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Behind The Scenes Of the I Survived Gospel Concert

MakeoversRecently, Women With Gifts presented the I Survived Gospel Concert on Saturday, March 7,2015. Women With Gifts is an organization for women that Women With Gifts is an organization of women using their gifts and talents that GOD has blessed them with. Our organization believes in leadership development, teaching and motivating others. One of the reasons that we, Enticing Resultz Magazine is so involved with this event because we were abled to be sponsors of this event. Since the event was organized by LaNette Kincaid ,we not only wanted an exclusive interview about the event itself, but we also wanted more of a behind the scenes account of the event as well. Here’s a detailed interview about 2015 I Survived Gospel Concert.

ER: What is the purpose for the I Survived Gospel Concert?Dunbar Choir

LK: Ultimately, ISGC is a concert and movement to allow survivors to have a platform to tell about the issues that they have experienced in regards to breast cancer, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. In addition, it was created to bring survivors and “pre-survivors” in one place. Pre- Survivors are people wanting to be in a survival state but they are not quite at the survivor stage yet. Gospel music heals the soul unlike other music genres that put you on a superficial high for a brief moment. So with you put the two together the concert was born.

ER: What surprised you about this event?

LK:I must say I was shocked about the survivors that came out to support the event. I’m also shocked by the people who randomly told me their survivor stories and they don’t know me, but they feel safe telling about their experience. I didn’t want to say anything about this but, I was also shocked that this event didn’t gain the exposure of major news outlets. I just knew that the public and the community would want to know about something positive happening in the city and state besides crime.

Another shocker was when I received an inbox the week of the event telling me that reality show “I Can Only Be Me” was going to not only attend the event but they would be filming certain parts of the show. I was totally shocked by that. I even cried!

ER: Why is it so important for ISGC to get media coverage or exposure?

LK: Media exposure for this event is important because sexual abuse and domestic abuse is now considered to be more of an epidemic or a pandemic in our society. Notice I used words that we normally use when speaking about diseases, but that the affect that these two abuses are taking on society. I mean really our children can’t even attend school anymore without hearing that their teachers are having sex with their peers. In addition we hosted this event at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Fort Worth, Texas. Although Dunbar is a great school with great educational programs on the inside, on the outside of the school everyone has branded this area as Stop Six-a community known for poverty and gang violence. With that being said, when something bad happens in the community media outlets are right on the scene reporting these horrific incidents. Why not report when the school is involved in something positive. By the way the school and the community has made great improvements by based on the lack of media coverage no one really knows that.

ER: What did you like most about the event?

LK: The overwhelming amount of support and the survivors telling their story at this event.. Their stories would start somewhat sad but end on a triumphant note. One thing that stuck with me even after the event is an example that Evangelist Patsy Cole used she compared experience of sexual abuse and being molested as a child to an olive being crushed and bruised but still producing oil. That comparison was so real for me. As survivors we all have gone through something, but we are still standing. Her statement was so profound. Afterwards each honoree was presented with a gift from the Chief Of Police, Rhonda Robertson. Granted, anyone could have given the honorees the gifts but it meant something for them to receive such honor from Fort Worth’s Chief of Police.

ER: Tell us about the performers and why they were selected for the ISGC.Nicole Lashaun Ministries Chozen Tx

LK: First let me say that I when I first started this process I wasn’t looking for any superstars that would think they were larger than this vision or larger than the purpose of the event itself. The full purpose of this event is about the survivors- this is their platform.Gwen GiGi Gray DSC_0251

Each of the performers brought something major to this event.

In start, New Generation and Minister R. L. Taylor & The Sons Of The Father were selected for lovers of traditional down home quartet gospel music.

Spirit of David and Nichole Lashaun is for lovers of great choir songs and also praise and worship music. Nichole Lashaun is also a preachers kid that leads and teaches vocal lessons. She recently performed at a gospel concert at The House of Blues.

Christian rapper and minister, I am Justified and quartet group Chozen were both selected for the youth, hip generation.

