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Barber Shop “Chop up”


11222698_492171877625604_4489880442864566862_nNothing stands out in any community than the famous Red and White Striped pole. Recurrently associated with a blue stripe at times. This could be found twisting next to a small storefront or other places of operation; signifying a place where one could appropriate a haircut, a shave, possibly a manicure and a bit of masculine bonhomie. A wonderful contribution to any neighborhood and even around the world. Barbers are true comrades. One will marvel at their good-naturedness which sends friendliness amongst the world.

I was curious to know if other barbers in different parts of the country were indistinguishable. Excited about the thought; I disembarked the city of Chicago for a class with Dudley’s school of Cosmetology.FB_IMG_1438308786051FB_IMG_1438308798528 This trip was an Honor for me because Dudley’s Products are like the Mercedes Benz of hair products for African American Hair. This class possessed some of Americas Top Barbers from “Hotlanta” to my Hometown in Highland Park, MI. 11209560_492171967625595_302049933858343301_n 11755147_492171934292265_4101304602645663095_n

Meeting many a barber’s in my day and watching them come and go; there is something about a barber that entices me (no pun intended). These men are all driven by something. Me being me, of course I am going to satisfy my curiosity. In the “CHI” I had the Liberty of conversing with some well re-knowned Young Men that “cut up”. You can watch the video here, just click on the link. Enticing Resultz Magazine Live in Chicago

Sitting face to face with them and straight grilling them, I had questions and they had answers. So those of you that visit the barber shop or are even in thought of becoming a Barber, take notes. Because this stuff you simply won’t find in a text book.

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Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine

Alicia thaHighlander

Born Alicia Dinera` Williams, a name that her only Biological Paternal Aunt had given her, Alicia was born and raised in the city of Highland Park, Michigan in 1978 by both her parental units. In Highland Park, Michigan is where she began a career in mental health in which she became certified by the State of Michigan Department of community health as a Social Worker Technician. Through much hardship, but still determined, Alicia had always had a loyal heart for trichology (the science of Hair). Through multiple career changes, she not only went to Cosmetology School, she had also become a school bus driver and tax preparer for Liberty Tax out of River Rouge, Michigan; and later a Paralegal. She realized that even with her Children’s ages ranging from 19, 10, and 6 it was not too late for her to spread her wings and soar. As a columnist for Enticing Resultz Magazine, Alicia has had the opportunity to collaborate with many faces much like her journey in life.

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Salon/Barbershop Etiquette

Shanell Monique Logo“Hey girl, guess what?”…….”Noooo he didn’t…..!” …….”Word Son…?!”……”Well Kisha said that Lisa told her……”…….”Oh-em-gee…she is craaazzzyy!!”

Does this sound familiar? Have you heard this kind of talk in a salon, or barbershop? The problem is that this happens across the board. It happens in in urban as well as rural community salon/barbershops. The issue is not necessarily gossip itself, but the content. How is it that people come into your salon or barbershop to escape the issues and problems of  life at home, work or etc, to bond with the trusted “community” that they so long to dish.  Let’s face it, the salon as well as the barbershops have become our own personal psychiatric center. Hairstylists and barbers have become the center for most people to vent and express themselves when they can’t talk to anyone else. Most often hairstylists/barbers become the sisters,brothers, mothers, daddy’s, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends, ministers, psychics, etc…lol. They intend for us to treat their information confidential like we would in “Vegas”. In other words, what goes on in the vincinity must stay in the vincinity. Of course, nothing major goes on though, right? We must remember, that although the salons and barbershops are our “Oasis” it should not be a place of  “total” comfort. Afterall it is a business. And that goes both ways. It’s one thing to become a confidante; but it’s another, to become totally dependent. That brings me back to the issue of gossip. Never get too comfortable where you are relying on your hairstylist to help you with important issues in your household, and other important matters. Venting is okay, but be careful of getting into intimate details of your life. Draw the line somewhere! This opens up floodgates. Let’s be honest, everyone in the salon is not married or involved with someone, or trustworthy for that matter. Chances are, someone knows someone else that may know someone else that could possibly know your spouse or significant other. This can help too if they are doing something that they shouldn’t be doing. But it hinders more often than anything, and can cause more issues. We talked about gossip, now onto time management.


“Hey..how are you doing?…I’m running a few minutes late.”……”I know my appointment was at 9am but can I come at 12?”……”Hello, Fred..when you get this message, let me know if you want to reschedule…”

Those are just a few examples, but the list can go on for days! It works both ways too. I’m guilty of being late for my clients on occasion, but if I am, I do compensate them for their time by giving them a discount of some sort. If clients are late, the burden of trying to maneuver clients and get others out on time, or trying not to overlap time into the next persons appoint can be a headache. But what if the client is more than 15 minutes late? Most hairstylists and barbers charge a late fee, and may ask to reschedule after adding a re-booking fee on top of that. What if the client is not late but cancels their appointment in less than 24 hrs, or worse, doesn’t show up at all. For these reasons, hairstylist and barbers may charge a non-refundable deposit when booking, especially if booking online. Or  they may consistently overbook. This is especially the reason if hairstylists don’t have another job to compensate for time and money lost. Hence the term “Time is money”. Yes it sounds selfish, but we have to eat. And salon/barbershop owners like myself, have overhead, we have to pay employees, water bill, gas & electric bill, other utility bills and maintenance as well as bills outside of the business. When you break it down that way, it doesn’t seem so bad to fill about 5 more people in your slot when you are chronically late or a “no show”, or worse never schedule you again after the 3rd no call/no show; does it? The truth of the matter is that we do understand, because we are human ourselves. Sometimes people can be inconsiderate. Being late because you were shopping is not an excuse, unless you were stuck in traffic for 3 hrs. That still wouldn’t be an excuse unless you live in a metro area like Atlanta, D.C., NYC, or in California, etc. My point is that communication is essential to build a client/hairstylist or barber relationship! Let us know what is going on and we can work with you.


In this business, it is essential for us as business owners to remain professional at most if not all times. This includes establishing a trusting relationship with clients as well as other employees. Make speech clear, and make sure to uphold policies. Have the policies and rules clearly stated so that there are no misconceptions. Make sure that you are fair and treat everyone with kindness. Have your theme music ready and go in every day ready to conquer, and slay them demons of  bad hair! Determine that “today is a great day, to have a great day!”

Shanell Monique

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CREST (color) jason

Brain of a Barber/ Increase your income

Learning how to cut the high fade – bald fade- skin fade can increase your income. This is currently one of the most popular and common haircuts in barbering. This is a great haircut for any age and all walks of life. Step By Step Guide For The High Fade – Bald Fade – Skin Fade
1.Cut the top down with the 2 (¼”) blade on the detachable blade clipper. Start in the front and cut against the grain (into the curl/wave) toward the crown.
2.Cut the round of the head section. Use the 1 ½ (1/8”) blade on the detachable blade clipper and cut around the round of the head and crown areas against the grain.
3.Blend the sides and back section into the round of the head. Use the 1 ½ (1/8”) blade on the detachable blade clipper and cut up towards the round of the head.
4.Continue the fade with the 1/16” attachment on the adjustable clipper in the open position followed by the halfway open position and then the closed position.
5.Repeat step 4 with the adjustable clipper in the open position without an attachment. Follow this with the halfway open position and then the closed position.
6.Repeat step 5 with your trimmer. Make sure not to go to high and cut into the fade. Use an upward clipper motion in the semi-finish area only.
7.Outline the haircut. Face the client toward you and make the center cut on the forehead. Do not go too far off the hairline. Gently press the clipper into the hairline creating the center guide. Make a straight line to each temple area off of the center guide.
8.Line off the temple area. Make sure to leave a distinct corner connecting the front to the temple area. Create an arc from the corner of the temple area down to the side burn area.
9.Optional: Shave the outline with the straight razor. Stand behind the client and wipe off the shaving cream from the front hairline. Lightly shave into the hairline to create a sharp line.
10.Shave toward the temple area lightly touching the line. Follow the arc from the temple to the side burn area