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Barber Shop “Chop up”


11222698_492171877625604_4489880442864566862_nNothing stands out in any community than the famous Red and White Striped pole. Recurrently associated with a blue stripe at times. This could be found twisting next to a small storefront or other places of operation; signifying a place where one could appropriate a haircut, a shave, possibly a manicure and a bit of masculine bonhomie. A wonderful contribution to any neighborhood and even around the world. Barbers are true comrades. One will marvel at their good-naturedness which sends friendliness amongst the world.

I was curious to know if other barbers in different parts of the country were indistinguishable. Excited about the thought; I disembarked the city of Chicago for a class with Dudley’s school of Cosmetology.FB_IMG_1438308786051FB_IMG_1438308798528 This trip was an Honor for me because Dudley’s Products are like the Mercedes Benz of hair products for African American Hair. This class possessed some of Americas Top Barbers from “Hotlanta” to my Hometown in Highland Park, MI. 11209560_492171967625595_302049933858343301_n 11755147_492171934292265_4101304602645663095_n

Meeting many a barber’s in my day and watching them come and go; there is something about a barber that entices me (no pun intended). These men are all driven by something. Me being me, of course I am going to satisfy my curiosity. In the “CHI” I had the Liberty of conversing with some well re-knowned Young Men that “cut up”. You can watch the video here, just click on the link. Enticing Resultz Magazine Live in Chicago

Sitting face to face with them and straight grilling them, I had questions and they had answers. So those of you that visit the barber shop or are even in thought of becoming a Barber, take notes. Because this stuff you simply won’t find in a text book.

FB_IMG_1438308169324 FB_IMG_1438308162588 FB_IMG_1438308156032 FB_IMG_1438308149395

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine

Alicia thaHighlander

Born Alicia Dinera` Williams, a name that her only Biological Paternal Aunt had given her, Alicia was born and raised in the city of Highland Park, Michigan in 1978 by both her parental units. In Highland Park, Michigan is where she began a career in mental health in which she became certified by the State of Michigan Department of community health as a Social Worker Technician. Through much hardship, but still determined, Alicia had always had a loyal heart for trichology (the science of Hair). Through multiple career changes, she not only went to Cosmetology School, she had also become a school bus driver and tax preparer for Liberty Tax out of River Rouge, Michigan; and later a Paralegal. She realized that even with her Children’s ages ranging from 19, 10, and 6 it was not too late for her to spread her wings and soar. As a columnist for Enticing Resultz Magazine, Alicia has had the opportunity to collaborate with many faces much like her journey in life.

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As I sat watching children play at the park, I could see all of the different ranges of colors, ethnicities and ages. What I couldn’t see was the participation of the parents. I know we have talked about how with the increased interaction of social media, the less interaction of personal space that we encounter. Yeah, yeah, yeah…..it’s convenient, everybody does it, and…… it’s everywhere you go. Wi-Fi and free mobile hot spots are all over the place. Pretty soon technology will be so advanced that it will be doing more for us than just entertainment. For instance, I have witnessed via a very popular social media site (we all know what it is), people posting videos of robots. The rising interest in Avatar’s. I mean these are humanoid robots. What I mean by humanoid is how very much they appear as humans. Their hair, facial features, even body shape and voice are very comparable to humans. Pretty soon they will be babysitting, cooking, cleaning, doing our hair… Wait..doing our hair?!?! Just like in the movies (oh is it already happening? I’m so late… lol)
Now this is what brings me to the topic, “blurred.”

Full Definition of BLUR

transitive verb
:  to obscure or blemish by smearing
:  sully
:  to make dim, indistinct, or vague in outline or character
:  to make cloudy or confused
intransitive verb
:  to make blurs
:  to become vague or indistinct…

