220,000 Woman Inmates

Greetings Ladies!

Due to the many injustices in the American justice system the rate of woman Inmates have increased by more than 65% over the past 40 years. That’s close to 220,000 since the late 70s.
Woman inmates are Wives, Mothers, and Sisters- delicate beings by nature. Is it fair that these Women are processed in the same mannerism as a Male Inmate? Should they not be dealt with differently during their menstrual cycle? Although, still following the program policy. Children are being abandoned at alarming rates due to Women being incarcerated for longer periods than normal.
It is not unheard of for a Woman to go to prison for attempting to protect herself, her children or feed their belly’s due to some sort of hardship. Not making any excuses but should these woman who may even be carrying a child be physically restrained or handcuffed? What happens during giving birth to a child while incarceration? Are they still restrained during such a traumatic episode?
There are many Women inmate victims inside the prisons today and many being victimized on a daily basis. Have you been physically or sexually assaulted? Where are the resources to help the Woman that may not speak up?
Enticing Resultz Magazine would love to hear from you. Your message will be heard loud and clear by the masses. Now’s the time, your moment is here. Write something for the people. We understand that incarceration can be a dark area in an individual’s life, so let’s turn this around and allow your situation to be a beacon of light to the community and other women facing these many challenges. Your thoughts and opinions matter still. Clear your mind with the pen!
Start today! Allow ERMAG to be the platform for your voice to be heard. We have many categories for you to choose from. Let’s see what fits you. We strongly feel that if you become part of this family it will help you and someone else.

What do you say!


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