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The Naked Truth

One of ERMAG’s most paramount interviews was with Jackson, Florida’s very own Torie Jones. We were so intrigued about her passion of her body art that we decided to go a little deeper and enlighten everyone else on her true craft. Torie is a renowned Body Art Artist who uses the natural human body in a picturesque way. Using the most intense hues, Torie swings a brush and lands vibrant and vivid results. What is more captivating than the human body in the natural? Body art consist of piercings as well as paint. Between the two, they are both meaningful in many parts of the world in different eras of life. This is indeed broad. After the previous interview ERMAG felt that there was more to be told. We proudly present Torie’s deepest and inner most thoughts of The Naked Truth.

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“The Naked Truth”

Toppings of color and design lay just right. The thrill of creating beauty to the senses and knowing it can only happen once this way. That one time encounter between you and me, no matter how many times we meet. I need you nude only to express my true strokes. Originally placed and scripted as it flows from the brush to your skin. This formula can only take place with you in motion to form positions that will be suspended in time.

It’s something eminence about you, now that we represent each other. Maybe it’s the way you have taken on the altered ego that has blended into your persona. Seeing beauty of the Egyptians ancestors transcend out of you and into Goddess status, quickly we fall into scene by scene as the photographer steals you away. Feeling connections that are not really there because as soon as it is washed away, so am I.

This is how body art makes me feel each and every time I am deeply involved. Although it is my responsibility to make sure I am representing your imagery as you dreamed, I find myself, my style forced into letting the art just happen.

Unlike the Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Middle Eastern cultures, this is more for my gratification, than for disguise, religion, or communication. My art comes from my emotions and what customs unconsciously I have been groomed to believe. It goes deeper than paint, deeper than just a one dimensional concept to express on a breathing canvas. As I am always seducing my ideas right into my hands, so it challenges the imperfect, to the perfect lines. Achieving what is almost a guess to me but has been already played out into my universe. The inevitable never missing a beat replaying what I have been exposed to like a movie. The visions become my soundtrack. The various statues, paintings and physical art of different cultures are locked away until it gets its chance to escape through inspirational re inventions of me, my culture, and my views. Art is in everything I cling to as an individual. I see it as my independence. No matter if I’m constrained physically, my mind will never be. One thing for sure, if you can see this with your heart, you will not only feel free but you will always know the Art of




Makeup is for Every Woman/ Post Halloween Glam

Every woman wants to feel and look her best, makeup helps to do that. Makeup is not to lie, it’s not some sham to trick men. It doesn’t do anything but enhance the features that a woman already possesses. Makeup helps to cover birth marks or skin defects that would bring unwarranted attention. Makeup helps women feel their best. People all have things they do; one doesn’t stop buying perfume or cologne. Even though they will smell fine with dove soap. But, you buy the smell goods anyway. Men get haircuts and line ups at the barbershops to look more polished. Women wash, rinse, and wear makeup. And yet women receive much criticism for wearing makeup. Whether or not she is what one considers a natural beauty, shouldn’t matter if she wants to wear makeup. If she wants to, then she should do it without being those out having her beauty discredited for it. Even if you are a woman that prefers no makeup, there is no harm in knowing how to wear it on your face, for your features. Makeup is just another accessory that can be used for fun. It is not always about an ego boost or a self esteem cover up.

And now things have changed, there are new techniques and different products out there. All of which may be a better fit for one woman’s skin than another. The only way to discover what’s best for you is to get out there and find out. Don’t feel ashamed for being older and not knowing what will work best for you. There are countless palettes for the eyes and lips, which one may not have known compliments her more. So, no matter the age, go and make the appointment at Sephora, Mac, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, or Nars, or any professional beauty consultant, wherever your heart is content. Let that professional show you the “you” that’s there under the surface. Let that professional put a little extra pep in that step of yours. You won’t be sorry, and you will still be you.

Make that appointment and keep it!


Happy Hallows Glam

Everyone assumes Halloween is the holiday solely for children. But, how’s that phrase go…? “There’s a little bit of child in all of us.” Therefore, Halloween is a holiday for us all. It’s the perfect day to break out and do something for the pure fun of it. Dad’s if you want to be that hero in your children’s eyes, throw on the cape. Mom’s if you like a “material girl, in a material world”, be Madonna for the day. Maybe become one of the undead, perhaps a woodland fairy, or a classic horror movie star. If ever there was a time for man to want to moonwalk wearing a shiny red leather jacket, Halloween is that time. The list goes on and on, the possibility’s only a Google search away.

Wonderful things about today’s technology are all the outlets provided to show vast do-it-yourself ideas on costumes and makeup looks. Whoever would have thought Frankenstein could be glamorous. With YouTube videos at your fingertips it’s only a short tutorial away from bringing some glam power to a classic costume icon such as Frankenstein. Fake blood and flesh application sets at the nearest Spirit Halloween stores have brought an all new “real” to the creativity of zombies.

So, ladies don’t stress, there are countless ways to be both pretty and gruesome all at the same time. Instead of that everyday brown or grey smoky eye, try green for Poison Ivy or Purple for that fairy. Contour that face with grey and highlight with white to get that pale vampire look. The point or rather the end goal is to have fun with your look and really do something outlandish. Halloween is the perfect Holiday to get away with it. Take advantage of the YouTube tutorials and Pinterest ideas out there to help find out what creature lives inside of you!

Happy Hallows Eve!



Samantha Pope

Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine





Turning to make sure I get the frame just right…twisting to the side just to get the right image. Tell me do you see me? Changes to my makeup, hoping he’ll see me. New outfit, yeah this is it…I like this look. Little skirt…pouting the lips just a little bit. Placing myself in a new position; click. Yup he’ll LOVE the way this fit. Posted; waited…wondering if he’ll see that I’ve been waiting. Turning down the lights, exhausted from all of the new positions. New poses. Blowing little kisses.The end result: My selfies were remembering a mirror of my own life’s transition.
Lena Holliday
Columnist/Enticing Resultz Magazine



Let’s Talk About Make Up

Make-up is so creative now, there are so many different ways to create a certain look or become a movie star with a couple of strokes of make-up. The primary goal of make-up is to enhance the person’s natural beauty by bringing out the most attractive features of the face, while minimizing those less attractive. Every woman wants to look her best. A person’s lifestyle and preference are also factors in determining the look.

For many women make-up application should be subtle. A woman’s natural beauty can be enhanced by a blend of make-up artistry, hairstyle, and clothing choice. Right now I want to focus on the eyes. Eyes are the windows to our souls so why not mesmerize someone with your beautiful eyes? The most popular trend right now is sculpted eyebrows and popping eyelashes. Whether the lashes are a strip lash, individuals or eyelash extensions, they make your eyes pop and add a little more pizzazz to the overall look. I have witnessed so many women that  have never tried on eyelashes, change  there whole persona once they see themselves and notice how others view them. It’s an esteem builder to say the least. When you look good you feel good and that positive energy is a morale booster for you and others around you.

There are so many levels to make-up. I will cover the face in each series I do, starting with make-up. Whenever you do wear make-up, look for a make-up line that is suitable to your taste & style. Don’t buy it just because it’s expensive or a brand name. Always prime your face and purchase a quality concealer. When wearing all day make up, put a lighter concealer underneath your eyes and dark spots as well as blemishes. Then blend in the concealer well with fingertips, use a facial sponge to wipe away excess and blend further. Visit your local esthetician to get your lashes and brows done right!

To get started here are a couple of name brands that are nice to have in your home so that you can practice the looks you want to achieve. Smash Box, Lorac, Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Urban decay, Stila, Too-faced, Bare Essentials, Mally Beauty, MAC, Iman, Fashion Fair, Chanel, Impulse, Mary Kay and Motives. They are all great lines, but choose what is best for your skin, lifestyle, fashion sense and overall personality. Visit your local make-up counter and ask specific questions. Do not get caught up in the pretty colors. (SMILE)

Purchase make-up that will last and won’t break you out or cause other sensitive issues to your face. Remember to throw out and purchase more after 6 months. There are so many different shapes of eyes small, big, round, almond shaped, protruding, wide-set closed-set eyes. The eyes are very important when it comes to balancing facial features. Proper application of eye colors and shadow can create the illusion of the eyes being larger or smaller and will bring out the overall attractiveness of the face. Dress up your eyes make them shine, sparkle and glitter with a few simple touches of make-up and a visit to a wonderful esthetician!

From the Esthetician Corner

Smooches Lady SunShine


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