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Who Am I?

For twenty four years I lived my life being who others desired me to be in order to fit into the realm of what is normal. On February 2nd, 2014 ­the day before my 25th birthday­ I discovered not only who I was but largely who I wasn’t. My journey toward enlightenment has not been easy nor is it something I desire to go through again. However, if I had to repeat those years, my one request would be to take the knowledge I have gained with me so that I may truly give life a run for it’s money.

On that day back in February, I was forced ­by the God of my understanding­ to grasp the concept that I am worth more than what I have been led to believe. In that moment God wrapped his arms around me and I gave all the pain of the past to him. My tears of pain became tears of joy and relief. In that instance of release I was no longer that timid young man, who looked down for fear of being ridiculed for how he chose to express himself. No longer was I that college student who second guessed getting a higher education, or that Pan­gender Pan­sexual identified individual who told people he was Gay because it made others feel more comfortable.

Since that day, wisdom filled revelations have led me to the belief that I am a young black man of God who loves not by choice but instead by nature and nurture. Filled with that agape love, I understand that I am a work in progress and a forever evolving family man. Within my family I am known by many nicknames and descriptors. I am lil brother, Cocoa, mother, father, son, uncle, DeVonte’, and the list goes on. With my favorite being: Support System. This title stems from the multiple sub­categories of family that I am apart of. Having 8 children of my own ­not by birth­ has taught me responsibility, patience, and given me a new appreciation for loving unconditionally. Did I mention patience? Just checking.

On a more serious note, thus far life has taught me lessons and skills out the wazoo ­patience being one but not the most influential. “…find your power. You know you’re strong…” ­Lyrics from Chaka Khan’s Keep Your Head Up. “Keep your Head Up” (Chaka Khan from Madea’s Family Reunion Soundtrack)– Click to listen.

In planning to write this assignment I realized that I could not simply write about who I am because I needed to first give credit to who I was. I am a believer that a persons past CAN influence their present and inevitably their future. During my teenage years battling with suicide and feelings of insecurity brought me to a dark place where I thought that I would be for the rest of my life. As God would have it failed attempts at ending my life became my motivation for pushing forward through the pain. I got so low that all I could do was go up. Situations such as this one are the reason why I can say that one of my greatest accomplishment to date is having made it 10 years without an attempt at committing suicide. I am living proof that once you find that power over what tries to hold you back from your full potential, there is no where to go but up .

“Find your power. You know you’re strong.” Within the last few months I have discovered a different type of gratitude for vulnerability. In your lowest moments you must be willing to be vulnerable enough with yourself and be able to push ­sometimes kick­ forward through the hard times. On that day back in February, I was forced ­by the God of my understanding­ to grasp the concept that I am worth more than what I have been led to believe.

Today, I am proud to say that, “I’ll never be perfect, but at at least now I am brave.” (lyrics from

Alicia Key’s song entitled Brand New Me). “Brand New Me” (Alicia Keys)– Click to listen

Brave enough to grind through the bad and the good times all the while allowing myself to learn more about who I am destined to be. Who am I? A lover of me.



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Death stands amidst us and strikes suddenly as a snake unprovoked and as swift as a thief in the night. No one knows the hour or minute but God the Father to whom all power is given. Time is of the essence, make good each day, moment, minute, and tomorrow, for it is not assured upon anyone. Death is like a sable smoke where there once was a flame. When it comes there is no set day or time. And like time, it waits for no one and no thing. It harbors no pity for it’s mission is at hand until it’s time has come. One should not put off tomorrow what one can do today leaving discord between two when death comes in an instance of this. For one to say “I’m sorry” is a healing of one another making an eternal difference. The hour of death cannot be forecast, but one can only imagine that hour as placed in an uncertain and distant future. It never occurs to one that it has any association with the day already at hand or that death could arrive this very moment, this afternoon which is so certain and which has every hour filled in advance. The day in which one fears death is like the birth of eternity. All are called in time but there is only one that has defeated death yet lives as a witness to life anew. Life is short for the angel of death comes suddenly and without favor. Take time to express a love for another today, for chance it is the only one. Be that breath of life for one in need of love and compassion, be it that everyone dies bearing in the hand only that which one has given. Love expressed in ernst expresses well. If death should come to call for one whom is loved, would that one be at peace knowing that all is well with thee? Life is as beautiful summer flowers, death as autumn leaves. Those that have gone before us, so we cherish in memory and abide with us more present than the living. If one should receive life anew living in Christ they shall be given a gift of immortality being saved from the second death and so it is swallowed up in victory. “O DEATH, WHERE IS THY STING? O GRAVE WHERE IS THY VICTORY?”