Gwen Gi Gi Gray is a jazz gospel singer and besides her being able to sing , I wanted her to be the example of the current Dunbar students and people of the Stop- Six District. Gwen is a Dunbar alumni who has a successful singing career. Her performance was followed a short motivational speech by Coach Robert Hughes Sr.-retired Dunbar Basketball coach, who led Dunbar to 35 state championships and 5 national championships. Lekisha Earles was referred to me by my prayer partner Pastor Clara Peters and when I heard her voice and read her bio I was sold on her being a part of the show. At the time, I had no idea that she was a cast member of I Can Only Be Me Reality Show. Last but not least, Dunbar High School Choir and band performed at our concert which was truly a bonus to the concert.

ER: If you could you change anything about the ISGC what would it be??

LK: It’s without saying that this concert could’ve use some tweaking. I Survived Gospel Concert was my first production of this magnitude. In addition to this being my first big production, I want to add that I wasn’t able to truly start planning until I received a final approval from the school district to host this event at their school. We didn’t get that approval until December of 2014. So in essence, I only had 4 brief months to pull everything together. I didn’t have a do-over button so I couldn’t change anything. I only want to take the experience from March 7,2015 and make 2016 I Survived Gospel Concert better.

Although I wouldn’t change the performers we had, I do want to clarify that this event is for African-Americans. The ISGC platform is for anyone who can really sing. It is also our goal to connect with more organizations to meet the needs of our survivors and pre-survivors.

ER: What do you expect from future ISGC events?

LK:I am striving for nothing but the best with these events. My ultimate goal with this event is to reach both survivors and “pre survivors” and eventually mend the gap between the two. In other words this event will be the platform as well as a healing ground for the people who have had battles with breast cancer or the experiences of sexual abuse and domestic violence. In saying that, I also want to reach families who have lost loved ones to these causes. I may be a tad spoiled but since our first show had a reality show involved I would love to keep the reality show present. That was pretty cool.

ER: What was the greatest experience of the ISGC this year?

LK: Meeting all of the performers and honorees and it was just like a big family reunion I picked up LaRonda Humphrey, one of the honorees who travelled from New Orleans and we talked for hours like we were sisters. I loved our sponsors that helped with the vision.

I loved seeing the honorees get makeovers from Chalkface Inc. Seeing some of the artists get makeovers before performing and having sound check put this production on another level. I kept thinking, “wow God this is serious”.

ER: What were some of the shows setbacks?

LK: When I first talked to my prayer associate Pastor Clara Peters about my plans with the show, she warned me to be prepared for setbacks of the show . She also warned me to always have a plan B.

Here were some of the setback of ISGC:

Host of the show

First host cancelled because I didn’t send the hotel reservation via email within the time they expected Not making excuses but during this same time my aunt passed and my brother was in the hospital. I didn’t communicate that to the host because I wanted to keep my personal life separate from planning

After finding another host for the show beyond our control, we lost the host in a split second. Dunbar High School is an older high school and wheel chair accessibility hasn’t been updated for the auditorium’s stage. Our host needed to be able to host from the stage and there was not a way our production or school could make that happen. Although I was really disappointed about that situation, I had to remember that things like this was one of the reasons for ISGC to give back to the school. A portion of the proceeds from the ticket sales were donated back to Dunbar High School. On a better note about the host and co- host of the ISGC, we landed Pastor Mel Keys of J Radio, author of Joshua Generation “Hell To The Know” and pastor of Joshua Generation and Tessa Allen from spotlight radio show in Houston . What a pair they were amazing!

My Health

In January 2014, I got extremely sick I thought I was dying. Turns out I was food poisoned, but this illness lead to other findings in my health. Not only was I severely anemic, I had two tumors on my ovaries. So to fast forward I finally decide to have surgery in October of 2014 to have issues corrected.. So I was contacting potential artist in October praying that they would stay on board while I recuperated from my surgery.

Mother Nature

Two weeks before the event the weather in Texas was a mess, just horrible. my plans were to be like a street team type of marketing right before the show. It was ice everywhere! Only in Texas will it freeze one day and the sun shining the next day. I love my state!

