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Sexy Signs of Astronomy

Sexy Signs of Astronomy
By Thelma Balfour
For all of you Skeptics, who don’t believe in astronomy, here is a short lesson on how you can get more than your share of orgasms just by knowing what the sun signs are people who are swinging from the rafters, try innovative techniques, and trying to please their partners.
Aries the Ram
March 21st to April 19th
Thin-skinned folks beware of this sign if you’re skeptical about soaring with the Eagles, stay away, because an Arian is not squeamish about trying things old or new, and want a partner similarly uninhibited.
Women don’t be surprised by male who will lick your navel, tongue your clitoris, and RAM his penis into your mouth.  If you want your nipples sucked you will get your toes, ears, fingers, and all other extremities sucked as well. Like the Scorpion the Arian has an insatiable appetite that few can satisfy, and once involved with this Dynamic sign, there’s no turning back.  The more you thwart his advances, the more turned on he gets.  Screams of Mercy from pain he inflicts during sex just turn him on; the more you protest, the better he likes it.  You name it—pulling, biting, thrusting, and spanking–he does it all.
For a man involved with an Aries woman, sexual explosion could take place anywhere, including the backseat of a car, an office desk, or even her mother’s house.  Completely sensual and passionate, this woman has a voracious appetite and likes to call the shots in sex, sometimes resorting to thick ropes, leather whips, and spiked heels to gain control.  These women Pride themselves and giving “good head,” but look out for her sharp teeth and fingernails.
Arians are physically attracted to Librans, and their opposites sign, but this combination won’t go far outside the bedroom.  Their compatible signs for Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, and Sagittarius.

Taurus the Bull
April 20 to May 21st
Although there won’t be many group sex or whips and chains, this sign love sex and have an insatiable appetite.  With both the male and the female, we’re talking a straight fuck of the up-and-down variety.
The Taurus man prides himself on being a good lover because he set out to master the art of lovemaking at an early age.  There won’t be much kinkiness with this slow, methodical lover, but the end result is satisfying encounter.  What he lacks in creativity, he makes up tenfold in his ability to “hang in there” (no pun intended) when others fall shorts.  Men are turned on by musty odors, kisses, and light touches to the neck and throat area.  They also adore large asses, preferring these to tits.
The Taurus woman is titillated by hot, wet kisses in/on the mouth and neck, and lots of sucking everywhere.  Her usually flawless skin should be complimented as soon as she discards her clothes, and her body should be treated like a temple. She craves oral sex and is a master (mistress?) at giving head; although she likes to satisfy her partner, don’t expect any unconventional sexual behavior until she gains your trust. Taurus women have an infinity for lesbianism (everyone loves a Taurus!) as well as for nymphomania because they need sex and they need it often.
Scorpio is the opposite sign for Taurus. In fact, these two can barely stay out of the bedroom long enough to eat—food, that is.   Compatible signs include Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, and Virgo.

Gemini, the Twins
May 22 to June 21
The sign of the twins mean two different personalities, so the wonderful man or the woman that you have sex with last week may be a different person the next. Beware, you may be taking for a ride but then again you may enjoy the trip. You may flirtatiously stroke the hands and arms of a Gemini, only to discover that he or she is running hot and cold at the same time.  Remember, you’re dealing with two distinct personalities–one who enjoys watching his or her partner reaction, and one who’s busy analyzing his or her own performance.
Although the Gemini men often courts prostitute and leans towards bisexuality, he gets a C for performance because he’s more concerned about himself than about his partner’s satisfaction. He loves kinky sex which group because of the chance to have sex with a variety of partners. Don’t be surprised by mirrors on the ceiling and walls, red and blue night-lights in the room, and an assortment of toys–penis extenders, vibrators Ben-wa Balls–because the bed is the Gemini’s playground.
The female Gemini is often the aggressor, seeking more and more satisfaction from sex. Stimulated by a vivid imagination, she too likes games and toys, but revels in spontaneity and surprise. She’s curious rather than kinky, and is easily aroused by body odors: semen, perspiration, soil sheets.
Signs compatible with Gemini include Aquarius, Leo, Libra, and Aries
Cancer, the Crab
June 22 to July 22
Moody, insecure Cancer likes to have nipples, breast, and chest caressed and kissed.   In fact, they are extraordinary kissers themselves. This should come as no surprise since they are the true romantics of the Zodiac and embody the idealistic view of love and sex in that order. They wrote the book on romance, moonlight, and music, so you’ll get no open, raw mind-blowing sex. Proceed with caution.
The woman sexual gratification is just as important as the male as his own.  Let him run the show initially. Restless idealistic sensitive and insecure complex and moody, he takes love seriously, so settle in for a long-term relationship.  A fairly traditional lover, he’s good at foreplay, lingering long and lovingly over the clitoris, which you will stroke to climax. About as kinky as he gets is to dress up in women’s clothes.
The Cancer woman tends to be shy and inhibited, but, once aroused, she is capable of great passion. She likes to stroke her lover’s penis and testicles, as well as to kiss the inside of his thighs before bringing him to climax. These women often masturbate or have sex with lesbians, young boys, or family members.
Compatible signs are Taurus, Pisces, Virgo, and Scorpio

