ERM is proud to announce internship opportunities in virtually every field of media. We strive to provide students in both undergraduate and graduate levels, with meaningful and practical work experience. ERM will help you gain an authentic media industry experience. Our internships will expose you to industry professionals and promote both your personal and professional development all while laying a blueprint for your future career. All positions are unpaid but offer invaluable experience in all aspects of magazine journalism.



Working in the media industry is a fast-paced environment. Qualified candidates for ERM must be able to work under demanding deadlines in a fast-paced environment, as well as possess excellent computer, communication, and organizational skills. The ERM internship program is of high regard and held to a high standard. To be considered for an internship, applicants must sign a formal written release supplied by ERM and meet the following qualifications:

• College students with a career focus in advertising and marketing, with interest and skills in the print, digital and social media medium. Experience working with Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Dreamweaver, Flash, and similar design/animation programs.

• Must have a passion for results, a sense of urgency, and the ability to complete projects without immediate supervision.

• Must be adept at working independently (and at times) with a moderate level of ambiguity as indicative in any promotional and or advertising environment.

• Experience in professional trending social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Vine, Instagram.

• Impeccable verbal and written communication skills.

• Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

• Possesses the ability and willingness to share creative input.


Goals of ERM Interns

.Our goal at ERM is to provide opportunities for interns to gain a beneficial involvement and exposure to the world of publishing. We will provide you with the opportunity to learn and establish skills in a variety of areas including editorial, marketing, advertising sales, art, Web, and more. The intern will learn extensive knowledge of Google Analytics. This is an opportunity to understand how to compile, analyze, and present client-ready social media analytic reports. Interns will grasp the concept of brainstorming, creating ideas for social media giveaways, campaigns, and contests. The intern will master the process of execution as they monitor ongoing campaigns. ERM will strive for the intern to have a well-rounded understanding of social media marketing and digital magazines as a whole

Responsibilities of Interns

Responsibilities include assisting editors with research, reporting, transcribing interviews, compiling stories, calling in products, brainstorming ideas, and providing administrative support to staffers (assignments may vary).


Areas of Interests (Each offers additional opportunities)

• Advertising / Sales

• Art / Production

• Editorial / Journalism

• Marketing / Brand


If you are interested, please submit a copy of your resume. Also, include a cover letter and forward both documents to or Be sure to include current contact information with the best telephone number and email address. If your candidacy is selected, an ERM representative will contact you within 14 business days of receipt of your resume.




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