Company History

History/Birth of Company

Enticing Resultz Magazine (ERM) was birthed to bring readers back the desire to read a periodical publication that is not only cutting edge but allows our readers to indulge in their favorite read on the go. This digital magazine is economical promising to raise the bar to its highest intensities. Businesses and Individuals being featured in ERM is a clear path to branding, learning and networking within a fast growing digital explosion within the media world.

ERM provides a platform highlighting strengths and continued achievements of individuals with the versatility of being able to revolutionize the crafts within their industry. This dynamic digital magazine is for the individual who has a harmony and passion for success and has broken barriers in their areas of specialties. While highlighting points of lifestyle such as spirituality, self-empowerment and other matters of imminence that influence the ERM Community. ERM is committed in collaborating with individuals who are making their mark in life and are determined to win.

ERM is a tool for all businesses and individuals to learn and grow while accumulating materials of trade enhancing your master skill set.  We have found that raw ideas are studied and analyzed until they have been suffocated in traditional magazines.  This is why the information you’ll find in our magazine is well organized, processed and for precise motivation, innovation and expertise. Readers will benefit by being mentally stimulated finding our dedication to future generations surpasses all normal levels.  If you are an avid reader looking, in search of a read that offers more than just a good article, and you demand results, then Enticing Resultz Magazine is the subscription that you need!


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