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Product Review: “Jeannie In a Bottle”

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I had the priviledge to interview a very business savvy woman by the name of Melva Williams a while back. She puts the “Entre” in Entrepreneur. She sent me some hair products to use from her product line “Jeannie in A Bottle” (which consists of treatment, moisturizer, and gel), in my salon. I must say, after using the products, I did feel a difference in my clients’ hair. The moisture rich products helped to restore the luster and shine as well as the manageability in everyday styling. I have included some informational videos explaining the use of the products.


Importance of using the correct products

Segments of Melva Williams healthy hair….

Jeannie in a Bottle how to order product info



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I had the privilege of speaking with Jill Stolt who is the President of Wellventions. She initially contacted me about doing hair for a commercial/photoshoot that she was doing with Future Pointe Dance Team. I was unable to attend, but sent in two of my stylists from my salon, Touch of Class Phase III Salon located at 442 North Street in Rochester, NY. Wendy and Monet did very well, and staff were pleased. I have appended some information about Wellventions program and what happened behind the scenes, as well as an upcoming show.

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Wellventions Youth Celebrate Healthy Eating & A Healthy Economy At

Join Us to Support Innovation in Healthy Food & Entrepreneurial Training


“If you are looking for a healthy alternative to the massive intake of candy for Halloween, urban teens are hosting WellVentions’ first fundraising event focused on healthy eating – complete with food costumes, food & beverage sampling, innovative installations, live performances, and amazing prizes for all ages. These local teens are celebrating their entrepreneurial success under a Max & Marian Farash Charitable Foundation grant as they launch their new healthy specialty food brands and share what they learned about healthy eating. They have invited some of our region’s finest local chefs to create inspiring recipes using the ingredients from their products. Featured at Edible Expo are samplings of those recipes, “edutainment” media, and a nutrition themed art exhibit. A recipe book will be published.

Edible Expo is a fun event for adults and youth of all ages and is open to the public. A $10 donation in advance or $15 at the door, supports programming, and the event is free to children under 10. Tickets are available at Your contribution supports entrepreneurial training and youth development for local teens who deserve access to a better future. Edible Expo will be held from 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. on October 26, 2014 in the Artisan Direct Art Space located at 565 Blossom Road, Rochester N.Y. 14610. Park free across Blossom Road in the “Red and Yellow Elephants” lot.


Highlights of the event include:

    • Official Introduction of Youth Driven Specialty Foods developed by the teen entrepreneurs – SauceAtude & Gawalli Pasta.
    • Local Chef Sample New Recipes using ingredients from the teen’s specialty foods.
    • Recipe Book containing these recipes that the teens can pair for sale with their products.
    • The First Nutrition Themed Young People’s Art Exhibit where youth ages 7-18 are invited to draw stories about nutrition topics to enter.   The winning images will be printed in the recipe book with the top winner on exhibit at a national art show. Magic Dragon children’s magazine will publish selected pieces from the show in a coming issue. For more information, please visit the Edible Expo website at
    • A Live Performance That Promotes Healthy Eating by contrasting the energy from fresh food vs. junk food, starring urban teens and FuturPointe Dance.
    • A Kids Café & Juice Bar offering innovative smoothies and healthy drink recipes that contain local fruits and spice blends, with drink names created by the youth.
    • Food Costumes by Each 1 Stitch 1 Fabric & Design Studio and Feltro Fashion.
    • Debut of youth driven media that will help the teens sell their specialty food products. This includes: a public service announcement celebrating fresh foods, the SauceAtude group’s entrepreneurial training video, the Gawalli Pasta group’s promotional video, and “My Entrepreneurial Journey” video with adventures from all 4 groups.
  • Students from Clara Barton School 2 are growing fresh produce for the event on their Mobile Edible Wall Unit, under the Green Living Technologies vertical farm program. 
  • Stilt Walking Tomato Plant James Ryan – from The Anything Project – hosts the Tomato Sauce Production Theater where kids can experience the imaginary world of sauce production.
  • The Friends of the Rochester Public Market will showcase volume 2 of their cookbook to share the recipes, the stories, and the love of our Market!