K.L. Presha’

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Jonathan-6869-1 (2)

Jonathan Valencia

“Jonathan Valencia is a 13 year old Gospel Recording Artist who loves Jesus. He is taking the music industry by storm with his bold and confident yet humble demeanor. As an independent artist, in just over a year he has accomplished some astonishing things. He has been nominated for 3 awards for Rhythm of Gospel Awards, a nominee for the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards for New Artist of the year and received 2 Prayze Factor People Choice Awards. He won the showcase for the Most Outstanding New Artist of the Year at the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards. He has a debut album titled ‘Kingdom Bound’ which was released January 2014. He has been featured on national TV on Gospel Music Presents with Shirley Murdock, Kelly Price, Regina Bell, Beverly Crawford, Howard Hewett and others. Jonathan has had the opportunity to open for Lisa Page Brooks, Slims Supreme Angels and he is confirmed to open July 19, 2014 for Canton Jones in Waycross, Georgia.

He was born in Jacksonville, Florida on August 3, 2001.  At the early age of 3, Jonathan’s idea of play was preaching on his Karaoke machine.  He has always enjoyed attending church.  One memorable moment was when he was about 4 years old and he fell asleep at a night service.  I carried him to the car and as we reached the car, Jonathan woke up with a big stretch and stated something like ‘Boy that devil will sure put you to sleep’.  I laughed out loud because I knew how he loved to be up and engaged in church.  Jonathan has always been recognized as being deeply grounded in God’s word and bold about his walk with Jesus.  Many Pastors would often state that Jonathan was a little preacher.  As for me, I refer to him as my tugboat because he has pulled me along in my spiritual walk.  He has been given the opportunity to preach in 4 churches in Jacksonville, Florida.  He has performed in various church plays and has performed a Christian song on a local television station several years ago.  He has delivered messages at several youth events in churches throughout Jacksonville, Florida. Jonathan expressed his concern for his peers singing songs that brings curses and death to their lives and his concern resonated in me.  Being inspired by God, I began to do what I love to do which is to write.  As a result, my words poured out as a song I titled ‘Kingdom Bound’.  The song was written for Jonathan to use to inspire other youth to pursue their calling now.  Matthew 19:14 speaks directly to us on how we should prepare children for the kingdom.  Jonathan’s grandfather has been a spiritual mentor and someone who Jonathan follows.  Bible studies are their most favorite time together.  Jonathan has a deep love for Jesus and wants to spread the good news to the world.  His first release “Kingdom Bound” is for everyone but the target audience is the youth due to Jonathan’s sincere concern for his peers who listen to explicit lyrics.  He understands that many of the words they repeat are not good for their minds and many of his peers are not even aware of the things they are speaking on their lives through the lyrics they repeat.  Jonathan wants to introduce positive words that his peers can repeat over their lives.  His favorite sport is basketball and he enjoys playing football too. Jonathan continues to rely on his faith in God’s word to overcome obstacles that have challenged his faith. The obstacles have caused him to develop a consistent prayer life and commitment to learn scriptures.  Jonathan is currently ministering his music in churches and various events.  His boldness in serving Jesus is evident when he is on stage professing the name of Jesus.”

-M. Valencia (Jonathan’s mom)


SM: How has your walk with Christ been over the years, being that you are so young? How do your peers feel? Do you influence them to walk the path of righteousness? How do you handle opposition?
JV: A. It has been a good walk because Christ has always been in my life. My peers know I am a Christian. Sometimes they are curious and ask questions and I am able to witness through their curiosity. A few of my peers are Christians and when they are influenced by the world, I remind them of their walk with Jesus. They may curse or sing inappropriate music and I tell them that as Christians we have to show the world our light. Opposition was more difficult to handle when I was younger but I find myself being wiser in handling opposition as I grow spiritually in the word of God.

SM: Who musically influences you? Who would you like to work with in the near future?
JV: Fred Hammond, Cece Winans and Marvin Sapp

SM: This question is for mom: What has been your greatest struggle raising a young minister of the Gospel? Did you ever feel that you wanted him to slow down and be a “regular” kid?

MV: The greatest struggle was dealing with various issues in school. No, My desire is for him to be who God has called him to be. I notice that Jonathan is happier and more confident than “regular” kids.


SM: What is family environment like? What do you do for fun? Any siblings? How do they feel about your success?

JV: Our family is very loving and supportive of each other. We strive for excellence and being humble. Basketball is something I enjoy and I also enjoy having bible studies with my Grandfather and Dad. I have an older and younger brother. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share Jesus with people.

