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Say What You Want to…..I’m Beautiful


Say what you want to, but I’m a girl with class, a little pizzazz. I’m a bounty of beauty, never once settling for less. I’m a woman with edge…….

Beauty was once something that I thought could only be attained with some rouge, eye shadow, and lipstick. What I can tell you is that beauty is more than skin deep. More than hair. Life can be difficult, but only when the cards that you are dealt are not played with stealth and delight. Enjoy the process, ride the wave.

I love the boldness of the young women, the fire and passion. Daring to be different, the colors, the styles. If there is one thing that I would like to see, balance. Balance is something that requires a connection. Alignment, an evenness, proportion. Not the balancing of beauty and brains. Balance of responsibility and power. Power of worth. The power of a beautiful intelligent woman. The strength of a woman that knows her worth without overbearing cynicism of independence. The beauty in knowing that interdependence is something that is needed, yearned for, a must. It’s the silent cry that men want, our children need, and the world is missing. It’s ok to be “every woman”, just don’t forget your purpose. The mental anguish and inner demons, the threshold that harbors the thoughts of the past, may be responsible for most lacking the intimacy and compassion for oneself, let alone anyone else. Say what you want to, but, it is the underlying current of hatred that is leading our nations. The desire to be perfect has become synonymous with power. The desire to be the best has been confused with being the best “you” that you can be. It’s the driving force that causes many to work endlessly to provide a materialistic future for generations, but forfeit the ability to nurture your own children. “That has what to do with beauty?”, you might ask. It has everything to do with it. In my opinion Too much of anything, excess, abundance is not always good. Too much of a good thing can cause a disconcerting effect, such as an overabundance of bad can cause disaster. Hence the term “too good to be true,”

Beauty by definition:

1: the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit :  loveliness……..


Beauty by definition:

Beauty is a thing seldom seen. It is held by all within the soul it lies, waiting to come out to the surface, but it can only be found if someone is sharing your soul with you. Beauty is suppressed by the evils of the world. Only love can bring beauty out. Once seen, beauty never hides again. Not even hatred can deny beauty of it’s true design. Beauty, although possessed by all by few and fewer yet will ever see one of the most beautiful sights – the beauty held by you.

-Urban Dictionary

Say what you want to….I’m beautiful…..


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What’s Trending with Women With Gifts

As the days go by Women With Gifts is continuing to seize opportunities to speak with media outlets in order to spread the word about the 2016 I Survived Gospel Concert which is also a platform to connect with survivors and people who are experiencing sexual abuse, domestic violence and breast cancer. The I Survived Gospel Concert is an event but we also want it to be a method of awareness for our community. Recently we had the opportunity to interview with Orlando Presentz..Before the Fame .

Orlando Presentz..Before the Fame is a radio station geared towards new and Indie Christian Artists. This platform was created to give you a stage before your road to stardom. We would like to extend a special thanks to Orlando Presentz Radio and it’s host Orlando for allowing us to share our mission on their network.

Click below to hear our recent interview!

Women With Gifts is an organization of that promotes women to use the gifts and talents that GOD has given them for survival.  Women With Gifts was founded by LaNette Kincaid. LaNette Kincaid is a Marine wife and mother of two, that took on the challenge of owning a business shortly after graduating college. Most of her tips and advice that you will read in our magazine will come from her personal experiences of trial and error. To see more of LaNette’s business and inspirational tips be sure to follow her on Twitter @LaNetteKincaid





Marquetta part 2

My Story: How I Survived

MarquettaMay 21, 2012 was the day that I received the most devastating news of my life. Out of the three breast biopsies performed one came back positive for breast cancer. Denial set in, I kept thinking this could not possibly be true. “I’m a child of God and something like this could not possibly happen to me” is what I kept thinking. No one in my family had ever been diagnosed with cancer, I am the first of nine siblings. Not even my parents or grandparents ever faced this disease. Cancer does not discriminate. My diagnosis came at the age 54 and I was employed as a school bus driver for FWISD.  I had been witness to several coworkers suffering with the same diagnoses not even realizing I would have to do some of the same things they were doing including losing my hair. Thank God for my pastor, my children, and my church family because without their support and prayers this journey would have had a very different outcome. One of the hardest things I had to do was tell my daughters because this disease would not only impact my life but theirs also. I love them so much, My daughters suggested I get a second opinion and paid for me to go to a Holistic Doctor. Needless to say when the Dr showed me the cancer cells that was in just one drop of blood under a microscope, my very own prayer partner and sister in Christ Debrah witnessed it as well, and at that moment I felt closer to death than I had ever been in my whole life. So it was established that the cancer was real and that I was in a battle for not just my natural life but my spiritual life as well. A true test of faith. Through faith, hope, and trust in Almighty God and the words of wisdom spoken to me by a great and wise woman of God Pastor Jackson I am still here. I survived surgery, chemo, radiation and hormone therapy. To God be the Glory.

Marquetta G


This is one of the stories from Women With Gifts. Women WIth Gifts recently started and I Survived Movement as a platform for people to tell their experience with breast cancer, domestic violence and sexual abuse. These stories are REAL stories that give an account of either sexual abuse, domestic violence or breast cancer. It is our goal to share as many stories as possible in order to stop domestic violence and sexual abuse and start healing our nation. If you would like to tell your story please email it to In order to duplicate or re~publish any article from our website you must have the written consent from the founder of Women With Gifts.

See pictures below of our breast cancer survivor. She was one of our honorees at our recent I Survived Gospel Concert that celebrates survivors of breast cancer, domestic violence and sexual abuse. She is a survivor!




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Side Hustle: Starting a business while in college

As college students, if each of us were totally honest with ourselves, we can admit to having several talents inside of us that would potentially make us all millionaires. Sadly, a lot of those talents are suppressed because students must choose between earning a degree or starting a small business. Being a college student and an entrepreneur is not overly hard if you stick with what you love or what you have experience in.

Being a good college student is very time consuming, so I wouldn’t suggest starting an IBM type business while in college unless you have the manpower and money to support this venture. However, I do suggest starting a very small business that incorporates hobbies or duties that you can complete with the greatest of ease. If you bake favorites for other students and they think you cooking is to die for then you should consider baking cookies and other favorites as a start-up business. It is possible that your business would be successful because it’s something that you love.

Here’s some tips to consider when starting a business as a college student:

  • First, consider what type of business you want to start and how much money you will need to start a business. Remember the ultimate goal with starting a business while in college is to gain money and not lose it. So be realistic with your choices.
  • Once you have a business type and business name in mind, remember to register your business with your local authorities. Pending on tax laws in your state you will also need to file for a tax-id as well.
  • After you take the necessary steps to register your business per your state requirements then you’ll need a business checking account. You are able to use your documents from state registration to open the account. My suggestion is to open an account with a bank that offers free checking or provides a rebate to open a business account.
  • Now that your business is all set and ready to make money, don’t forget to market your business to those close to you such as friends, family, or classmates. For the first six months attempt to use free products and services for your business. Using this method will give you the opportunity to become more comfortable as a business owner without losing money in the process. Don’t be afraid to recruit friends, family or classmates as employees or interns. Remember your classmates may need money too.

As a new business owner, these companies may come in handy:

Vista Print

Small Business Administration

Score or

Remember as your business grows you should grow with it to be more professional.

If you could start a business today, what type of business would it be?

LaNette Kincaid is a Marine wife and mother of two, that took on the challenge of owning a business shortly after graduating college. Most of her tips and advice that you read in our magazine will come from her personal experiences of trial and error. To see more of LaNette’s tips be sure to follow her on Twitter @LaNetteKincaid