“We are proud of the progress our teen entrepreneurs have made in two years” says Jill Stolt, President of WellVentions. Our teams have branded innovative specialty food products that can compete effectively with national brands. By promoting their products through health related “edutainment”, the teens have become strong advocates for healthy eating with other young people in the Rochester community.”


The youth service organizations participating are: 1) Community Place of Greater Rochester – who is out now selling their “SauceAtude” product – a salsa/sauce “With An Attitude”, and 2) Youth For Change (The Divas & The GoodFellas) – who are producing a whole grain, “One-Pot” spiced pasta product with cartoon characters that appeal to their younger peers.



About WellVentions:

WellVentions is a not-for-profit, social enterprise organization dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial training, product innovation, and wellness education. The organization supports the creation of innovative products, promotions, and edutainment that helps build community wealth, jobs, and inspiration for a healthy, youthful community.  WellVentions is in the second year of a Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation Grant under Foodlink as Fiduciary. To learn more visit or call us at 585-461-0633. “




Youth play vegetable instruments for their public service announcement.  These instruments are replicas of actual instruments they crafted from real food and recorded as their music for the commercial.

Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 3.58.39 AM (1) Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 3.57.19 AM Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 3.56.34 AM Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 3.59.16 AM


Behind the scenes of commercial shoot and props.

Gawalli Commercial Shoot ProductCombo copy[1]

I’m sending this to ask if you would join us in supporting local teens who deserve access to a better future!
Help us celebrate healthy eating & a healthy economy
at Edible Expo on Sunday, October 26, 2014.  
Hope to see you there !

Square Invite Combo (1)

Tickets available at
For more information check us out online at

Jill L. Stolt
WellVentions, Inc.
31 Edmonds Street
Rochester, NY 14607
Office: 585-461-0633
Cell:  585-455-5494
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Food As Energy

My body uses food as energy? Say what?

The trick in maintaining your weight is turning your body’s metabolism into a fat burning machine. Meaning no matter what you eat, your body will have the ability to burn it off quickly. Our body runs off 3 energy sources from food: Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats

Proteins are made up of amino acids in polypeptide polymer chains (this is the short version), these are found in meats like chicken, beef, pork, fish, and in legumes, nuts, some vegetation and grains. Carbohydrates are compounds made up of many Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules, polyhydroxy aldehydes (sugar alcohol) and ketones. We know them as simple sugars (fruit, jams, candy, soda pop, desserts) and complex sugars (breads, pasta, cereals…etc) Lastly, Fats are compounds that are made up of lipids that can be both solid and liquid. Triglycerides, triesters, and glcerol are fatty acids and not all fatty acids are bad. Some in fact will help promote weight loss. Like Carbohydrates, you have two main categories of fats and they are Saturated and Unsaturated (trans fats are unsaturated fats. Your saturated fat foods are animal fat products like fatty meats, cheese, milk, cream, butter, others are cooking oil and my favorite chocolate (Dark Chocolate contains good fat and antioxidants.) Unsaturated fat foods are lean meats, nuts, vegetable oils, olive oils…etc.


So now that we got that out of the way, how do you use the 3 sources of food energy to your advantage? I will explain that to you next time. I encourage you all to read, educate yourselves. Don’t just take my word for it. The only way you will succeed any anything is if you take control and learn it yourself as I help you along the way.



Brandi Anderson

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine







As a recent Paralegal graduate, my formal classmates and I, absolutely cringe when we are called “LEGAL SECRETARIES.” I have had many people ask: “What is the difference between a Paralegal, Legal Secretary, Legal Assistant, and a Law Clerk?” What I have learned in the recent years is every profession pretty much operate solely being assisted by SOMEONE. Dr.’s, Nurses, Dentists, Entertainers, and (who I call) the flat-out Stank’in Rich. A Paralegal absolutely resents being called a “Secretary”.

