CEO of both Enticing Resultz Magazine and Barber Shop Rehab Magazine, Eric Robbins is a devoted husband and father who loves and puts God first. Eric also believes and is inspired by the Bible verse Genesis 12:2 “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. Eric allows his life as a professional to be transparent for others who has the desire to either be a small business owner or professional writer. Enticing Resultz Magazine is a direct result from Eric’s spiritual upbringings and positive parental guidance.

Our magazine is the voice of professionals by professionals. In reference to demographics, our magazine was geared to reach small business owners, and other professionals. However, since our expansion our magazine has reached a more broader audience which now includes educators, community leaders and students.

What sets Enticing Resultz Magazine apart from other magazines is the platform created for entrepreneurs to inform, educate and develop other entrepreneurs. The ultimate goal of Enticing Resultz Magazine is to allow entrepreneurs as well as teachers and leaders to write about current experiences and situations as a way to educate their prospective industries.

Enticing Results Magazine is currently an online and print magazine available in the United States and many other countries upon request. Our magazine is available in English and other languages upon request. Our magazine and media staff is available to cover area events that is of interest to our readers. Enticing Resultz was created to educate society on the everyday business life form an Urban prospective. Subscribe to us today!


Our mission is to be the first fully digital, global lifestyle magazine that’s “Alluring with Infinite Possibilities”.

We will inspire others to value the gift within.

We will be reasonable, plausible and relevant in activity.

We will initiate excitement for intensity with results!





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