Life’s Memories Photography

Life’s Memories Photography

There are times when words aren’t enough. As a poet, journalist , and author I know this all too well. When a moment comes that words no long have the capability to appreciate, I grab my phone. Like most now we document everything with a picture or screen shot, but even in the sea of camera phones and insta photographers there are gems. Talent can see other talent , real can recognize real .. Enticing Resultz has recognized a photographer with the speciality in creating then capturing the moment.

Brandon Smith, the owner of Life’s Memories, is taking photography to its essence, love. The approach is old school, but works like always. The young artist sees what fuels him to have such an organic and simple motivation to get into this ever growing and changing field. ” Making a moment unforgettable.” A simple formula, it’s “all about the moment.” The vibe is an important thing with the pictures Smith takes , first and last . Making people happy and the photos themselves stand for the best of someone of display. “I see the best of people behind the lens of the camera.” A good photo can make someone’s day , this is so true.

The fact that visuals are so important to express yourself in this digital age, doing that out of sheer love is usually forgotten. Now with a motivation so vintage , the goals must be themselves classic. “This is the moment they’re going to remember forever.”

The dedication to the individual before the site isn’t something all photographers have in mind. It’s obvious to see when work and care has gone into something, even though likes are great, Smith says the first like from the client is all that really matters. If there was more thought on the happiness within the photo then then viewing experience is even that much better for everyone else. Natural smile , happiness in the raw , joy unclothed ; these values are make you value the moment, and the photo that tells that story even more.

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So if you’re ever in need of someone to help you create any special moments that you want to be in and that would definitely last a lifetime. Please give “Life’s Memories Photography  a call at 804-661-0173 or you send us information what you need to Life’s Memories, 2601 Colony Village Terrace Unit 202, N. Chesterfield, Virginia 23237. You can also find us on social media websites such as Instagram (, Twitter (, and Facebook (


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