SM: Is there anything that you would change? Musically?

JV: No, I cannot think of anything.

SM: How do you see your life progressing within the next 5years? 10 years?

JV: I see me preaching God’s word, so I am learning as much as I can to prepare for that time.


SM: Did you ever think that you would get this far in your career? How have you faced challenges?

JV: I never thought I would be singing at this level but when we began this journey, I spoke that God would increase our ministry to be internationally known. I pray about them and trust God to handle the challenges I face.

SM: What would you pass on to the next generation?

JV: I would tell them what I normally say to everyone and that is to keep God first and He will bless your life and help you through anything that you go through.
SM: Any closing remarks?

JV: My album “Kingdom Bound” was created to speak life and blessings over the lives of anyone that repeat the lyrics. It is available in most digital stores, such as ITunes, etc.


SM: Contact info/booking:

JV: Visit for booking information.




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Apostle Rue

Many times we look for leaders to be deep, “so deep that the dirt don’t even want them” (as quoted by one of my favorite clients). The truth is, we need someone to represent and be first partaker of what true leadership should be. That means empathizing with the “flock” rather than judging them so vehemently. One of the major problems is that people are perpetrating power but lacking in it’s purpose. “Having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof..” (paraphrased 2 Timothy 3:5). Nothing vexes me more than seeing power being manipulated and twisted in every form, on all fronts. I happened to have a conversation with a seasoned Man of God, on not just a spiritual conversation, but a conversation in general. He did what most prophets do to me, which was analyze and sense the God in me after a couple of  words. Not hard to do if  you have the discerning of the “Spirit”. He picked it up right away and “called me by name.” I must say the conversation was rather refreshing, there were some things that surprised me that Apostle Rue knew and admitted about the word and Power of God and how it all started, and some things to be revealed in the future. I am well versed on the matter as well, and  we both agreed that this is definitely a time where power and the powerful were being revealed and would know their “true selves”. We are in the age of pseudo intellectualism, and people are searching for the “truth.” Whether it is truthful or not, is left up to the student to research it or take it at face value. While you may or may not agree with the messenger, or the message, just know that there are messages encrypted in the very souls of the soul-less. That in itself says that the world of darkness is just an absence of  light. In a mirror you can see the reflection of yourself. Whether the image you believe to be true, or just a figment depends on the angle at which you decide to view from. Is it convex, or concave?


Byron D. Rue is an Apostle of the Gospel of Jesus. He has received an Associated Degree in Divinity, and a Bachelor’s in Religious Studies, both received at Canterbury University in England. Apostle Rue also has an Honorary Master’s in Biblical Studies, and an Honorary Doctorate in Ministry. Apostle Rue has been in the ministry for approximately 16 years. Apostle Rue enjoys teaching and preaching the Word of God, and possesses the gifts of the five- fold ministry. Apostle Rue is the Founder of Byron Rue Ministry in Detroit, MI.


SM: Tell me about yourself and your Ministry. How long have you been involved?

BR: I am a retired Detroit Police Officer. I am a quiet type of person. I don’t talk much, unless I’m talking about the Bible, or talking about Jesus, and then you can’t shut me up. God came to me in 2000. I was in my garage looking for something in a crate, when I heard someone tell me to “get that Bible out and start reading it, I have a job for you.” Well it was just me in the garage, and looked around to see if someone had come in, I didn’t see anyone and went back to doing what I was doing. And then the voice spoke to me again. So I said, “OK I’m not crazy, and said this has to be God, cause the devil is not gonna tell me to read the Bible.” So I told God, “ok, I’ll get the Bible and read it, what do you have for me?” God told me, “I’ll let you know later.” And that’s when my ministry started, and it’s been awesome ever since.
SM: What is the primary goal of your ministry? Who are to trying to reach? How do you differentiate your ministry from propaganda? Would you consider your ministry crucial to the what this world needs? How so? Do you agree with any of the ministers in a public forum such as televangelists?
BR: Well my primary goal is to reach everyone that I can reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ. But the job God gave me was, to teach Christians, as well as reach lost souls in and out of the church to believe the word of God. This is a task all by itself, because some Christians don’t want to hear the word of God, or they don’t want to get in deep with the word of God. Meaning a lot of supposed-to-be Christians want to give God 45 minutes one day a week, don’t pay attention to the word, and don’t really want to learn the word.. But this is why some Christians aren’t living a powerful life, and don’t see the promises of God, because of either they have little or no Faith or they don’t Believe, which work together. You can teach and preach the word of God to them, but most don’t apply the word of God to their lives. So this is why most live a defeated life. I differentiate my ministry compared to others. God came to me and told me that he had a job for me. And that job was to teach his word. So God gave me the tools to do this job well. The tools God gave me was Wisdom and Knowledge to understand His word, so that I may teach his word properly and effectively. Not leaning to my own understanding. God didn’t want me to interpret the word in my own interpretation, he wanted me to interpret in his interpretation. Everything I do has God in it especially when it comes to teaching, and preaching his word. It has nothing to do with Byron Rue. Yes I do consider my ministry very crucial especially at this time. We are living in a time that even the Church is turning away from the word of God. No one wants to hear the true word of God anyone more, including the Elect as the Bible calls them. The Bible calls it Apostasy. The falling away of the Faith. We are seeing this massively today, and like I said before even in the Church. It is crucial for me even at this time to make sure the unadulterated word of God gets out. Even if no one wants to hear it. I will speak and teach, and preach the word of God until I take my last breath. This is why God has told me that He trusts me. God trusts me with his word. I used to agree with a lot of the ministers in public and TV Evangelist, until I really started listening to what they were so called teaching and preaching. I believe that some started truly for God, but THE LOVE OF MONEY has corrupted most of them. There are TV ministers that I don’t look at, or listen to any more because of how they have become influenced by satan. And the sad part about it is they don’t realize it. And some of these ministers are major ministers with large flocks.
SM: When did you notice your gifts? What are your gifts? How do they apply to YOUR ministry? How do they apply to ministry in general? Would you consider yourself orthodox  or unorthodox?
BR: I didn’t really notice or realize my gifts until a few years into my ministry. God showed me that I was doing his work even as a sinner, and I didn’t know it. I started to notice my gifts, maybe about 2 years into the ministry. God told me that after reading his word, that he has given me many gifts, but I have to show him that I can handle them. So God tested me through trials, tests, and a lot of tribulation. I went through a lot of hurt, a lot of pain. A lot of crying, a lot of asking God why. But now I know why I had to go through what I went through. My Faith was being tested. It cost dearly to serve and work for the almighty God. But it’s worth every bit of it.
I have the gift of the Five Fold Ministry. God said in Ephesians 4:11, and he gave some, apostles: and some prophets: and some evangelists: and some pastors: and teachers. God has let me operate in all of these gifts and offices. I also have the gift of healing, and discernment, encouragement and other gifts of the spirit. These gifts I applied to my ministry, because I “Operate” in these gifts. When I’m doing ministry work I operate in each one of these gifts. There is Power in these gifts. God doesn’t give everyone these gifts, because most can’t handle the “Power” that comes with these gifts. To have all of these gifts, you would have to show God that you are humble person, because these gifts can make you prideful. The number one thing God hates is PRIDE. I would consider myself Orthodox. I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the Apostles. I hold to the Conventional Christian Beliefs.
SM: Why is ministry important? Why is your ministry important? Would you say that you have labored for your ministry? How so?
BR: Jesus had a ministry even as a kid. Even as a kid Jesus was teaching at the temples, leaving his family behind to teach God’s word. So if we are true Jesus disciples, we should be teaching the word of God and the Gospel as Jesus did. So yes ministry is important. My ministry is important, because it is Ordained by God. When the almighty God comes to you and gives you orders, to do a job for him, the creator of the universe, yes that’s important. When God puts his hands on you and your ministry, that means it’s important to God. The importance of my ministry is to get the word of God out in it’s true form. Which means no sugar coating, no entertainment, no adding, and no taking away from God’s word. That’s the importance of this ministry to me and God. Oh yes I have labored for my ministry. I have suffered some of the worst hurt for the word of God to get out. I know Pastor’s who won’t let me preach at their church, because they say that they know I have a “Powerful Anointing”, but I can’t preach there because I might outdo them. I know Pastor’s who are Intimidated with me because of my anointing. But, I will still do what God wants me to do, because it’s not about me, it’s about doing the will of God. Not my will, but God’s will be done.
SM:  What do you intend on passing on to the next generation? How do you feel about teaching others about ministry? What documents would you use? Why would you use them?
BR: I intend to pass on Wisdom and Knowledge about God and Jesus. I’m already doing this with my 23 year old son, and any young person that comes in my path. God has given me a gift of making it easy to talk about his word. I love teaching anyone who wants to learn about ministry. One of my jobs God has given me is to keep young Pastor’s humble, especially when these Pastor’s are moving in the power of God. See that’s a lot of Power, and that Power can over take you. And if you don’t know how to handle that power it can destroy you. The main document I would use to teach about ministry is the Bible. Because the Bible is where it all started. It’s the true word of God. And then I would use research from sub texts. Research is a great tool to use to go along side of the Bible. Learning about different powerful people God used to put his word out. For example people like “Charles Spurgeon”, the Prince of Preachers. He turned England upside down with the word of God. And there are other methods I would use to teach about ministry.
SM: Any last remarks?
BR: First I would like to take the time to thank you, for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk me. I just want to say, that the word of God should be important to everyone, especially those who claim to be Children of God. There is a place called Heaven, and there is a place called Hell. In order to get to Heaven you must believe in Jesus Christ. You must believe that Jesus died, and was buried, and rose on the third day. You must believe that Jesus is the son God. You must ask God to forgive you of your sins, and repent of your sins. You must make Jesus your Lord and Savior. So that you will have Salvation, meaning then you will be saved. Then you should want to learn the word of God. You should want to see a change in your life. You should want to learn everything you can learn about Jesus, so that when you step out in public, people see Jesus in you. You should also love the Lord with all of your Heart. And then try to bring as many as you can to Christ.
Again I want to thank you for your time. And thank you for listening to me talk about ministry and God.
God Bless You
Apostle Byron Rue
SM: Contact info
BR: Byron Rue
Byron Rue Ministries



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Cancer Didn’t Survive, but I Did!

My name is Sierra and I’m 28 years old. I’m married to my best friend and one of my many supporters. I have two handsome boys. I would like to share my tragedy, testimony, and my triumph.

On August 20, 2013 I was diagnosed with a rare breast tumor that came back as malignant it’s called Phyllodes tumor. It’s rare because it cannot be treated with chemotherapy nor radiation, it is a tumor that must continuously be cut out leaving you victim to constant surgery because did I mention, it grows rapidly? Even if cut with a larger margin of healthy breast tissue/fat. The day that I had my first surgery was on August 20th, however two weeks post-op; still with stitches in place. My breast specialist discovered it had grown back again in just two weeks, my doctor performed emergency surgery and suggested in the meantime to do BRCA1 test. This is a genetic mutation test for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. I went along with my specialist’s suggestion only to get the most unfortunate news. I was positive for the gene not only that, I was in the top 50th percentile. I was really discouraged at this point but I knew God had this all under control at least in that moment. At this point, due to my second emergency operation I was hoping and praying for the best. Thinking the worst was over because that had taken a lot of surrounding tissue out of my left breast plus with test results I was recommended to just come every 3 months for MRI, mammogram, and ultrasound. However, I followed everything they told me and showed up to every appointment, but I just kept getting negative reports.

On one particular visit my doctor nonchalantly asked “how would you feel if you had to get a mastectomy?” I could hardly swallow. I was like a deer caught in headlights. I was so puzzled, she then stated “you don’t have to answer me now but keep it in the back of your mind because things just aren’t looking good. Every time you come you never get any good news. ” I told her I wouldn’t need it, God had healed me and she just smiled. Some 6 months had gone by at this point and I was back at the doctor with guess what? A new lump in my right breast and also the one in the left breast had returned. The tears begin to roll down my face and my faith had been extremely shaken and I thought God was punishing me. My doctor sent me over to the radiologist to get what’s called a core needle biopsy were they go in and take tissue sample to check for cancerous cells. Well my report had come back and they couldn’t really tell what was in my body because some of the tissue was funny colored and textured weirdly. It was something they had never dealt with before. I was told that I needed to meet her, my radiologist and their nurses to figure out our next move. I knew it wasn’t good then….here we are July 2014 and I’m still fighting this monster. I arrived to the office on July 1st and was directed to an office that kind of reminded me of a meeting room and not the usual check up room. As everyone greeted me she had a file of my diagnosis, test results, and etc from caring for me for almost a year. As everyone was staring at me with a great deal of despair in their eyes, I remember her explaining everything!!! She said “SIERRA I’M SORRY HONEY BUT WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PERFORM A BILATERAL DOUBLE MASTECTOMY …. WE FEEL THIS WOULD BE YOUR BEST AND SAFEST SOLUTION BECAUSE THE NEXT 5 years aren’t looking so well for you based off of all of your results.” Dazed and confused, I could not swallow again. I stated, ok! Well how soon would I have to do this? She said “the next 2 weeks because we can’t leave those tumors in there.” During the next 2 weeks, my life would change forever. My surgery was scheduled for July 16th at 6:00 a.m. It would be a 6 hour procedure, but I made it through and here’s where God began to speak to me. My first week was so depressing and I was so angry with God. I questioned him over and over. I cried until my eyes were swollen shut because I couldn’t believe that the God I served and loved would allow this. But He really does love me because after they removed my breasts they sent them down to pathology for testing, when the report came back I had 6 different types of tumors in my breasts that they couldn’t see due to my breasts being dense because I am so young. That is when I began to experience God in a supernatural way, I could hear Him speak loud and clearly he said “I love you but I wanted to show you everything isn’t what it looks like and I’m operating on you beneath the surface.” I thought really Lord beneath the surface huh? Well He actually spoke so clearly I was literally abled to write it on paper, which I turned into a poem, something I had never done before. See even though He took the very thing that I needed as a woman to nurture her baby, God was showing me I will take and I have already wore your disease. I want you to rest in my bosom (the bosom of Jesus) and I will nurture you back to health spiritually. So even though my body was physically experiencing this process God was spiritually operating on me as well. In this time I have discovered so much about myself as a child of God. My faith was enlarged because of this journey. I couldn’t pay or buy my way out, or even call my parents to fix it. He literally had me in a position to only trust in Him. I was forced to listen to Him because I couldn’t move. He taught me how to find value in small things, love what’s misunderstood, and accept the rejected as well as, not to be surprised by who and what he chooses to use to bless me. I am currently under reconstruction from the inside out but through it all I’ve learned to trust in Jesus and depend on him! My praise and worship is sincere because this entire time I’ve been off work but God always makes a way for every bill to get paid. Imagine! Not working for a year.

