Thought only dreaming was the way to meet you.
Swapping spit, holding hands, now eye contact shows pain both been through.
Too terrified to envision future
may end up like the past
like your last
Building trust and respect only to catch feelings in the process.
Who would’ve saw this
Knowing you don’t feel the same, I gotta back off
stay in my lane
Tryin to maintain clarity, clearly you see things differently
Maybe as different as me
Got too comfortable
mind got use to you day to day.
promise I’ll step back, don’t want to scare this away.
Just being around is nothing
but good vibes and Sun shine
Even in the night time it’s the best time
Caring so much
want to see us with dreams and smiles
been a while since there was sensations like this
Feel you more than just friends.
Hate to ruin us as such.
Has anyone ever been more
Has Anyone ever meant much
Do you even open that door
Never trying to be mean, but always honest to ignorance.
Never lied once to my knowledge
Which is growing and soaking it all like a sponge
Gaze at you – then the mirror
Look at all that we’ve become
Now we see what we need
Can’t you see what you need
Greatest memories of greetings with a kiss
just to ask if I’m happy.
How much better can it get?
Please can’t you see that every breath you breathe was bringing you to me
Got this bond so strong that I trust you with my words.
Using letters however pleased
never once judged.
I’ve told you once I’ll tell you again.
flaws are imperfect but perfect at the same time
Lost angel searching for God
Found out I’m the same kind
This wasn’t coincidence
90 days guiding me to make it more
Learned so much from this
never thought I would
Never told I could
Didn’t even understand I should
Now I Got much confidence
ready to start the journey
People ask me what has changed
One person can make all the difference.
So I’m Confused on the words you speak of.
Dont understand but
Desperately wishing to learn
Things are never as they seem
We are as we see ourselves to be in our dreams
To wish for a better clear view would be perfect
I’m just trying to work it
believe that friendships are written in astronomy
Astrological alignments in stars
Uncanny commonalities eventualities begin to appear and dissolve
Began being unclear but certainly we end up ending right here
How did you fall for the fallen one
Where and when did it occur
blinded by regrets
I regret to admit I didn’t notice it transition among friendship, looked up and it had all turned into this
Long ago I knew I was loosing control
Mind slipping and beginning to catch here and again
Forgive what I do and have did I pray
Simultaneously we grow
Like entwined flowers in the wilderness underneath the canopy of soul
Who knew
Not I – nor you
Never could’ve guessed it
Prerequisites change and rules aren’t maintained
Things fade and reemerge – emotions unsaid
Feelings unheard
The rarely spoken but often understood are deeper then hieroglyphs in pyramids
More intricate than algebraic equations and rhythms
This science isn’t exact but remains in tact with quite routine form
Your clutching for a wild rose with less pedals than thorns
But yet and still you hold on
So will I
Make sure to hold on tight.
Buckle up, the ride you enter goes in circles.
Confusion and frustration, Might occur from the ups and downs.
Grab the handle bar above your right ear, hold it down
Tired yeah I know, but I am also.
grabbing the handle above my ear while holding your hand.
Can’t you see I’ll never stop trying
Please sit back and just listen.
Then make the decision to fall or stay.
Don’t have much to offer, but a heart.
Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.
No more holding in emotions and feelings,it never works.
Always be honest even if it hurts.
Rather be told the truth than a lie that pulls apart.
But words can only go so far.
Time for action so our reaction is nothing but happiness and smiles
Goes back to listening, trying to care
If that doesn’t work then maybe it’s best we both give up from there
But that’s not an option at this moment.
So let’s take one step at a time and never let go
Let’s own it.

By:Europe Dooley


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