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Thought only dreaming was the way to meet you.
Swapping spit, holding hands, now eye contact shows pain both been through.
Too terrified to envision future
may end up like the past
like your last
Building trust and respect only to catch feelings in the process.
Who would’ve saw this
Knowing you don’t feel the same, I gotta back off
stay in my lane
Tryin to maintain clarity, clearly you see things differently
Maybe as different as me
Got too comfortable
mind got use to you day to day.
promise I’ll step back, don’t want to scare this away.
Just being around is nothing
but good vibes and Sun shine
Even in the night time it’s the best time
Caring so much
want to see us with dreams and smiles
been a while since there was sensations like this
Feel you more than just friends.
Hate to ruin us as such.
Has anyone ever been more
Has Anyone ever meant much
Do you even open that door
Never trying to be mean, but always honest to ignorance.
Never lied once to my knowledge
Which is growing and soaking it all like a sponge
Gaze at you – then the mirror
Look at all that we’ve become
Now we see what we need
Can’t you see what you need
Greatest memories of greetings with a kiss
just to ask if I’m happy.
How much better can it get?
Please can’t you see that every breath you breathe was bringing you to me
Got this bond so strong that I trust you with my words.
Using letters however pleased
never once judged.
I’ve told you once I’ll tell you again.
flaws are imperfect but perfect at the same time
Lost angel searching for God
Found out I’m the same kind
This wasn’t coincidence
90 days guiding me to make it more
Learned so much from this
never thought I would
Never told I could
Didn’t even understand I should
Now I Got much confidence
ready to start the journey
People ask me what has changed
One person can make all the difference.
So I’m Confused on the words you speak of.
Dont understand but
Desperately wishing to learn
Things are never as they seem
We are as we see ourselves to be in our dreams
To wish for a better clear view would be perfect
I’m just trying to work it
believe that friendships are written in astronomy
Astrological alignments in stars
Uncanny commonalities eventualities begin to appear and dissolve
Began being unclear but certainly we end up ending right here
How did you fall for the fallen one
Where and when did it occur
blinded by regrets
I regret to admit I didn’t notice it transition among friendship, looked up and it had all turned into this
Long ago I knew I was loosing control
Mind slipping and beginning to catch here and again
Forgive what I do and have did I pray
Simultaneously we grow
Like entwined flowers in the wilderness underneath the canopy of soul
Who knew
Not I – nor you
Never could’ve guessed it
Prerequisites change and rules aren’t maintained
Things fade and reemerge – emotions unsaid
Feelings unheard
The rarely spoken but often understood are deeper then hieroglyphs in pyramids
More intricate than algebraic equations and rhythms
This science isn’t exact but remains in tact with quite routine form
Your clutching for a wild rose with less pedals than thorns
But yet and still you hold on
So will I
Make sure to hold on tight.
Buckle up, the ride you enter goes in circles.
Confusion and frustration, Might occur from the ups and downs.
Grab the handle bar above your right ear, hold it down
Tired yeah I know, but I am also.
grabbing the handle above my ear while holding your hand.
Can’t you see I’ll never stop trying
Please sit back and just listen.
Then make the decision to fall or stay.
Don’t have much to offer, but a heart.
Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.
No more holding in emotions and feelings,it never works.
Always be honest even if it hurts.
Rather be told the truth than a lie that pulls apart.
But words can only go so far.
Time for action so our reaction is nothing but happiness and smiles
Goes back to listening, trying to care
If that doesn’t work then maybe it’s best we both give up from there
But that’s not an option at this moment.
So let’s take one step at a time and never let go
Let’s own it.

By:Europe Dooley





Those eyes hypnotized my mine


Seeing for the first time


Body feeling funny… maybe love at first sight.


Never forget those eyes burning in the back of my mind.


We met again in teenage land … Chene was the place


Acclaim was the land … nine month later wasn’t even planned.


Those eyes were sent to me from a higher place, everything happens for a reason.


My soul mate is never out of season. Even though are paths have changed. Those eyes still melts my heart.




To be continue


By: Timmica Meek


Debate: Can a single parent raise the opposite sex?

Enticing Resultz Magazine did a debate to see how many different opinions there are of being a single parent. Could a single man raise a daughter to be a woman? Could a single mother raise a son to be a man?