Untrustworthy People

People who pretended they really wanted to be a part of the vision. People who lied about ticket sales, people who lied about graphics we needed and couldn’t meet the dead line. People, People, People…..and I literally could go on about this all day. In saying ,all this about the negative. God really turned the negatives into positives. I’m grateful for that. Although these things sound horrible I actually laugh at how God still blessed and improvised throughout every circumstance.


Our tickets weren’t really a setback, but I wanted to mention them because all I cared about was how cute and professional the tickets were. I mean really these tickets looked as if you were going to superstar type concert and I didn’t realize until the week of the event that they didn’t have a time on them. Oopsie!

ER: What were the overall highlights of the show

LK: My mother was one of the honorees of the show. We also had a moment of silence for our host, Pastor Mel’s mom who he lost in December of 2014. That was huge!! Our show started to the beats of the Dunbar band which shocked everyone. Even me! I must say that Dunbar’s band and choir is one of the most talented in FWISD.

ER: Any one last minute thoughts?

LK: Yes, Thank you to Mr. Carlos Walker, the principal of Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School. It is very hard trying to keep religious functions in our schools and I thank him for allowing and approving the ISGC to take place at this school. I will never forget him for that. Thanks to my 13 year old Lady Zee she actually turned into a beast to market and promote my events and then after their over she turns back into a cute little book worm. Hugs and love to everyone for your love and support.

I tried to post all of our highlights on every social media network possible so please follow us at #ISurvived2015   or @ISurvived2015

ER: What advice would you give people creating an event or production ?

LK: Have a back-up plan for everything. Play in your mind as a perfect event , then you wipe your mind clean and replay your event again. The second time be sure to include possible disasters. Don’t trust everyone.. Don’t’ assume that everyone wants you to have a successful event.

Don’t give up !Don’t get distracted ! Turn off the phone, turn off the social media, 1 month,1 week before the event. You will love yourself for it. Stay focused on your event!

LaNette Kincaid is a Marine wife and mother of two, that took on the challenge of owning a business shortly after graduating college. Most of her tips and advice that you will read in our magazine will come from her personal experiences of trial and error. To see more of LaNette’s tips be sure to follow her on Twitter @LaNetteKincaid


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Triple pic_1 (1)

How to Avoid Work Place Drama

Regardless of whether you work a 9-5 job or start a business as an entrepreneur we all know it is very hard to fit in or deal with certain people. In every environment setting there’s always someone you work with or attempt to work with that feel like they know it all, will do anything in efforts to get to the top or they do nothing but blame others for their shortfalls. So here’s the big question, what do you do to fit in with people who ultimately suck?

Absolutely nothing. Never attempt to fit into an environment that goes against your morals, integrity or beliefs. Also in this particular situation don’t use the advice of the old saying if you can’t beat them join them because you will only look stupid in the process.

Instead of attempting to fit in with co-workers or markets that suck. Try these tips: First Be genuine. Continue to be loyal to who you are. When all else fails other co-workers, bosses and clients will always appreciate being around people they can could on to be the genuine daily. Plus if you own a business, your brand and your clients need and deserve that. Second Always work with people who motivate, support and appreciate your ideas. This concept works across the board of working within corporate America or being self-employed. Third As an entrepreneur remember that you’re the boss for a reason. So only work for free when you want to not because others don’t value the price tag you put on your services. Fourth Positive environments creates positive outcomes. In any given situation, attempt to be positive. Creating a positive environment will sometimes deter people from being negative or being someone that they are really not. Lastly NEVER SETTLE Always strive to be your best and with doing so you will attract great people in the process-most of the time.

Here’s more tips for strictly for entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneur Secrets: Stop and Smell the flowers

We’ve all heard the cliché’ stop and smell the “roses” or flowers. The old saying stop and smell the roses has a whole different meaning for me. I remember when I started my business 4 years ago I was super excited about the business and since it was my business I wanted to go over and beyond for the business in order to make sure it didn’t fail. Or at least my thought was I didn’t want to fail my business. Although I was doing a lot with the business my business was all over the place literally and wasn’t even organized. I remember my cousin messaging me and asking how I was doing. Before I could message her about myself, I instantly started to talk about my recent business trips and my latest business trips. I was too excited to share the latest business hoopla with someone.

After going on and on via message about my business my cousin simply wrote back and said, “don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers”. I looked at the message and thought that maybe I had bored her and she didn’t want to hear about all the business non-sense and I didn’t even think twice about her message. It wasn’t until today I was cleaning out my Facebook messages and her message to me reappeared, “stop and smell the flowers”. Lisa died less than a month after she sent that message and after being in for four years I learned that nothing is more important telling a person you love them. I never knew when Lisa me her message to me about business that it would be her last. I never knew expected that my last message to her would be about business garbage. I attempt to laugh through my pain, but nothing I sent her that night about business was more important than life itself.

Here’s my advice to the old me and some of the new entrepreneurs in our society… Stop and smell the flowers! Take time for yourself and your family. Make some memories. It’s somewhat sad that it took four years for my cousin’s message to finally soak in, but Lisa I finally got it.

LaNette Kincaid is a Marine wife and mother of two, that took on the challenge of owning a business shortly after graduating college. Most of her tips and advice that you will read in our magazine will come from her personal experiences of trial and error. To see more of LaNette’s tips be sure to follow her on Twitter @LaNetteKincaid


LaNette Kincaid

Columnist/ Enticing Resultz Magazine




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Married Young

Have you ever sat back and asked yourself; Why me? Why do I have to go through this? But why not you, whatever situation you going through, you are not the only one. We all have been through a test and have to be strong and pass that test so we can turn it into a testimony. The Lord will use his people so they can be a witness to others but it’s up to us to accept that challenge. Yes, I know it can be hard to tell people what you went/going through but you might actually be helping that person as well as yourself. As a young black married woman with children I have been through many situations in my life.

I got married at the age of 18 years old, straight out of high school and into a marriage. When I tell people I got married at that age they sometimes look at me a little funny because that’s a young age to be married. But honestly, I actually enjoy being married to my husband. Not all days are bad days. We have had some good days as well. “Wow, you didn’t have any time to explore with others or do what you wanted to do”, as some would say to me. I know I got married young and I love him and he loves me. It has been plenty of times I wanted to get a divorce and go my own way but then I realized, it’s not worth losing a good man that loves me and treats me with respect. Yes, we have had our battles and our marriage was not all peaches and cream. “It’s cheaper to keep them” LOL, but we got through every moment by the grace of God. See my friend, it’s good to have the Lord on your side to help you through all your problems.

The Lord should be in every situation in your life, but to have him in your marriage is a blessing because it takes three to make a marriage work: the LORD, you and your spouse.  You see, without God and lots of prayers I wouldn’t be with my husband today. Of course everyone makes a few mistakes in their relationship, whether it’s big or small and if you love that person then you will try to work out whatever the situation may be. You have to remember it’s you two against the world.

I have been married for a long time to the same man and we still find each other attractive. Many times couples don’t find their mate attractive anymore because that person gained a few pounds, lost some hair, or someone at their job showed them a little attention, etc. That saying that goes “whatever you did to get her, you have to keep doing to keep her”, well me I don’t really care for that because I’m the type that enjoy different things to spice up my marriage/relationship. Now how can you and your husband enjoy yourselves with children? Good question, just because a couple have children does not mean they have to stop being a couple. Yes, children can put a hold on many things in life but there are ways to get quality time with your mate you have to set a date. My husband and I still enjoy life with and without our two children. Being a mother and a wife is a tough job and at times I feel like throwing in the towel but to look at their beautiful faces I wouldn’t trade them for nothing in this world. I have to make sure both parties are happy and taken care of. Not only do I have to have time for them I have to have time for me as well. Which can be difficult because “a woman’s job is never done”, but we as women have to take care of ourselves and have some alone time.