I gave the definition above, so to make it even more interesting, think of how the word is used. Most times when you hear the word blur, you think of a smear, you may think in terms of physicality. But what if, just what if we thought more in terms of responsibility? We are responsible for ourselves, or we should be. We are responsible for our appearance, or we should be. Many times those lines are crossed when we give that responsibility to someone else. Take hairstylists for instance. Clients come into the salon and place their care in the hands of the coiffeur (hairdresser/hairstylist in French). Now here is where the lines get blurred. We are such a busy society that we have to have everything done quickly and instantly. I mean, quickweaves are on the rise, as well as the increased sales of human hair and synthetic wigs. We are also seeing an increase in people wearing their natural hair (some people are not combing though). But these processes are taking out our hair just as quickly. The growing trends have pulled out edges, causing most commonly, traction alopecia, and other scalp disorders. So why is this a blurred line? Because while many people do it out of leisure or convenience, eventually it becomes necessity. When we don’t educate ourselves, better yet, consult a qualified licensed professional, then we have issues sometimes beyond repair. What do we need to do then? Seek professional help before it is necessary, attend regularly scheduled hair appointments. Don’t do anything that will cause you to shame if you can’t wear any hair adornments such as wigs and weaves. I know the last one sounds harsh, but it is true. Some people develop allergic reactions later in life. It can be triggered by many things, from hypersensitivities of the immune system, food, medications, etc. Some people can be allergic to the chemicals in which certain extensions are processed, even applied. So that brings me to my next topic. Quality vs. quantity.

Quality human hair extensions are best. Yes some people would rather buy cheaply because they are just cheap, or don’t want to intrude on the rest of their budget purchases. The downside to that is, you are compromised by the quality as well as integrity of the hair. What I’m finding is that in some packaged brands, there are pseudo types or hybrids of synthetic and yaki with human hair mixtures, but they are passed off as 100% human hair with very minimal human hair strands. The other difference is the cost. You can purchase cheap hair every two weeks or you can purchase high quality extensions and use them over and over again after washing. Most Virgin hair or Raw hair that is unprocessed, without chemicals can last up to a year or longer. For quality hair extensions click Here. You will love the difference!
Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here.
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Say What You Want to…..I’m Beautiful


Say what you want to, but I’m a girl with class, a little pizzazz. I’m a bounty of beauty, never once settling for less. I’m a woman with edge…….

Beauty was once something that I thought could only be attained with some rouge, eye shadow, and lipstick. What I can tell you is that beauty is more than skin deep. More than hair. Life can be difficult, but only when the cards that you are dealt are not played with stealth and delight. Enjoy the process, ride the wave.

I love the boldness of the young women, the fire and passion. Daring to be different, the colors, the styles. If there is one thing that I would like to see, balance. Balance is something that requires a connection. Alignment, an evenness, proportion. Not the balancing of beauty and brains. Balance of responsibility and power. Power of worth. The power of a beautiful intelligent woman. The strength of a woman that knows her worth without overbearing cynicism of independence. The beauty in knowing that interdependence is something that is needed, yearned for, a must. It’s the silent cry that men want, our children need, and the world is missing. It’s ok to be “every woman”, just don’t forget your purpose. The mental anguish and inner demons, the threshold that harbors the thoughts of the past, may be responsible for most lacking the intimacy and compassion for oneself, let alone anyone else. Say what you want to, but, it is the underlying current of hatred that is leading our nations. The desire to be perfect has become synonymous with power. The desire to be the best has been confused with being the best “you” that you can be. It’s the driving force that causes many to work endlessly to provide a materialistic future for generations, but forfeit the ability to nurture your own children. “That has what to do with beauty?”, you might ask. It has everything to do with it. In my opinion Too much of anything, excess, abundance is not always good. Too much of a good thing can cause a disconcerting effect, such as an overabundance of bad can cause disaster. Hence the term “too good to be true,”

Beauty by definition:

1: the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit :  loveliness……..



Beauty by definition:

Beauty is a thing seldom seen. It is held by all within the soul it lies, waiting to come out to the surface, but it can only be found if someone is sharing your soul with you. Beauty is suppressed by the evils of the world. Only love can bring beauty out. Once seen, beauty never hides again. Not even hatred can deny beauty of it’s true design. Beauty, although possessed by all by few and fewer yet will ever see one of the most beautiful sights – the beauty held by you.

-Urban Dictionary

Say what you want to….I’m beautiful…..


