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Book Reader’s Spotlight: Angie Christine

Angie Christine was born in Brooklyn New York to the Late Johnny Hitt Jr. and the late Betty Hitt. As a youngster Angie would gather her friends at her house and tell them stories she would make up on her own. She appeared in a commercial for a local record store in Manhattan called Disco Mat back in the late 70’s. As she got older and went to high school she was performing, and writing for her dramatic arts class at Sheepshead Bay highschool in Brooklyn Ny. After college she joined the NYPD police force in Brooklyn and decided to leave New York after 9-11 . Divorced and raising a daughter, Angie moved to Newport News Virginia to start a new life. Angie Chirstine decided to write her first book after the closing of her employment at Circuit City. In 2009, “The Fireman” was released and everyone loved the story. She decided to release another book titled Opposites Attract. In April 2010, she and a friend headed south to Atlanta Georgia to the Monique Show where she presented the actress and talk show host with copies of her books. Monique gave Angie the biggest hug and shedded a tear because of the fact that Angie added her to her dedication page in her second book. Her 3rd book titled “Tantalizing Pleasures” is also a big hit.
“Tantalizing Pleasures” is an erotic story of 2 people who fell in love for the right reasons. Are you ready to be tantalized?  Rebecca was raised in the midwest and decided to move to the Big Apple…..New York City after she graduated from college. Rebecca is a stock broker working at the famous Wall Street stock exchange building. One morning a tall Marine who had come back from Iraq came there to ring the morning bell. He was a hero that saved some of his squad from death. That morning was the best thing that happened to Rebecca and from that day on the rest was nothing but the greatest love affair anyone would die for.  

Angie Christine is currently working on her 4th book titled “The Fireman’s Revenge”, which is the sequel to the first book “The Fireman”

SM: Hello, how are you? Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share with our audience.

AC: Thank you so much for having me as a guest.

SM: How would you describe your experience as a writer? You left your career as a Nypd officer to pursue a writing career, how do they compare?

AC: I love every aspect of being an author. Sometimes it can be challenging to convince people to purchase your book when you’re not out there in the social media like Terry McMillan or Steve Harvey or even Steven King. No one would have any 2nd thoughts to purchasing their books because of who they are…….people are starting to get to know Angie Christine little by little now. Once someone let’s me know how great my book was i would tell them to go spread the word. Word of mouth travels faster than mail.

SM: Which book to date would you say is your favorite, and why?

AC: Well first and foremost the Bible is my first love. In fact i still carry the Bible my parents recieved from the church that married them 54 years ago, but my favorite book of what I wrote is Tantalizing Pleasures. This book is my 3rd. The reason why I picked this book is because I see alot of myself in the character name Rebecca in the book.

SM: Have you shared any of your revelations in any of your book? Have any of them been based on a true story?

AC: Well in Tantalizing Pleasures the main character Rebecca fell madly in love with a Sgt. who was a Marine. I once dated a military guy but he was in the Army. I changed the branch because I love Marines….lol.   The story had bits and pieces of the military guy that I dated but I won’t reveal which ones. Tantalizing Pleasures wasn’t based on a true story though.

SM: What was your experience like on the Monique Show?  Is she as down to earth in person as she is on the big screen?

AC: Seeing Monique was a dream come true. I am such a big fan of hers and I think they need to put her show back on television. Alot of people can relate to her. She didn’t grow up rich and she battled a weight problem. The media always thinks skinny is better, but she flipped the script to show the world that she is just as talented as someone who is skinny.

SM: Tell me about your 4th book The Firemans Revenge.

AC: It’s about a guy who is a seeking revenge of his brother’s death. This book is part 2 to the first book I wrote back in 2009 titled; “The Fireman”. Everyone told me that I needed to follow up and do a sequel, so began writing and it was released in June 2015.

SM: Any last remarks?

AC: Yes! To everyone that’s reading this interview right now please follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone discourage you from anything you feel is right. Achieve all you can and don’t settle for less. The most important thing is……ALWAYS KEEP GOD FIRST IN YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL GO ALL THE WAY.

