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2016-Metrical Composition


The saddest thing is to be a minute to someone, when you’ve made them your eternity. ERMAG understand there is a arguing for metrical compositions (Poetry) can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it.

The distinguished art of metrical composition is the act of expression put through the vernacular jungle. The pen becomes the machete that slices its way through emotion and thought; clearing a path to spiritual enlightenment. Expanding the method of understand and feeling- bring about a new sight. The third eye is used to properly read and digest the soul spelled out on page. Deeper than intellect and higher that emotion – this is the process of divinity made physical.

Now let’s break it down to the essence. One first finds the objective laying in the mind – what is wishes to be expressed to the world. The heart begins to configure the imagery so the portrait will remain balanced and precise. Only then does the spirit take over – letting all the water colors of your energy focus on taking it all to a hidden place. A dissolute wilderness that has only been seen by the eyes of the master. It’s there that the pen is found and the creator begins to work in full harmony with self and surroundings. These moments are those of pure beauty emitted through burst like a star being born, Scriptures scribbled in solitude grow legs and walk into the ears of strangers Hands form to grasp the hearts and minds It just takes time.

The stage is set, the lights are luminous, and the mic is on.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Heir Apparent: Bernie Sanders

These times are new to us. The early days of 2016 hold for us a guarantee of a future that will set us apart from any other time in history before us. Technology at a point it’s never been before on this planet. Sci-fi movies’ ideas that only a generation ahead of us watched as children are now a thing of last year. Rebellions, up risings, and revolutions are more common place as masses of people grow tired of redundant political strategies. We become increasingly more nostalgic in our musical and fashion taste from lack of assurances for what the future may hold for us in the 21st century. We often look back to see what times were like in the past and the people of the past to guide us today. Lack of true leadership and fearlessness has made the youth lose faith in our systems and the elders grow tired of it all together. The fight is held in the spirit of the people. The war is now a war of ideas and beliefs. We look for those that came before us as we prepare our lives for the unknown of what ahead of us. Times don’t seem to have changed as dramatically as we would hope in this current century. Tech has advanced, but society remains stagnant in key issues; issues that were the discussion of the time in the 50s and 60s also.

As we view this abysmal cycle repeat itself yet again, we must stop finally and ask the question “How do we finish this once and for all?” The world has had uprisings and protest ever more increasingly in volume, why is this? People are fed up and tired , lied to and robbed. Being broke is now understood by more and more as not the situation brought on by a single solitary family or individual, but instead understood as a reflection of the worsening times. The world now understands in this age of information that they are receiving the shortest end of the stick that they paid to build. Things are not looking hopeful for the average working class family these days and they know it more then ever before.

We’ve seen days that felt like this before. Days were hope was low and faith had to be restored in mass quantities. Power had to be taken back by the people, but first the people had to reminded they were the ones who controlled it all. Someone had to bring that message of resistance and strength to the people, that individual then was Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He then was the great bringer of the news. The news that people fighting for the right thing , for a righteous goal had an obligation to never quit. That true power was in numbers and love. Martin sparked a revolution then that galvanized a generation of this great nation to stand and face itself. The country was forced to take a stand for its own protection and the protection of the future. Those crossroads stand before us once more, paths familiar and worn. Somehow yet again our compass has lead us in another circle – back to this place of confusion and mistrust. Same question for a new people. Will they be stronger and more through than its predecessors? Will these newer generations have wisdom and learn from the mistakes of others? Will they learn from other countries or continue this cycle yet again and again?

A leader is needed again. Someone to remind the people of their true power. A man to bring us the message and the news that we hold the true power and that we are the ones who decide the control. A country begs to be galvanized into something more , more then generations past had accomplished. The nation stand still awaiting someone to fill shoes made so large that the imprints strike fear in the hearts of men who know they are lesser. The people call for someone genuine, authentic, and true. We have been searching for someone – anyone to take up the left over fight that Martin Luther King Jr. was unable to finish for us.

These times are filled with people attempting to lead, but who is fit? Who can unity the underdogs, overlooked, the discouraged, marginalized, hopeless, and downtrodden. The Great Recession has given the people many reasons to become disenfranchised. The established order has failed us all once again. We all stand on the edge of change, but what change? On the edge of victory or the abyss of defeat. We are becoming more poor and more underprivileged, but where is our great leader? Who will save us from unsure decision making and fear now that practically every political and social leader has back peddled, sold out, flip-flopped, ran away, or been taken away (most by our own government) before permanent change could be made.

I’ve never been to Vermont and never had much reason to think about it either, always grouped into those states like Oregon, Rhode Island, and Wyoming. Until a few months ago most Americans were like me also, that is until Senator Bernie Sanders decided to run for President of the United States of America. In the months since his announcement the nations youth has awoken, the poor have begun to speak again, and the disenfranchised have someone to believe that is not of the established franchised process of politics. Rebels have been handed a cause and accepted whole heartedly. Hope is connecting people once again, faith and love are making people stand. Senator Sanders has stepped into shoes not too big to fill since he walked along side the man that first wore them. Sanders is speaking to tens of thousands that also go on YouTube and listen to the speeches of Dr.King that don’t include the phrase “I have a dream.” routinely. People are remembering and becoming more wise. Wise because they get to learn about the challenges, downfalls, and short comings of those that came before them because Bernie Sanders was personally there to witness. Social injustice is now met with revolution all around the world, this is the dialogue of the day. In America we have been presented with a new detour as we stand in front of the age old crossroads. Our one time only opportunity to take a road less traveled, political revolution the likes of has been unseen since the election of Nelson Mandela in Africa those decades ago. We have a true chance now to fight back without guns, without Molotov cocktails, bricks, bombs, and rocks. We have a chance to be nonviolent and more loud then ever before. We have a chance for the second American Revolution to be louder than the first.

Bernie’s ideas are directly that of Martin Luther King Jr’s placed in the new millennium. Civil,as in civilian, rights for all. The civil right to health care, education, mandatory living wage, just judicial systems, freedom of privacy, gender equality, and the pursuit of happiness. The civil right to a truly democratic society not bought by thieves and thugs. The civil right to fair banking practices and fees. As Dr. King was planning a Poor People’s March in the months before his assassination, Sanders is pulling the working class and poor together finish that march. Marching to the polls to tell the elite and establishment principalities that we will now long stand still, let you run us over, let you rob us, or kill us. We the people demand that our government works in our best interest first before the best interest of itself. We the people demand that this year be the last year we see this cycle and face the question of “How do we finish this once and for all?” Enough is enough and we have decided to give diplomacy one last great chance. In the face of history and in the face of mistrust, in the face of fear and in the face of contempt we have decided to hear Senator Sanders out and truly come together to accomplish a dream had so long ago. We the people have chosen a road less traveled in hopes it will finally guide us home. The last great push to once again lead the world and show it that uprisings, rebellions, and revolution take many forms but the best form is a democratic one. For 51 years we have been asking “Who will be the successor to a king?”
Half a century of asking and then in Burlington, Vermont with its small population of 42,417 a man stood up with a wrinkled suit and uncombed hair waving his hand has he spoke out. He has a few ideas that we haven’t heard in a long time. The people recognize the Senator from Vermont, he may now take the stage.

Enticing Resultz Magazine Staff

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