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Tiffany Boyle

Tiffany Boyle is the Chief Executive Officer of Emerge the Magazine, and an avid expert in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship. Emerge Magazine is a company that focuses on promoting entrepreneurs and cultural events. She is also the Executive Director of the non-profit association “Access Virginia”; an organization that is focused on providing access to live theatre and the arts for the disabled by providing open captioning and audio description services.

Tiffany founded Emerge the Magazine in 2011, (although officially established in 2009), to provide numerous avenues of exposure for small businesses and the people that run them. She has traveled extensively throughout the world networking, creating memories, making friends, and helping others.

Tiffany, also a Florida native, currently residing in Virginia, is a graduate in Business Management from Virginia Wesleyan College and attends the University of Maryland University College for her Masters in Management.

Tiffany’s objective and daily activities include, but are certainly not limited in maintaining the day-to-day operations of the business along with staff. She creates and maintains professional business relationships with reputable companies that can further the career of the featured talent in her publication. Another key factor is interviewing individuals in the entertainment industry, as well as promoting featured people in the publication through social media to offer exposure. “The concept of marketing talented individuals began with a realization that there was an abundance of undiscovered talents lacking the ability to directly contact reputable companies in their desired industry. We wanted to offer an affordable option for our applicants to pursue possible representation for their desired field. We do this through our monthly newsletters and annual magazine.”

SM: What prompted you to start Emerge Magazine? Where did the name come from?

TB: I started Emerge to fill voids in the business industry; networking, promotion, and mentorship. The name took a long time to come up with. I wanted a title that embodied the whole company and not just the magazine. Emerge means to move out of or away from something and come into view or to become apparent, important, or prominent.


SM: What is your ultimate goal, with magazine company? What talents are you interested in promoting?

TB: My ultimate goal is for Emerge to be more than a magazine. I want it to be the place where people who are starting in the business industry come to for advice, for exposure, and for loans. I want Emerge to be the company that business owners that have been in their industry for years to come to for advice, for exposure, to mentor the novice, and to add credibility. Emerge is interested in promoting all talents. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur contact us to be featured either in our magazine or online blog.


SM: Who is your most notable influence?

TB: The most notable influence, and there are many, I would have to say is Oprah. She came from very little and has built her empire and helped so many people along the way.


SM: When you started Emerge Magazine, did you have people that started with you, then quit? How hard/easy would you say it is with starting your own publication? Why or why not?

TB: YES! When I first started Emerge I had a group of people made up of friends and acquaintances that said they would help and overtime their drive was not the same as mine. It is very hard to find people to work hard for something that is not their dream, especially when they are not getting paid for it. So I had to let some people go, some people quit, and some people just faded away. That is why I will work with a small hard working dedicated team before I just let anybody in on my dream. I am very happy with the group I have by my side now. DaShana Kemp, my C.O.O., is my right hand woman. My editor, Alexandria Gryder, started off as an intern and stayed to help me because she believed in Emerge. My graphic designer, Jeremy Banks, turned the whole idea of the magazine into reality. My human resource personnel, Lawrence DeJean, also started as an intern and stayed with me. I am truly grateful for these people and couldn’t do this without them.


SM: How many companies/publications have you managed prior to starting your own magazine?

TB: Zero. Emerge is my first publication. My first of many, I hope.


SM: What are qualifications for someone to be in your publication? What are some topics that people would expect to read in your magazine?

TB: People have to be a business owner or an entrepreneur to be in the publication. Our readers can expect to read about personal life stories about real people who started their own business. They will read about their trials and tribulations, their successes, their mentors, and their advice.


SM: What is your process of hiring staff? What qualifications must each staff member have?

TB: I accept resumes. Lawrence, the human resource personnel, sifts through them and chooses those he believes would fit into the culture of Emerge. I conduct phone interviews. A lot of the hiring is based off of how the interview went. Our culture demands hard work and reaching deadlines. Our staff is everywhere in the U.S. so communication is key. I am looking for international staff. Qualifications depends on what you are trying to do. To be a writer, you have to love to write. To be an editor, I would prefer either in college for journalism or have graduated. And so on…


SM: Where can potential customers find or subscribe to your magazine?

TB: Everyone can go to to purchase the magazine or to find a location where they are being sold. Emerge will not have subscriptions. We have a membership program called Emerge Elite. Once you are a member you have a free subscription. Members can only be business owners and entrepreneurs.


SM: Any last remarks?

TB: I hope everyone goes out and buys Emerge Magazine when it comes out in January 2015. I hope everyone loves the content and will gain some good contacts from it.


SM: Contact info?

TB: or emergemag2

Instagram: emergethemagazine



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Comparing Piaget and Vygotsky

Whitney Houston put it best in her song The Greatest Love of All, “I believe the children
are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.”  When reading the article
Comparing Piaget and Vygotsky, the question: “Who limits a child’s learning?”, came to mind.
While Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories of which were both in support of proper development of the
young mind and how the child/student learns. I believe that Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory of
Development by far takes the cake. Piaget’s belief of the four different stages ­sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete
operation, and formal operation­ that each person may go through in life is promising. From
sensorimotor to formal operations, there are often times visible evidence to support that the
child/student is or is not experiencing cognitive growth. Whether it be in him/her chewing on a
lego to have that “aha moment” assuring them that the lego in question has no real taste or
him/her having the ability to think outside of the box ­in unconventional thinking­ to solve
everyday problems.  In my opinion this theory is not fitting for today’s society or for the
educating of today’s toddler. When thinking of my own upbringing, it took a village to raise me. With
Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory of Development, having many hands in the pot gives a
child/student a plethora of different cultures and languages to give the child/student a broader
outlook from the beginning of his/her learning experience.

From infant to young adult,
Vygotsky discusses the importance of social interactions and dialogues to mold the young mind.
His tool of scaffolding alone helps the learner by challenging him/her to not give up and instead
keep pushing forward to better ways of tackling the problem or issue, if or when it happens
again. Through Vygotsky’s concept of language development he/she is exposed to the versatility
that is culture ­artifacts, values, beliefs, norms, and differences in communication. I believe that,
in a place like America with so many sub­cultures and languages this theory would be beneficial
in moving toward a place of more social­ acceptance and tolerance.

Vygotsky’s perspective on the utilization of cultural tools ­media, computers, and books­
to enhance the cognitive thinking of a child/student is rather brilliant. Unlike the Piaget Theory,
you will find that Vygotsky moreso wanted to be sure that the younger learners were given each
opportunity, person, and tool that he/she needed to succeed. As a person who was raised in a
culture where many people influenced; had exposed me to, and gave me understanding of how
society works. I believe in Vygotsky’s Theory.


Christiawn Emmanuel

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



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Ten most common mistakes we make on Facebook

Since becoming an entrepreneur I must admit there is one thing that I’ve grown to love and that’s social media. For business owners, social media is like magic but only if used properly. Some of you may have heard negative things about social media, but to its defense I must say social media and networking tools are solely what you make of it. If you only use it to vent and post negative comments then nine chances out of ten you will start to see mostly negative comments and realize that you are surrounded by negative people. Sad but true! Recently during a radio interview about media and social media I gave my two cents on how using social networks could empower someone who is an entrepreneur or an independent artist. With any magic potion there are do’s and don’ts.

 Here’s 10 common mistakes people make on Facebook:


First Mistake
Using a personal page and passing both business and personal information. Remember with a business your goal is to create a brand and as an artist you’re creating or protecting your image. So sometimes mixing both personal and business information can be lethal to your brand or your image.


Second Mistake
Over posting the same information.
As an entrepreneur or a flourishing music artist, we all have agendas and deadlines however over posting on social media is the worst mistake you can make. Here’s why..When you over post on social media it’s takes you out of a professional role and projects you as a kid laying on the floor crying, kicking and screaming because you can’t get your way. Need a better example? Imagine someone standing on a box on the side of the street yelling out tons of information, but everyone is walking right passed them and no one’s listening. This what happens when you over post the same information over and over again.

Here’s a tip: If you have the same message that you want to get out to a broader audience, consider asking your audience to share your information to their audience.


Third Mistake
Not reading other’s posts
Because social media is such a huge outlet we tend to overlook what everyone else is posting in order to post our thoughts and agendas. When you only post without reading sometimes you miss simple opportunities like someone posting a great review or referral about your business or music.


Fourth Mistake
Being Anti-social on social media or
not following up with what you previously posted.
Remember the whole purpose of social media is to communicate and to create and build an audience. In order to create a great network, communication is the key. Simple tip: when you post something take a moment to reply to others who have commented on your post or at least acknowledge it by liking their comment. I normally tag the person who replied to my post to keep the line of communication open and going.


Fifth Mistake
Using the thumbs up feature on Facebook. Use the thumbs up feature wisely. Some people tend to use this feature way to often. Ask them a question and their reply is a thumbs up. Invite them to an event and their reply is a thumbs up. Again use the thumbs up feature wisely so noone will feel that you’re anti-social.


Sixth Mistake
Not using social media to connect to people who will benefit your business. It’s natural for entrepreneurs and indie artists to attempt to connect with people similar to them because everyone always look for people who can relate to their career goals. However for the sake of business, it’s better to use social media to connect with people who can help boost your business. For example, a model may want to use social media to connect with photographers, fashion designers and event coordinators. Get the picture? Awesome! Let’s look at the next common mistake.


Seventh Mistake
Using slang, spelling and grammatical errors.
First off, no one should ever need
Urban Dictionary just to understand your post or message via social media. On a personal level slang may be fine. However on a business level you want people to take you, your business or your ministry serious. Most people aren’t perfect in spelling or grammar, but somehow everyone becomes an English guru when they see these mistakes on Facebook.


Eighth Mistake
When starting out in business taking professional pictures seems like an unnecessary investment. However over half of the people on social media are visual so kick it up a notch with the great professional pictures. If taking pictures at home, attempt to refrain from bathroom selfies and make sure the background of your pictures are neat and tidy. Believe me when I say pictures count and they build both your brand and image.


Ninth Mistake
Not sharing post from others.
Remember social media is not all about you. Social media is to build a genuine audience, make connections and to communicate. With this concept in mind, if you only share information on you…well you can figure this mistake out. No elaboration needed.


Tenth Mistake
As a Marine wife, trust me when I say I understand the all caps methodology, but with the recent changes on Facebook and other social networks all caps are viewed as spam and sometimes these posts may not be seen by a lot of your friends.


Here’s a tip consider using symbols to get your audience attention or alternate between lower case and all caps.


Now that we’ve covered the 10 most common mistakes on seen on Facebook, here’s two freebies:

Eleventh Mistake
Your potential audience can’t support your business page if they don’t know about it. Take a moment to link your business fanpage as your latest career so new friends can click on your page directly from your profile.

Lastly, check the spam or other box on Facebook. When you’re not friends with someone, by default Facebook sends those messages go to spam or your “other” box.

LaNette Kincaid is a Marine wife and mother of two, that took on the challenge of owning a business shortly after graduating college. Most of her tips and advice that you will read in our magazine will come from her personal experiences of trial and error. To see more of LaNette’s tips be sure to following her on Twitter @LaNetteKincaid

LaNette Kincaid

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Diggy Simmons

As usual, I’m always pleased to get a connect with Future Star DJ’s whenever there is business with a major recording artist. When you get to have a conference call with a major recording artist from Atlantic Records such as Diggy Simmons, you tend to forget that he is only 19 yrs old. A pop culture icon for the teenagers, but making music for the cross over generation. His music is a hit in the clubs as well. Diggy Simmons is a star on the rise. Coming to the scene a few years ago debuting hits such as “Copy and Paste” and “4 Letter Word”. This young man, the son of Rev. Run (“Run” of Run DMC), and the nephew of Russell Simmons. Growing up around the music industry, this young man has become an icon. At 19 yrs young, he gets a lot of his inspiration from artists such as Anita Baker, Sade, Kanye West, and many others. He says that in 5-10 years, He just wants to be “happy making music”. I would say that he is ahead of his time. He introduced his first single off of his EP “Out of This World”, titled “Ain’t Bout To Do” which is about a young man “stepping up to the plate to do what your man won’t do.” This song in his own words was “cohesive”, all of the parts just fit together. This single which was produced by DJ Mustard, Featuring French Montana, was a hit before he even knew it. After hearing the beat by DJ Mustard, he immediately thought of French Montana to lay some verses down, because of his “NYC vibe”. Diggy wanted it to be something for the people, especially the NYC nightlife. He has another single “Honestly”, that you can view for yourself below. Expect to hear a new songstress that will be featured in some of his music by the name of “PJ”, she has that Lauryn Hill type of vibe, and another new voice that shall remain a secret until his EP “Out of This World”, is available for purchase. Stay tuned and stay up to date with what Diggy has going on. For booking contact his manager Laurie To contact him directly @diggy_simmons on Twitter and @diggysimmons on Instagram.


Diggy Simmons-Honestly [Official Video] (Click to Watch)


Tour Dates:

December 19th. Hot97’s “Christmas In Brooklyn” at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn,NY, Diggy Simmons- Barclays Center (Click Link)

December 20th. Making a special guests appearance at the legendary Apollo, Harlem, NY, Diggy Simmons-Apollo Theater (Click Link)IMG_20141130_230938_2

December 26th. Richmond,Va at the Richmond Coliseum, Tickets on sale December 5th

December 27th. Jacksonville, Fl. at the Times Union Center Diggy Simmons- Times Union Center (Click Link)

January 17th. Redondo Beach, California at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Diggy Simmons- Redondo Beach (Click Link)




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Kerry Hines

“If you’re in the hair and beauty industry chances are you’ve already been introduced to Kerry Hines. He almost single handedly created the industry of hair and beauty broadcasting. He is the creator and host of the popular “HaiRadio Broadcast Network”, the world’s first 24-hour hair and beauty radio network. He’s also the creator of “The Hair Radio Show” which originally hit the airwaves back in 1995 out of New York and New Jersey. Hines additionally syndicated the groundbreaking radio show to Philadelphia and Atlanta. The show featured several top stylists sharing hair care tips to the listening audience. The show went on to feature celebrity stylists and their famous clients.

If creating a niche in the hair and beauty industry weren’t enough, Hines has also helped to launch the careers of many stylists who were on their way up the ladder by supporting them through his successful publicity business exclusively available to professional celebrity stylists. Hines, himself, has been featured in American Salon Magazine, American Salon Operator Newspaper, The New York Daily News, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and several other media outlets.

Hines returns to his rightful place in the hair and beauty broadcasting industry as a true innovative legend. “I’m glad to again be part of a wonderful community of the most dynamic individuals I’ve ever met. I want our radio show and network to reflect that”.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and reared in northern New Jersey, Hines soon embarked on journeys around the globe connecting him with opportunities that would have not been presented had he not reached for his dreams.

As an true entrepreneur, Hines launched the successful children’s character and weekly radio show, “Fluff the Bear” in Hollywood, California, long before there was a Disney radio channel. He has created five other radio shows, including “Centerstage” that helped new talent connect with successful artists, long before there was an “American Idol”. His ideas have always been ahead of their time but Hines never let that stop him. He’s always believed that working hard at your real gift is not only a lasting and meaningful experience but your true legacy.

It is to your detriment if you ever think that it’s the end of the road for his creativity and innovation. His past successes have made him legendary in the hair and beauty broadcasting industry but it’s his inclusive spirit that endears him to his fans around the world. What’s next? We’ll have to tune in and find out.”


I conducted a short interview with Kerry Hines and this is what his responses were;


SM: Briefly explain why you became an advocate for hairstylists and new talent?
KH:  I became an accidental advocate for the hair and beauty industry.  I started in broadcasting and then later focused on the hair and beauty industry.  I believe working so closely with the hairstylists and barbers I began to understand their business challenges.
SM: If you can encourage someone in the Hair or Radio Broadcasting Industry now or in the future, what would it be?
KH:  I encourage hairstylists and folks with hair product companies all the time.  I have created many digital platforms, by design, to encourage and promote the stylists and their businesses. I say to work hard and let the work- work for you!
SM: Why did you form Hair Radio Broadcast Network?
KH:  I wanted to combine my love for broadcasting with promotion for that segment in my community.
SM: You have helped further the careers of some of the top stylists and talent in the country. Who were some of your favorites?
KH:  I’ve worked with many popular hairstylists who passed through our doors.  I still offer business coaching and help develop marketing and promotional campaigns.  I have a few favorites but some are still my clients today and I don’t want any to leave me but I think they know who they are.
SM: Were you welcomed or shunned by any of your peers or contemporaries when you started your broadcast Network? Why or why not?
KH:  I was the first to launch this particular genre so I think it was well received.
SM: Who has been some of the most influential guests on your show? Least?
KH:  I have had many influential guests but influential for different reasons.  I have had powerful hairstylists and barbers who have big followings and others who are really talented and had great tips to share with the fans.  I have had celebrity guests who everyone knows.
SM: Were there any shows that you felt were not your best? Why or why not?
KH: I think all of the shows were done incredibly well.  I loved them all and for different reasons.
SM: Would you agree that the Beauty and Broadcasting Industry is at its peak?
KH:  I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s peaked but it’s turning a new corner.
SM: You have seen the evolutionary changes in both industries, especially during the time that multimedia wasn’t as prevalent. Do you think multimedia has helped or hindered some of the growth of both industries?
KH:  Well, social media has really had a big impact on everything that’s technology related.  I think it’s changed not just those industries but the world.  I think for the better.
SM: How so?
KH:  Access, convenience and just moving information across to the masses.
SM: What aspects of the Beauty or Broadcasting Industry would you like to see improve?
KH:  There are several out there now kinda just getting to what I created twenty years ago.  I think the world is just catching up.  They’ll be focused on that for a while.  If the information that’s imparted to the listeners is accurate than I am pleased.
SM: Were there any publications or colleagues that you feel you would have liked to collaborate/partner with?
KH:  I’ve been featured in articles in everything from international beauty magazines to airplane seat back magazines.  I think we’re doing some great business today with the very best being connected to our operation.
SM: Looking back, what would you have changed? What do you realize now that you didn’t realize then; Struggle or breakthroughs?
KH:  I know it sounds corny but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I think you need all of the challenges along the way so you’re prepared once you arrive.  I’ve certainly learned all of the business techniques to really make a difference to their financial pages.
SM: Any last remarks?
KH:  Being in the hair and beauty industry is a great way to create a lasting and profitable legacy for one’s self.  I am proud to be connected to it and to have made a difference.
SM: Contact Info?
KH:  Contact us at .. Just recently launched www.HaiRadioSchool.Education.. an online school especially for those in the hair and beauty business.  Call us 800-526-2610, ext. 2.
Kerry Hines
The world’s #1 Hair Radio Network is Back!!
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howtogetrichinthehairbusiness “How to Get Rich in the Hair Business” Press Release (Click link) (Brief presentation of his radio show, Click to listen)

Kerry Hines
The world’s #1 Hair Radio Network is Back!!
The HaiRadio Broadcast Network 24 Hours of Hair and Beauty Talk!!
Toll-Free 1-800-526-2610, ext. 2
‘Like Us’ on Facebook ‘The HaiRadio Show’ or follow us on
Twitter @hairadio
Our Blog:
New Book:  How to Get Rich in the Hair Business by Kerry Hines
Monthly Glossy Digital Magazine:  My Hair Is Natural
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You Must Grow, Then Move On

I hear you…just faintly.  Indirectly speaking, hoping that you are speaking  loudly enough so your tone can resonate directly towards me. Nope….I won’t….I’m not turning toward you. Can’t cater to anything for you. You must finish, fix, or pray your way out of that current situation.

If  I’m hearing this correctly,  you married into a situation thats left you homeless? When you speak of homeless, you speak of not having the place of solitude due to her boldly taking over your sense of solace. Smothered into years of distress and you think I wanna hear that mess? Find your way and progress.

Please dont try and run game on me with that, “It aint like that no more, she gots to go”…mess. Holla at me when you’ve let go, moved on, renewed your mental state, and learned who you are…the you, you’ve become after learning from, “what you claim to have been”, such a terrible experience.


Lena Holliday

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Diddy Coffee

Hott Coffey Management’s CEO Diddy Coffee presents Hott Coffey Management/Entertainment. Hott Coffey Management is a full team company that promotes, major to local events as well managing major and up and coming artists. From recording artists to models and actors under the watchful eye of CEO Diddy Coffee. Hott Coffey Management has worked with such acts as , 95 SOUTH, THE 69 BOYZ, GLENN JONES, TONY TERRY,IMG_116978485701628,CHUBB ROCK, KIESHA COLE, DEITRICK HADDON,IMG_116153326990276,YOLANDA ADAMS, FRED HAMMOND,IMG_116742146174062, BYRON CAGE,IMG_116910336495717, SHIRLEY CEASAR,IMG_116928719083470, SHABBA RANKS, LIL BOOSIE, PLIES,IMG_115682586213008, KIETH SWEAT, SILK,IMG_116984487705792,  KURTIS BLOW, CRIME MOBB, to name a few,
Major Festivals such as THE FUNK FESTIVAL, THE SOUL FOOD FESTIVAL, many Major to local concerts all over the world, also with the school system doing concerts from middle schools to colleges doing shows for NBA STAY N SCHOOL PROGRAMS,SAY NO TO DRUGS, STOP BULLYING CONCERTS and many community events geared toward helping inner city youth, from BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS to the YMCA.  Hott Coffey Management has a wide range of artists from hip-hop ,R&B,to gospel artists currently working with THE 69 BOYZ AND 95 SOUTH TOUR and his ARTIST ROYALE pronounced ROY-YELL-LAY. IMG_116045573534016


Diddy Coffee is currently on a major conference with “God’s Women in Music”, Ministry, Business and Entertainment Conference with major gospel manager executives. Apostle Veryl Howard, representative for Preacher’s of L.A. featuring Deitrick Haddon. Also representing other major gospel artists. Diddy Coffee is “On The Rise.” Working with his brother on his tv show “On The Rise”, with over 300,000 in viewership and growing. Diddy has been Entertainment Director for the Soul Food Festival in Green Cove Springs, FL. The North Side and East Side Love Festivals, which gathers over 5,000 alone. Hott Coffey has “Enticing Resultz.”

For more info contact:
To book artists or Diddy Coffee as a host.
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