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Identity Mistake or Identity Fraud?: NAACP Dolezal

In the exploitation of Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP President, a new word is introduced “transracial”; the question now becomes, can we all just up and change our race if we wanted? The answer to that question is no, so that word becomes obsolete in the Black communities.

Cultural identity is described as the identity or feeling of belonging to, as part of the self-conception and self-perception to nationality, ethnicity, religion, social class, generation, locality and any kind of social group that have its own distinct culture. This is something that Black people have struggled with since our ancestors were brought over to this country. It is no secret that there are individuals outside the Black race who may identify with our culture and some individuals who would like to identify with the Black culture, so they study the history and trans-generational aspect of the Black race.

Wanting to identify and studying the Black culture is not the problem; Dolezal identifying with the Black race is not a problem. The problem exist when the boundaries of truth, trust, and justice is violated. The problem is when she intentionally lied about herself being raised as a Black woman for many years. She has potentially stolen the identity and occupied the space of a real Black woman who has struggled in this country because of the color of her skin.

NAACP has supported Dolezal through this scandal as they should but the question remains did they know her race; and if so, did they know that she was profiting from passing herself off as a Black woman? The issues that surround this uproar is that Dolezal has been occupying a space of a real Black woman sharing her story, she has potentially occupied an opportunity and jobs that a qualified Black woman could have fulfilled, she has potentially damaged the trust and relationships with the NAACP and the people, she has increased the tension that exist between races. This is not due to her identifying with the Black race, but because of her lying about who she was.

Black people have a hard time already being accepted and to have someone intentionally pass themselves off as Black just to be accepted is deceiving and can be looked at as infiltrating. She may have served as a great President with the NAACP, but at what cost? What are your thoughts and concerns?

Marquetta Turner has her MSW from Wayne State University. She is affiliated with various organizations that support communities and fight against social injustice. These organizations are National Association of Social Workers (NASW), National Association of Black Social Worker (NABSW),  Suicide Prevention at WSU and, former Network (V.P.). She’s been a temporary voice of reason co-host to online radio show at See Here and an ongoing motivational speaker to a Social Work writing workshop. She is experienced, working with hospice patients, the mental health population and presently working with the Family First Program providing family preservation services and resources at Black Family Development as an intern. Marquetta is working toward completing her Autobiography as well as developing her own non-profit organization within the city of Detroit.




Life is a Beautiful Struggle….

“Life is a beautiful struggle..People search through the rubble for a suitable hustle..”

Talib Kweli
“I Try”

I remember my guidance counselor in Jr. High school asking me to write a speech. Well I couldn’t think of anything to write. Not one thing. She told me something that cured my writers block. “Just start can choose a title and edit later.” I didn’t totally understand, but I did start writing the first thing that came to my mind. I built a storyline around it..and it was easier to choose a title. Because I had the subject matter I could choose any title that I wanted, the hard part was done. She loved it. It was used for an important ceremony. I’ve applied so much of this to my life..I guess my guidance counselor and Nike was onto something “Just Do It”

Your gift will make room for you..there is a market for that..get into an unfamiliar place within yourself and do the work the results..

Less is more…we get so caught up in the details and specifics sometimes and miss the point of why something was supposed to be done…FB_IMG_1435196439151

The difference between yesterday and today is the amount of information we can grasp at a rate/second and the amount of cameras that can open you up to criticism…this network is more dangerous than guns themselves…there is nothing new under the sun unless it’s man made..

People take life too seriously…we are supposed to but the reality is we were put here for a serve the purpose..and affect the a good way..unfortunately the balance of religion, doctrine, philosophy, etc. We will not have light without dark. The problem is where ever the scales tip…too much of anything can be chaos…share your gift…you don’t know what or who you are stated in the butterfly effect a.k.a. chaos theory…in short..what you do today..does affect your tomorrow..

Someone said….”I know how to swim….”.. my reply…”But what if you get a cramp?”, moral of the story…do what you do..but always prepare for the worst…

Confidence is sexy…no matter what the world is doing around you…OWN IT! “Those who can, do..those who can’t, teach.” Then there are those that do both. I know what I just said..don’t read too far into it..Live..Love..Prosper!

Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, Hair Artist with Glam elite Enterprise, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here.

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What’s Trending with Women With Gifts (Radio Interview)

Although our 2015 I Survived Gospel Concert was on March 7,2015, we’re still spreading the word about the movement.. We would like to thank our friends at  KINGDOM EMPOWERMENT INC RADIO  with Host Donna Ghanney

For sharing their platform with us about our upcoming events. Take a moment to to listen to our recent HEREnew banner

I Survived Gospel Concert is an event and a movement to celebrate survivors of breast cancer, domestic violence and sexual abuse.  We are using this platform to reach others who have had the experiences of breast cancer, domestic violence and sexual abuse to education others. The purpose of this movement is to educate and bring awareness to the causes to either end or prevent. This event nor this movement is NOT just for a particular race or gender it is to reach SURVIVORS!




lady zee

A Letter to My Dad

Most men assume that girls need their mother. To some degree that is true but, dad where are you?

I really can’t know what boys I should or shouldn’t like or date because you are not around. What forces you to not be in my life. I’m grateful for my step-dad but don’t you at least want to see me grow up. Don’t you at least want to attend at least one of my games? The name that so many have given you is “deadbeat”. A deadbeat is a name that so many give to their parents when they don’t take of their children but I refuse to call you a deadbeat I will just assume that you are dead. I have to assume you are dead because surely no real parent would want to miss the majority of their child’s life on purpose. No not one! I know in the past you have been able to blame my mom for not answering her telephone for you, but know that I’m older and I’m able to answer calls and make phone calls now.. Please tell me what’s your excuse now dad?

Maybe I should re-introduce myself to you. Hello, my name is Zee and I’m your only daughter and I would like to meet you. I would like for you to be in my life again as a dad. Not only would I like to meet you I would like to see you at my school for parent-teacher meetings, father-daughter dances and others events that clearly you need a dad to attend. It’s an awkward feeling when you feel that your real father is your step-dad and the step-dad is the real father.

I’m not writing this letter just for my dad I’m writing this letter to all of the dads that think it’s okay for you not to call or visit your child or children. If you chose not to spend time with us, you can’t get upset your daughter get pregnant at an early age, get in trouble and etc. because we are products of you.

At this time, I would like to thank my father, my step-dad Mr. Kincaid for not only being a great example of what a father and friend should be. I want to thank you for taking me to doctors appointments when needed. I want to thank you for losing sleep and coming to my school for my games, career day and father-daughter doughnut day. You came my life when I was one and you are ultimately the only dad I know. Thank you for being a dad!

I AM Zee or Lady Zee is a teenage writer who writes about whatever is on her mind. She never holds back so some of the things she writes about will be controversial, but not meant to be disrespectful. She is currently a guest blogger on and her hobbies are hanging out with friends reading, cooking and traveling.





As I sat watching children play at the park, I could see all of the different ranges of colors, ethnicities and ages. What I couldn’t see was the participation of the parents. I know we have talked about how with the increased interaction of social media, the less interaction of personal space that we encounter. Yeah, yeah, yeah…’s convenient, everybody does it, and…… it’s everywhere you go. Wi-Fi and free mobile hot spots are all over the place. Pretty soon technology will be so advanced that it will be doing more for us than just entertainment. For instance, I have witnessed via a very popular social media site (we all know what it is), people posting videos of robots. The rising interest in Avatar’s. I mean these are humanoid robots. What I mean by humanoid is how very much they appear as humans. Their hair, facial features, even body shape and voice are very comparable to humans. Pretty soon they will be babysitting, cooking, cleaning, doing our hair… Wait..doing our hair?!?! Just like in the movies (oh is it already happening? I’m so late… lol)
Now this is what brings me to the topic, “blurred.”