Leo, the Lion
July 23rd to August 22nd
With Leos, you better come prepared for total submission or a less than equal relationship. And if you don’t give pleasure readily, you’re outta there!
Remember the symbolism here: the lion is the king of the jungle and must be treated with respect.  Both sexes want to be in an equal control of lovemaking.  Of course, they must be told how wonderful the encounter was because they are self-assured and work hard and what they enjoy.  The trouble is, if you like lots of foreplay you may be disappointed, because Leos put their energy into the sexual act and the afterplay.
Once aroused, a Leo woman will take the lead and match an aggressive lover stroke for stroke.  When you enter her plush boudoir, you’d better perform or you’ll be thrown out of the Queen’s bee hive never to enjoy her “honey” again.  She made be receptive to a little kinkiness because it alleviates sexual boredom, and may even use a dildo to enter her lover from behind.
Her male counterpart is a tiger in the bed and doesn’t like a tease; he expects his partner to be ready and willing whenever he wants her, which is most of the time.  A Leo, like a Gemini, loves to screw with the lights on, not for anatomy purposes, but so you can admire his body.  A Leo man is the most unconventional when it comes to sticking to the rules of “pajama game,” so sit back, relax, and enjoy the erotic roller coaster ride.
Aquarius is Leo opposite sign.  This combination may work for a while as passion seeks new heights, but over the long haul it won’t last.  Compatible signs are Aries Gemini Sagittarius and Libra

Virgo, the Virgin
August 23 to September 22
With a Virgo, there won’t be any hot, romantic, impromptu interludes on the beaches, in the back seat of cars, or in a swimming pool, but if you’re looking for commitment, you’ve hit the jackpot!
The erogenous zones of Virgo includes the stomach and the lower chest, so gentle rubbing during a shower and sex will steam up any bathroom or bedroom. Virgos have an infinity for cleanliness, so a shower before sex is a good idea.  They are also realists and traditionalists who find unconventional sex contrary to their prudish nature.  They’re more responsive to marriage or long-term relationship, and  they have decided to have sex, the encounter is well worth the wait.         You can’t jump right into bed with this sign, but don’t misunderstand these are not monks or nuns were talking about.  You won’t have any wild, kinky, or crazy days or any late-night carousing in bars; sex play will be orderly, methodical, and scheduled, just like his/her life.  She has some sexual hang-ups and prefers the missionary position, but she’ll do a lot to please a lover and enjoys mutual masturbation.
He knows the female body and can really turn a woman on, but tends to be fairly conventional unless stimulated by an imaginative partner.  This male has good potential, but sometimes gets sidetracked into voyeurism, masturbation, and sexual obsessions.
A Virgo fits best with a Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, or Scorpio

Libra, the Scales
September 23 to October 23
Libra’s decisiveness will drive you crazy!!!!  This sign is one of the kinkiest of the kinky, especially the Libra woman.  The symbol is the scales, which usually means weighing the pros and cons of life and sex.
The Libra man has the art of making love down to a fine science, but he sometimes get lost in the foreplay, forgetting about the” play”.  He will sip champagne from your navel or insert objects into your vagina and released them at the point of orgasm.  But don’t rush the man, because Librans love to play in bed all day and most of the night.  He can be dramatic and his approach; he’ll begin with a intimate candlelight dinner (which he prepared!) and champagne, followed by a bath with you, massage, and “dessert.”
The woman of this sign has unusual control of the vagina muscles and can constrict them to bring her partner to orgasm. She’ll take it slow and easy, while she explores your body.  In bed, she’s willing and ready to do what’s needed, and she’ll try anything once.
The opposite sign for Libra is Aries, and the Aries/Libra combination is “hot to trot” in the bedroom but unless this pair comes up with something stimulating, a long-term commitment is not in the cards.  They are most compatible with Leos, Sagittarians, Aquarians, and Gemini.

Scorpio, the Scorpion
October 24 to November 21

If you’re looking for kinky sex, you come to the right person, but you better understand what you’re getting into, because there’s no turning back once you involved with a Scorpion.  While most people are satisfied with two orgasms, a Scorpion wants twelve!
“Sex”  is the key word here.  The Scorpio man or woman is totally obsessed with it.  By that I mean how to get it and more of it,  how to keep it, and how to improve on it.   Nothing is taboo to them, and, once aroused, they’ll perform anytime and anyplace.  When in bed,  they mean business, and they must satisfy their insatiable appetite for sex.  They will use electric devices, props, and whips without hesitation, and they love cunnilingus and fellatio. Soft caresses are out; he’s an animal in bed and she’ll scratch ’til you holler.
One man Scorpion told me that he makes preparations for sexual encounters weeks in advance, choosing just the right music and lighting.  But once intercourse begins, he enjoys six or seven encounters a night, making his companions beg for mercy.  The goal of a Scorpion is to totally possess has mate, both physically and mentally, so proceed with caution.  Don’t tease unless you plan to deliver, because Scorpions will rape if attempts at sex are thwarted by their companions.
The Scorpio woman is daring and experimental, and she’ll do anything to prolong sex, from using vibrators and dildos to popping your behind with a whip.  Boring routines and methodical schedules are not her cup of tea because she brings intensity to all her sexual encounters.  This woman is active in bed and likes to gain control by mounting her partner.
A Scorpion’s best bet is someone born before the sign of Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, or Virgo

Sagittarius, the Archer
November 22 to December 21
Never think you can totally possess a Sagittarian.  They are flirts by nature and will move from person to person without a thought.  They are adventurous and free-spirited.  Their erogenous zones are hips, thighs, and all areas in between.
The male of this sign are happy-go-lucky type who view sex as play.   They have a liberal attitude towards life and love.  I once knew a dentist who has very little sex as a teenager, so, as an adult, he saw nothing wrong with caring on two and three affairs at the same time.  Nothing embarrasses the Sagittarian; he turned on by body odors and he loves gadgets like dildos in the bedroom.  Let’s get something straight now, a Sag man is his own person and will always be a bachelor even when he’s married.
The Sagittarian woman loves to screw out of doors, and she prefers the man-on-top arrangement.  Although she likes the appetizers, she was to move as quickly as possible to the main course; once at the table, however, she likes to linger over the entrée.  She doesn’t like to experiment, and frequently move from man to man in search of sexual gratification.  Her free spirit can lead her to lesbianism and bestiality.
Compatible signs are Libra, Leo, Aquarius, and Aries.