So if you are married or in a relationship and you feel like you are the only couple having problems, no worries because EVERY relationship has its ups and downs. It takes both to get through those problems and of course God. I always say “A relationship is 100/100 not 50/50 because 50 is only half and you can’t have a half relationship.” Even if you’re not in a relationship you will have issues that you will go through in life and the Lord will help you out in that situation if you just trust and believe that he will. So keep your head up and stay strong. God will always take care of his people.




Mrs. Married young

Guest Columnist/ Enticing Resultz Magazine


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How Can You Say You Love Me?

How can you say you love me when you decided to choose drugs over your own child? How can you say that you will always be there for me when you decided to choose drugs over you own child.

There is not a day that goes by that I wish I had the answers to the questions in my head.  I had a father that saw me whenever he found time to visit and when he did, it was only for a few minutes then he was gone.

Going up in a single family home as the only child is what it was like for me. Even though I did know who my father was and what he looked liked, I always wondered why he didn’t ever spend a lot of time with me. You know that father -daughter time, like teach me how to ride a bike or how to tie my shoes, etc…  But he wasn’t that kind of father. I was lucky enough to see him at least twice a year if that. I was lucky enough if he even called me to wish me a happy birthday.  I got the calls that I am on my way to come get you but never showed up.

I have gone through years without even hearing from him. Not knowing if he even cared to know what I was doing. He missed all the important events in my life like my graduation for instance for his habit. But the time that I did see him it was, “I’m going to get myself together”…blah blah blah…I don’t know how many times I have heard that song before.  I’m like yeah whatever to myself. You see, no matter what he had said or done I would always show him respect.

There hasn’t been a time that I can remember, that I have been around him and he’s doing his drugs right there in front of me like I am nothing. Thinking to myself like WTF?!?! He said he was going to get clean, but now you’re asking me for money when you have never given me anything.

The bitterness that I had towards my father was unreal. I just couldn’t believe that he chose to do drugs over me.  At the time I didn’t understand it, it wasn’t until I got older that I realized my father was sick; they say that it’s up to that person to make up in their mind to stop doing drugs. How can I say that he never even tried to stop? But all I do know that he choose that over me.

The anger that I felt know that my father wasn’t there to teach me how a real man is suppose to treat a lady, sometimes I wonder that if he had been in my life full time or even part time instead of prn (as needed) I wouldn’t have been the person I was growing up to be, looking for love in all the wrong places. 

It took a long time for me to forgive my father for not being in my life the way that I would have wanted him to be. There are still times that I wish he was still here to continue on this journey with me and to see what all I have accomplished and in the process of doing.  I still turned out doing better than what I expected myself. Even though he was never there I had a father who was and still is watching over me. He has been blessing me since I was in the womb.  He was there to take away all my hurt, my pain, my disappointments, and all my shame away.  I may have left him but MY GOD never left me. 

Even though my father has passed away, there’s not a day that goes by that I wish I could have asked him why he chose drugs over me. But at the end I still loved him for giving me life and I will always respect him because he was my father.

Sincerely Ms. Retort

Guest Columnist/ Enticing Resultz Magazine



Privatization of Prisons: Is it Rehabilitation or for Profit

I am a mother of 3 children.  I received my Associates degree in Mental Health Social Work from Oakland Community College, May 2010.  I am a BSW graduate from Marygrove College, May 2014.  I am currently enrolled in the MSW, Advance Standing Interpersonal Family Systems Theory program at Wayne State University.

I have held a wide variety of employed positions but the most recent positions I’ve held was as a Caregiver for Signature Home Care, caring for the elderly, Volunteer Coordinating Manager for Hospice Advantage, Food Program Navigator for United Way and C.L.S personal aide for Spectrum Human Services.  I am currently employed part-time at Wayne State University as a Student Assistant/Peer Mentor to undergrads in the Intro to Social Work/Social Welfare class.   I am also a Teacher Assistant/Research Assistant at Marygrove College within the Social Work dept.