If I could give any advice to anybody it would be: always perform self breast exams at home before your monthly cycle and after. Always keep up with mammograms. MRI’s and ultrasounds always follow up. Last and certainly not least TRUST IN THE LORD with all your heart because His ways are not our ways and if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans because he already worked it out. Thank you for reading this I hope it blessed someone, because my journey has surely been a blessing to me and those around me. Isaiah 53:5



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Makeup is for Every Woman/ Post Halloween Glam

Every woman wants to feel and look her best, makeup helps to do that. Makeup is not to lie, it’s not some sham to trick men. It doesn’t do anything but enhance the features that a woman already possesses. Makeup helps to cover birth marks or skin defects that would bring unwarranted attention. Makeup helps women feel their best. People all have things they do; one doesn’t stop buying perfume or cologne. Even though they will smell fine with dove soap. But, you buy the smell goods anyway. Men get haircuts and line ups at the barbershops to look more polished. Women wash, rinse, and wear makeup. And yet women receive much criticism for wearing makeup. Whether or not she is what one considers a natural beauty, shouldn’t matter if she wants to wear makeup. If she wants to, then she should do it without being those out having her beauty discredited for it. Even if you are a woman that prefers no makeup, there is no harm in knowing how to wear it on your face, for your features. Makeup is just another accessory that can be used for fun. It is not always about an ego boost or a self esteem cover up.

And now things have changed, there are new techniques and different products out there. All of which may be a better fit for one woman’s skin than another. The only way to discover what’s best for you is to get out there and find out. Don’t feel ashamed for being older and not knowing what will work best for you. There are countless palettes for the eyes and lips, which one may not have known compliments her more. So, no matter the age, go and make the appointment at Sephora, Mac, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, or Nars, or any professional beauty consultant, wherever your heart is content. Let that professional show you the “you” that’s there under the surface. Let that professional put a little extra pep in that step of yours. You won’t be sorry, and you will still be you.

Make that appointment and keep it!


Happy Hallows Glam

Everyone assumes Halloween is the holiday solely for children. But, how’s that phrase go…? “There’s a little bit of child in all of us.” Therefore, Halloween is a holiday for us all. It’s the perfect day to break out and do something for the pure fun of it. Dad’s if you want to be that hero in your children’s eyes, throw on the cape. Mom’s if you like a “material girl, in a material world”, be Madonna for the day. Maybe become one of the undead, perhaps a woodland fairy, or a classic horror movie star. If ever there was a time for man to want to moonwalk wearing a shiny red leather jacket, Halloween is that time. The list goes on and on, the possibility’s only a Google search away.

Wonderful things about today’s technology are all the outlets provided to show vast do-it-yourself ideas on costumes and makeup looks. Whoever would have thought Frankenstein could be glamorous. With YouTube videos at your fingertips it’s only a short tutorial away from bringing some glam power to a classic costume icon such as Frankenstein. Fake blood and flesh application sets at the nearest Spirit Halloween stores have brought an all new “real” to the creativity of zombies.

