So many Questions

So Many Questions III

                                              So Many Questions III

How in the world is Donald Trump President? That’s how we do it now. There are so many mixed emotions about this.

How can a person with no political experience become President? That means that anybody can run for any office as long as the people vote for you. I think it’s all about the money.

Where were they when the voting was going on? I say sit down and be quiet. It’s a little to late for all this BS that’s going on. If you didn’t want him to become president then you should have voted. People have a lot to say when they didn’t even vote for anybody.

Do you think that the new President is going to build a wall? In my opinion I do not think he’s going to build a wall. The President Elect is going to have a lot of people upset with him. He made a promise to his people that he can not keep. I’m just going to sit back and watch it a crumble down around those crazy Republicians.

Why do women stay in abrasive relationships? In my opinion they have low self-esteem and feel that this person actually loves them.

Why are children so disrespectful to their elders? Growing up we was taught to respect our elders.

Where did we go wrong as parents? What happen to it takes a village to raise a child? Now of days if you say something a child that is not yours the parent is ready to fight you. In my opinion things went wrong because children were not allowed enjoy their childhood. Having babies at young age has made young grandparents. There is not big mama anymore.

Why are the police taking our young brothers from us?

Do Black Lives really matters? Or do all lives matters? I feel that all lives matter. No one should be treated wrong because of the color of the skin or where they live. An people of authority have no right to abuse their powers.

What do you say!


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