SM: Contact info?

AC: Facebook:  Author Angie Christine

Gmail at nypdblue88@gmail.com

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Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, Hair Artist and Makeup Artist with Glam Elite Enterprise, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here PhotoGrid_1441594406723


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“A Brother’s Secret” by Author K.L. Davis

After reading the latest book “A Brother’s Secret” by Author K. L. Davis. This book is something that encompasses the reader and paints a vivid picture of some of the issues that go unspoken in some homes. Some people may or may not even understand the dysfunctions that occur. “A Brother’s Secret” sheds some light and offers a feeling of hope for anyone going through similar disparities. I had the pleasure of connecting with her and doing an interview. I am pleased to share the Author K. L. Davis with you.

SM: How are you? Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. How long have you been writing?

KLD: I’m fine, thank you. I’m blessed and highly favored. I started writing in 1996, but I spent a lot of time researching the process.

SM: You have had some issues with addiction and incarceration and how long did it take to recover? Was it before, during, or after serving in the military? And how did being in the military impact your life?

KLD: I used drugs in the seventies, I had never been incarcerated. My trouble with incarceration didn’t come until after I got out of the military. I served twelve months in Arlington county. The military was the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned discipline, something that I was truly lacking.

SM: Your book “Lost Innocence”, how long did it take you to write it? It hit close to home, how have you used this book or any of your writings to teach the masses?

KLD: I started writing “Lost Innocence” because of a situation I had gone through with a friend. It took me over two years to write this book. There were so many emotions and then the name change. I have spoken at different schools and events to educate the young adults on drug use.

SM: What age groups do you particularly lecture to? In what arenas do you lecture or do motivational speaking?

KLD: Thirteen through eighteen. School settings mostly because I find a lot kids there that really don’t understand. For whatever reason. Sometimes it’s peer pressure or just a class clown. These are the people we need to reach.

SM: What are the issues that you encounter most within your focused groups?

KLD: In each group I try to make sure they understand that I’m not proud of what I did. I don’t want them to be fooled by what I’m saying. A lot of kids think because I write, that I am rich. No. I work a 9-5 so I can have nice things. I let hem know right up front that anything can be obtained through hard work.

SM: I must say, that I had a pleasure of reading your new book “A Brother’s Secret.” What prompted you to write this book?

KLD: I met this family and when I heard their story, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. At night I found myself thinking about their situation. I had too many what if’s. I felt the need to speak out. I was molested at a very young age so I was aware of molestation but not this form. Although this book was based on someone else’s story, I changed some of the things that really took place.

SM: Do you have any other projects coming up?

KLD: I have several things coming up. “Mama Pearl” is coming out soon and also “Separated by Birth.”

SM: How can people contact you?

KLD: Author kldavis on Facebook or you can email me at kldavis821@gmail.com

“A native of Alexandria, VA, author K.L. Davis is an Army Veteran and mother of two. Make no mistake though, life for this dynamic author has been everything but easy. Having experienced her own addiction, incarceration, and recovery, Ms. Davis has lived a life filled with the grit that many urban authors write about in their books. Perhaps this inside out perspective is what fuels her impassioned character development and dramatic plots. It was most certainly the blueprint for her first novel “Lost Innocence” which she wrote in loving memory of her former pupil that died of a drug overdose during treatment. Ms. Davis felt lost herself and turned to writing as an outlet. Selling her novels independently she managed to make a name for herself. Shortly after she established her own publishing company, Parks & Davis Publications. She has subsequently published 4 additional novels including the sequel to her first venture entitled “A Girl Called Nikki”

Now, author K.L. Davis is inspiring young girls not to make the mistakes that she made. She makes it her mission to help them discover their purpose and positive energy and to serve on a higher platform of respect and integrity.”

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Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, Hair Artist and Makeup Artist with Glam Elite Enterprise, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here 


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