Enticing Resultz Magazine felt the need to talk about this subject because there are so many negative opinions when it comes to single parents. Society feels that single parents can not a raise a child probably because it takes two parents. This may be true but we have to give props to our single parents because they have it much harder because of the fact it’s only one. According the American Psychological Association, over the past 20 year single parents have become common from single mother, single fathers and grandparents raising children. Being a single parents brings stress on the parent as well as the child. The single parent may feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of juggling caring for the children, maintaining a job and keeping up with the bills and household chores. And typically, the family’s finances and resources are drastically reduced following the parents’ breakup.

The debate was done with different opinions of all races and ages. The results of the debate included 100% of the people agreed that being a single parent in this day an age is hard. And 80% percent agree that yes a man can raise a daughter to be a woman and yes a mother can raise a son to be a man. But when it comes to certain things like puberty then you need the help of a woman when it comes to girls and the help of male when it comes to boys.

Being a single parent in this economy seems to be difficult because they are so many obstacle and loops to jump through just to make sure that your child is safe. By the economy being down makes it even worst, because they are no jobs and you have to work two or more jobs just to make ends meet. This like stated before brings stress on the parent which in turns brings stress to the child. Children learn from what they see and hear, so that’s why we have good apples and bad ones. So children do not know how to handle the stress of life or do not understand why things are the way they are, when all the responsibility is all on one person. Being a parent period is hard, whether you have two parents or one. But there is great debate that kids are the way they are because of the single parent situation.

Don’t get me wrong you have single parents who children turns out to be good kids and then you have parents who kids just went down the wrong path. But that also goes both ways. The results of the debate indicate that being a parent period is a hard job and that it takes all to help raise a child.

Growing up as child you always wondered why your parents was so hard you and why they pushed education as being very important in order to survive. How they were wrong for not letting you do this and that. Why you had to clean your room and wash dishes after dinner. This was all to instill responsibility in you. Now that you look back after having your own kids and see that they weren’t hard on you all.

Single parents are look down upon because it is written that it takes two parents to raise a child. But in reality a single parents is probably better than having two parents. Because this instill in the child how strong their mother or father are. A single parent has to work twice as hard to make sure that they child get everything they need. Society can not predict how to raise a child because each child is individual with their own personalities.

When a man is raising a daughter he can instill in her all the morals of how a woman should be treated and when it comes to personal things that only female can handle he can call on his mother, aunts and sisters. In my opinion it would be harder for a man to raise a child as single parents because woman are made to stronger than the man when it comes to things like raising children. I give great props to a man that is raising a child on his own whether it is a daughter or a son. Just like it takes a strong woman the same goes for a man. But it is very rarely that you see a single man raising child.

When it comes to single mothers raising a son the same goes for her as it would for the man raising a son. She would have to rely on her father, brothers and uncles to help with things that she could not explain to him. Women are naturally built to take on things like this. If we go back in history the woman stayed home and raised the kids while the man worked to bring home the bacon. But in this day age times has changed and the woman is taking on the responsibility of taking care of the whole house. That’s why it is natural for a woman to raise a child on her own.

In conclusion, it really takes a village to raise a child because there are so many distractions, that wasn’t there when we were growing up. It also takes a strong minded child to survive the entire obstacle that they are going to face once there adults. We learn from our environment and it takes the whole family to help with raising our children. They are our futures and we have to band together to make sure things are right for them.

As a parent I learned that no matter how you raise your children they are going to turn out to be whatever they heart desire. We just have to pray that they follow the right path and not go down the wrong one. Don’t blame yourself if your child turns out to be the opposite of what you want them to be. You did your job and it’s up to them to take what they learn and make a future for themselves. My grandma always told me whatever you’re going to be, be the best at it not matter what it is.

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine





Life’s Memories Photography

Life’s Memories Photography

There are times when words aren’t enough. As a poet, journalist , and author I know this all too well. When a moment comes that words no long have the capability to appreciate, I grab my phone. Like most now we document everything with a picture or screen shot, but even in the sea of camera phones and insta photographers there are gems. Talent can see other talent , real can recognize real .. Enticing Resultz has recognized a photographer with the speciality in creating then capturing the moment.

Brandon Smith, the owner of Life’s Memories, is taking photography to its essence, love. The approach is old school, but works like always. The young artist sees what fuels him to have such an organic and simple motivation to get into this ever growing and changing field. ” Making a moment unforgettable.” A simple formula, it’s “all about the moment.” The vibe is an important thing with the pictures Smith takes , first and last . Making people happy and the photos themselves stand for the best of someone of display. “I see the best of people behind the lens of the camera.” A good photo can make someone’s day , this is so true.

The fact that visuals are so important to express yourself in this digital age, doing that out of sheer love is usually forgotten. Now with a motivation so vintage , the goals must be themselves classic. “This is the moment they’re going to remember forever.”

The dedication to the individual before the site isn’t something all photographers have in mind. It’s obvious to see when work and care has gone into something, even though likes are great, Smith says the first like from the client is all that really matters. If there was more thought on the happiness within the photo then then viewing experience is even that much better for everyone else. Natural smile , happiness in the raw , joy unclothed ; these values are make you value the moment, and the photo that tells that story even more.

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



So if you’re ever in need of someone to help you create any special moments that you want to be in and that would definitely last a lifetime. Please give “Life’s Memories Photography  a call at 804-661-0173 or you send us information what you need to Life’s Memories, 2601 Colony Village Terrace Unit 202, N. Chesterfield, Virginia 23237. You can also find us on social media websites such as Instagram (, Twitter (, and Facebook (

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Pristine emphasis on vocals and an impassioned improvisatory delivery,

When given a chance to see a shooting star no one turns down the shot. The chance to see something rare and special draws us in every time. That opportunity has been afforded to us once again, from a truly unique soul. Enticing Resultz was exposed to a songstress who’s clearly here for a purpose. Imani Nakessa, the old soul in a young voice. First hearing her talents years ago, then through the Howard Gospel Choir, and now her videos on YouTube. Ms. Nakessa is always busy and pushing to make her brand of music stand along that of the greats.

While out the day with Imani, she expressed the hope that people would learn to be themselves unapologetically after hearing her. Rooted in gospel from church as a young woman, the spirit is felt when she lets loose. “My grandmother was quiet and strong. Taught me to also have strength in myself.” Learning from both her mother and father that who you are is a reason and a purpose for it. Nakessa feels she knows the purpose for her angelic vocal skills. “Focus on instilling the youth with the knowledge of self and excellence to develop them into those who will build stronger communities. Help make sure they understand that the focus is not to gain white approval, but to build and operate as our own unit as an actual community.”

With vision and dedication she hopes to reach those goals without fear. Imani displays fearlessness with her execution in song and presence, that spirit is all based in her faith, her name literally means “Faith has brought prosperity.”

Not really into today’s scene of hip hop and R&B , Imani draws inspiration from the history in her craft. Black artist and nature being her biggest influence, the sound she supplies is a reminder and refresher for those who yearn for when soul music had soul.FB_IMG_1462388923389

” As of right now there are very few “artists” making real hip hop these days. In my opinion, hip hop and real r&b, not this new age foolery they are claiming to be r&b, will make a huge come back and when that iconic moment hits I would love to stand and be a part of that but as of right now hip hop has gone into hiding working in secret to blow all this other mess away.” Billie Holiday is one of those role models that girls today need but do not have , except for women like Nakessa, who draws strength not from today’s biggest pop artist. Yesterday’s stars still twinkle at her through their music. The twinkle shines through her obviously when you listen to the way she croons Stevie Wonder’s “A ribbon in the sky”.

Growing up differently with two brothers and young sister, whom all are musically inclined also along with her mother. The formula for singing and expression was instilled from birth. “I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember so it’s just something I’ve always done. A gift bestowed upon me that can be utilized to heal, to educate, and unify.” The purpose of it all for young Imani is to make a better situation for her people through music directly.

I asked her about an artist responsibility to speak on social matters and if it does matter. “I do think it is culturally important for artists to speak on social issues because at some point you have to realize that your influence is very great and for you to stand with those who stood with you before you reached the status that you have it builds necessary strength among communities.” Those morals and foundation are usually avoided by today’s top selling artists in fear of losing endorsements. That relentless love and undeniable talent will continue to move Nakessa forward with her purpose and find a way to liberate all those that hear her wonderful voice. Keep your ears pealed.


Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine