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Barber Shop Rehab (“Chop Up” Continued)

ER Magazine Interview

ER Magazine Interview

ER Magazine Interview

2nd Letter
The Barbers in Detroit all have the common Factor; they have all started right at home and the ‘Hood’ respects their skill. I realized that sometimes your environment can trigger greatness, drive and a hunger for exceeding. If you’ve lived in Detroit at any time in your life you have pretty much seen it all when it comes to the Hair trade. Working in Detroit in this industry you will find the competition is stupendous. Most Barbers not only gain the experience they need first hand from their hood, they also tailor a craft that is unremarkably clever and challenging to replicate.
“Dicky V”
Conversing with another talented Barber fresh out of the Henderson, Indiana I had the opportunity to see art at its finest. Dicky V has a customary talent of design and art and is responsible for the my awesome hair cut that my boys absolutely loved when I returned home to Detroit. Dickey V’s barbershop is well known in Indiana for designer exotic cuts. Dicky V is out of a many that focus on design techniques, by far first-rate in my book. He has an eye that is truly a gift.
“Kevin McIntosh”
The vast Majority of barbers have that one learning experience that boosts their confidence and makes them comfortable within their career. Chicago’s own Kevin has unadulterated faith in his career as a barber. Kevin has a desire to widen his territory. He is a man of faith and believes in the uncharted. Quitting is no option and this interview actually motivated me,and may do the same for anyone who has the gratification of watching.

“Jayson ‘Jay’”
Detroit has an immense coherence with the hair trade. You can drive through the 35 sq mile city and the magnitude of salons are monumental. Jay is from Highland Park, Michigan, a 2.97 sq mile city which main streams Detroit.
Jay is a Cultivator and enjoys enlightening observers in Trichology (the science of Hair) Jay is also an entrepreneur who is ambitious about his career. He realized that the sky is the limit for him and his determination being on level ten motivated him to expand to Hotlanta (Atlanta, GA). He is indeed another faithful vigorous Man with an array of approaches at becoming and continually staying Successful. #HP100yrs.
Driven by his own craft; Boone, out of Toledo, Ohio mastered the skill of listening to his clients. And found this to a powerful tool to enhance his skill. Boone has not constituted his own establishment and really has no interest in doing so. Although, he is yet empowered by his own success. Valuing the client’s needs and wants are a valuable tool that keeps him in business and motivated. I think everyone loves a great listener. In my opinion this is a magnificent approach to success.




Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine

Alicia thaHighlander

Born Alicia Dinera` Williams, a name that her only Biological Paternal Aunt had given her, Alicia was born and raised in the city of Highland Park, Michigan in 1978 by both her parental units. In Highland Park, Michigan is where she began a career in mental health in which she became certified by the State of Michigan Department of community health as a Social Worker Technician. Through much hardship, but still determined, Alicia had always had a loyal heart for trichology (the science of Hair). Through multiple career changes, she not only went to Cosmetology School, she had also become a school bus driver and tax preparer for Liberty Tax out of River Rouge, Michigan; and later a Paralegal. She realized that even with her Children’s ages ranging from 19, 10, and 6 it was not too late for her to spread her wings and soar. As a columnist for Enticing Resultz Magazine, Alicia has had the opportunity to collaborate with many faces much like her journey in life.

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Barber Shop “Chop up”


11222698_492171877625604_4489880442864566862_nNothing stands out in any community than the famous Red and White Striped pole. Recurrently associated with a blue stripe at times. This could be found twisting next to a small storefront or other places of operation; signifying a place where one could appropriate a haircut, a shave, possibly a manicure and a bit of masculine bonhomie. A wonderful contribution to any neighborhood and even around the world. Barbers are true comrades. One will marvel at their good-naturedness which sends friendliness amongst the world.

I was curious to know if other barbers in different parts of the country were indistinguishable. Excited about the thought; I disembarked the city of Chicago for a class with Dudley’s school of Cosmetology.FB_IMG_1438308786051FB_IMG_1438308798528 This trip was an Honor for me because Dudley’s Products are like the Mercedes Benz of hair products for African American Hair. This class possessed some of Americas Top Barbers from “Hotlanta” to my Hometown in Highland Park, MI. 11209560_492171967625595_302049933858343301_n 11755147_492171934292265_4101304602645663095_n

Meeting many a barber’s in my day and watching them come and go; there is something about a barber that entices me (no pun intended). These men are all driven by something. Me being me, of course I am going to satisfy my curiosity. In the “CHI” I had the Liberty of conversing with some well re-knowned Young Men that “cut up”. You can watch the video here, just click on the link. Enticing Resultz Magazine Live in Chicago

Sitting face to face with them and straight grilling them, I had questions and they had answers. So those of you that visit the barber shop or are even in thought of becoming a Barber, take notes. Because this stuff you simply won’t find in a text book.

FB_IMG_1438308169324 FB_IMG_1438308162588 FB_IMG_1438308156032 FB_IMG_1438308149395

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine

Alicia thaHighlander

Born Alicia Dinera` Williams, a name that her only Biological Paternal Aunt had given her, Alicia was born and raised in the city of Highland Park, Michigan in 1978 by both her parental units. In Highland Park, Michigan is where she began a career in mental health in which she became certified by the State of Michigan Department of community health as a Social Worker Technician. Through much hardship, but still determined, Alicia had always had a loyal heart for trichology (the science of Hair). Through multiple career changes, she not only went to Cosmetology School, she had also become a school bus driver and tax preparer for Liberty Tax out of River Rouge, Michigan; and later a Paralegal. She realized that even with her Children’s ages ranging from 19, 10, and 6 it was not too late for her to spread her wings and soar. As a columnist for Enticing Resultz Magazine, Alicia has had the opportunity to collaborate with many faces much like her journey in life.

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As I sat watching children play at the park, I could see all of the different ranges of colors, ethnicities and ages. What I couldn’t see was the participation of the parents. I know we have talked about how with the increased interaction of social media, the less interaction of personal space that we encounter. Yeah, yeah, yeah…..it’s convenient, everybody does it, and…… it’s everywhere you go. Wi-Fi and free mobile hot spots are all over the place. Pretty soon technology will be so advanced that it will be doing more for us than just entertainment. For instance, I have witnessed via a very popular social media site (we all know what it is), people posting videos of robots. The rising interest in Avatar’s. I mean these are humanoid robots. What I mean by humanoid is how very much they appear as humans. Their hair, facial features, even body shape and voice are very comparable to humans. Pretty soon they will be babysitting, cooking, cleaning, doing our hair… Wait..doing our hair?!?! Just like in the movies (oh is it already happening? I’m so late… lol)
Now this is what brings me to the topic, “blurred.”

Full Definition of BLUR

transitive verb
:  to obscure or blemish by smearing
:  sully
:  to make dim, indistinct, or vague in outline or character
:  to make cloudy or confused
intransitive verb
:  to make blurs
:  to become vague or indistinct…

I gave the definition above, so to make it even more interesting, think of how the word is used. Most times when you hear the word blur, you think of a smear, you may think in terms of physicality. But what if, just what if we thought more in terms of responsibility? We are responsible for ourselves, or we should be. We are responsible for our appearance, or we should be. Many times those lines are crossed when we give that responsibility to someone else. Take hairstylists for instance. Clients come into the salon and place their care in the hands of the coiffeur (hairdresser/hairstylist in French). Now here is where the lines get blurred. We are such a busy society that we have to have everything done quickly and instantly. I mean, quickweaves are on the rise, as well as the increased sales of human hair and synthetic wigs. We are also seeing an increase in people wearing their natural hair (some people are not combing though). But these processes are taking out our hair just as quickly. The growing trends have pulled out edges, causing most commonly, traction alopecia, and other scalp disorders. So why is this a blurred line? Because while many people do it out of leisure or convenience, eventually it becomes necessity. When we don’t educate ourselves, better yet, consult a qualified licensed professional, then we have issues sometimes beyond repair. What do we need to do then? Seek professional help before it is necessary, attend regularly scheduled hair appointments. Don’t do anything that will cause you to shame if you can’t wear any hair adornments such as wigs and weaves. I know the last one sounds harsh, but it is true. Some people develop allergic reactions later in life. It can be triggered by many things, from hypersensitivities of the immune system, food, medications, etc. Some people can be allergic to the chemicals in which certain extensions are processed, even applied. So that brings me to my next topic. Quality vs. quantity.

Quality human hair extensions are best. Yes some people would rather buy cheaply because they are just cheap, or don’t want to intrude on the rest of their budget purchases. The downside to that is, you are compromised by the quality as well as integrity of the hair. What I’m finding is that in some packaged brands, there are pseudo types or hybrids of synthetic and yaki with human hair mixtures, but they are passed off as 100% human hair with very minimal human hair strands. The other difference is the cost. You can purchase cheap hair every two weeks or you can purchase high quality extensions and use them over and over again after washing. Most Virgin hair or Raw hair that is unprocessed, without chemicals can last up to a year or longer. For quality hair extensions click Here. You will love the difference!
Shanell Monique is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over a decade of experience. She is Editor-in-Chief of Enticing Resultz Magazine, also a Published, Avant-Garde, Freelance Hairstylist, Educator and former Salon Owner of nine years, Nurse for 15 years. For more info read about her Here.
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Hot Shots and Press

Photo Credits:

Photogtaphy: Chris Johnson, Hair: Shanell Monique, Makeup: Shoranda Iyez, Jewelry: House of Roderick, Inc (NYC), Model: Kelli


Do you know that you are special? Hairstylists are special people, because we have the ability to heal and nourish every soul that we encounter! I Think that more people would certify themselves as a counselor if they knew how special their job was. I can say that I have earned my share of rewards from clients as well as potential clients, when they walk into my salon. The joys of laughter as well as that heartfelt moment of realization that “I am having a moment, but I have my support system.” Most people that don’t confide in family or friends, will undoubtedly confide in their hairstylist or barber. We have a lot of experience. Life itself teaches us, but we deal with many different personalities daily. We also become the “plug” of resources that people will need to get them through. Referrals and other business owners, customers, etc. are made through the very same alliance. When you think about why you are special, this alone will or should remind you. You are a “Hot Shot” and you do get “Press” even if it is not on a celebrity level. But to somebody, you are a celebrity!


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Shanell Monique


Editor/ Enticing Resultz Magazine


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Straight, curly, long, short, dyed, bald, whatever your preferred style is, it requires some sort of maintenance. The thing is, depending on your hair type and style the maintenance varies. Aside from hair type and style, there are a lot of other factors that play a role in hair maintenance even the weather. 

With the Fall season change upon us, now’s the perfect time to look into contacting your stylist and have a consultation to figure out what works for your hair or even book an appointment. Once you consult with your stylist, they can help you with day to day maintenance tips as well as put you on a hair regime in the shop to give your hair it’s much needed T.L.C. and salon treatments. It’s best to schedule your visits normally every 2/3 weeks dependent upon your hairstyle. Regular visits to your hairdresser is what helps to maintain the health of your hair and keep your hair and length on your head. As well as preserve certain hairstyles such as sew-ins and some braid/twist styles. 
It’s very important to see professionals when it comes to your hair because it’s easier than some would think to cause major damage to hair in a short amount of time! Ever wonder why you see “FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY” on hair products!? Many of us skim right over those warnings and get to work ourselves, or have one of our friends experiment; I’ve been a culprit as well in the past. While sometimes our kitchen beautician jobs may work out by default, the product label warnings are there for a reason. Things such as stripping, over processing, and baldness can occur as some of the harsher consequences of not following product warnings. On the other hand you could just misuse products and end up throwing them away or continually buy and buy products wasting tons of money. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to be throwing money down the drain!! Lol 
Regular visits to your stylist are extremely important. Some may say it seems like it can get a bit expensive at times, but professionals are in their places for a reason and there are easy ways to budget your hair into your expenses where it won’t feel like one chunk at once. For instance, maybe buy the weave one week and save up for the hairstyle the next week. Or set a portion of money aside every time you get paid. Let’s not forget, you get what you pay for!!! Most products that you like used on your hair in salon are professional salon products, speak to your stylist about getting your retail product from them instead of online or at the beauty supply store, this way it benefits both you and them and it saves you money. It also keeps your hair on the same Hair care system at home and in salon. 

Without proper maintenance, hair can become severely damaged. This goes for natural hair and weave wearers. Sew ins are very popular, they also require maintenance. Proper care for your hair and scalp underneath the tracks is necessary. There also has to be proper care taken when you wash/dry your hair. You shouldn’t sleep on a wet sew in, hair left undried and not properly cleaned can start to mold under the tracks and the entire hairstyle can rot off from the scalp. For natural hair it requires lots of moisture and can get Dry, brittle and start to shed a lot, especially going into the colder months. With all of those factors in play split ends are soon to follow and what does that mean but… a trip to your stylist for a trim or chop depending on the condition the hair is in. But that’s not a problem, it’s a beautiful thing sitting in that salon chair getting pampered by someone who loves what they do, and I’m sure there won’t be complaints after you see how good you look after your service! Give yourself and stylist some love, this is a business where both parties service each other. 

Monet Collins

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine


What adjectives come to mind when you hear the phrase “High Fashion Hair?”

Innovative, Creative, Big, Artistic, Over the Top, Avant-Garde…?

I’d say all of them and more, but to get your mind to focus on it, let’s pick Avant-Garde.

(Source: Google ©)

Within the culture of “High Fashion Hair”, everything is about innovation and about standing out, being “Unique”! It’s edgy, it’s powerful, and it’s definitely about making a statement. Trends are ever evolving. Within “High Fashion”, it’s all about the creativity of you being that one to create that next-big-thing. Within today’s world, Avant-garde hairstyling and techniques have a wide range. From huge hair shows and competitions in different countries, to practical day to day applications of the ideas. No matter how you like it, it can be seen everywhere.
When it comes to the the more dramatic end of high fashion hair you can now see things like people wearing gray/silver hair; hairstyles so big and intricate, multiple hairs are braided together, rainbow colored tresses, hairstyles standing taller than 3 feet, etcetera.
With trends so creative, what would seem harder to wear? How can we practically apply these techniques day to day to give our look a little extra edge? Try incorporating more braids, by adding a braided headband or wraparound with your ponytails. Defy gravity and add more height and volume to your hairstyles with pompadours and big bouncy curls. Big high buns and ponytails are also making a comeback. Maybe give the weave ponytail another go this fall. Bored? Braid it or add some fun fringe (bangs). Spice it up with some color or try one of the high fashion trends with the gray or multicolored mermaid hair.
The winter is coming and it’s easy to get caught in a slump with the cold weather. Don’t let it defeat you, keep your style and pizazz! IMG_0466
**Photo Credits**
Photography: Euro Cobain
Hair: Phil Davila
Model: Monét Collins (purple), Chetney Stone (pink)
Monet Collins
Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine

Shirley Eady “Talk Of The Town”



Bio- Shirley Eady – Photo[1] (click to read)

IMG_128962848211896 If there was any story of hope, I would say that this story is an inspiration. Shirley Eady is an entrepreneur born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Dividing her time as a Salon Owner, Cosmetology Instructor, Hairstylist, Make up Artist, Talk Show Host, Minister and Motivational Speaker.

Shirley has been doing hair for 18 years. She became motivated after being taught by one of her instructor’s that taught with simplicity. After graduating from Cosmetology School, she aspired to do whatever it was to become one of the best in the industry, then eventually a Cosmetology Instructor. Becoming a Cosmetology Instructor afforded Shirley the opportunity to not only teach her students the fundamentals in hair care, but also taught them the fundamentals in making skin care products. She learned natural methods using natural herbs and oils to make skin care products due to having her own bout with skin allergies. She taught them to not only make them, but market them as well. She had gained notoriety throughout the area by doing make up for photoshoots and high profile clients locally and abroad, including but not limited to Pastor’s, Tel-Evangelists, etc. 23356_521022461265391_1006132211_n

Flourishing in her salon, Shirley brought in at least $3,000/month. Business was great. During this time she agreed to go into business with a partner and invested her life savings. With much effort, Shirley tried hard to make the business flourish. Not getting a lot of help from her business partner and eventually pulling out of the deal at last, caused her to lose the business and eventually her home. Income dwindled from making $3,000/ month to gigs here and there. It was not enough to sustain the business or her home, causing her to go and live in a boarding house for four months paying $100/week.CAM00646 It was not long before her opportunity to work in a salon resurfaced. Thankful for her God daughter, opening a salon helped Shirley regain her footing in the industry that she loved. IMG_47951402774968

“Talk of the Town” was birthed through a trial of co hosting a former television show. After the host became absent three times, Shirley took the initiative and aced it. She was so good that the host had encouraged her to start her own talk show. This was a project produced under her entertainment company “Eady Entertainment”. She interviews raw untapped talent, promotes artists and events. Shirley welcomes anyone who would like to get the exposure out to the world! CAM00780 CAM00838

Shirley wishes to encourage the younger generation to believe in themselves and have the strength to move forward. Although her grandkids helped her at the lowest point in her life. Shirley gained the strength that she needed by reflecting and pulling form her inner strength. There is a quote by one of her favorite motivational speakers Les Brown, “If life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. And if you stand up, you can fight for your dream once again. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!!”.facebook_1410122640907

For booking Shirley Eady for any motivational speaking engagements, or to be a guest on her show “Talk Of The Town”, you can reach her at Shirleytalktv@gmail.com or at (904)-444-1215



Shanell Monique

www.shanellmonique.com/Editor Enticing Resultz Magazine


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“Hollywood Hair”


“Mayvenn hair…Where should I begin? As a first time customer I was a little leary about ordering hair from a website (www.shanellmonique.mayvenn.com). However my stylist has never failed to please me so I put my trust in her recommended product. I really take pride in how my hair looks. Let’s just say, I love wearing weave! This hair by far has worked the best for me. It was fairly simple to maintain on my own and was very versatile in styling. After 2 1/2 months of wearing it actually continued to look awesome. Even after washing a couple of times. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for great hair. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to wear your product.”

-Tracy Moses (customer)


When we think of the bargaining of purchasing great quality hair, we think cheap online store? Or better yet, the buy one get one 1/2 of specials at our local hair stores. What they won’t tell you is that most of the brands that are packaged are blended with yakky and a certain percentage of human hair fibers that are probably from the sheddings of a comb or brush, etc. Therefore the cuticle is not aligned properly, thus causing tangling and matting excessively. There are even brands of hair that are a high quality synthetic blend of fibers that are manufactured to look and feel like human hair. You must be careful when choosing brands that are low quality. You want to get the most bang for your buck! One indication as I stated in a previous article is price. If you are buying 20″ of hair for $20, chances are…………..you are not buying 100% human hair, or even human hair at all. This may be harder to do if you are ordering hair online. You really want to do your research and look at the reviews, as well as the stats of the company. That brings me to the company Mayvenn Hair. It’s 100% Human Hair. Comes in curly, wavy or natural straight, lace closures are also available for purchase. Deepwave-mayvennhair-194x260wavy-194x260Straight-194x260Closure3-194x260

They offer **Free** shipping on all orders. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. And if you order by 1pm they ship it out the very same day and you get it in 3-5 days..(most of my clients have gotten hair within 2-3 days), but if you need it expedited in one day it’s only $15 extra! The hair lasts up to a year or longer depending on how well you take care of it. Just wash and re-use. You can bleach it, color it, flat iron it, style as you would your own hair. Maintenance and care instructions also come with the hair, so no worries! 2T9A6061-copy-194x260Dark Blonde single bundle-194x2602T9A6050-copy-194x2602T9A6075-copy-194x260blonde closure top-194x260 (1)

For more info and pricing, stop by  www.shanellmonique.mayvenn.com and shop for the best in quality. You’ll love it!!

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3 Life Changing Drinks

Beauty isn’t always about the ways to apply a new makeup technique, sometimes it’s about treatment. Taking care of the body, hair , and skin is vital to everyone’s beauty. There are three drinks that many people may not be aware of that helps to yield  more radiant skin.

Green Tea, Coffee, and Red wine, these three drinks are life altering. All three are simple liquids that will help improve ones skin. And having or maintaining  healthy skin is beneficial to both male and females. There nothing like smooth healthy skin to improve ones confidence. Sometimes it’s nice for girls to just wash her face and go without feeling the urge or the need to brush on  a little makeup just to face the world. And guys, well, not too many men are keen on wearing makeup; so it’s probably a given that the more natural ways to go about achieving healthier skin the better.

Green tea although used for dietary purposes also helps to absorb and defend the skin from UV rays from the sun. Green tea abundance of antioxidants also helps keep skin’s elasticity which helps to keep ones skin younger and glowing.

Coffee, on the other hand is a popular drink all on its own, offering the good ol’ kick from caffeine to jumpstart countless peoples’ mornings. But what some may not realize is coffee also (in regards to the dangers from sun damage) helps to relieve the possibilities of nonmelanoma skin cancers. So, if one wasn’t a coffee drinker before perhaps picking up the habit now wouldn’t be such a hardship.

Lastly, Red Wine useful in more ways than one. The number one plus of drinking red wine (other than it complimenting red meat), is that it’s an added benefit to protect against the risks of artery damage and heart disease. Within the human body everyones concern has to be their heart. Anything that will tip against the scales to fight heart defects is a welcomed advantage. Of course when done in moderation a small glass a day for women and two for men.

There you have it, alter your life in a good way by fitting in the time to drink green tea, coffee, and red wine.






Samantha Pope

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine