Johnn Belt

Johnn Belt

Johnn Belt



This life story began in a small desolate town of Indianapolis, Indiana and involves a boy who was born into a bloodline of artistic visionaries. Sternly mannered mother served as a waitress in various venues to provide a financial consistency to accommodate her family’s well being stirred a disturbed state of tenacity within Johnn. He dreamt of a world bigger than his grim and bleak environmental circumstances. So by the age of 10 he was overthrown by his entrepreneur spirit and began hustling by any means necessary from cutting grass to shoveling snow and even starting a paper route on his bicycle.

At the vulnerable age of 18 Belt branched out from under a bitter sweet partnership and opened Magic Touch, his first barber shop. From its ground breaking moment, Magic Touch Barber Shop has been a thriving monument in its community since 1996. Despite the odds it was no coincidence he would evolve into his destiny as a master of sought after enterprising styles and precision. Belt also proclaims the undisputed title of “The World’s Fastest Fade” in the hair industry. With over a decade of artistic cutting techniques and a host of celebrity clients to proclaim like Jagged Edge, Otis Nixon, Sir Charles, Mario Winans and Ray Bucannon to name a few; it was only a matter of time before Belt would cast his spell upon the world of beauty and enter the beauty and health realm with his own hair and skin care product line rightfully branded Magic Touch and emerge as the first African American male to brand The Premiere® Clipper Company.

Belt had a vision of creating a line that would be designed and formulated for barbers and stylists who wanted to provide a product of elegance to their clients without the bother of lofty cost. With a strapping professional background and a heart of passion for his expertise, he began to set out on his branding journey in 2008 and has grown to immense heights ever since. Though it hasn’t been easy, a combination of unadulterated genius and indescribable talents has brought Belt to the vanguard of history itself.

Although Johnn has had his own struggles, he has never forgotten those whom are less fortunate than himself. He deals with an extensive array of charities such as Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry, Second Blessings, his personal philanthropy endeavors Barbers and Stylist World Series and The Touch Foundation, and simply taking time out of his demanding schedule to mentor to our youth about positive options and life choices. Johnn’s shining star shows no signs of deeming as he continues to reach for infinite elevations in the beauty, health and mainstream media industry.

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