So, ladies don’t stress, there are countless ways to be both pretty and gruesome all at the same time. Instead of that everyday brown or grey smoky eye, try green for Poison Ivy or Purple for that fairy. Contour that face with grey and highlight with white to get that pale vampire look. The point or rather the end goal is to have fun with your look and really do something outlandish. Halloween is the perfect Holiday to get away with it. Take advantage of the YouTube tutorials and Pinterest ideas out there to help find out what creature lives inside of you!

Happy Hallows Eve!



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When it comes to relationships, everyone has a preference, a checklist, or a set of standards that they feel that their significant other should possess. However, I wonder if men sometimes set womens’ standards too high, are they settling, does the person who set these standards possess the same values that they want in a mate, or are they shallow in their expectations of a mate, that the one you are looking for may have been right up under your nose all along but value what she look like more than her personality? I have asked 30 men ranging from blue collar workers, white collar professionals, professional athletes, clinical professionals, entrepreneurs, authors, entertainers and religious leaders, etc. 12 basic questions on their views of women and relationships. Some of the answers I received were very interesting and stood out more than others which I felt were pertinent. However, all responses were recorded and viewed just as valuable as the others. Although I have mentioned some of the background of the careers these men are in, I vowed not to reveal the names due to confidentiality. I often run a circle of various people and sometimes I have the opportunity to join in a platform of dialogue about relationships with especially with men, along with read material, and multiple media feedback on relationships as well. So I did this survey for a few reasons, 1) I often hear women being bashed and/or blamed for relationship failures 2) I want to take a peek inside of men and see what they really feel and think of women, to give women more clarity and understanding and 3) to give women the opportunity to respond to how they may feel concerning the responses these men have given. I also talk to my ladies and we often complain about not finding the right man or there are not enough good men and most of the good men are already taken, maybe this can shed some light on that stigma.


These are the questions I asked:


1. Name 3 things that you feel are great characteristics in a good woman?


Honesty, intelligent, good cook, keep home clean, good personality, good communicator, open minded, confident, good energy, have direction in life, wholesome, organized, not promiscuous, patient, unselfish, compassionate, gentle, happy/pleasant, loving, warm, trusting spirit, genuine, loyal, compromising, cooperative, inspirational, nurturing, God-fearing, independent, great character


2. Name 3 things you dislike most about a woman?


Loud, smoker, follower, nasty attitude, talk too much, lack of effort in appearance, weight gain, still talking after I’m angry, use profanity, negative/pessimistic attitude and actions, not spontaneous, lazy sex, liar, violent, compare self to men, act like she don’t need a man, no ambition (lack of goals), don’t value relationships, living in the past, dishonest, vulgar, disloyal, controlling, uncompromising, socially and economically independent, carelessness, unsupportive, too opinionated, no sense of humor, very dependent


3. What qualifies a woman as a lifetime partner “wife”?

Not being able to live without her, have a plan for kids and the future and ready for that, good character and easy to get along with, take care of business, thoughtful and unselfish, if she can cook, clean, and smart, loyalty, good communicator, have my back, good mother, outgoing, respectable, friendship, dependable, have class, good chemistry, similar ideals concerning family and socialization, strong family unit, and blended family unit, same beliefs and value system, equally yoked biblically, compassionate, supportive through trials and tribulations, submissive, not argumentative, talk things out, peacemaker, compromise, good sex, basic domestic abilities, genuine personality, cooperative, respectful, give all mentally and physically, someone that will go through trials and tribulations with, nonjudgmental, God fearing, honest, confident, passionate, funny, commitment, strong, outgoing, funny, intelligent and independent.


4. What do you find that most women lack personally and/or professionally?


            Compassion and understanding, lack of values, professionalism doesn’t matter, listening skills, self-confidence both personally and professionally, patience, self-composed hold to the “Angry Black Woman”, and proper etiquette professionally, patience, lack the knowledge of what “Real Help” means outside a monetary value, become too independent due to life situations, give up dreams and goals for a man, lack independence, it depends/varies from woman to woman, lack professionalism, humility.


5. What do you feel most women lack in a relationship?


            Letting go of past hurt/baggage, understanding, thoughtfulness, consistency, trust, compromise, patience, listening skills, emotional displacement, ownership, not knowing self-worth, loyalty, unsure, financially Supportive of a Man.


