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Hot Shots and Press

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Do you know that you are special? Hairstylists are special people, because we have the ability to heal and nourish every soul that we encounter! I Think that more people would certify themselves as a counselor if they knew how special their job was. I can say that I have earned my share of rewards from clients as well as potential clients, when they walk into my salon. The joys of laughter as well as that heartfelt moment of realization that “I am having a moment, but I have my support system.” Most people that don’t confide in family or friends, will undoubtedly confide in their hairstylist or barber. We have a lot of experience. Life itself teaches us, but we deal with many different personalities daily. We also become the “plug” of resources that people will need to get them through. Referrals and other business owners, customers, etc. are made through the very same alliance. When you think about why you are special, this alone will or should remind you. You are a “Hot Shot” and you do get “Press” even if it is not on a celebrity level. But to somebody, you are a celebrity!


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My Story

My father died in 2013, and less than a month later my mom started talking to a man who she used to talk to when my parents were married. They almost got a divorce over it, and it made my whole family mad. We didn’t really understand why she did it but with me being the oldest of my two other sisters, I had to go along with it because I didn’t want to lose my sisters over this foolishness! It really hurt my middle sister to see that, because she was so close to our dad. Being made to like or talk to another man other than our dad mad her really mad and upset and she held all of it in. All of the pain and anger, she held in because she didn’t know how to handle it. But me on the other hand, I went along with it because I didn’t want to start anything with my mother either. So I continued to be nice and be around my sisters and mom! Then January of 2014, I found out I was pregnant. My mother was so mean and rude to me even when I helped her with everything and anything she has asked me to do. I didn’t understand why she acted the way she did but I had to give it to God every time. She made me cry over what she said or how she acted towards me and I was still there, being nice. There were times when she said she wasn’t coming to my baby shower because of the family members from my father’s side would be there, but then she said she was just playing. I never took it in a playful way because it was never funny to me. There was also a time when some money was taken out of her closet and I got blamed for it. I didn’t even know there was money in her closet, so my mom’s boyfriend told her to set me up by putting my little sisters money that she needed for camp on the bed to see if any of it would be missing when she went to the store! When she came back she claimed there was twenty dollars missing and blamed it all on me because I was the only one up. I just didn’t understand why she would let a man tell her to set her on daughter up and make her believe I actually did it. The only reason I even knew she set me up is because my youngest sister over heard my mother and my grandmother talking about it in the car. They thought my sister was sleep, and she wasn’t so she told me, and that really hurt because I would not steal money from my sister that she needed for camp! I brought it up to her and told her what was said, but I never said my sister told me because I knew she would get in trouble and of course she denied it and said she was setting up some men who were working in her house and they had already stopped working when this happened! So she assumed my sister told me and allowed my grandmother to stop my sister from being around me and talking to me and that hurt so bad because we are really close to each other. My sister called me everyday. I was pregnant and wasn’t even supposed to be stressing or crying! So that happened for a few days and it was a week later when I had to go into labor because they were taking my baby out because of a decrease in fluids and still, the first person I called was my mom and she asked me if I still wanted her there. I said, “duh”, even though the situation never left my mind I continued to still be nice and talk to her. Til’ this day nothing is the same between me and my mom so I just keep my distance from her but continue to see and talk to my sisters.

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5 Great Tax Tips


John Boone, RTRP/EA brings more than 18 years in diverse tax, financial, and business consulting experience to his role as a Tax Accountant. John helped launch” D & J Taxx Services” as Co- Ceo in 2007, Recently Open” The Tax Realm” this year (2015). His mission is to help clients maximize their tax returns by educating and providing tools to succeed and achieve this goal.

Professional Memberships & Licenses

John is a licensed tax preparer through the IRS from the Midwest, Detroit, MI, and John has eligibility to prepare tax returns in any state. He has a wide range of clients all across the country. John Boone is a certified member of Black Owned Businesses and Association of Black Tax Professionals

Client Focus

John is dedicated to helping clients achieve business success by helping them establish practical and sound tax and financial processes. Focused on services for small to medium sized businesses, as well as clients in the banking and financial industry, he is committed to delivering tax and financial services that meet each client’s unique objectives.

Professional Profile

John has gained extensive accounting experience through management roles for a variety of companies located in the Midwest.

For small to medium-sized businesses, John has expertise in providing comprehensive accounting services, including individual, corporate, partnership, and nonprofit income tax returns, compilations, and payroll tax reports.

In addition, John has expertise in consulting and supporting computerized accounting systems.

5 Great Tax Tips 2015

1. File the correct filing status.

2. Understand that IRS is cracking down on people claiming dependents on their tax returns that they do not support more than 50% throughout the whole tax year.

3. You and additional members of the household must have insurance or the proper exemptions according to ACA rules and regulations, or you will be penalized. The penalty goes up every year.

4. All tax information given to prepare a tax return must be able to be proven by documentation upon request.

5. Do not let a tax preparer dictate what information will go on your tax return. Always remember even if the preparer falsify information on your tax return, it is still your tax return in the IRS eyes. Pick and choose your tax preparer wisely.

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John Boone


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