Legal Assistants are anyone who is experienced in a law office and basically supports the entire firm from the attorneys, the paralegals, and IT techs. The more an attorney can convince a jury the better that attorneys chances of successfully winning a case. Personally, I have aided a few prosecutors from Wayne County Prosecutor’s office for trials. And upon arrival of the courtroom that attorney is set and ready to go. Sometimes, this may include setting up power points and other presentations which can be very convincing to a Jury team. Every attorney appreciates an effective paralegal.

Law Clerks work hand and hand with Judges and are an officer of the court administration by working as a liaison between the public and the court room. No degree or certificate program, although a High School diploma is required at a minimum.

A legal secretary works to assist the attorneys and paralegals of the law firm and has a number of different responsibilities largely dependent on the daily needs of the firm.

Paralegals are individuals who assist lawyers in the delivery of legal services and paralegals. They cannot give legal advice to consumers of legal services. Legal advice may only be relied upon if given by an attorney. All states require attorneys to be licensed and most have statutes imposing penalties for the unauthorized practice of law. The following definition was adopted by the NALA membership in 1986:

Definition: paralegals, are a distinguishable group of persons who assist attorneys in the delivery of legal services. Through formal education, training and experience Paralegals have knowledge and expertise regarding the legal system and substantive and procedural law which qualify them to do work of a legal nature under the supervision of an attorney.

In either a Certificate or Degree program you will learn the basic foundation of law not to mention the ethical responsibilities that are required not to commit what it called UPL (Unauthorized Practice of Law). Once you become knowledgeable of the law, you might feel compelled to give advice and point your loved ones in the right direction. We are not attorneys. And advising these loved ones, friends or even strangers is unethical and is considered an unauthorized practice of Law. Huge slap on the hand. We are held to a higher standard and speak about fine line. It can’t get any finer.

Legal research and writing, civil litigation, administrative law and criminal law, among many others are just a few areas of study required to complete a Paralegal Certificate (54 credits) and Degree (92 credits).

On September 28, 2014, I successfully completed a Paralegal Certificate program at Stautzenberger College in Allen Park, Michigan, and is a proud member of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) where I may receive continuous educational credits which may aide me in which ever area of law I desire to focus upon. From Stautzenberger, I will be off to our sister campus in Maumee, Ohio to complete my Associates of Paralegal Studies. Anyone who know me? Have to know I cannot stop there. When it is all said in done I will be an Attorney and at this point my focus is Real Estate.

FYI whether you think you can or you think you cannot you are probably correct. What do you think?









Brandi N Anderson

Right On Time

We live in a society where things are moving quickly. Technology has evolved so much in the last 10 yrs. So much so, that multitasking and being at two different places at the same time is actually possible if you have a smart phone capable of video conferencing or phone conferencing.  This is the “microwave” society, we expect things instantly and it better be right too!  So far through my 14 yrs of being an adult, I’ve experience so many things. Emotional roller coasters, physical changes, mental stresses and definitely spiritual growth.  When I think about the things I’ve gone through and how I had to “wait” for them to run their course, all I can say is…but God!  You see, I had to understand that each and everything that I went through had a purpose and although I didn’t understand at the time why those events happened in my life, I now understand that God was preparing me for His purpose and for the right season. We can’t rush God when it comes to getting our desires, the desires that He planted in us. Everything has a season and everything happens for a reason. We don’t have to always know the next move, and when it comes to God, He works in a way where we will not know the next move until we develop a more intimate relationship with Him. He wants us to trust in Him to the point He is the first on our minds when we awake and the last we speak to before we sleep. God will not accept a quick text message, a quick Facebook shout out, and all the other quick tools we use to satisfy our human needs for affection.  God desires more from us and once we give Him more then we will understand God’s timing.  God’s timing is everything, look back on the things that you’ve gone through in your life and consider how much you’ve grown.  Some of you I am sure have grown more spiritual after going through some things and that may very well be the reason you went through it. All things work together for the good that loves God. If you have something special to do for the kingdom, trust and know that God will not let you go, He will allow you to go through some things in order to grow you for His purpose. Remember people, your life does not belong to you but it belongs to the one who gave you life and from the one who can take it away. We often heard our parents say that because in theory they did give us life but our Father in heaven is the ultimate giver of life and He has the final say on when it begins and when it ends.  So with that said, stop rushing through life thinking that you have all the answers and that God is taking too long in answering your prayer. Maybe He has already answered your prayer but you are too busy multitasking and living your life 5 days ahead of today instead of sitting back and allowing your mind to rest and your spirit to connect with the Lord so that you can hear His answer, His instructions and His advice on the things that you desire help in. God takes His time because He doesn’t makes mistakes. You are precious to Him and He wants you to have a full and blessed life in Him. Develop that personal relationship with God and enjoy His timing, trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Brandi Anderson