Capricorn, the Goat
December 22 to January 19
Capricorns are self-absorbed and are more interested in the sexual act itself then in the sexual partner.  They want to dominate in the bedroom because control is important to them.  Outwardly, they seem quite cold, but that’s only a defense mechanism; once aroused, they are rough and sadistic eager to use paddles, whips, or vibrators for their sexual pleasure.
A Capricorn woman doesn’t like to be surprised in bed;  she wants to know what to expect. And don’t worry about a lot of preliminaries, because getting her aroused requires just a few nibbles on the ear and navel.  A traditionalist who prefers the missionary position, she can be turned on, however, by cunnilingus, but doesn’t want to perform fellatio.  A screamer, scratcher, biter, and spanker,  she has a strong sex drive and likes prolonged lovemaking.  As her partner, you’re in for a very long night!
The Capricorn man prides himself on his stamina and his ability to satisfy a woman.  Don’t make the mistake, however, of trying to lead the goat, because he won’t tolerate it.  Instead, let him take the lead.  This man is easily aroused when everything is in place: slow, seductive music, soft lights turned low, and an exotic setting.  He can be sadistic, though, sometimes resorting to simulated rape, and he prefers to climax by anal penetration.
S/he mates best with Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, or Scorpio.

Aquarius, the Water Bear
January 20 to February 18
Men and women of this sign are highly experimental, and will add bisexuality, homosexuality, and lesbianism to their repertoire.  They move slowly in a relationship, but don’t let this fool you; once  these innovators of the sex world are aroused, watch out!!!!  They will do anything to please their lovers, even setting their own pleasure aside in order to please their mates.  Like the Scorpion, nothing is taboo to the Aquarian.
The Aquarius male can get bogged down in  foreplay because he’s a slow, considerate lover, but climax with him is worth waiting for.  He’s a “no holds barred” kind of man, who quickly gets bored with routine sex.  A real doctor of love, he likes French ticklers and tasty sprays; he’ll take two or three sex partners at the same time; and likes the taste of honey on the clitoris and lemon oil on the nipples.
The woman is a slow starter, but, once aroused, she’s extremely creative and imaginative because she loves variety.  She is very sympathetic and giving in a relationship, so is sometimes attracted to impotent men, lonely women, and unhappy husbands.  Idealistic and courageous, she is the most sexually liberated of women, and will do anything and everything for love.  In relationship, she is very tender, warm, and compassionate; consequently, she is often exploited by men who misread her romantic nature.
The Aquarian is drawn to those born under Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Libra

Pisces, the Fish
February 19th to March 20th
Pisceans enjoy sex to the fullest; they are very creative in the bed and are more cooperative in trying innovative types of sex. They will do just about anything short of death to please their partners.  Their apparent shyness and timidity is only a front, for, once the door is closed, they’ll take you on the adventure of a lifetime. On the darker side Pisceans sometimes join sex cults, become prostitutes or engage in long-term master/slave relationships.
Attractive, intelligent, and charismatic, the male is extremely passionate, self-indulgent, and sensitive to others. Although he likes to take the lead in bed, he likes an experienced, sexually demanding woman who will make all of his erotic fantasies come true. He’s definitely a foot man; a mate will drive him wild by massaging his feet and sucking his toes.
The Pisces woman is sexually liberated and will do anything–wear outrageous costumes, endure bondage, give a tongue bath, lie under a “golden shower”– to please her lover. Easily turned on by erotic settings and erotic games, she is a passionate woman who enjoys sex to the fullest and will sometimes use her body to get what she wants.
Capricorn Taurus Cancer and Scorpio are compatible signs.


My Heart Is Broken

My heart is broken
I thought our love was unconditional
I see it has conditions.

When things don’t go your way
then its the highway.

Why want you fight for me.
As long as things is going good for you then
you love me. When I’m writing a paper then you love me.

When I’m looking over documents or just listening to
your dreams then you love me.
But as soon I say something after you hurt me.
then the love is gone.

My heart aches cause I’m not a light switch.
My feelings for you don’t turn off and on. Like yours for me.
Like father like daughter. I see where she gets it from.
I’m good always has been and always will be. nobody ever done anything for me.
I always take care me and everybody else.  I just can’t deal anymore.
I can’t take the pain anymore. Either you going to be true leave the fake shit
for them other groupies.

End the end it’s only me and the love I have for myself.


New Music: “Dream Catcher”

I love interviewing artists that have a passion for their music. I had the pleasure of interviewing this young man that goes by the name J-Bone a.k.a. JusBizness a while ago and decided to follow up with him and listened to his new cd “Dream Catcher” of which can be purchased at, and to see what he has been doing since we last spoke. He is a veteran hip hop artist and founder of the “Grip Hop” Movement. He has penned a single to reinforce a positive image of black women. J-Bone grew up in a single parent household with a bevy of strong black females. It was the stark contrast to the way black females were portrayed in the hip hop industry that inspired him to release the Black Girl’s Anthem. “I wrote this song because I thought hip hop needed it. Some black women are always called every name but their own. Many of them even find that acceptable. I was raised by a strong black woman and I’m married to one, so yeah, this song is more than just selling records.” J-Bone made a name for himself when he was signed to 212 Records in 2000 and featured in the Source Magazine December 2000 issue. He worked with other esteemed artists such as Kool Kim from the UMCs and producer Nasty Nova. J-Bone also founded the group F.U. (Forever United) and his single, “Same to Me”, was in stores worldwide. Since the early 2000s, J-Bone’s music has headed in a different directions which unknowingly gave birth to his “Grip Hop” Movement. The Grip Hop Movement is exactly what it sounds like; it grips you. In other words, it grabs your attention because it’s not supposed to be like everything else. J-Bone added. J-Bone a.k.a. JusBizness founded the” Grip Hop” Movement in 2004 with the late producer and musician Eugene Singleton. The Grip Hop Movement has included community mentoring, political involvement and community performances.

SM: I listened to the album “Dream Catcher”. Great job by the way! What has happened since our last interview?

