only endures for a night and joy will come in the morning!  Morning isn’t when the sun comes out and you get out of bed…morning is when you realize that sooner or later, things will begin to turn in your favor and God’s got you covered!  No matter how many blows you take and scars you get while in the valley, know that you have just been bruised and you are never broken!  Scars will heal, bruises will go away, but you can continue to move forward because nothing is broken.  Whatever you may be facing right now, I want you to know that Joy is here, WAKE UP!



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    Maybe?  I know what I said because I said it, I’m just unsure if you understood. Misunderstood. So tired of having to be what everyone else expects me to be. Why must I change who I am just so I can accommodate you? Have you ever felt that way before? Becoming someone you are not just to please others? Lost identity.
We are individuals and there’s no two people who are the same. We hurt, cry, feel and breathe differently. In either case, your feelings are valid because they are yours, however it does not mean you are correct or not. We must take what one says for what it is and not for what we assume. If I say my leg itch, don’t scratch my back or my hand hurts but you rub my foot. Learn to listen. Communication.
Live. Learn to live as it’s your last with no regrets. The sky is not the limit, there’s plenty more room beyond the sky

Signed Miss Maybe?

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Really? Why? What’s next? I shouldn’t worry? Are just a few redundant  thoughts that races through my mind. I have been through so much in this short life that many do not see in a lifetime. Damn, every way I turn it’s a scare, road block or something trying to prevent me or discourage me from my dreams or goals. “You know girl, when things are going good, the devil angers and brings forth his rage of hardships.” When this happens you just have to stop, pray and have faith that you are protected. It’s ok girl, because although you may buckle…You will not break. Just keep pushing through because that’s how you were built.

For Nothing Is Impossible With God
Luke 1:37

Sign Mrs.

Really? Why? What’s next?



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  • Sometimes I wish I didn’t have morals or beliefs. I wish I didn’t have such a strong relationship with God & a calling on my life. I wish I could do what everyone else does and not feel convicted. But then I realize where I’d be if I didn’t and how much hell I’d have in my life and immediately, I thank God that He has CHOSEN me! I know old folks used to say, “Serving the Lord is gonna payoff after while” but it’s paying off now…obedience is better than sacrifice! Most people don’t realize how they block their blessings by not obeying God’s commandments. Is that moment of pleasure worth a lifetime of pain? No, didn’t think so! Stop. Think about it. Let it settle.
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“Speaking from the heart”

Growing up my mom always told me that I can do whatever I want to in life, if I put my mind to it. So one morning when I woke up and found myself divorced with 3 children and nowhere near where I wanted to be, I decided to it wasn’t enough.

Some of us get comfortable with our lives causing us to settle and be content with what we have. Now don’t get me wrong, I had a nice house, a job and my children didn’t want for anything but something was missing. One day while helping my children with their homework, my daughter asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. At that very moment I had an epiphany and what I had been missing. You see, I became so wrapped up in being a wife and mother I forgot to be me. I had completely forgotten about my dreams, well no more. How can I teach my children to do their best and never give up if that’s exactly what I had done?

I teach my children it’s never too late to learn and with hard work you can accomplish anything. Now it was time to show them, it was time to be an example for them.

I am a 36 year old, single mother of 3 and a college student. I refused to settle and you should too.  It is not your circumstances that define who you are; it’s how you handle your circumstances that define who you are.

Cepeta PItts