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine





A cognizable phenomena alluding the very souls of all who claim to possess it. Some have all the logic in the world but their own lives ceases to unfold in a display of recognition. It’s a life living act to execute and complete who you are. It stands as a part of one’s character to put forth gallant an effort in producing a personable exhibit of one’s visible being. Thoughts conceived in a manner unbecoming of a higher level of thinking causing uncertainty is yet difficult to be ascertained. The principles of reasoning is sound in judgment, facts become logically persuasive in everyday circumstances brought to light through stable thought patterns conjured by a moment of clarity and peace of mind. One should envision one’s own behavior before acting out misdeeds causing a continuance of misfortunes. If properly shown, logic can elevate a generation to believe in what will become, think about it!



Strange Addiction / False Pride:

Whether by mental, substance or characterization, addiction is of a foul nature. It enslaves one to that, that is psychologically habit forming in the mind to accustom one to a particular situation of wanting obsessively, taking extreme pleasure in the attention given for something done or believed to reflect credit upon oneself and enjoyed above all else. No matter the addiction, it is mentally induced according to one’s own nature and spirit causing a change in emotional gratitude. It borders on the lust of conceit bringing one to a type of self-addicted state of mind, doing those things that are horrid to the will of God. It is a continuous fixation on attention desired as one having an inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity cherished in the mind, displayed in conduct, becoming mentally cripple thinking it prosperous and consuming all that is worth. One begins to feel a type of supremacy, the spirit becomes consumed by a falsehood believing it is of a superior nature, thinking it a gift of God. Finally, looking upon others with disdain and succumbing to a trick of the enemy. Instead of this strange addiction, one should strive to be like Christ and seek edification in the sight of God. If one’s pride does not constitute the will of the Father then it shall be counted as naught in the days to come. It is in the conscience false pride is brought to life negating the existence of truth, life, and all that is good.


K.L. Presha’

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Interview: “Premiere Barber” That Has The “Magic Touch”


8227000_orig“This life story began in a small desolate town of Indianapolis, Indiana and involves a boy who was born into a bloodline of artistic visionaries. Sternly mannered mother served as a waitress in various venues to provide a financial consistency to accommodate her family’s well being stirred a disturbed state of tenacity within Johnn. He dreamt of a world bigger than his grim and bleak environmental circumstances. So by the age of 10 he was overthrown by his entrepreneur spirit and began hustling by any means necessary from cutting grass to shoveling snow and even starting a paper route on his bicycle.

At the vulnerable age of 18 Belt branched out from under a bitter sweet partnership and opened Magic Touch, his first barber shop. From its ground breaking moment, Magic Touch Barber Shop has been a thriving monument in its community since 1996. Despite the odds it was no coincidence he would evolve into his destiny as a master of sought after enterprising styles and precision. Belt also proclaims the undisputed title of “The World’s Fastest Fade” in the hair industry. With over a decade of artistic cutting techniques and a host of celebrity clients to proclaim like Jagged Edge, Otis Nixon, Sir Charles, Mario Winans and Ray Bucannon to name a few; it was only a matter of time before Belt would cast his spell upon the world of beauty and enter the beauty and health realm with his own hair and skin care product line rightfully branded Magic Touch and emerge as the first African American male to brand The Premiere® Clipper Company.