JB: Since our last interview I’ve been very busy at my job and working on completing this album, while supporting my wife with her new commercial cleaning business. I’ve been trying to dedicate more time to my real estate business as well, so I can really build more capital which will help me invest in doing the things I love.SM: What is the premise for the entire album?

JB: The premise for this entire album was to put quality hip-hop music that’s profanity free, but still real enough for everyone to relate to no matter where you’re from. Basically, I wanted to create an album that had a variety of songs that possessed lyrical content from the club tracks to the deep political conscious songs. An all around hip-hop album that was 100% profanity free so that all ages could enjoy the music.

SM:  If you could describe the feeling that you were having while writing and during recording of each song, what would it be?

JB: If I had to describe the way I was feeling while I was writing and recording this album; I would say determined and motivated.

SM: What would be your favorite song thus far?

JB: I have more than one favorite song on the album, but if I had to choose one I would say ‘MY COUNTRY’ because it really touches on the injustices going on in America. I think it’s important for us to know the history of systemic racism and how much it impacts people of color.

SM: Are you currently working on any other projects? Any collaborations?

JB: I took a little break from the studio, due to my busy work schedule and managing our side businesses, but I have recorded a few new tracks which will be on an upcoming EP Hip-hop and R&B album I’m putting together with a producer/ musician I’ve been collaborating with.

SM: Contact info?

JB: You can find my new Cd “Dream Catcher” on

Contact Info:

Social media:
twitter @jusbizness
Instagram @griphop
Facebook: Jason Jbone Williams
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Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, Hair Artist and Makeup Artist with Glam Elite Enterprise, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here PhotoGrid_1441594406723


Shanell Monique

Enticing Resultz Magazine staff

Behind The Scenes Of the I Survived Gospel Concert

MakeoversRecently, Women With Gifts presented the I Survived Gospel Concert on Saturday, March 7,2015. Women With Gifts is an organization for women that Women With Gifts is an organization of women using their gifts and talents that GOD has blessed them with. Our organization believes in leadership development, teaching and motivating others. One of the reasons that we, Enticing Resultz Magazine is so involved with this event because we were abled to be sponsors of this event. Since the event was organized by LaNette Kincaid ,we not only wanted an exclusive interview about the event itself, but we also wanted more of a behind the scenes account of the event as well. Here’s a detailed interview about 2015 I Survived Gospel Concert.

ER: What is the purpose for the I Survived Gospel Concert?Dunbar Choir

LK: Ultimately, ISGC is a concert and movement to allow survivors to have a platform to tell about the issues that they have experienced in regards to breast cancer, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. In addition, it was created to bring survivors and “pre-survivors” in one place. Pre- Survivors are people wanting to be in a survival state but they are not quite at the survivor stage yet. Gospel music heals the soul unlike other music genres that put you on a superficial high for a brief moment. So with you put the two together the concert was born.

ER: What surprised you about this event?

LK:I must say I was shocked about the survivors that came out to support the event. I’m also shocked by the people who randomly told me their survivor stories and they don’t know me, but they feel safe telling about their experience. I didn’t want to say anything about this but, I was also shocked that this event didn’t gain the exposure of major news outlets. I just knew that the public and the community would want to know about something positive happening in the city and state besides crime.

Another shocker was when I received an inbox the week of the event telling me that reality show “I Can Only Be Me” was going to not only attend the event but they would be filming certain parts of the show. I was totally shocked by that. I even cried!

ER: Why is it so important for ISGC to get media coverage or exposure?

LK: Media exposure for this event is important because sexual abuse and domestic abuse is now considered to be more of an epidemic or a pandemic in our society. Notice I used words that we normally use when speaking about diseases, but that the affect that these two abuses are taking on society. I mean really our children can’t even attend school anymore without hearing that their teachers are having sex with their peers. In addition we hosted this event at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Fort Worth, Texas. Although Dunbar is a great school with great educational programs on the inside, on the outside of the school everyone has branded this area as Stop Six-a community known for poverty and gang violence. With that being said, when something bad happens in the community media outlets are right on the scene reporting these horrific incidents. Why not report when the school is involved in something positive. By the way the school and the community has made great improvements by based on the lack of media coverage no one really knows that.

ER: What did you like most about the event?

LK: The overwhelming amount of support and the survivors telling their story at this event.. Their stories would start somewhat sad but end on a triumphant note. One thing that stuck with me even after the event is an example that Evangelist Patsy Cole used she compared experience of sexual abuse and being molested as a child to an olive being crushed and bruised but still producing oil. That comparison was so real for me. As survivors we all have gone through something, but we are still standing. Her statement was so profound. Afterwards each honoree was presented with a gift from the Chief Of Police, Rhonda Robertson. Granted, anyone could have given the honorees the gifts but it meant something for them to receive such honor from Fort Worth’s Chief of Police.

ER: Tell us about the performers and why they were selected for the ISGC.Nicole Lashaun Ministries Chozen Tx

LK: First let me say that I when I first started this process I wasn’t looking for any superstars that would think they were larger than this vision or larger than the purpose of the event itself. The full purpose of this event is about the survivors- this is their platform.Gwen GiGi Gray DSC_0251

Each of the performers brought something major to this event.

In start, New Generation and Minister R. L. Taylor & The Sons Of The Father were selected for lovers of traditional down home quartet gospel music.

Spirit of David and Nichole Lashaun is for lovers of great choir songs and also praise and worship music. Nichole Lashaun is also a preachers kid that leads and teaches vocal lessons. She recently performed at a gospel concert at The House of Blues.

Christian rapper and minister, I am Justified and quartet group Chozen were both selected for the youth, hip generation.

