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You decide, Fact or Fiction….clips of short stories for our readers

There will be a series of clips from short stories that will be printed over a period of time. Some are fact, some are fiction, and the fun is reading each one to determine which is true and which is not. Whether fact or fiction, the clips will entertain and intrigue. Go ahead; take a moment to see if you can decide if this month’s submission is Fact or Fiction…


I know you have heard this saying at least once in your life.” Never judge a book by it cover”. This story called life has many turns and twist that can either make or break you. I can say truthfully, I began this journey early, and learning the meaning of “If a task has once begun never leave it until it’s done, be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all” as stated by my grandmother.

Going up from birth to 5 years old I really couldn’t tell you to much about my life. Never seen any type of pictures even as a little baby around the house. I don’t remember much about my childhood life at all. It’s so sad I can’t even tell you what schools I attended either. My life really began when I turned 12 years old. Just to be honest there are little things I can remember. Such as my mother having another baby when I was around 6 years old. See I’ve been the baby for years and she decided to have another baby with another man. They looked so beautiful sitting around holding and playing with him. I wasn’t feeling this new baby thing at all.

I remember one Christmas night my brother and I was made to go to bed. Mom allowed the new baby which was about 3 now stay up. It was so loud and he was playing his new drum set he had got for Christmas. As I was lying in bed I was thinking how I wish he wasn’t here. I asked my mother if I could use the bathroom because I had a plan. She yelled and said “YES” and get back in that bed. I walked around looking at the adults in the kitchen drinking having a good time. I stopped and took my baby brother drum stick and put in down his throat. I then ran back to the bed I had to share with my other two brothers. I had no idea the baby mouth was bleeding until my mother started screaming for us to come to her. Well my brothers told her it was me that caused him to bleed out his mouth. She beat me until she closed my left eye and I had to miss school for a couple of days.

I then remember around the age of 12 years old. I was ironing clothes and he came pulling on me and wouldn’t stop. I took the iron while it was very hot and stuck it on the side of his leg. Well you already know mom coming again this time with a nice thick paddle. She beat me again this time on my ass which felt like two asses when I sit down. My mother had 8 children 4 boys and 4 girls and I was number 6 as well as the baby girl. I never understood why we had no pictures of us growing up not one. My mother didn’t spend that much time with us due to her working all the time.

I hated the little blue house we were raised in. This house was so damn ruggedly and I was ashamed to have my friends come over. The cabinets falling apart and couldn’t hold anything in them. Roaches was everywhere in the house where you couldn’t never put nothing down on the tables or dressers. We didn’t have hot water to take a bath. We had to put big ass pots on the stove to heat the water. Rust was in the water and to wash something white was out of the question. It would turn yellow even when you use bleach it wouldn’t help. I had just turned 12 years old when I started my cycle. I cried asking my mother why she started my cycle at that time using the word period. I told my mother I wasn’t ready to start bleeding yet as I stood in front of her crying. She looked at me and said to me girl I didn’t put you on your period! She told me to go in the room to talk with my older sisters. She went on to tell me they will tell me what to do and use. It was never explained to me what a menstruation, period or a cycle was by my mother.

At the age of 12 my sister taught me how to use a tampon. Well at this age using tampons was a bad idea because it got stuck. I had to take a trip to the emergency room so that they could pull it out. Because of that hurtful experience I started using the pads instead. Well Pads wasn’t brought in our house because my sisters used tampons. I remember at times not having the pads so I used toilet paper anything except tampons. That was the wrong idea because the tissue started falling from under my clothes. Some days I can remember using white socks, cutting up white shirts anything not to use tampons. My mother didn’t have money like that and I couldn’t keep asking for it. My mother always made it clear she wasn’t made of money. To keep her from yelling and cussing I did what I had to do for myself. I started going to church from Sunday School, Evening service and Night service. I fell in love going to church until I was at church every time the door was opened. Church was my safe heaven I found peace of mind I enjoyed begin there. I hated when church was over because I had to go home.

Around the ages between 13 and 15 years old. I always was at church singing and leading service I so loved it. I didn’t have the clothes to go to church, however I went and have the same clothes on every Sunday. A lady at the church folks called her sister Johnson. She saw I loved doing things at church but didn’t have the clothes. She took me by the hand and took me shopping along with her only daughter. Not only did she buy things for me she also took me to the hair salon to get my hair done. In my minded she was doing things that my mother should be doing for me. Just know I never told anyone how I felt about anything my mother was or wasn’t doing for me. I was learning so much about the Bible and who God was at an early age. Going to school wasn’t easy either growing up with 8 of us in a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house. I went to school every morning smelling like kerosene and mildew from the smell in our house. We only had one kerosene heater that was burning only at night. During the night if you had to go to the bathroom it was so damn cold. Just know we didn’t have a toilet in our bathroom. We had to use a 10pound bucket and my mother didn’t care who used it. Just know it had to be cleaned at all time or she would start beating everybody ass.

I remember my 7th grade year in school attending Eugene J Bulter middle school. It seems as if my world became much harder than I thought. I was so angry with the world and fought all the time. I can remember how I struggled so hard in math feeling so dumb sitting in class. It had gotten to the point I just started skipping that class every day. See my mother never taught me how to count numbers nor add them together. She felt it was the teachers job to teach me what I needed to know when I got there. I wasn’t taught how to read or write from home I learned a lot on my own. When I heard the word “GOALS” I had no clue what people were talking about. See when I saw people eating shrimps and steak I thought they were RICH. See by the time I had gotten to middle school it gotten harder the work I mean. When I look at life now the word “DRESS CODE’ or ‘NAME BRAND’ items. I knew we really didn’t have much, however what we did have. I can say my mother made sure we were cleaned and looked healthy going to school.

Growing up I can’t remember going to a doctor or to the dentist. If I even had my eyes checked it was done only at school. After a while it left 2 sisters and 2 brothers in the house. You would have thought things would have gotten better with money. Nope things were about the same as if all us still lived in the same house. Then I remember my oldest brother moving out to live with his godparents. He could stand the way we were living in the house and he felt living with them would be better. So now it’s down to 3 girls including me and 1 brother living in the house. We were made to mop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday plus we had to wash clothes outside. We had to hang the clothes outside on a line and just know if a bird shit on them or they hit the ground. We would have to rewash them the same day it happened. When it was time for us to take our baths we would have to put pots on the stove for hot water. Every eye on the stove wasn’t working so we had to keep putting them on until we had enough for the tub to get a bath. The inside of the tub was rusty and the water turned as soon as we put it in the tub.

Even when we washed our white clothes they would turn yellow from the water and rust. The kitchen cabinets were so raggedy we didn’t have doors on them yet we always had a house full of cousins. Because of the stove with only two burners working at the time. It took so long for us to eat dinner at night yet mom always made a meal. Just know if you didn’t want what she was cooking. You either ate it or went to bed hungry so of course I went to bed without eating. Breakfast was cereal with can milk that she added water and we had chickens but I hate eating the eggs. I can go on and on about the food in the house just thank God we had a choice.

*Thank you for taking a moment to read this writer’s submission. Have you decided if this is fact or fiction? Comment below and let us know your thoughts. After all the comments are collected the writer will disclose all the information needed to prove fact or fiction.

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