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Fallen Deeply

Never began to imagine that I would ever…not me. Mission, independence…could never be in the situation of incorporating someone indefinitely, into my life so instantly. Kind of scared of  how it made me feel. Never turning away, never thinking to replace you. No one could hold a permanent level like you, never thought this would ever be. Something so uncontrollable; every moment sensual, connection on a celestial level. Heightened in a way that I never thought was possible, no matter what they say. I’m keeping this with no need for approval from “Curiosity.”  The only approval needed is spiritual. Curiosity has definitely touched on many plateaus, wondering when and how long will it take before they crack…before they fall…before they share it all. Funny isn’t it? If they only had a clue. Unknowingly to curiosity, reality took over and those two had already merged and did the unthinkable.


Lena Holliday

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Good And Evil

In each and every solitary mind and soul, there is the struggle of good and evil, atone therefore on the day, taking no thought for tomorrow: for tomorrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. It is all together beneficial to one’s life course to abstain from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. The eyes of the Lord are upon those who do good and his face against them that do evil. In the heart lies the power to choose good, for what we want most, we are; therefore, one must elect to do good and resist evil as it is conceived. God did not create evil, it is the result of what happens when man is without the presence of God’s love in his heart. There is the environment in which a child is reared that begins a notion of good and evil, being the result of the moral atmosphere they breathe. Evil shall be the destruction of the wicked because the wicked have a passion for evil and desire darkness in which to do their want. Who ever shall give evil for good, evil shall remain with him: for in the wrong coveted in a man’s heart lies the root of all evil. Give thanks unto The Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endures forever. Take witness to your innermost desires that they do not hinder your way, and pray that the good far out weigh the evil that man does do in his heart, in the sight of God. In who’s life does evil not rear it’s ugly head, and in who’s conscience does the will to do good not present itself; who then shall be righteous?


K.L. Presha’

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell

Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell in action on ESPN ‘FNF’-Fight Network (click on link)

Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell Boxing Stats (click on link)

Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell (click on link)

Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell Video (click on link)

Dorset “The Bullet” Barnwell Sparring Video “Make Hard Work Easy” (click on link)

Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell Pre- Cooking Video (Instruction how to dress when cooking) (click on link)


“I’ve been a fighter for as long as I can remember…only difference now, is that I’m getting paid to do it and not locked up lol…I started boxing at the age of 13 and I’ve been blessed to be able to travel the world doing something I luv…state to state,country to country…I’m not a millionaire yet but, I am already living my dream…

-Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell


1795574_531742953623056_1851994110727952040_n“Dorsett “the bullet” Barnwell and heavyweight world champ (Wladimir Klitschko). After a day at the gym in Austria”



“The American and UK sparring partners in ‘Camp Klitschko’…so much power in 1 pic”



“Headed to the gym in the mountains on Austria is hard work but, easy on the eyes”


10492481_533175513479800_6305968684731065962_n (2)

“It wasn’t until I did something with my life (travel the world boxing), I realized expectations were set so low for me. Austria pic



SM: What was life like in Harlem, NY growing up? What prompted you to get into boxing? How did you get the name “The Bullet”?

DB: Life in Harlem isn’t as bad as people make it. Either your a follower or a leader. You set and make a way for yourself. I started boxing by accident, walked in the wrong building for the restroom and never left. Bullet just describes the type of fighter I am (fast and strong).

SM: How hard or easy was it to keep your title as “Heavyweight” with the record of wins. Who was your most difficult opponent?

DB: My favorite saying is “make hard work easy”…I’d say “I’m my most difficult opponent”.

SM: How would you describe boxing in the U.S.A compared to European circuit? Training in Munich, Germany proves to be more beneficial? Would you see yourself as a Champion Boxer in Germany?

DB: Either your the champ of the world or your not the champ. Others say “your doing good” but, I say “I’m doing bad” because I don’t want to get content. There are pros and cons to training anywhere, if there’s a boxing gym there I’m fine.

SM: Have you ever turned down a fight? Why or why not?

DB: Yes…money, bad contact, etc.

SM: What has been your best or most desired fight thus far?

DB: My primary goal is, financial stability for me and my family. So whatever fight that does that, is the fight I’m looking for.

SM: Would you say your career is just beginning or do you see yourself retiring soon?

DB: My career hasn’t even started, I’m nowhere near where I want to be.

SM:  A question for the ladies. Is Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell single? I see that you have some videos of you cooking for the ladies. What is that all about?

 DB: I am single but, cooking is my second love10596100_10204052549089577_37191099_n

SM: How would someone book you for a fight?

DB: First you’d have to have the money and then a License.

SM: Any closing remarks?

DB: Stay tuned for more Dorsett “The Bullet” Barnwell and follow my IG @dorsettbarnwell

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Eaddy Boy(s)

“This family was begun by James Eaddy, I. (aka. Eddy, Edy, Edie, and Eady). According to the Daughters of American Revolution (DAR), he was born about 1730. He petitioned for and received a land grant about 1753-54. He settled on the Lynches River in South Carolina. His neighbors and their descendants have pioneered that wilderness into a prosperous farming community. Some accounts indicate that he served in the Revolutionary War in the General Francis Marion (Swamp Fox) Brigade about the age of 45-50 with his two sons, James Eaddy, II. and Samuel Eaddy, Sr. Some historians doubt that he actually served as a soldier; but, it is well documented that he was a patriot having provided food and other supplies. There is a documented account of a James Eddy (Eaddy) who provided supplies in 1743 to the South Carolina Militia for use in a conflict with the Spanish in Florida. These indents valued at 5 Pounds were collected by Captain Elias Horry. Additional research is needed to establish whether this man could be associated with the James Eaddy Family.”………………………

IMG_527770277607490Fast forwarding; Moe Eaddy is from Highland Park, Michigan, a Metropolitan area in Detroit. One of 17 children all by the same mother and father. His mother was from Detroit, father was from South Carolina. Their family grew up in church, singing in the choir, and were well known in the comunity. He was short and was picked on a lot, so he learned how to box. He fought a lot in middle school, fighting on behalf of himself and for anyone else that was getting bullied. Fighting gained him a lot of respect. Geronimo was a friend of his that lived in a “spot”. Hanging with “Geronimo” caused him to get in the game. One day in 1983, Moe, an early teen at the time had gotten his chance. The “Kingpin” that Geronimo worked for came in, but then he stepped out for a minute. People were knocking at the door to be served. Moe watched Geronimo for some time so he caught on and started serving the customers. When the Kingpin had come back, he realized that Moe had sold $700 worth of pure uncut powder narcotics in less than 2 hours, and this was his first time, $150 was offered to him. Moe started working the spots, then formed his own crew. Geronimo had put Moe onto the game so Moe returned Geronimo the favor and made him part of his crew. He was kicked out of school in the 10th grade, because he was suspected of soliciting workers while in school, which he did. He and his brothers also rolled up to school in the finest cars and wore flashy clothes, so this alerted school officials as well. He was selling drugs before he started cursing. Moe’s Pastor didn’t know that he sold drugs until he was older. Even though he sold drugs, he still attended church regularly, and tithed. New Doc 1_1_resized_2 (4)

“Zip Lock Crew” was coined to Moe and his crew (Eaddy Boys) by the police because they served drugs out of a bag in photo 4Detroit instead of out of their hand like they did in Flint, MI. One of the ATF agents labeled their operation as the “most sophisticated group he had ever seen.” Eaddy Boys consisted of 6 biological brothers and anyone else close enough to them in their crew. They raked in about $120,000 or more per day; about $2 million or more per month. Their operation went throughout Detroit, Flint, Alabama, New York, Chicago, Jamaica and a few other places between 1986-1994. In fact Moe was on the run for about 3 1/2 years from 1994 til about 1998, before getting caught. Money was transported by cabs, and he travelled by limousines because he didn’t have to use I.D. When the ATF (acronym for federal law enforcement agency related to laws governing Alcohol Tobacco Firearms) finally busted them in the late 1990’s they found about 50 locations where they housed the drugs along with workers that were chained to a pipe in the house that reached as far as a hole in the door that allowed them to serve customers when they walked up. They couldn’t get out, even if there was a fire. Their bathroom consisted of a bucket with ammonia and bleach so that they could use at any time. Workers would get beaten if they messed up, or didn’t bring in their quota. They usually met their quota though. People would wait in long lines to purchase and Moe found himself supplying to each of his spots regularly throughout the day, because they would run out so often. The workers were paid on average $1.000.00 per week.  The Eaddy Boys would allow people to quit working for them to build their own crew, contrary to what the police had reported (see article to the top right). He had lawyers on call 24 hrs a day for every crew member and their workers. Moe himself beat several cases including attempted murder.
photo 5_1
Moe originally left Highland Park, MI because of a turf war. After witnessing three of  his friends get killed because of  being a threat, Moe had gotten shot four times at once, then the gun was pointed at his head. He played dead, but luckily the gun had run out of bullets. There was a lady that witnessed and called the ambulance. She stayed with him until they came. She was given money for looking out for him by one of  Moe’s crew members. But during his hospital stay his crew members were posted up day and night for protection. He got well enough, still on crutches though and commenced to looking for the man that shot him. He posted up in a car with crutches nearby………..
Life in prison was no piece of cake. He was kicked out  of  two federal prisons and landed in a high security prison for fighting and causing a riot. Milan Federal Prison, McKean Federal Prison (medium security prison), and lastly USP Pollock Federal Prison which was a maximum high security prison. He started writing during this time to calm him down. He completed one book and started writing two more after prison release.
People do change. Upon being released from prison serving 11 1/2 out of 17 years because drug laws had changed, he went straight home, no halfway house. After being released from prison, there was a party thrown for him. When he pulled up outside the house there was a Mercedes Benz, amongst other luxury cars, of people ready greet him. The guest were there to welcome him home with clothes and money. Moe invested into real estate; homes and a few businesses, one club and one hair salon. One regret that Moe had was getting into the drug game. He says that “The game is good for no one”.
**Disclaimer: Some names have been changed due to the nature of this content.**
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Women, We Rock!

Women, we wax, shave, pluck, tweeze, lather, rinse, dye, tweak, shimmer, dust, curl, flatiron, press, stretch, a multitude of things are done every day by women; in order for women to look the way A.) we want to; and B.) are expected to look.

And although as a woman, I may complain about these struggles daily. I have to be completely honest once day I am happy though. I love being a girl! We’re smooth and soft because we use lotion and use sugar scrubs and we love it. We shop and we’ll say “I don’t need any more clothes,” but there’s nothing like popping the tag and putting on that new outfit for that night. Makeup is just grown up playtime. With makeup we’re able to literally put on a mood or feeling for that night. The Smokey eye is seductive and alluring, used to either ensnare that lucky individual or keep that significant other enslaved. Sometime there’s a blemish or an unwanted pimple better left unseen out in the daylight and makeup can help with that insecurity. Overall, makeup is fun.

Jewelry, Marilyn Monroe said it best, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” And I say so is Silver and gold hoops, Swarovski crystals, anything by “Betsey Johnson”, “Michael Kors” watches, knuckle rings, and other accessories you just couldn’t leave the store without. Women like accessories. We love our necklace that goes perfectly with that shirt, or that purse that pulls the whole ensemble together. Purses are like walking diaries we throw our life into for the day. One can never be too sure, “Aunt Flo” comes around to rear her head, but we will be prepared with sanitary napkins and whatnots. We can’t forget our favorite perfume. Purses are a godsend.

And lastly we have women’s shoes. Oh how can I explain how important shoes are to women?

They’re men’s beer on game day. Shoes are the bone the dog insists on chewing. The bear that child sleeps with every night. They’re the winning point made at a soccer game or the relief from finishing an exam. Shoes are vital to every woman. Be she prissy or sporty, it doesn’t matter. If the preference is platform heel or sneaker. Shoes are literally the one thing women can excuse themselves for having so many. Women love being women, we love taking the time to look good and feel good. So we should stop complaining about our “struggles” because we’re never going to stop doing them. Sure, it’s not all fun and games (Brazilian wax anybody?), but it’s all part of our magic, which makes us so awesome. Rock on!


Samantha Pope

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Life’s Too Short

Imagine what is, what could be, the possibility, seizing the moment in motion. Life is but an instant in time, a forward continuance of possibilities transcending the limits of thought. The world is full of mundane affairs and opportunities missed, but step back and give thought to the minds vision. A chance taken is an eternity in the mind and no regrettable aspect of a made decision. Living life according to truth brings about right decisions giving structure to one’s life, putting together the pieces to make one whole, soul to soul. A right choice is amiss because of hesitation to fellowship and associate towards one another’s interests. And when the opportunity has past through time and a moment of regret fills the atmosphere, one wishes they could turn back the hands of time. Who then will realize that life is but once, and spark a memorable moment before it fades into tomorrow and gives birth to disappointment? Pain and sorrow may come in life’s endeavors but it is only to strengthen one’s mental foundation and build on emotional boundaries. Make that one chance worthy of your tomorrow and of forever, worthy of salvation. Don’t allow unpredictability to debut broken pieces of yesterday. When the stage is set, take time to capture life as it is before it disappears into wishes of yesterday when it is past. For what is one’s life but a mist that appears a little time and then vanishes. Even so, there are sparks in life like a blazing fire that makes flames and brightness out of everything thrown into it. Standing motionless in life may stunt your forever as it passes by; right now is the future given every second that passes away. Life is a spiritual embrace gifted by the Father, exalted by the Son, bestowed upon all creation less it be dwindled away. Important is the ease of emotion, it is key to conducting a peaceful exchange. Also, good emotional conduct is an exclusive means of communication between two. Grasp today that tomorrow not be in vain, for the future is a mystery unawares. Take the time to beautify the mind through appreciation of God’s creation, breathing in a breath of life for every moment lived giving God the glory. Death is but a heartbeat away; how then shall you greet it?
K.L. Presha’
Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine
Brandi N Anderson

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare is a subject that I believe takes years to understand so I encourage you to study it yourselves so that you too can equip yourselves appropriately. Spiritual Warfare is taking a stand against the evil in this world. It began in Heaven when God kicked Satan out of Heaven to Earth then to Hell. Then later Jesus was given to us humans as our protector and savior from evil forces. When He ascended to Heaven after being crucified on the cross, He left us with the Holy Spirit, the comforter. The Holy Spirit dwells in each and every one of us. We don’t have to go looking for the Spirit, all we have to do is accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we will obtain the Holy Spirit. Now feeling the Holy Spirit move in you is where the work comes in. That work is studying the Word of God and walking in the way of the Lord which is something we have to do daily. The devil uses many tricks to tempt us away from God. He tempts us with luxuries, material gains, jealousy, lies, a host of things that will cause us to not act righteously in the eyes of the Lord. The biggest tool the devil can use against us is ourselves. We are our own worst enemy. If you truly knew how much God loved you, if you really knew and believed His love for you, you would do what Jesus did on that mountain and deny the devil entry into your soul. You have to resist the devil but you can’t resist the devil if you brush him off as any old thing. The devil is real, evil is real and you need to understand that. Once you understand that you have to understand that the devil will use anything in your life to get to you. Money, relationships, friendships, jobs, strangers, and your thoughts. All of this is fair game to the devil. Even though all of those examples I used are separate, they all tie into your thoughts. Your mind must be stayed on Jesus, your mind must be equipped and protected with the whole Armor of God.

How to protect yourself:

Ephesians 6:10- 18

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

Verse 18 is a verse that is most important, a verse that I am reminded of during this writing. It is something that we must do every day if we don’t pray anything at all. We have to learn how to pray and give thanks daily. God wants our prayers and praises. He doesn’t just want our concerns and worries. God wants us to come to Him in the happy times just as much if not more than we do in our troubles. Imagine how you would feel after helping someone with something and they don’t say thank you. Doesn’t that just boil your blood at times? You call them ungrateful and for some people, you actually cut them off. We should be happy that God doesn’t cut us off and He gives us many chances to get it right. So be grateful and give God the praises that He so deserves. We must also learn to pray for others more than ourselves as well. Praying for others is a form of love and love is what Jesus commissioned us to do. We must love one another and truly want the best for one another. Job 16:20-21

My intercessor is my friend as my eyes pour out tears to God; on behalf of a man he pleads with God as a man pleads for his friend.


I chose Job because if you know anything about Job, Job was tested by God to display to the devil that we can defeat Spiritual Warfare. Job had everything taking away from him but with his last ounce of faith he resisted the devil. We can defeat the evils of this world because the evil in the Heavens was defeated. If we understand that the battle for our souls was already won and that we have the Victory! John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” God never promised us an easy life but He did promise us a blessed life. You just have to understand what it means to be blessed and allow yourself to be blessed.

One more thing, learn to forgive. The devil loves for use to not forgive others. Unforgiveness is like a disease and it will kill us quicker than the one we supposedly hate or dislike.

The greatest thing you can do for an enemy of yours is to love them and release them.


Brandi Anderson

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine





After speaking with this young man that goes by the name of Supa Emcee aka Supremacee Brown, I see why he has been given the title “Supa Emcee” and he is definitely “The Immortal”. With fire blazing tracks and sharp hooks, this young man is tantalizing the scene. Raw edginess coupled with sharp rhythmic vocabulary. His vernacular is simply “dope”. You get the hip hop fusion of dope beats, and classic hooks. I love this music! This is one guy that you want to keep on your radar. He is a “Renaissance” man within his own right. You can actually call him a young legend. Officially from Highland Park, Michigan; within the Metro Detroit Area. Detroit (Home of Motown/”Hitsville U.S.A.”). This area once housed “Chrysler”, in fact it was headquartered there before it moved in 1992. This area was also home to a few movies like “8 Mile” that was filmed in 2002, of which Supa Emcee was a part of. The movie “Four Brothers” in 2005, the documentary “The Waterfront” in 2007, the film “Gran Torino” in 2008, the film “Highland Park” in 2009, “Real Steel” in 2011. He’s gotten his fair share on the big screen as well, doing what he does. Alongside the movie “8 Mile” He’s been on television sitcoms, such as “The Parkers” and “Moesha”, featured as an Emcee and Fredro Starr’s (ONYX) friend.

IMG_392385006140204IMG_392326613781633IMG_392373320597553_1From a young child he has been entertaining. He used to drop rhymes, before he even knew what “bars” was. A friend of the family by the name of  Cherelle (female songstress of “Saturday Love” with Alexander O’Neal) encouraged his mother to have him start writing his rhymes down. Well…….the rest is history!

“Supa Emcee aka “Supremacee Brown” of the “Almighty Dreadnaughtz,” is one of Detroit’s hottest premier rap energies for the new millennium.IMG_404189912878316 Born and raised in Highland Park, Michigan, Supa Emcee truly represents his calling and name to the FULLEST. He received the first annual “DJ K Nice Free-Style Artist of the Year Award,” which is just the beginning of what the future holds for this talented artist. In addition to being known for terrorizing the battle (countless Source & Blaze battles), scene and open mic shows all over Detroit. He has also opened up for major label acts such as Black Moon, Dead Prez, Snoop Dogg , Fredro Starr (ONYX), Ice Cube, Krs 1, Eminem, D-12, Whodini, Rakim, 2 Live Crew, and YO-YO. Special appearances can be heard on the “DJ Butter Mix Tape” with Detroit’s own D-12 (Eminem, Proof, and the late Bugz), 105.9 FM “V-man Show” intro, 105.9 FM “Mark tha Spark Show” intro, “The Drop” intro on “Whats Next on the Menu” and 105.9 FM “Spudd Show” intro. Also, his skills can be heard in collaboration with the group “Almighty Dreadnaughtz” on the underground albums “City of Trees” (1997), “Loud & Fearless”(1999), “Point of No Return” (2000), and the highly anticipated “Secret Wars” (2003). In 2005, he was signed as the lone solo artist to Big Proof of D12’s “Iron Fist Records”, releasing his first solo project “By Any Means Necessary” (2005). He was also a featured artist on the nationwide release “Hand to Hand the Mixtape Manual”(2005). Shortly after Proof’s passing he released “Hood Hero” (2006-07).


In 2008, he with the Dreadnaughtz released the long awaited album “You All Are Doomed”.IMG_404211496127162 His solo catalog was boosted by several acclaimed albums in recent years with the release of “American Anger” (2009/10), as well as a compilation project showcasing Highland Parks finest “Gran Torino” (2010/11). The successes of these projects graduated into the inception of his label “Prooven Records/Hood Hero Ent,“ in 2011, which celebrated its first release the “Supremeacee” LP (2011/12). The project was lent great distinction with the help of platinum producers Nick Speed “G-Unit” & Mr. Porter “D-12.” Additionally, his free-style talents have been no secret, blowing away audiences at the taping of UPN’s “Moesha” and “The Parkers” television shows. He had a principal role in Eminem’s movie “8 Mile” and was featured on one of the lost battle scenes from the DVD that raises eye brows to a worldwide audience.

Supa Emcee believes in his community and is committed to giving back through community involvement, advocacy, and education. In fact, his talent was truly giving back to the community. When Supa Emcee was asked to be a freestlye/lyric mentor and teacher for the “YoYo’s School of Hip Hop,” in Highland ParkIMG_403846315562405 He can also be heard in recent years on his very own internet show on “Polar Bear Radio” titled the “Supa Emcee Freestyle Hour”, as well as being a regular feature on “SVMIXRADIO.COM.” In 2011, he was a finalist for Eminem’s “Redbull Emcee Battle,” in Detroit as well as a finalist in 2012. He was awarded the “Magnum Live Large” Detroit artist title 2011/12 and was given the distinction of being crowned the “Hip Hop/Rap Artist of the Year” at the 2012 “Detroit Black Music Awards.”IMG_392352500923290

In 2012, he was featured on the J Dilla compilation project “Rebirth of Detroit,” and was featured on the lead hit single “Dillatroit,” alongside fellow artist, Nick Speed and Guilty Simpson. The popularity of this track inspired a tour around the globe throughout England, Germany, Scotland, France and Denmark with fellow artists Guilty Simpson and the legendary Phat Kat aka “Ronnie Euro.” In late 2012, he released his first duo LP with fellow Dreadnaughtz member Konphlict “Blue Knight to Red Dawn” and his popularity has continued to grow with his brilliant use of social media like YouTube. His countless, unique, epic video releases spotlight his creativity and lyrical talents with videos that compliment nearly every track off of his recent “Supremacee” release. This ultimate emcee brings new strength, high dynamics, creative rhymes, and innovative styles to hip-hop. Michigan’s “Marvel Lyricist” is definitely a superstar in the making and the one to watch for in the years to come!”IMG_392319285257261

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IMG_521991338520194Interview with SUPA EMCEE aka SUPREMACEE BROWN


SM: What direction do you see Hip Hop going 5-10 yrs from now?

SPE: Where EVER we decide to take it as the leaders of today’s music, we need to take it back to what made it real.


SM: What is the greatest impact that you have had helping someone else in the hip hop arena?

SPE: The “Yo Yo School of Hip-Hop”, with Yo Yo we teach THE youth how to be a part of the culture and live it as well as giving them confidence in their regular everyday lives.


SM: How did you start working with Yo Yo in the Music school project?

SPE: The mayor of Highland Park presented me with the opportunity. I was the first one to get the call. Mayor DeAndre Windom, is Yo Yo’s husband. Her school originally started in L.A., but since then brought it here to Highland Park. Me and Yo Yo are also good friends. So from there we started the “Detroit” team and the rest is history.


SM: What are requirements to attend the school? What is the mission of the music school?IMG_522336563392771

SPE: Kids 7-17 are welcomed just to register and they have to at least be into the music. All kids are welcomed, it’s a youth education program by way of Hip-hop. We teach them.


SM: What’s your aim, beyond the music? How else are you giving back?

SPE: I do tons of community work with kids. I’m involved in community activism, back to school fundraisers, “Home for the holidays” programs; where we give food to families in need during the holidays. I read to the children at local schools with the Mayor of Highland Park. Basically anything that I can get my hands into that involves helping people in need.


SM: Contact info for booking?

SPE: for contact and booking CALL (313) 622-1124 or Google me…lol





(Supa Emcee Receives Detroit Hip-Hop Artist Of The Year 2012 @ The D.B.M.A.) (click to watch)

(Supa Emcee Battle on the movie “8 Mile”) (click to watch)



(“WE DO DAT” SUPA EMCEE ft. BIG PROOF, KILLA KAUNN) (click to watch)

(Supa Emcee ft. Stretch Money “Keep Maken Noise”) (click to watch)

(“PASS OVER” by SUPA EMCEE ) (click to watch)

(SUPA EMCEE ft. NICK SPEED “STR8 RIGHTS” (S.T.I)) (click to watch)

(Supa Emcee ft. ELLE KELLY “WE WILL RIDE” ) (click to watch)

(Supa Emcee & Kiko – Come Home prod:D-knight) (click to watch)

(SUPA EMCEE ft. CANCER Marcus Aureilus (Official Video)) (click to watch)

(Supa Emcee “YOU ALL FEAR” ft Panama Q |Pro by XtheDETECTIVE) (click to watch)



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How to Present Employable Skills That Scream CONFIDENCE

How To Present Employable Skills That Scream CONFIDENCE

Do you have skills to interview the employer? This is a question you should ask yourself when seeking new/alternative employment. You are looking for employment and you find a perspective job that catches your eye. You are confident you possess the skills needed for the position and the pay range is acceptable; however, you are not sure if you have the skill set to ensure the perspective employer is a good fit for you.  It is important to know that all open qualified positions are not meant for you. The questions you are seeking an answer to are the following:

  1. Does my personality fit the current work place?
  1. Does the employer support professional development?
  1. Does the employer offer a career track within the business?
  1. Will this position build towards my career goal with the support of the identified supervisor?


-Excerpt from “Educational Enticing Resultz”

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