Belt had a vision of creating a line that would be designed and formulated for barbers and stylists who wanted to provide a product of elegance to their clients without the bother of lofty cost. With a strapping professional background and a heart of passion for his expertise, he began to set out on his branding journey in 2008 and has grown to immense heights ever since. Though it hasn’t been easy, a combination of unadulterated genius and indescribable talents has brought Belt to the vanguard of history itself.

Although Johnn has had his own struggles, he has never forgotten those whom are less fortunate than himself. He deals with an extensive array of charities such as Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry, Second Blessings, his personal philanthropy endeavors Barbers and Stylist World Series and The Touch Foundation, and simply taking time out of his demanding schedule to mentor to our youth about positive options and life choices. Johnn’s shining star shows no signs of deeming as he continues to reach for infinite elevations in the beauty, health and mainstream media industry………..”

Johnn Belt is a man of many talents. Besides being CEO and Founder of his Premiere Clipper Company and Magic Touch Hair Group; as well as affiliate of many different charities and organizations,  Johnn is an innovator. Being a man of many talents has allowed him to target and tackle most issues coming out of Hair and Barber Industry. His aim was to be the best man that he could possibly be. Johnn’s initiative and go- getter attitude makes him unstoppable. Where most people would feel overwhelmed, his tenacity challenges him to new heights.

When focusing on one entity, “Magic Touch” Hair Care, of which a product line does stem from. Magic Touch product Line was developed to put professional barbering and styling products on the market, especially petroleum and water based products to help lubricate and hydrate the skin and scalp. These products were much needed for barbers and stylists as well as clients. Mainly targeting the African American Community. The versatility in these products speak for themselves. Barbers love the H2O Cream because of its conditioning, and luxurious shine such as the liquid finish conditioning sprays for the hairline and beard. The shaving products like the shaving gel with aloe and the aftershave lotion are also a hit. Stylists love the shampoos and conditioners, followed by the finishing spritz to complete that luscious look. Average retail price of products range from $6-$8 for barbers, and $8-$10 for stylists to those retailing to clients. If you are a barber or stylist seeking to wholesale or become a distributor, there is a $500 minimum and it’s based on a tier system.8448414_orig 2750283_orig 8612050_orig

A product line is great, but when there is hardware to back it up to complete a system of productivity, the resilience is even greater. “Premiere Clipper” Line is a company founded by Johnn Belt due to the fact that there was no African American clipper company to date. Premiere Clippers deal with problems faced by other clipper lines, such as issues with heat, speed and weight. Most of these issues you will feel with prolonged or extensive use of a clipper, and Premiere Clipper Company eases those problems for the user. For now these clippers are retailed either through the app/website, Wholesale will soon be available to barber schools, stores, etc. Premiere Clipper Company experiences more sales in clippers from the Spanish and African American Barbers because they are the ones that are barbering primarily in the demographic regions that Premiere Clippers are marketed. Right now the southeast and some Midwest regions are familiar with this product brand, soon it will be sweeping the nation and overseas as well as Canadian markets. Strategic planning and marketing is what Johnn Belt has been working on to extend both Magic Touch Hair Care Line and Premiere Clipper Line. He uses all means to promote and advertise his products, such as multimedia and regular platforms during educational forums, of which both lines are used interchangeably..facebook_1412749125892

We know that Johnn Belt is multi-talented as a barber and business mogul, but nothing brings him joy like knowing he had the power to transform someone’s look, by helping clients achieve their optimal look. In addition to the other charities named above, Johnn contributes to “Toys for Tots”, but in the next couple of years Premiere Clippers will be sponsoring their own community events for the public. Johnn also feels that the most important aspect of being a barber or entrepreneur for that matter, is to simply give back. There is no greater accomplishment like being abled to provide a space for others to give back as well. Johnn prides himself on having integrity, with his experience he has acquired wisdom. Having humility and changing lives and being abled to give back to those less fortunate is what makes a true entrepreneur.

For product purchases and contact information, you can go to, FaceBook fan page “Premiere Clippers”, Twitter @jbmagictouch, Instagram @Premiereclippers and direct (770) 638-3890.