Gwen Gi Gi Gray is a jazz gospel singer and besides her being able to sing , I wanted her to be the example of the current Dunbar students and people of the Stop- Six District. Gwen is a Dunbar alumni who has a successful singing career. Her performance was followed a short motivational speech by Coach Robert Hughes Sr.-retired Dunbar Basketball coach, who led Dunbar to 35 state championships and 5 national championships. Lekisha Earles was referred to me by my prayer partner Pastor Clara Peters and when I heard her voice and read her bio I was sold on her being a part of the show. At the time, I had no idea that she was a cast member of I Can Only Be Me Reality Show. Last but not least, Dunbar High School Choir and band performed at our concert which was truly a bonus to the concert.

ER: If you could you change anything about the ISGC what would it be??

LK: It’s without saying that this concert could’ve use some tweaking. I Survived Gospel Concert was my first production of this magnitude. In addition to this being my first big production, I want to add that I wasn’t able to truly start planning until I received a final approval from the school district to host this event at their school. We didn’t get that approval until December of 2014. So in essence, I only had 4 brief months to pull everything together. I didn’t have a do-over button so I couldn’t change anything. I only want to take the experience from March 7,2015 and make 2016 I Survived Gospel Concert better.

Although I wouldn’t change the performers we had, I do want to clarify that this event is for African-Americans. The ISGC platform is for anyone who can really sing. It is also our goal to connect with more organizations to meet the needs of our survivors and pre-survivors.

ER: What do you expect from future ISGC events?

LK:I am striving for nothing but the best with these events. My ultimate goal with this event is to reach both survivors and “pre survivors” and eventually mend the gap between the two. In other words this event will be the platform as well as a healing ground for the people who have had battles with breast cancer or the experiences of sexual abuse and domestic violence. In saying that, I also want to reach families who have lost loved ones to these causes. I may be a tad spoiled but since our first show had a reality show involved I would love to keep the reality show present. That was pretty cool.

ER: What was the greatest experience of the ISGC this year?

LK: Meeting all of the performers and honorees and it was just like a big family reunion I picked up LaRonda Humphrey, one of the honorees who travelled from New Orleans and we talked for hours like we were sisters. I loved our sponsors that helped with the vision.

I loved seeing the honorees get makeovers from Chalkface Inc. Seeing some of the artists get makeovers before performing and having sound check put this production on another level. I kept thinking, “wow God this is serious”.

ER: What were some of the shows setbacks?

LK: When I first talked to my prayer associate Pastor Clara Peters about my plans with the show, she warned me to be prepared for setbacks of the show . She also warned me to always have a plan B.

Here were some of the setback of ISGC:

Host of the show

First host cancelled because I didn’t send the hotel reservation via email within the time they expected Not making excuses but during this same time my aunt passed and my brother was in the hospital. I didn’t communicate that to the host because I wanted to keep my personal life separate from planning

After finding another host for the show beyond our control, we lost the host in a split second. Dunbar High School is an older high school and wheel chair accessibility hasn’t been updated for the auditorium’s stage. Our host needed to be able to host from the stage and there was not a way our production or school could make that happen. Although I was really disappointed about that situation, I had to remember that things like this was one of the reasons for ISGC to give back to the school. A portion of the proceeds from the ticket sales were donated back to Dunbar High School. On a better note about the host and co- host of the ISGC, we landed Pastor Mel Keys of J Radio, author of Joshua Generation “Hell To The Know” and pastor of Joshua Generation and Tessa Allen from spotlight radio show in Houston . What a pair they were amazing!

My Health

In January 2014, I got extremely sick I thought I was dying. Turns out I was food poisoned, but this illness lead to other findings in my health. Not only was I severely anemic, I had two tumors on my ovaries. So to fast forward I finally decide to have surgery in October of 2014 to have issues corrected.. So I was contacting potential artist in October praying that they would stay on board while I recuperated from my surgery.

Mother Nature

Two weeks before the event the weather in Texas was a mess, just horrible. my plans were to be like a street team type of marketing right before the show. It was ice everywhere! Only in Texas will it freeze one day and the sun shining the next day. I love my state!

Untrustworthy People

People who pretended they really wanted to be a part of the vision. People who lied about ticket sales, people who lied about graphics we needed and couldn’t meet the dead line. People, People, People…..and I literally could go on about this all day. In saying ,all this about the negative. God really turned the negatives into positives. I’m grateful for that. Although these things sound horrible I actually laugh at how God still blessed and improvised throughout every circumstance.


Our tickets weren’t really a setback, but I wanted to mention them because all I cared about was how cute and professional the tickets were. I mean really these tickets looked as if you were going to superstar type concert and I didn’t realize until the week of the event that they didn’t have a time on them. Oopsie!

ER: What were the overall highlights of the show

LK: My mother was one of the honorees of the show. We also had a moment of silence for our host, Pastor Mel’s mom who he lost in December of 2014. That was huge!! Our show started to the beats of the Dunbar band which shocked everyone. Even me! I must say that Dunbar’s band and choir is one of the most talented in FWISD.

ER: Any one last minute thoughts?

LK: Yes, Thank you to Mr. Carlos Walker, the principal of Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School. It is very hard trying to keep religious functions in our schools and I thank him for allowing and approving the ISGC to take place at this school. I will never forget him for that. Thanks to my 13 year old Lady Zee she actually turned into a beast to market and promote my events and then after their over she turns back into a cute little book worm. Hugs and love to everyone for your love and support.

I tried to post all of our highlights on every social media network possible so please follow us at #ISurvived2015   or @ISurvived2015

ER: What advice would you give people creating an event or production ?

LK: Have a back-up plan for everything. Play in your mind as a perfect event , then you wipe your mind clean and replay your event again. The second time be sure to include possible disasters. Don’t trust everyone.. Don’t’ assume that everyone wants you to have a successful event.

Don’t give up !Don’t get distracted ! Turn off the phone, turn off the social media, 1 month,1 week before the event. You will love yourself for it. Stay focused on your event!