I try to stay active within the community by volunteering, getting actively involved in various causes, bringing awareness and providing resources. I am also a member of a few different organizations. The organizations I am affiliated with are NASW, NABSW,  Suicide Prevention and former Network (V.P.).

One of my Social Work colleagues posed this question for a forum discussion we had to present.   There were five of us for this panel discussion, bringing about different views to gain an overall understanding of what and how the different interest played a factor in the privatization of the prison system. Although you can find a lot of the information from the ALCU website and other various websites; what you don’t see half the time is how it affects the community and how it disproportionately affects the minorities, urban communities.

The question was “Are prisons really being used as rehabilitation/deterrence for crime, or have private interests started attaching price tags to lawbreakers’ heads and exploited their incarceration for profit?” So we know that prison privatization: it is the owning and operating of prisons for profit.  From a Social Worker stand point this is what I have been able to identify working in the community along with data I have researched and reviewed.

Working for a nonprofit organization and daily I go to work and help with the intake process of our consumers. We get at least 50 to 100 calls daily from people with no place to live, no jobs, need help with their utilities, can’t get housing or jobs because of being incarcerated.  I have to diligently apply myself and use every available resource that I can find to help those who call in need of service. It gives me great dissatisfaction when I have to turn someone away because of the limited resources that are available. Not all of the callers have been impacted by incarceration but, the plight of many of the callers can be attributed to incarceration of themselves or a loved one.

Prison Privatization is contributing to a major impact in the communities, especially the urban communities. This is due to lack or limited resources and funding available to assist our consumers. There has been a steady increase in mass incarceration generating massive profits. There has also been a rise in incarceration of immigrants.

The United States imprisons more people than any other nation including Russia, China, and Iran. We have people getting out of prison back in the same position they were once in or in a more critical situation. Without any rehabilitation or resources available, they will most likely revert back to the criminal lifestyle they left. Some people are put back in jail and now considered repeat offenders or people who can’t adapt to societal norms and end up serving longer sentencing.

Or, how about those who are first time offenders, if our legal system is not offering them any help, nor if there are any resources available within our communities, then they may turn to criminal activity to pay off the legal debts or to provide for their families. Often the first time offenders are thrown in jail and their rights are being violated, by bribed judges who work with the privatized prison systems to ensure their goal of incarcerated individuals.

Neither the private ran prisons nor does the government offer enough rehabilitation services and/or external assistance. The rehabilitative services are so minimal or inadequate or ineffective that the services do not really have a long term effective impact upon poverty. This in turn will not enable them to combat poverty issues. Instead Prison Privatization adds to the disparities of poverty.

The cost of Private prisons to house a prisoner per bed runs anywhere from $30-$60, with the majority being filled to capacity and this is all being paid for by taxpayers. Just like some major corporations, the consumers being the prisoners are paying for this product of incarceration which also supposedly rehabilitates them. However the incarcerated individuals is not really benefiting from it. Like some major corporations including private prisons systems alike, the staff is over worked and under paid. While the staff is over worked and under paid, prison corporation’s profits have increased over 500%. With all that profit they have to keep 90% occupancy within prisons.

With the promises of keeping a 90% incarceration rate and profits to be made there a lot of people placed in prison unjustly, by corrupt sentencing practices. This mass increase with prison incarceration and the increased profits are driving a massive wedge through family structures. It has been reported through audits of some prisons inspections prisoners are not receiving the proper health care, nutrition, and mental health treatment an example is the Parsons vs. Ryan settlement. Empirical studies also show that there has been a rise in prison violence and high staff turnover rate because of the inadequacy of staff and training. Why some of us are not aware of this is because, the private prisons are exempted from the Freedom of Info Act, meaning they are protected from public scrutiny. They are able to get away with these things due to extensive lobbying, lavish campaign contributions, and the control of information. This enables them to obtain more government contracts and increase their incarceration rates. So I ask you this same question: Are prisons really being used as rehabilitation/deterrence for crime, or have private interests started attaching price tags to lawbreakers’ heads and exploited incarceration for profit?”
Marquetta Turner

Columnist/ Enticing Resultz Magazine