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Straight, curly, long, short, dyed, bald, whatever your preferred style is, it requires some sort of maintenance. The thing is, depending on your hair type and style the maintenance varies. Aside from hair type and style, there are a lot of other factors that play a role in hair maintenance even the weather. 

With the Fall season change upon us, now’s the perfect time to look into contacting your stylist and have a consultation to figure out what works for your hair or even book an appointment. Once you consult with your stylist, they can help you with day to day maintenance tips as well as put you on a hair regime in the shop to give your hair it’s much needed T.L.C. and salon treatments. It’s best to schedule your visits normally every 2/3 weeks dependent upon your hairstyle. Regular visits to your hairdresser is what helps to maintain the health of your hair and keep your hair and length on your head. As well as preserve certain hairstyles such as sew-ins and some braid/twist styles. 
It’s very important to see professionals when it comes to your hair because it’s easier than some would think to cause major damage to hair in a short amount of time! Ever wonder why you see “FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY” on hair products!? Many of us skim right over those warnings and get to work ourselves, or have one of our friends experiment; I’ve been a culprit as well in the past. While sometimes our kitchen beautician jobs may work out by default, the product label warnings are there for a reason. Things such as stripping, over processing, and baldness can occur as some of the harsher consequences of not following product warnings. On the other hand you could just misuse products and end up throwing them away or continually buy and buy products wasting tons of money. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to be throwing money down the drain!! Lol 
Regular visits to your stylist are extremely important. Some may say it seems like it can get a bit expensive at times, but professionals are in their places for a reason and there are easy ways to budget your hair into your expenses where it won’t feel like one chunk at once. For instance, maybe buy the weave one week and save up for the hairstyle the next week. Or set a portion of money aside every time you get paid. Let’s not forget, you get what you pay for!!! Most products that you like used on your hair in salon are professional salon products, speak to your stylist about getting your retail product from them instead of online or at the beauty supply store, this way it benefits both you and them and it saves you money. It also keeps your hair on the same Hair care system at home and in salon. 

Without proper maintenance, hair can become severely damaged. This goes for natural hair and weave wearers. Sew ins are very popular, they also require maintenance. Proper care for your hair and scalp underneath the tracks is necessary. There also has to be proper care taken when you wash/dry your hair. You shouldn’t sleep on a wet sew in, hair left undried and not properly cleaned can start to mold under the tracks and the entire hairstyle can rot off from the scalp. For natural hair it requires lots of moisture and can get Dry, brittle and start to shed a lot, especially going into the colder months. With all of those factors in play split ends are soon to follow and what does that mean but… a trip to your stylist for a trim or chop depending on the condition the hair is in. But that’s not a problem, it’s a beautiful thing sitting in that salon chair getting pampered by someone who loves what they do, and I’m sure there won’t be complaints after you see how good you look after your service! Give yourself and stylist some love, this is a business where both parties service each other. 

Monet Collins

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine

The Patriot Act: Friend or Foe

In my senior year at Marygrove College, we had to do what is called Senior Seminar. Senior Seminar we were placed into groups and each group had to do research on a specified topic. The group that I had the pleasure of working with had the topic of Freedom, Privacy, and Security; we chose the Patriot Act as the Policy focus, because it touched on each one. I have listed the names of each person and the particular section that was contributed. This is not the full content of research that was conducted; I pulled out the pertinent details I thought was necessary. However if you are interested in reading the full research article, I will be more than happy to share with you.