LaNette Kincaid is a Marine wife and mother of two, that took on the challenge of owning a business shortly after graduating college. Most of her tips and advice that you will read in our magazine will come from her personal experiences of trial and error. To see more of LaNette’s tips be sure to follow her on Twitter @LaNetteKincaid


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Diggy Simmons

As usual, I’m always pleased to get a connect with Future Star DJ’s whenever there is business with a major recording artist. When you get to have a conference call with a major recording artist from Atlantic Records such as Diggy Simmons, you tend to forget that he is only 19 yrs old. A pop culture icon for the teenagers, but making music for the cross over generation. His music is a hit in the clubs as well. Diggy Simmons is a star on the rise. Coming to the scene a few years ago debuting hits such as “Copy and Paste” and “4 Letter Word”. This young man, the son of Rev. Run (“Run” of Run DMC), and the nephew of Russell Simmons. Growing up around the music industry, this young man has become an icon. At 19 yrs young, he gets a lot of his inspiration from artists such as Anita Baker, Sade, Kanye West, and many others. He says that in 5-10 years, He just wants to be “happy making music”. I would say that he is ahead of his time. He introduced his first single off of his EP “Out of This World”, titled “Ain’t Bout To Do” which is about a young man “stepping up to the plate to do what your man won’t do.” This song in his own words was “cohesive”, all of the parts just fit together. This single which was produced by DJ Mustard, Featuring French Montana, was a hit before he even knew it. After hearing the beat by DJ Mustard, he immediately thought of French Montana to lay some verses down, because of his “NYC vibe”. Diggy wanted it to be something for the people, especially the NYC nightlife. He has another single “Honestly”, that you can view for yourself below. Expect to hear a new songstress that will be featured in some of his music by the name of “PJ”, she has that Lauryn Hill type of vibe, and another new voice that shall remain a secret until his EP “Out of This World”, is available for purchase. Stay tuned and stay up to date with what Diggy has going on. For booking contact his manager Laurie To contact him directly @diggy_simmons on Twitter and @diggysimmons on Instagram.


Diggy Simmons-Honestly [Official Video] (Click to Watch)


Tour Dates:

December 19th. Hot97’s “Christmas In Brooklyn” at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn,NY, Diggy Simmons- Barclays Center (Click Link)

December 20th. Making a special guests appearance at the legendary Apollo, Harlem, NY, Diggy Simmons-Apollo Theater (Click Link)IMG_20141130_230938_2

December 26th. Richmond,Va at the Richmond Coliseum, Tickets on sale December 5th

December 27th. Jacksonville, Fl. at the Times Union Center Diggy Simmons- Times Union Center (Click Link)

January 17th. Redondo Beach, California at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Diggy Simmons- Redondo Beach (Click Link)




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Diddy Coffee

Hott Coffey Management’s CEO Diddy Coffee presents Hott Coffey Management/Entertainment. Hott Coffey Management is a full team company that promotes, major to local events as well managing major and up and coming artists. From recording artists to models and actors under the watchful eye of CEO Diddy Coffee. Hott Coffey Management has worked with such acts as , 95 SOUTH, THE 69 BOYZ, GLENN JONES, TONY TERRY,IMG_116978485701628,CHUBB ROCK, KIESHA COLE, DEITRICK HADDON,IMG_116153326990276,YOLANDA ADAMS, FRED HAMMOND,IMG_116742146174062, BYRON CAGE,IMG_116910336495717, SHIRLEY CEASAR,IMG_116928719083470, SHABBA RANKS, LIL BOOSIE, PLIES,IMG_115682586213008, KIETH SWEAT, SILK,IMG_116984487705792,  KURTIS BLOW, CRIME MOBB, to name a few,
Major Festivals such as THE FUNK FESTIVAL, THE SOUL FOOD FESTIVAL, many Major to local concerts all over the world, also with the school system doing concerts from middle schools to colleges doing shows for NBA STAY N SCHOOL PROGRAMS,SAY NO TO DRUGS, STOP BULLYING CONCERTS and many community events geared toward helping inner city youth, from BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS to the YMCA.  Hott Coffey Management has a wide range of artists from hip-hop ,R&B,to gospel artists currently working with THE 69 BOYZ AND 95 SOUTH TOUR and his ARTIST ROYALE pronounced ROY-YELL-LAY. IMG_116045573534016


Diddy Coffee is currently on a major conference with “God’s Women in Music”, Ministry, Business and Entertainment Conference with major gospel manager executives. Apostle Veryl Howard, representative for Preacher’s of L.A. featuring Deitrick Haddon. Also representing other major gospel artists. Diddy Coffee is “On The Rise.” Working with his brother on his tv show “On The Rise”, with over 300,000 in viewership and growing. Diddy has been Entertainment Director for the Soul Food Festival in Green Cove Springs, FL. The North Side and East Side Love Festivals, which gathers over 5,000 alone. Hott Coffey has “Enticing Resultz.”

For more info contact:
To book artists or Diddy Coffee as a host.
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Jonathan-6869-1 (2)

Jonathan Valencia

“Jonathan Valencia is a 13 year old Gospel Recording Artist who loves Jesus. He is taking the music industry by storm with his bold and confident yet humble demeanor. As an independent artist, in just over a year he has accomplished some astonishing things. He has been nominated for 3 awards for Rhythm of Gospel Awards, a nominee for the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards for New Artist of the year and received 2 Prayze Factor People Choice Awards. He won the showcase for the Most Outstanding New Artist of the Year at the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards. He has a debut album titled ‘Kingdom Bound’ which was released January 2014. He has been featured on national TV on Gospel Music Presents with Shirley Murdock, Kelly Price, Regina Bell, Beverly Crawford, Howard Hewett and others. Jonathan has had the opportunity to open for Lisa Page Brooks, Slims Supreme Angels and he is confirmed to open July 19, 2014 for Canton Jones in Waycross, Georgia.

