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Health Article

Back Fat can be just as hard to get rid of as the belly for most people. If your core isn’t strong then it is highly likely that you will have the “not so sexy back” If you want your Sexy Back, try incorporating a few of these exercises in your routine. Remember, having a healthier diet will speed up the process of fat loss and muscle building/toning in which ever body part you wish to target. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy weight. You want to burn calories and lifting weights will achieve a high calorie burn when done efficiently and properly.  I have just a bit of advice for you -Brandi N Anderson

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Sizzling Interview with Shanell Monique

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ER: What is your most challenging situation?

A:  My most challenging situation is not being able to perform at optimal level in my salon. When I have a bad day I try not to let it show through my performance at work.

ER: What unique experiences separate you from the rest of the industry?

A: I’m definitely Avant-Garde. I don’t usually follow trends..I build on them and put my own twist. I dare to be different. If everyone is, wearing brown in the winter, then I will do red with platinum highlights!

ER: In closing, what does the beauty industry mean to you and how do you think it has changed the game?

A: The beauty industry to me is an array of collections. I think that because styles never really go out of style, they just evolve. As people continue to bring back trends and build on them, it gets better. I love to see people thinking outside of the box.

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Brandi N Anderson

Fear of Success

This is a question that I often ask myself when pondering what it is that I am supposed to be doing with my life. The knowledge and power that is in me does not belong behind a desk working for someone else but instead in the head office of my company as the CEO. I use to think it was procrastination or just laziness but no, I work extremely hard for my company and often times go beyond the call of duty for them. So the only answer I had left to give myself was that I have a fear of success. I’ve heard God tell me to step out on faith many, many times with creating my own company and providing a service that many need but the doubt and uncertainly quickly set in. Fears of things like rejection and failure crippled my process of starting my own thing. The enemy played on those fears consistently enough that I stopped the progress of something almost 7 years ago. Those fears were quieted by God’s confirmation, I heard it so clearly and felt it in my body that it is indeed time to venture out and finish what He started in me 7 years ago. See when God confirms something you must first have to hear it and feel it. Then He will make your steps straight and your hands like His allowing everything that you touch to be made whole and shine like silver. Of course that is if you are in His will. Whatever it is that you do for a living that is making others rich, production line worker, restaurant waitress, sales clerk in a retail store, do not give up on your dreams of being a success story. The owner of the company you work for is a success story so why shouldn’t you be one. I have just a bit of advice for you in trying to get over your fear of success:

-Brandi N Anderson

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