6. What are some turnoffs of a woman?


            Don’t take care of self, smoking, obese, not educated, lazy and abuse body, extreme ignorance, disagreeable, physical qualities, lazy in bed, loud mouth, nag, know it all, unmotivated, bad hygiene, lack of self-respect, selfish, unclean, acting like a man, nasty mouth, dressing provocatively, manipulator, no ambition, competitive and envy others, don’t value relationships, negative attitude, controlling, dishonest, no domestic abilities, close minded, loud, bad sex, poor listening skills, sexual easiness (promiscuous), not physically fit, unwilling to learn and be educated in different views, doesn’t like heritage, doesn’t like self, materialistic, argumentative, lack of communication, expect handouts, drama, give up and accept circumstances, lack of intelligence, and varies from woman to woman


7. Do you believe in specified gender roles? If so, what role do you believe a woman should play?


            Most stated NO, some stated Yes, and a few stated it depends.


8. Does physical characteristics matter vs her personality?

            In this portion, majority says that physical characteristics are very important with personality not falling too far behind. Very few stated that personality was more important than the physical, but all would like for a woman to equally to have both attributes. One person in particular stated he would take a little less personality and attitude if she look good.


9. Is there a time frame that you date a woman before you decide that you want to be in a committed relationship with her? If so what is the estimated time frame?


            For this question all of the men stated that there was no specified time frame. However some went on to say that getting know the person and having mutuality in the direction of the relationship is very important. One also stated that discernment is important.


10. What ethical values must a woman possess?


            To ride for one own kind first, family oriented, goals, good morals and integrity, Christian morals and values, non-judgmental, respect, honesty, responsibility, self-discipline, compassion, considerate, optimistic, reliable, spirituality, health and fitness, value family, unselfish, respectful, nurturing, education, and being a lady at all times, believe in a supreme being, not flirtatious, cleanliness, Integrity, wisdom, knowing and value the 10 commandments, basics, depends on the culture.


11. The qualities that you feel a woman should have do you have them as well.


            Majority of the men responded YES to this question. A few stated SOMETIMES. There was one response that made me interpret his answer to be that being raised by a single woman and what women do, that men should possess those qualities, but unsure if men meet the standards and qualities that women have in that aspect. (As a mother)


12. Do you feel that women are the root cause of relationship failures? Do you think men contribute in any way? If so how?


            Complete answer of NO across the board and says it’s both women and men



These were the responses from 30 men I asked these same questions. A lot of it was repetitive, but I compiled each response. In Actuality, these men had a lot to say explaining the nature of their answers, but due to timing constraints, man power, and the extensive feedback I received, I had to drastically get straight to the answers for the article. I think that some are looking for the perfect person, but we all come with flaws. That perfect person doesn’t exist, just the perfect one for you.


Please women and men please give me your feedback on the questions and answers to this survey.




**Upcoming articles: Sexual Assault Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Dating someone with children with multiple partners**………….Stay tuned, it’s going to get real interesting. ………


Marquetta Turner

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Taking for granted that life will always be as it is, is a mistake easily and often made in ignorance to what is truth. Careful consideration towards life experiences cautions one to expect the unexpected. Considerable thought should be put into each and every action made to exact every possibility with intellect. Life is filled with sudden and overpowering surprise and wonder, good and bad. Caution through darkness, when light comes in the morning all truth shall be revealed. One is not immune to sudden changes as a result of a hazardous situation. As one progresses through life experiencing difficulties lessons are unfurled in reason. Each day, each hour, each minute is a mystery full of apprehensive warning; anticipating a perilous situation. Give respect to the matters of others with discretion. Treat one another with love and kindness careful of the rights of others; careful about ones behavior; careful in speech, particularly mindful and passionately concerned for the welfare of others. A fool throws caution to the wind not understanding what is to follow. Be cautious of the foe called friend, for it is this one that will cause sorrow without regret. Do not give way to the things of the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, they are not of God. ‘Whoso is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the loving kindness of the Lord.


K.L. Presha’

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The feeling of LOVE

Take a walk with me, through my past, through my present, and glide into my future. Holding on tight, hoping I wont let go of you. Then leave you hanging on bruised and seeking that feeling you once knew. Are you waiting on me? I told you to keep up change right along with me. Watch me move and not move consistently in sequence when its not balanced with what I’m giving and your giving too. Touching me, just barely. Speaking just a little. Don’t hold me down, it wont be successful. I do my best when there are no limitations. Understand who I am now, then, and will be. I won’t be the same in someone else…cant be. If I’m the same you won’t be completely happy with me because you let go for a reason some time ago. I can’t model you. I can’t model the past experience you’ve been through. I have to be unique in being the new me. Trust in what I show you, hold on as we grow through..let go if you want too. If I come more than once, it’s only because you’ve grown and allowed me too.


Lena Holliday

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