He was born in Jacksonville, Florida on August 3, 2001.  At the early age of 3, Jonathan’s idea of play was preaching on his Karaoke machine.  He has always enjoyed attending church.  One memorable moment was when he was about 4 years old and he fell asleep at a night service.  I carried him to the car and as we reached the car, Jonathan woke up with a big stretch and stated something like ‘Boy that devil will sure put you to sleep’.  I laughed out loud because I knew how he loved to be up and engaged in church.  Jonathan has always been recognized as being deeply grounded in God’s word and bold about his walk with Jesus.  Many Pastors would often state that Jonathan was a little preacher.  As for me, I refer to him as my tugboat because he has pulled me along in my spiritual walk.  He has been given the opportunity to preach in 4 churches in Jacksonville, Florida.  He has performed in various church plays and has performed a Christian song on a local television station several years ago.  He has delivered messages at several youth events in churches throughout Jacksonville, Florida. Jonathan expressed his concern for his peers singing songs that brings curses and death to their lives and his concern resonated in me.  Being inspired by God, I began to do what I love to do which is to write.  As a result, my words poured out as a song I titled ‘Kingdom Bound’.  The song was written for Jonathan to use to inspire other youth to pursue their calling now.  Matthew 19:14 speaks directly to us on how we should prepare children for the kingdom.  Jonathan’s grandfather has been a spiritual mentor and someone who Jonathan follows.  Bible studies are their most favorite time together.  Jonathan has a deep love for Jesus and wants to spread the good news to the world.  His first release “Kingdom Bound” is for everyone but the target audience is the youth due to Jonathan’s sincere concern for his peers who listen to explicit lyrics.  He understands that many of the words they repeat are not good for their minds and many of his peers are not even aware of the things they are speaking on their lives through the lyrics they repeat.  Jonathan wants to introduce positive words that his peers can repeat over their lives.  His favorite sport is basketball and he enjoys playing football too. Jonathan continues to rely on his faith in God’s word to overcome obstacles that have challenged his faith. The obstacles have caused him to develop a consistent prayer life and commitment to learn scriptures.  Jonathan is currently ministering his music in churches and various events.  His boldness in serving Jesus is evident when he is on stage professing the name of Jesus.”

-M. Valencia (Jonathan’s mom)


SM: How has your walk with Christ been over the years, being that you are so young? How do your peers feel? Do you influence them to walk the path of righteousness? How do you handle opposition?
JV: A. It has been a good walk because Christ has always been in my life. My peers know I am a Christian. Sometimes they are curious and ask questions and I am able to witness through their curiosity. A few of my peers are Christians and when they are influenced by the world, I remind them of their walk with Jesus. They may curse or sing inappropriate music and I tell them that as Christians we have to show the world our light. Opposition was more difficult to handle when I was younger but I find myself being wiser in handling opposition as I grow spiritually in the word of God.

SM: Who musically influences you? Who would you like to work with in the near future?
JV: Fred Hammond, Cece Winans and Marvin Sapp

SM: This question is for mom: What has been your greatest struggle raising a young minister of the Gospel? Did you ever feel that you wanted him to slow down and be a “regular” kid?

MV: The greatest struggle was dealing with various issues in school. No, My desire is for him to be who God has called him to be. I notice that Jonathan is happier and more confident than “regular” kids.


SM: What is family environment like? What do you do for fun? Any siblings? How do they feel about your success?

JV: Our family is very loving and supportive of each other. We strive for excellence and being humble. Basketball is something I enjoy and I also enjoy having bible studies with my Grandfather and Dad. I have an older and younger brother. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share Jesus with people.

SM: Is there anything that you would change? Musically?

JV: No, I cannot think of anything.

SM: How do you see your life progressing within the next 5years? 10 years?

JV: I see me preaching God’s word, so I am learning as much as I can to prepare for that time.


SM: Did you ever think that you would get this far in your career? How have you faced challenges?

JV: I never thought I would be singing at this level but when we began this journey, I spoke that God would increase our ministry to be internationally known. I pray about them and trust God to handle the challenges I face.

SM: What would you pass on to the next generation?

JV: I would tell them what I normally say to everyone and that is to keep God first and He will bless your life and help you through anything that you go through.
SM: Any closing remarks?

JV: My album “Kingdom Bound” was created to speak life and blessings over the lives of anyone that repeat the lyrics. It is available in most digital stores, such as ITunes, etc.


SM: Contact info/booking:

JV: Visit for booking information.




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New Music Artist Spotlight: Lamar Starzz


I had the pleasure of listening to this hot new artist Lamar Starzz after being invited on a conference call with Future Star DJ’s. That night they were hosting a call with Music legend and Producer Jermaine Dupri and a few other new artists and dj’s. I must say that after connecting and listening to up coming cd which has not yet been released (“Elevation”), I was glad that I did.

Lamar Starzz is an R&B singer/songwriter based out of Atlanta, Ga. “Elevation” Cd soon to be released (date tba). New single/remix “Try Me” that you can listen to now which is a remake of Dej Loaf’s “Try Me” has been sounding off and ringing bell’s. He has previously released mix tape/cd’s in 2013 such as “H.E.R.” and “H.E.R. II” LAMAR-STARZZ-H.E.R.-FRONT LS-Front-Coverwhich is an acronym for “Hear Everything Right”, this young man buzzing. After listening to his music, it reminded me of some of the classic love ballads mixed with a twist of the 90’s love songs up to the “new age”. You will definitely feel the urge to love again. From past soundtracks up to the new releases off of his up coming Cd ” Elevation” which is soon to be released, he has upped the ante to “Grown People Music” and has taken it to another level. You can track him and his upcoming concerts at (or download the app). Check out his website You can also follow him on Twitter/Instagram @LamarStarzz, FaceBook fan Page @Lamar Starzz, YouTube, search “Lamar Starzz”.

CD100_in LS-Back-Cover


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After speaking with this young man that goes by the name of Supa Emcee aka Supremacee Brown, I see why he has been given the title “Supa Emcee” and he is definitely “The Immortal”. With fire blazing tracks and sharp hooks, this young man is tantalizing the scene. Raw edginess coupled with sharp rhythmic vocabulary. His vernacular is simply “dope”. You get the hip hop fusion of dope beats, and classic hooks. I love this music! This is one guy that you want to keep on your radar. He is a “Renaissance” man within his own right. You can actually call him a young legend. Officially from Highland Park, Michigan; within the Metro Detroit Area. Detroit (Home of Motown/”Hitsville U.S.A.”). This area once housed “Chrysler”, in fact it was headquartered there before it moved in 1992. This area was also home to a few movies like “8 Mile” that was filmed in 2002, of which Supa Emcee was a part of. The movie “Four Brothers” in 2005, the documentary “The Waterfront” in 2007, the film “Gran Torino” in 2008, the film “Highland Park” in 2009, “Real Steel” in 2011. He’s gotten his fair share on the big screen as well, doing what he does. Alongside the movie “8 Mile” He’s been on television sitcoms, such as “The Parkers” and “Moesha”, featured as an Emcee and Fredro Starr’s (ONYX) friend.

IMG_392385006140204IMG_392326613781633IMG_392373320597553_1From a young child he has been entertaining. He used to drop rhymes, before he even knew what “bars” was. A friend of the family by the name of  Cherelle (female songstress of “Saturday Love” with Alexander O’Neal) encouraged his mother to have him start writing his rhymes down. Well…….the rest is history!

“Supa Emcee aka “Supremacee Brown” of the “Almighty Dreadnaughtz,” is one of Detroit’s hottest premier rap energies for the new millennium.IMG_404189912878316 Born and raised in Highland Park, Michigan, Supa Emcee truly represents his calling and name to the FULLEST. He received the first annual “DJ K Nice Free-Style Artist of the Year Award,” which is just the beginning of what the future holds for this talented artist. In addition to being known for terrorizing the battle (countless Source & Blaze battles), scene and open mic shows all over Detroit. He has also opened up for major label acts such as Black Moon, Dead Prez, Snoop Dogg , Fredro Starr (ONYX), Ice Cube, Krs 1, Eminem, D-12, Whodini, Rakim, 2 Live Crew, and YO-YO. Special appearances can be heard on the “DJ Butter Mix Tape” with Detroit’s own D-12 (Eminem, Proof, and the late Bugz), 105.9 FM “V-man Show” intro, 105.9 FM “Mark tha Spark Show” intro, “The Drop” intro on “Whats Next on the Menu” and 105.9 FM “Spudd Show” intro. Also, his skills can be heard in collaboration with the group “Almighty Dreadnaughtz” on the underground albums “City of Trees” (1997), “Loud & Fearless”(1999), “Point of No Return” (2000), and the highly anticipated “Secret Wars” (2003). In 2005, he was signed as the lone solo artist to Big Proof of D12’s “Iron Fist Records”, releasing his first solo project “By Any Means Necessary” (2005). He was also a featured artist on the nationwide release “Hand to Hand the Mixtape Manual”(2005). Shortly after Proof’s passing he released “Hood Hero” (2006-07).


In 2008, he with the Dreadnaughtz released the long awaited album “You All Are Doomed”.IMG_404211496127162 His solo catalog was boosted by several acclaimed albums in recent years with the release of “American Anger” (2009/10), as well as a compilation project showcasing Highland Parks finest “Gran Torino” (2010/11). The successes of these projects graduated into the inception of his label “Prooven Records/Hood Hero Ent,“ in 2011, which celebrated its first release the “Supremeacee” LP (2011/12). The project was lent great distinction with the help of platinum producers Nick Speed “G-Unit” & Mr. Porter “D-12.” Additionally, his free-style talents have been no secret, blowing away audiences at the taping of UPN’s “Moesha” and “The Parkers” television shows. He had a principal role in Eminem’s movie “8 Mile” and was featured on one of the lost battle scenes from the DVD that raises eye brows to a worldwide audience.

Supa Emcee believes in his community and is committed to giving back through community involvement, advocacy, and education. In fact, his talent was truly giving back to the community. When Supa Emcee was asked to be a freestlye/lyric mentor and teacher for the “YoYo’s School of Hip Hop,” in Highland ParkIMG_403846315562405 He can also be heard in recent years on his very own internet show on “Polar Bear Radio” titled the “Supa Emcee Freestyle Hour”, as well as being a regular feature on “SVMIXRADIO.COM.” In 2011, he was a finalist for Eminem’s “Redbull Emcee Battle,” in Detroit as well as a finalist in 2012. He was awarded the “Magnum Live Large” Detroit artist title 2011/12 and was given the distinction of being crowned the “Hip Hop/Rap Artist of the Year” at the 2012 “Detroit Black Music Awards.”IMG_392352500923290

In 2012, he was featured on the J Dilla compilation project “Rebirth of Detroit,” and was featured on the lead hit single “Dillatroit,” alongside fellow artist, Nick Speed and Guilty Simpson. The popularity of this track inspired a tour around the globe throughout England, Germany, Scotland, France and Denmark with fellow artists Guilty Simpson and the legendary Phat Kat aka “Ronnie Euro.” In late 2012, he released his first duo LP with fellow Dreadnaughtz member Konphlict “Blue Knight to Red Dawn” and his popularity has continued to grow with his brilliant use of social media like YouTube. His countless, unique, epic video releases spotlight his creativity and lyrical talents with videos that compliment nearly every track off of his recent “Supremacee” release. This ultimate emcee brings new strength, high dynamics, creative rhymes, and innovative styles to hip-hop. Michigan’s “Marvel Lyricist” is definitely a superstar in the making and the one to watch for in the years to come!”IMG_392319285257261

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