Full Definition of BLUR

transitive verb
:  to obscure or blemish by smearing
:  sully
:  to make dim, indistinct, or vague in outline or character
:  to make cloudy or confused
intransitive verb
:  to make blurs
:  to become vague or indistinct…

I gave the definition above, so to make it even more interesting, think of how the word is used. Most times when you hear the word blur, you think of a smear, you may think in terms of physicality. But what if, just what if we thought more in terms of responsibility? We are responsible for ourselves, or we should be. We are responsible for our appearance, or we should be. Many times those lines are crossed when we give that responsibility to someone else. Take hairstylists for instance. Clients come into the salon and place their care in the hands of the coiffeur (hairdresser/hairstylist in French). Now here is where the lines get blurred. We are such a busy society that we have to have everything done quickly and instantly. I mean, quickweaves are on the rise, as well as the increased sales of human hair and synthetic wigs. We are also seeing an increase in people wearing their natural hair (some people are not combing though). But these processes are taking out our hair just as quickly. The growing trends have pulled out edges, causing most commonly, traction alopecia, and other scalp disorders. So why is this a blurred line? Because while many people do it out of leisure or convenience, eventually it becomes necessity. When we don’t educate ourselves, better yet, consult a qualified licensed professional, then we have issues sometimes beyond repair. What do we need to do then? Seek professional help before it is necessary, attend regularly scheduled hair appointments. Don’t do anything that will cause you to shame if you can’t wear any hair adornments such as wigs and weaves. I know the last one sounds harsh, but it is true. Some people develop allergic reactions later in life. It can be triggered by many things, from hypersensitivities of the immune system, food, medications, etc. Some people can be allergic to the chemicals in which certain extensions are processed, even applied. So that brings me to my next topic. Quality vs. quantity.

Quality human hair extensions are best. Yes some people would rather buy cheaply because they are just cheap, or don’t want to intrude on the rest of their budget purchases. The downside to that is, you are compromised by the quality as well as integrity of the hair. What I’m finding is that in some packaged brands, there are pseudo types or hybrids of synthetic and yaki with human hair mixtures, but they are passed off as 100% human hair with very minimal human hair strands. The other difference is the cost. You can purchase cheap hair every two weeks or you can purchase high quality extensions and use them over and over again after washing. Most Virgin hair or Raw hair that is unprocessed, without chemicals can last up to a year or longer. For quality hair extensions click Here. You will love the difference!
Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here.
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What’s Trending with Women With Gifts: Pray With Us

Pray with us.. A lot of times when things get hard we tend to ask other people to pray for us which is perfectly fine, but it’s time that we stand up to our issues and pray over them. We, as believers have become too relaxed in asking and telling others to pray over our situations and we forget about the power that God has given us. Here’s two scriptures that proves that not only does God hear us when we pray he gives us the desires of our heart.

Psalm 37:4 Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. 

Proverbs 15:29 The Lord is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the  righteous. 

In April 2014, myself and Women With Gifts started hosting our Monday Morning Conference Call prayer in order to reach other people, other women that needed prayer and was really going through something-like turmoil, trials, and tribulations. We pray EVERY SINGLE MONDAY rain, sleet or snow and even on holidays and we’ve done so for over a year.

We want to thank everyone in advance for joining us every Monday on our prayer conference call. This prayer is hosted by Women With Gifts and lead by our founder LaNette Kincaid but our prayer is NOT just for women. Our goal with this prayer is to heal our nation, build and encourage God people with emphasis on our women, and also take back the MONDAY that people have deemed to be the worst day of the week. Join our conference call prayer every Monday at 6am cst|7am est by calling 712-775-7400 access code 513886# ATTENTION: International callers are welcome to this call use this timezone converter in order to join our prayer at 6am cst.presenting (1)

Women With Gifts is an organization of that promotes women to use the gifts and talents that GOD has given them for survival.Our organization believes in leadership development, teaching and motivating others.Essentially, we are the products of the seeds we’ve sown. Growing Roses from a Briefcase is an inspirational motto we use that means we are believers and we have the ability to do anything that we put our minds to. Growing roses from a briefcase sounds difficult but “WE can do all things through Christ who strengthens US.” Philippians 4:13

Meet LaNette!

LaNette Kincaid is a Marine wife and mother of two, that took on the challenge of owning a business shortly after graduating college. Most of her tips and advice that you will read in our magazine will come from her personal experiences of trial and error. To see more of LaNette’s business and inspirational tips be sure to follow her on Twitter @LaNetteKincaid

Click HERE to see our personal invitation video! Yes you are invited!



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Elevator experience

Recently, I was a guest at a really nice hotel in Houston, Texas. I was going to the 8th floor of the hotel and the gentleman standing behind me was going to the 12th floor which was the highest floor. elevator experience1 Now some of you may begin to think that the person I was on the elevator with was mean or snobby but he wasn’t. He was a very well dressed man, who knew where he was going and he didn’t treat me any different because I was getting off on the 8th floor and he was getting off on a higher floor. He was a real gentleman and he pushed the button for me and held the elevator doors as I got off.

I’ve been hearing  people say in the business world “stay in your lane”, but you never really hear these terms from the people that are already at the top of the “food chain”. Why?? I mean really you would think that If anyone should tell the smaller businesses to stay in their lane it should be the business owners that is at the top right? The more successful business owners -right? Wrong! The reason why you will never hear people like Oprah tell others in a similar professions as her to  “stay in their lane” because she is very secure in her lane. People that are secure in what they do are really too consumed in what they do to be concerned about smaller matters. So is your objective as a small business owner to stay in your own lane?

Let’s complete this exercise together:

Take a second or two to imagine you driving on a two lane road. It’s kind of small, not really a lot of options

Now take another two seconds to imagine being behind someone that is at a slower pace than you being directly in front of you. You can’t go around because there is oncoming traffic. So what do you do? You are painfully forced to sit behind this car and travel at their pace and their speed. This is what I imagine when someone tells someone to stay in their own lane..

Now imagine being on a 4 lane highway.. Now that you have more options let me ask you, does staying in one lane really make sense to you?

Did the term “stay in your lane” come from people or business owners that are insecure? Maybe so!

Another elevator experience 

This is a funny thought but it’s still in relation to my elevator experiences. Again I was in another hotel, although the hotel was nice it wasn’t as nice as the first hotel I had stayed in the previous week. As I waited for the elevator I noticed people racing to get closer to the door and also almost knocking people over to get on the elevator .In addition, they were in a rush to push the buttons on the elevator. At first, I thought wow they must be in a hurry. In addition, they didn’t hold the door open for me and they scrambled over who would push the elevator buttons to their floor. Why was it so important for someone to almost push someone over to get on the elevator? If we relate this experience to the business world, small business owners attempt to bully, copy or steal from other businesses because they are not confident in where they are or where they are going.

Here’s the real secret to entrepreneurs’ success: 

As I got on the second elevator, I immediately thought of the other upscale hotel with the piano in the lobby. Why was the person on the elevator in the upscale hotel so friendly? He knew that I was getting off on a lower level. Why didn’t that matter to him? Why didn’t he treat me differently as if I was beneath him? With both experiences I noticed two things: a person with confidence and people without confidence. The person whom I shared my first elevator experience wasn’t worried about rushing to elevator doors and wasn’t being rude and pushing his 12th floor button before me because he was confident in what he had and he knew it would be waiting on him. Having more CONFIDENCE is the lesson I learned from both of these elevator experiences. When you are confident in what you do as an entrepreneur there is no reason to restrict others to “their lane” because there is enough success for everyone.

Learn who you are as a person. Then learn the nature of your business and it’s purpose and grow. Then after you grow help others to grow.

Meet LaNette!


LaNette Kincaid is a Marine wife and mother of two, that took on the challenge of owning a business shortly after graduating college. Most of her tips and advice that you will read in our magazine will come from her personal experiences of trial and error. To see more of LaNette’s business and inspirational tips be sure to follow her on Twitter @LaNetteKincaid



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Entrepreneur Secrets: Facing your worst fears

Facing your fearsAs an entrepreneur I always have the opportunity to travel. Before you start to envy me I want to let you know that there is a good and bad side to traveling. The good side to traveling is being able to travel and earn money. On the other hand the bad side is having to trust either friends or the internet to give you great information on places to eat and sleep. Thus far I have to admit the internet hasn’t let me down.

Bad weather and ending up in unfamiliar places are the two things that I absolutely hate. I guess I can say that they are my worst fears. In other words I don’t like ending up in places where the area looks deserted. On my recent travel, not only was I faced with pouring rain but I took an exit per my GPS and the location looked a little weird to say the least. Potholes in the street, people walking around looking dazed, cars on the street looked to be either stranded or on flat. After telling me to take the wrong exit my GPS lost its signal. So here I was in the middle of nowhere land with rain pouring down and I didn’t have a signal for my phone or GPS. At that very moment I started to doubt myself. I started to ask myself did I select the right hotel. Do I really have to sleep in this place that I’m not really familiar with? Do I have to stay in this area tonight? I started to doubt my decision because I had drove close to four hours and I didn’t want to turn around and go home and just count my journey as a wasted trip.I started to second guess the whole journey only because I had made one wrong or because I took one wrong exit. Depending on how you look at it, this story can be a life lesson or a business lesson.

Here are the lessons I learned during my latest travel:

1) Always face your fears: My fears were driving in the rain and ending up in unfamiliar places. However the more I continued to to drive I noticed the rain eventually stopped and as I continued to drive, the place that was unknown became known. I’m not saying that owning a business is easy but eventually it gets easier than giving up.

2) Believe in yourself: Regardless of how small your business is you have to believe in yourself. You can’t sell anything effectively if you can’t sell YOU first. People have to believe in you first and then trust what you have to offer.

3) Never give up: Regardless of how bad your journey looks remember that the journey is not over until you reach your destination.  “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.” – H. Jackson Browne

Entrepreneur Richard Branson states, “Entrepreneurship requires a special kind of courage — you must face a great deal of uncertainty as you launch and maintain your business. The ability to recognize your fears, assess the causes and then make decisions about how to proceed can mean the difference between success and failure for a new company.”

Read more about “Facing you worst fears” HERE:

Meet LaNette!

LaNette Kincaid is a Marine wife and mother of two, who took on the challenge of owning a business shortly after graduating college. Most of her tips and advice that you will read in our magazine will come from her personal experiences of trial and error. To see more of LaNette’s business and inspirational tips be sure to follow her on Twitter @LaNetteKincaid




Enchanting Chromaticity

Born 1976 – Torie Jones a native of Jacksonville Florida, grew up loving art. Her passion for art began at a young age. As a child she was surrounded by art and music, along with the beauty of her family’s love of arts and crafting, which kept her interest in fine arts.    She is a motivated mother of three with nine years of experience in the entertainment industry. In various forms IE: management, promotions, and event planning. Now holding title of body artist. Her abstract style of original hand painting on bodies and canvas are straight from her imagination. After many years of drawing Torie moved to Atlanta Ga. and started painting with acrylic paint on canvas. She moved forward, experimenting with abstracts in various mediums. This pushed her to expand her horizons and tap into new areas of painting she had not yet explored. There was an obvious freedom and personal expression with abstraction and it was then that she really began to flourish. She was deeply interested in the effects of color, texture and the emotional response to strong composition and design. By removing the representational and creating something that told a story without an observational subject matter was very exciting. Today, Torie’s work is a bold mix of styles of art ranging from crafting to body art with not just using paint to the body. She brings a subtle and sophisticated feel to her paintings through a unique balance of color, composition and texture.

Artist Statement

“My primary goal when creating my abstracts is to breathe life into what I do. One of my practices is to make sure that I don’t stay locked up in the studio for too long. I get out and explore and try other forms of art for inspiration. This relates to new ideas and the ability to stay excited about what I do every day. As you can tell by my work, I like to create living emotion within my art.

My art is to leave you wanting more so that you may explore your own spirit and to be an inspiration to the next artist. Art can help us grow, heal our hearts, excite our senses and inspire new ideas. It’s one of the most valuable gifts in this world. Thank you for being a part of my journey………”

GSW_DSC_6601c PhotoGrid_1380372318424

Most artists use paint to express their artistic talents, color can soften the facial features, warm the skin tones and accentuate a person’s lifestyle and personality.

The laws of color state that out of all the colors in the universe, only three yellow, red and blue (called primary colors) are pure. This means, they cannot be created by the mixing of any other colors. Strangely, these primary colors can be mixed to create other hues. Hey, it’s the law of color and cannot be altered in any way. y76t542 IMG_20130929_190154

Be it hair, nails, make-up etc. Heck even an auto body shop must oblige. With that being said, if I must say myself this takes talent, skill, and pose to articulate. To balance one another without over powering one another becomes a mastered skill by the most streaming artist.

The Beauty industry in yesterday and today’s world has permanently been lucrative and productive. This brings to the discussion I compassed with a local artist out of Jacksonville, Florida. By the name of Torie Jones. She has a talent like I have never imagined. She dominates the law of color in such a way that is amazing. Here is her interview.IMG_0120

A: It is my pleasure Torie to have this session with you and overview artistic skill. I read your Bio, I found it fascinating. I saw your work, I think it’s extraordinary. My theory here is that you are not only artistic, yet brave, creative and bold. So, Torie outside of having an intense background in entertainment, art and music. What exactly prompted you to do this form of art?

T: Well looking back, it just fell into my lap. I was doing face paint with my kids and nephew’s and a friend of mine needed a portfolio for her make up to send to my other friend that was in need of a MUA for a photo shoot. I suggested to be different and give your portfolio some spice by adding face paint on one half and corresponding with make up on the other. We did and it was great. We showed off the work so we can do more for the portfolio. We found people interested but nervous, I mean they (adults) actually asked “would it hurt”? I had to think how I can make this a beautiful thing so I asked a few dancers if I could do a half body paint and take pictures. They agreed and it’s been on ever since.

A: normally, how long does it take you to completely cover an entire individual? I noticed that there is no stone unturned so- to- speak. They are completely covered and colorful.

T: When I first started I use to draw it out so that took a good hour, then painting was two hours. I started watching the Pro’s tutorials on the internet and found some techniques I learned to use just the paint brush and found my confidence. Needless to say my speed took off for a full body paint a little over an hour if I don’t go hard on details. I do get carried away with detailing.

A: Body art dates back over 5000 yrs ago. Many tribes and many cultures utilize body art as a way to express their civilization. I mean, I cannot tell you how many different cultures from ancient Egypt to Prisoners on the yard express themselves in this manner. I myself became fascinated by the Cherokee traditions once I became well informed of my ancestors and saw pictures of my Cherokee fifth generation Grandmother and her Husband. This prompted me to want to learn more about them. The Colors, the pattern, the Pow Wows were stimulating to me. What motivates you to do this? And when & where did you begin?

T: I have always been driven by culture of many, and myself having evident Seminole and other races running through my blood has me always in detective mode. Mostly health and art. I believe that’s why I am drawn to certain things in my life. Most of all I was raised with music of all types and with that helped my drive and passion for more than one art in my soul. Everything I do has passion and loyalty in it. So whether it’s poetry, writing, music, crafting, décor, painting, event planning, or whatever I will try next, I am dedicating my all to see the ending results.

Being a part of a family that was in the army, I was exposed to the art in all of the places traveled. They would bring back art and decor that would have me wanting to duplicate in a drawing. On both sides of my family I had a form of art. I’m sure this is why my art comes out more abstract because of keeping those images in my head for so long. So I would have to say it started for me as a little girl from the age of five. Growing up surrounded by my creative artsy family

A: Now, I understand that the Human body can be interesting and yet complicated. You are enhancing an already provocative configuration here. Have you or do you sometimes get uncomfortable painting these beautiful women? I mean, I imagine this becoming second nature to you after a while, is that correct?

T: Alicia, it’s funny that you ask. My first fully nude model was someone I grew up with that is considered family and the photographer was someone I had a huge crush on. So can we say awkward for the first twenty minutes of painting? I mean this model has an outstanding body ..this was the only way I’d want to see her naked and this photographer has to look at her and my mind is going wild, like is this really happening? But I picked these people because she has always been artsy and open about her art. The photographer and I have always wanted to work together. The Opportunity was there so once my design got in my head … let’s just say the rest is history in the making!

A: What is the proper term to use when verbalizing what you do? Body Painting, Temporary tattooing, tell me what to call this?

T: Body art, Body painting, and temporary tattooing are all great words to describe this because some people identify it differently. Most of the time I have to tell them what I am using so they don’t get it mixed up with real tattooing. Reassuring them that this washes off with soap! Lol

A: Have you ever incorporated men in your work?

T: Yes indeed Alicia

A: (Smiling) Are they Nude?

T: Oh yes… A few have, but in my town I don’t get many fully nude like I’d like to lol. It’s challenging for me here in my hometown. It is so different keeping my designs manly because I have so many female designs and most of my work is freestyle and all my work is free handed, so what comes out … comes out. I see my work as sexy and seductive. So my preference is Adult body art.I usually can connect with my model and the design that is freestyle usually seems custom made to fit their personality, nothing planned that way.. it just comes out as synergy.

A: Again the first thought that came across my mind was BOLDNESS. It takes heart and creativity not to mention patience and a steady hand lol to master this. I commend you for your endeavor and I thank you for sharing your colorful world with Enticing Resultz Magazine. Inform our faithful readers how they may keep track of you. ERMAG is huge on networking and we strongly believe in gravitating one another. So do tell, which social media and websites can we find you Torie? The social sites are

T: Instagram (where you see all my latest work) – @Perfect_Canvas

Facebook – Torie A Jones & Hot Talk Radio Jacksonville

Linked In- Lady Torie

Call me for your next fantasy photo shoot with body art at (904-600-6031)


Columnist/ Enticing Resultz Magazine

Alicia “Tha Highlander”

Born Alicia Dinera` Williams, a name that her only Biological Paternal Aunt had given her, Alicia was born and raised in the city of Highland Park, Michigan in 1978 by both her parental units. In Highland Park, Michigan is where she began a career in mental health in which she became certified by the State of Michigan Department of community health as a Social Worker Technician. Through much hardship, but still determined, Alicia had always had a loyal heart for trichology (the science of Hair). Through multiple career changes, she not only went to Cosmetology School, she had also become a school bus driver and tax preparer for Liberty Tax out of River Rouge, Michigan; and later a Paralegal. She realized that even with her Children’s ages ranging from 19, 10, and 6 it was not too late for her to spread her wings and soar. As a columnist for Enticing Resultz Magazine, Alicia has had the opportunity to collaborate with many faces much like her journey in life.


Paster MEL

Do You Too Need A Total Life Change – What’s Your Plan?

Part I

1 Corinthians 6:19 [NIV]

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;



It has long been stated in numerous ways that man in his essence is a “spirit” who has a “soul” and lives in a “body.” This much we also know, according to John 4:24, God is a Spirit and like Father, like children! This is to say, in agreement with the teaching of Genesis 1:27, that God created man in his own image and likeness. So then, since we are spirit, what do we do with these bodies? These ‘earth suits?’ These ‘earthen vessels?’ These ‘clay containers?’


In the ‘body’ of Christ today we see a lot of emphasis placed on the spiritual realm and so we should. After all and again, spirit is who we are in the very core of our beings. Yes, we are undoubtedly spiritual beings and in this fact, we have an undeniable likeness with the God of creation who scooped up the earth’s dust and blew his breath into his created master piece to make us living souls.

So then, our God consciousness, an awareness of the fact that both God our creator and we his creation are spirit is something that should always be critically important. Next to that priority however, is the understanding of our consciousness with ourselves and the world around us. This is what takes place in the realm of our souls. PASTER MEL-1Our soul gives us our mental reasoning and our emotional powers. If the soul of a man was his glory then his spirit would be his crown. Lastly, as is commonly known, it is our bodies though, that gives us the ability of our five known senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. It is our physical bodies then [our outer shell, the temporary home we live in] that we are able to connect with the physical world around us to enjoy the everyday lives we live. Like it or not; this is the biblical order and arrangement of things concerning man in his place on earth.

Yet most Christians today, as critical as it is to place a significance on the lives we live in the spirit and even in the realm of the soul; we often do so at the exclusion or the expense of our bodies. In other words, it is far too common place for those who follow Christ, as I do, to treat our spirits or even souls as holy and sacred to God but then to still treat our bodies in ‘any kind of way!’

Tragically though, God’s word reminds us that our bodies are His temple and are to be treated as such; we literally exercise very little restraint if any in how we treat our bodies! Shout ‘

amen if you know I’m telling the truth c’mon now you don’t have to be a pastor, preacher or bible scholar to see that there is a great gap between how God tells us to take care of our bodies and how we really do. In fact, I’m sure that many of the same folk in ministry leadership that you know have even developed a habit of trashing their bodies with the idea that this is spiritually acceptable to God. I tell you “The devil is a lie!”

C’mon now! To do ministry, you need a body! It doesn’t matter how well you preach, teach or anything else; once you destroy your body; you can’t be there to help anyone else; game over! The problem is that we are not nearly as wholistic in our lifestyles as we ought to be. We tend to compartmentalize certain areas and master them while neglecting the others! Here is where the question must be raised; isn’t God concerned about your Total Life? Is he only concerned about a portion of it or all of it? Surely prayer is important and even essential but is prayer really the “total answer” if you are still going to trash your body with all kinds of drugs, poisons, toxins and unhealthy foods that do everything from increase the likelihood of you getting high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or a stroke? Aren’t we putting the cart before the horse in merely pretending to be spiritual about something we need to be a bit more self controlled and practical about according to the knowledge that God has told us to live by?

I don’t know about you but my eyes are now wide open to living with a respect not only for spiritual things or things that effect the deep places of my soul but I can also now see and respect the need for me to take the care of my body! Yes … I know I won’t live in this body forever but while I’m here; I need this thing to work right! I want it to get up when I say get up! I want it to go when I say go! I want my energy to last through the day without me feeling like I have crashed and burned out by 4 o’clock and truth be told, all of these desires will require some changes in my life. So, I’ve decided to be intentional about the changes I needed to make because no good thing will happen by accident.

Keep in mind, like some of you, I was already on track with my spiritual foundation in Christ. I have also learned through habit to be extremely passionate about implementing the soul care I need in my life. This is why I invest time with my mentors, coaches, family and close friends that help me to stay rooted and grounded.   In addition to that, I was so incredibly blessed just a few weeks ago implementing some more of my soul care strategy; spending a few days of quiet, solitude at Galveston beach again to help restore my soul from my often demanding schedule. It always does wonders for your soul; unplugging from my normal flow of life and sitting still and quiet for a few days is an exercise a few times each year! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it to you.


Finally however, I have just one other recommendation. I’ve also started to make some a physical changes to allow for the Total Life Change that I had been taking for granted and missing out on for decades.

Now thank God, after making these simple changes, my energy is back up like it was more than 10 years ago! Not only that but by extra weight is steadily declining. I’m especially enjoying the detox that takes place every time I sip my cup of tea. Yes, praise God, I now have everything it takes to enjoy a Total Life Change. The truth is that we all need a Total Life Change in one way or another.

So, what are you doing for your spiritual growth and development? Is your foundation built on Christ? Surely, he is my chief corner stone. What strategies and plans do you have in place to impact the deep places in your soul? What is that you are doing regularly that restores your soul? Finally, are you taking good care of your temple or are you taking your body for granted; pushing it way past its set boundaries?

Remember, man is a spirit that has a soul but he lives in a body. It’s time to take care of ALL of YOU; not just a part. You need a TOTAL LIFE CHANGE.


Mel Keyes, native Brooklynite is the pastor of  The Joshua House of Worship, a multi-cultural and multigenerational congregation located on the west side of San Antonio, Texas. He’s been married to the lovely Kendra Keyes for twenty five years, with three children and two grandchildren. He is a graduate of The Baptist University of the Americas and Dallas Baptist University. He is the author of Hell To The Know, How To Get From The Hell You’re Living In To The Life You Were Meant To Live.” Mel is also the founder of Joshua Generation as well as his life coaching practice “ Master Keyes Coaching & Consulting.” Determined to build his life on vision, Mel lives his life around three core principles of his personal vision for Ministry, Entrepreneurship & Leadership:

To passionately serve God, my family, friends and others around me through strong, loving, disciple making MINISTRY.

To empower army’s of disciples through life transforming ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

To change the world around me through learning and practicing Christ centered, servant LEADERSHIP.

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