Shanell Monique

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Editor Enticing Resultz Magazine






When it comes to relationships, everyone has a preference, a checklist, or a set of standards that they feel that their significant other should possess. However, I wonder if men sometimes set womens’ standards too high, are they settling, does the person who set these standards possess the same values that they want in a mate, or are they shallow in their expectations of a mate, that the one you are looking for may have been right up under your nose all along but value what she look like more than her personality? I have asked 30 men ranging from blue collar workers, white collar professionals, professional athletes, clinical professionals, entrepreneurs, authors, entertainers and religious leaders, etc. 12 basic questions on their views of women and relationships. Some of the answers I received were very interesting and stood out more than others which I felt were pertinent. However, all responses were recorded and viewed just as valuable as the others. Although I have mentioned some of the background of the careers these men are in, I vowed not to reveal the names due to confidentiality. I often run a circle of various people and sometimes I have the opportunity to join in a platform of dialogue about relationships with especially with men, along with read material, and multiple media feedback on relationships as well. So I did this survey for a few reasons, 1) I often hear women being bashed and/or blamed for relationship failures 2) I want to take a peek inside of men and see what they really feel and think of women, to give women more clarity and understanding and 3) to give women the opportunity to respond to how they may feel concerning the responses these men have given. I also talk to my ladies and we often complain about not finding the right man or there are not enough good men and most of the good men are already taken, maybe this can shed some light on that stigma.


These are the questions I asked:


1. Name 3 things that you feel are great characteristics in a good woman?


Honesty, intelligent, good cook, keep home clean, good personality, good communicator, open minded, confident, good energy, have direction in life, wholesome, organized, not promiscuous, patient, unselfish, compassionate, gentle, happy/pleasant, loving, warm, trusting spirit, genuine, loyal, compromising, cooperative, inspirational, nurturing, God-fearing, independent, great character


2. Name 3 things you dislike most about a woman?


Loud, smoker, follower, nasty attitude, talk too much, lack of effort in appearance, weight gain, still talking after I’m angry, use profanity, negative/pessimistic attitude and actions, not spontaneous, lazy sex, liar, violent, compare self to men, act like she don’t need a man, no ambition (lack of goals), don’t value relationships, living in the past, dishonest, vulgar, disloyal, controlling, uncompromising, socially and economically independent, carelessness, unsupportive, too opinionated, no sense of humor, very dependent


3. What qualifies a woman as a lifetime partner “wife”?

Not being able to live without her, have a plan for kids and the future and ready for that, good character and easy to get along with, take care of business, thoughtful and unselfish, if she can cook, clean, and smart, loyalty, good communicator, have my back, good mother, outgoing, respectable, friendship, dependable, have class, good chemistry, similar ideals concerning family and socialization, strong family unit, and blended family unit, same beliefs and value system, equally yoked biblically, compassionate, supportive through trials and tribulations, submissive, not argumentative, talk things out, peacemaker, compromise, good sex, basic domestic abilities, genuine personality, cooperative, respectful, give all mentally and physically, someone that will go through trials and tribulations with, nonjudgmental, God fearing, honest, confident, passionate, funny, commitment, strong, outgoing, funny, intelligent and independent.


4. What do you find that most women lack personally and/or professionally?


            Compassion and understanding, lack of values, professionalism doesn’t matter, listening skills, self-confidence both personally and professionally, patience, self-composed hold to the “Angry Black Woman”, and proper etiquette professionally, patience, lack the knowledge of what “Real Help” means outside a monetary value, become too independent due to life situations, give up dreams and goals for a man, lack independence, it depends/varies from woman to woman, lack professionalism, humility.


5. What do you feel most women lack in a relationship?


            Letting go of past hurt/baggage, understanding, thoughtfulness, consistency, trust, compromise, patience, listening skills, emotional displacement, ownership, not knowing self-worth, loyalty, unsure, financially Supportive of a Man.


6. What are some turnoffs of a woman?


            Don’t take care of self, smoking, obese, not educated, lazy and abuse body, extreme ignorance, disagreeable, physical qualities, lazy in bed, loud mouth, nag, know it all, unmotivated, bad hygiene, lack of self-respect, selfish, unclean, acting like a man, nasty mouth, dressing provocatively, manipulator, no ambition, competitive and envy others, don’t value relationships, negative attitude, controlling, dishonest, no domestic abilities, close minded, loud, bad sex, poor listening skills, sexual easiness (promiscuous), not physically fit, unwilling to learn and be educated in different views, doesn’t like heritage, doesn’t like self, materialistic, argumentative, lack of communication, expect handouts, drama, give up and accept circumstances, lack of intelligence, and varies from woman to woman


7. Do you believe in specified gender roles? If so, what role do you believe a woman should play?


            Most stated NO, some stated Yes, and a few stated it depends.


8. Does physical characteristics matter vs her personality?

            In this portion, majority says that physical characteristics are very important with personality not falling too far behind. Very few stated that personality was more important than the physical, but all would like for a woman to equally to have both attributes. One person in particular stated he would take a little less personality and attitude if she look good.


9. Is there a time frame that you date a woman before you decide that you want to be in a committed relationship with her? If so what is the estimated time frame?


            For this question all of the men stated that there was no specified time frame. However some went on to say that getting know the person and having mutuality in the direction of the relationship is very important. One also stated that discernment is important.


10. What ethical values must a woman possess?


            To ride for one own kind first, family oriented, goals, good morals and integrity, Christian morals and values, non-judgmental, respect, honesty, responsibility, self-discipline, compassion, considerate, optimistic, reliable, spirituality, health and fitness, value family, unselfish, respectful, nurturing, education, and being a lady at all times, believe in a supreme being, not flirtatious, cleanliness, Integrity, wisdom, knowing and value the 10 commandments, basics, depends on the culture.


11. The qualities that you feel a woman should have do you have them as well.


            Majority of the men responded YES to this question. A few stated SOMETIMES. There was one response that made me interpret his answer to be that being raised by a single woman and what women do, that men should possess those qualities, but unsure if men meet the standards and qualities that women have in that aspect. (As a mother)


12. Do you feel that women are the root cause of relationship failures? Do you think men contribute in any way? If so how?


            Complete answer of NO across the board and says it’s both women and men



These were the responses from 30 men I asked these same questions. A lot of it was repetitive, but I compiled each response. In Actuality, these men had a lot to say explaining the nature of their answers, but due to timing constraints, man power, and the extensive feedback I received, I had to drastically get straight to the answers for the article. I think that some are looking for the perfect person, but we all come with flaws. That perfect person doesn’t exist, just the perfect one for you.


Please women and men please give me your feedback on the questions and answers to this survey.




**Upcoming articles: Sexual Assault Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Dating someone with children with multiple partners**………….Stay tuned, it’s going to get real interesting. ………


Marquetta Turner

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine


photo 2 (2)


Straight, curly, long, short, dyed, bald, whatever your preferred style is, it requires some sort of maintenance. The thing is, depending on your hair type and style the maintenance varies. Aside from hair type and style, there are a lot of other factors that play a role in hair maintenance even the weather. 

With the Fall season change upon us, now’s the perfect time to look into contacting your stylist and have a consultation to figure out what works for your hair or even book an appointment. Once you consult with your stylist, they can help you with day to day maintenance tips as well as put you on a hair regime in the shop to give your hair it’s much needed T.L.C. and salon treatments. It’s best to schedule your visits normally every 2/3 weeks dependent upon your hairstyle. Regular visits to your hairdresser is what helps to maintain the health of your hair and keep your hair and length on your head. As well as preserve certain hairstyles such as sew-ins and some braid/twist styles. 
It’s very important to see professionals when it comes to your hair because it’s easier than some would think to cause major damage to hair in a short amount of time! Ever wonder why you see “FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY” on hair products!? Many of us skim right over those warnings and get to work ourselves, or have one of our friends experiment; I’ve been a culprit as well in the past. While sometimes our kitchen beautician jobs may work out by default, the product label warnings are there for a reason. Things such as stripping, over processing, and baldness can occur as some of the harsher consequences of not following product warnings. On the other hand you could just misuse products and end up throwing them away or continually buy and buy products wasting tons of money. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to be throwing money down the drain!! Lol 
Regular visits to your stylist are extremely important. Some may say it seems like it can get a bit expensive at times, but professionals are in their places for a reason and there are easy ways to budget your hair into your expenses where it won’t feel like one chunk at once. For instance, maybe buy the weave one week and save up for the hairstyle the next week. Or set a portion of money aside every time you get paid. Let’s not forget, you get what you pay for!!! Most products that you like used on your hair in salon are professional salon products, speak to your stylist about getting your retail product from them instead of online or at the beauty supply store, this way it benefits both you and them and it saves you money. It also keeps your hair on the same Hair care system at home and in salon. 

Without proper maintenance, hair can become severely damaged. This goes for natural hair and weave wearers. Sew ins are very popular, they also require maintenance. Proper care for your hair and scalp underneath the tracks is necessary. There also has to be proper care taken when you wash/dry your hair. You shouldn’t sleep on a wet sew in, hair left undried and not properly cleaned can start to mold under the tracks and the entire hairstyle can rot off from the scalp. For natural hair it requires lots of moisture and can get Dry, brittle and start to shed a lot, especially going into the colder months. With all of those factors in play split ends are soon to follow and what does that mean but… a trip to your stylist for a trim or chop depending on the condition the hair is in. But that’s not a problem, it’s a beautiful thing sitting in that salon chair getting pampered by someone who loves what they do, and I’m sure there won’t be complaints after you see how good you look after your service! Give yourself and stylist some love, this is a business where both parties service each other. 

Monet Collins

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine


What adjectives come to mind when you hear the phrase “High Fashion Hair?”

Innovative, Creative, Big, Artistic, Over the Top, Avant-Garde…?

I’d say all of them and more, but to get your mind to focus on it, let’s pick Avant-Garde.

(Source: Google ©)

Within the culture of “High Fashion Hair”, everything is about innovation and about standing out, being “Unique”! It’s edgy, it’s powerful, and it’s definitely about making a statement. Trends are ever evolving. Within “High Fashion”, it’s all about the creativity of you being that one to create that next-big-thing. Within today’s world, Avant-garde hairstyling and techniques have a wide range. From huge hair shows and competitions in different countries, to practical day to day applications of the ideas. No matter how you like it, it can be seen everywhere.
When it comes to the the more dramatic end of high fashion hair you can now see things like people wearing gray/silver hair; hairstyles so big and intricate, multiple hairs are braided together, rainbow colored tresses, hairstyles standing taller than 3 feet, etcetera.
With trends so creative, what would seem harder to wear? How can we practically apply these techniques day to day to give our look a little extra edge? Try incorporating more braids, by adding a braided headband or wraparound with your ponytails. Defy gravity and add more height and volume to your hairstyles with pompadours and big bouncy curls. Big high buns and ponytails are also making a comeback. Maybe give the weave ponytail another go this fall. Bored? Braid it or add some fun fringe (bangs). Spice it up with some color or try one of the high fashion trends with the gray or multicolored mermaid hair.
The winter is coming and it’s easy to get caught in a slump with the cold weather. Don’t let it defeat you, keep your style and pizazz! IMG_0466
**Photo Credits**
Photography: Euro Cobain
Hair: Phil Davila
Model: Monét Collins (purple), Chetney Stone (pink)
Monet Collins
Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine

Fallen Deeply

Never began to imagine that I would ever…not me. Mission, independence…could never be in the situation of incorporating someone indefinitely, into my life so instantly. Kind of scared of  how it made me feel. Never turning away, never thinking to replace you. No one could hold a permanent level like you, never thought this would ever be. Something so uncontrollable; every moment sensual, connection on a celestial level. Heightened in a way that I never thought was possible, no matter what they say. I’m keeping this with no need for approval from “Curiosity.”  The only approval needed is spiritual. Curiosity has definitely touched on many plateaus, wondering when and how long will it take before they crack…before they fall…before they share it all. Funny isn’t it? If they only had a clue. Unknowingly to curiosity, reality took over and those two had already merged and did the unthinkable.


Lena Holliday

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Women, We Rock!

Women, we wax, shave, pluck, tweeze, lather, rinse, dye, tweak, shimmer, dust, curl, flatiron, press, stretch, a multitude of things are done every day by women; in order for women to look the way A.) we want to; and B.) are expected to look.

And although as a woman, I may complain about these struggles daily. I have to be completely honest once day I am happy though. I love being a girl! We’re smooth and soft because we use lotion and use sugar scrubs and we love it. We shop and we’ll say “I don’t need any more clothes,” but there’s nothing like popping the tag and putting on that new outfit for that night. Makeup is just grown up playtime. With makeup we’re able to literally put on a mood or feeling for that night. The Smokey eye is seductive and alluring, used to either ensnare that lucky individual or keep that significant other enslaved. Sometime there’s a blemish or an unwanted pimple better left unseen out in the daylight and makeup can help with that insecurity. Overall, makeup is fun.

Jewelry, Marilyn Monroe said it best, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” And I say so is Silver and gold hoops, Swarovski crystals, anything by “Betsey Johnson”, “Michael Kors” watches, knuckle rings, and other accessories you just couldn’t leave the store without. Women like accessories. We love our necklace that goes perfectly with that shirt, or that purse that pulls the whole ensemble together. Purses are like walking diaries we throw our life into for the day. One can never be too sure, “Aunt Flo” comes around to rear her head, but we will be prepared with sanitary napkins and whatnots. We can’t forget our favorite perfume. Purses are a godsend.

And lastly we have women’s shoes. Oh how can I explain how important shoes are to women?

They’re men’s beer on game day. Shoes are the bone the dog insists on chewing. The bear that child sleeps with every night. They’re the winning point made at a soccer game or the relief from finishing an exam. Shoes are vital to every woman. Be she prissy or sporty, it doesn’t matter. If the preference is platform heel or sneaker. Shoes are literally the one thing women can excuse themselves for having so many. Women love being women, we love taking the time to look good and feel good. So we should stop complaining about our “struggles” because we’re never going to stop doing them. Sure, it’s not all fun and games (Brazilian wax anybody?), but it’s all part of our magic, which makes us so awesome. Rock on!


Samantha Pope

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Fashion Fads Are Timeless

There are movies that don’t need a remake. There are days that happen that never need to be relived. There are hairstyles which many should have never attempted. But, with fashion styles and fads, those are timeless. It seems hopeless to ever say “now there’s one style that will never be seen again” because that’s not true.

There was a time when a velour jumpsuit, or an “Adidas” sweatsuit was all the hype. When high waisted pants was essential to a woman’s outfit and harem pants were for the eccentric and young. “Chucks All Stars” were the sneakers to have, and blazers cleaned up every look. These fads were said to have been a thing of the past at one point. However, there is nowhere anyone could go today and not see these very same items on someone.

Why? Have these styles made a comeback?

Wrong! It’s more like, these styles are timeless. They’re styles that will always work, always add a little something more to a persons look. People like classics. If something is fitting, then it’s fitting. They”ll never be a time during Halloween people don’t want to see Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”video. There will never be a time when people don’t want to perform group dances like the “CHa-CHa Slide”, “Electric Slide”, or the “Macarena” at weddings and parties. There is a whole list of things that are all timeless, and that same mindset can be applied to these fashion do’s. When something is liked and deemed necessary. Don’t cheapen it by calling it a comeback, tell the truth by acknowledging it for what it is, timeless.


Samantha Pope

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding

Knowledge is reason of the realization of life’s existence. The taking and giving of truth and absorbing it’s excellence, by fear of God and hearing instruction. Most are engaged in destruction of self by lack of knowledge and so stumble in ignorance. The destroyer comes beckoning to distort the word and change one’s perception of it’s understanding so that knowledge is not obtained less it bring life eternal. Studying and meditation of the word is essential to learning what is right and discerning what is wrong, acknowledging the difference. In wisdom comes the experience of life as it happens and absorbing the knowledge of it’s truth, being able to distinguish and have insight to what is good and perceive the words of understanding. God does lay sound wisdom for the righteous, when it is entered into the heart and knowledge is pleasing unto the soul, one is preserved by discretion and kept by understanding. It shall be given to one that asks it of the Father. One who is prudent delights in wisdom; but only a fool does not get joy from understanding. It is life to one who possesses it and there is increase of learning in speech, for the words flow full of wisdom. It is the knowledge that is learned and wisdom sustained in the mind and spirit from the word of God. Lack of knowledge has brought down many a kingdom, many a king, and enslaved nations and a people full of promise. One must seek knowledge to obtain wisdom in order to understand. Those who get wisdom keeps understanding finding a mind set of only good. Wisdom is before one who has understanding and is of a worthy spirit.


K.L. Presha’

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine