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The Naked Truth

One of ERMAG’s most paramount interviews was with Jackson, Florida’s very own Torie Jones. We were so intrigued about her passion of her body art that we decided to go a little deeper and enlighten everyone else on her true craft. Torie is a renowned Body Art Artist who uses the natural human body in a picturesque way. Using the most intense hues, Torie swings a brush and lands vibrant and vivid results. What is more captivating than the human body in the natural? Body art consist of piercings as well as paint. Between the two, they are both meaningful in many parts of the world in different eras of life. This is indeed broad. After the previous interview ERMAG felt that there was more to be told. We proudly present Torie’s deepest and inner most thoughts of The Naked Truth.

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“The Naked Truth”

Toppings of color and design lay just right. The thrill of creating beauty to the senses and knowing it can only happen once this way. That one time encounter between you and me, no matter how many times we meet. I need you nude only to express my true strokes. Originally placed and scripted as it flows from the brush to your skin. This formula can only take place with you in motion to form positions that will be suspended in time.

It’s something eminence about you, now that we represent each other. Maybe it’s the way you have taken on the altered ego that has blended into your persona. Seeing beauty of the Egyptians ancestors transcend out of you and into Goddess status, quickly we fall into scene by scene as the photographer steals you away. Feeling connections that are not really there because as soon as it is washed away, so am I.

This is how body art makes me feel each and every time I am deeply involved. Although it is my responsibility to make sure I am representing your imagery as you dreamed, I find myself, my style forced into letting the art just happen.

Unlike the Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Middle Eastern cultures, this is more for my gratification, than for disguise, religion, or communication. My art comes from my emotions and what customs unconsciously I have been groomed to believe. It goes deeper than paint, deeper than just a one dimensional concept to express on a breathing canvas. As I am always seducing my ideas right into my hands, so it challenges the imperfect, to the perfect lines. Achieving what is almost a guess to me but has been already played out into my universe. The inevitable never missing a beat replaying what I have been exposed to like a movie. The visions become my soundtrack. The various statues, paintings and physical art of different cultures are locked away until it gets its chance to escape through inspirational re inventions of me, my culture, and my views. Art is in everything I cling to as an individual. I see it as my independence. No matter if I’m constrained physically, my mind will never be. One thing for sure, if you can see this with your heart, you will not only feel free but you will always know the Art of



Enticing Resultz

How to Present Employable Skills That Scream CONFIDENCE

How To Present Employable Skills That Scream CONFIDENCE

Do you have skills to interview the employer? This is a question you should ask yourself when seeking new/alternative employment. You are looking for employment and you find a perspective job that catches your eye. You are confident you possess the skills needed for the position and the pay range is acceptable; however, you are not sure if you have the skill set to ensure the perspective employer is a good fit for you.  It is important to know that all open qualified positions are not meant for you. The questions you are seeking an answer to are the following:

  1. Does my personality fit the current work place?
  1. Does the employer support professional development?
  1. Does the employer offer a career track within the business?
  1. Will this position build towards my career goal with the support of the identified supervisor?


-Excerpt from “Educational Enticing Resultz”

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Music: Leon Ferris

LEON FARRIS was born in Hinesville, Georgia. January 29, 1994. He was introduced to music by his father, who signed a deal with Capital Records as the duo “Dukes of Daville”.  Leon auditioned for the Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts at Pebblebrook High School in the summer of 2008. He left the school in 2011 to take a chance on his acting career in Los Angeles, California. Leon has appeared on BET’s “REED BETWEEN THE LINES” and AGI’s “FACE THE MUSIC” Web series. Once back in Atlanta, Leon opened a studio with some friends and began to build his catalog. A versatile singer/songwriter/engineer and producer, he has written songs in every genre. His strong lyrics and smooth vocals have captured the attention of several A&R Execs. Soon you will hear and know … Leon Farris.

SM: Who is Leon Ferris? And why the name change from Aaron Lamont?

LF: People who know me personally call me Aaron, but to the world I’m Leon Ferris. I’m an everyday guy who loves to sing. Singing is how I express myself and I believe that my songs will heal people around the world.

SM: Please talk about your single Extraordinary? What is it about? How did it come about?

LF: “Extraordinary” is an inspirational song I wrote for everyone to enjoy. The words are encouraging and will give people comfort when going through tough times. I was hanging with my best friend when the idea came up and that night, I put it together.

SM: I understand that you also did a track with Larry Lace, tell me about that.

LF: I’ve known Larry for years. We’ve always wanted to link up and work but couldn’t really do it until recently. He told me he had an idea for a mix-tape called “5 MICS” and wanted my help. After that, we locked in and worked on a solid body of work. My favorite song that we did, is called “Sorry”. It has a heavy hip-hop drum with R&B chords. In addition, Lace is one of the best lyricists out here. He speaks the truth and he’s very relateable.

SM: What plans do you have for your music? How do you see yourself in the music industry 5-10 years from now?

LF: I’m going to continue to write in every genre and learn as much as possible. I’m working on getting a publishing deal at the moment and from there I’m going to really focus on my artistry. Ten years from now I plan on having multiple grammy’s from my songwriting.

SM: Who has been your mentor? Who would you like to work with?

LF: My dad has been my biggest mentor. He’s always pushing me to get better and try new things. And, he’s supportive which is very important. I’d love to work with Diane Warren. She’s one of the best.

SM: Are there any regrets or changes that you would make..looking back at your life in the beginning of your music career until now?

LF: I’ve been doing this strong for 3 years now, and I have no regrets. If I could do it again, I would do it the same. Everything I’ve been through makes me who I am and my music reflects the hard times and good times.

SM: Who would you like to collaborate with in mainstream?

LF: I really want to work with Usher before he retires. I’ve looked up to him for as long as I can remember, and I believe we could make some really good music. Something fresh and monumental.

SM: Would you pass on your knowledge? If so, what would you pass on to the next generation?

LF: Never give up! And remember God is always with you. That is what keeps me going everyday. Everything else somehow just falls into place if you keep this in mind.


Shanell Monique

www.shanellmonique.com/Editor Enticing Resultz Magazine

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Sizzling Interview with Shanell Monique

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ER: What is your most challenging situation?

A:  My most challenging situation is not being able to perform at optimal level in my salon. When I have a bad day I try not to let it show through my performance at work.

ER: What unique experiences separate you from the rest of the industry?

A: I’m definitely Avant-Garde. I don’t usually follow trends..I build on them and put my own twist. I dare to be different. If everyone is, wearing brown in the winter, then I will do red with platinum highlights!

ER: In closing, what does the beauty industry mean to you and how do you think it has changed the game?

A: The beauty industry to me is an array of collections. I think that because styles never really go out of style, they just evolve. As people continue to bring back trends and build on them, it gets better. I love to see people thinking outside of the box.

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