1. Policy Described (Sarah Ocker)

The U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism, or Patriot Act) is a prime example of Congressional legislation that has affected the safety, freedom, and privacy of people of the United States and many other countries. Sold as a way to make our nation more secure, it is a controversial, anti-terrorist measure that Congress signed it into law in 2001. According to the Department of Justice, the stated purpose for enacting the Patriot Act was …”to preserve the lives and liberty of the American people from the challenges posed by a global terrorist network” (Department of Justice, [n.d], para. 5). The Patriot Act reformed specific governmental operating procedures that hindered their efforts to prevent terrorist attacks on the U.S. homeland. In November of 2002, the Federal Government created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to implement and enforce the new policies created by the passage of the Patriot Act. The department’s stated purpose is to oversee and unify national security efforts. According to the DHS, their specific mission is to “prevent terrorism and enhance security; secure and manage our borders; enforce and administer our immigration laws; safeguard and secure cyberspace; and ensure resilience to disasters” (Department of Homeland Security, [n.d.], para. 4). The new policies were implemented by widening the scope of power given to the Executive branch of the U.S. Federal government. This allowed for a great amount of latitude to carry out the policies.

2. Formulation of Policy Sponsors/Cosponsors (Shelia McKinney)

The USA PATRIOT Act was introduced on October 23, 2011, by Representatives James F. Sensenbrenner Jr. and Michael G. Oxley (The Library of Congress, 2001). The key players for the policy were Congress and the Administration. The policy was supported unanimously because of the September 11, 2001, attacks. On their website The Department of Justice states that the purpose for The PATROIT Act, “the policy was designed to protect innocent Americans from the deadly plans of terrorists destroying America and our way of life” (Department of Justice, n.d.).

4. Benefits (Shelia McKinney)

            Social. After the September 11, 2001, attacks, Americans were in a state of panic. Their sense of security diminished and life, liberty, and happiness seem to be a thing of the past. As it appeared, many Americans did not feel safe on U.S. soil any longer. According to the Department of Justice the USA PATRIOT Act, was to preserve the lives and liberty of the American people from the challenges posed by a global terrorist network (Appalachian State University online, 2014).

5. Costs (Marquetta Turner)

The cost of the Patriot Act economically supports and gives the government full range of control over the United States citizens. It contradicts and/or conflicts with other constitution rights of the United States citizens. It is monetary gain for the government, military and programs such as Homeland Security. The same benefits that support our government are taking a toll on the citizens emotionally. Emotionally when it comes to the safety and security of our lives and loved ones we trust our government to make the best decisions for the majority, but the majority is never heard and that causes an emotional strain.   Although the Patriot Act is supposed to work in the citizen’s benefit of protection from terrorist etc., it is the same policy that is violating our human and civil rights. It bears a lot of room for laws to be distorted, misinterpreted, and abused, which does damage the citizens emotionally. The government is allowed to get away with this, because of propaganda usage.

2. Effectiveness (Marquetta Turner)

The policy is set to protect United States citizens against terrorism. It works to help lower crime. However the cost of that protection is allowing the government to single us out without probable cause. The cost is allowing the government to tap into our telephones. The cost is allowing the government to come into our home without warrants, permission, or without Miranda rights being read. The Patriot Act allows the government to tap into third party companies, organizations, and businesses in the name of national security. We want to be protected, we want freedom, and we want privacy, but all those are being violated by governments Patriot Act.


A few facts about the Patriot act.


    1. Section 213 sometimes called a sneak and peak, it means that a court can approve a search warrant. They can come in when you are not home, search your house and download contents of your computer and not tell you.
    2. You are arrested, and you don’t know why? Under the new immigration policies, you are on your own.
  • Section 215 of the patriot act states government can easily obtain bank records, computer records, medical records, library records and even book store records, especially Social Media- just to name one facebook Messenger.


  1. The government is consistently trying to undermine the remaining protection of the 4th amendment provides.
  2. Thousands of students are brought in to speak to the FBI without any assumption of guilt at all. Visits of many Arab organizations by the FBI without any reason.
  3. One of the disturbing aspects of the patriot act is that it institutionalizes the discrimination against immigrants.
  4. It is estimated that 85% of the cases currently prosecuted under the patriot act are not related to terrorism.
  5. The patriot act has given the government vast new powers in the way terrorism is defined and lets them use them for almost any crime.
  6. Stop and frisk laws are also a part of Patriot Act


This all violates our freedom, security, and privacy

What are your thoughts?


Marquetta Turner

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazne